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blankjacketAltman, A.
Critical Legal Studies:
A Liberal Critique.

bookjacketBraybrooke, D.
Meeting Needs.

blankjacketGoodin, R.E.
Reasons for Welfare:
The Political Theory of the Welfare State.

bookjacketHolmes, R.L.
On War and Morality.

blankjacketJohnston, D.
The Rhetoric of Leviathan:
Thomas Hobbes and the Politics of Cultural Transformation.

blankjacketKavka, G.S.
Hobbesian Moral and Political Theory.

bookjacketKleinig, J.
Valuing Life.

bookjacketMilo, R.D.

bookjacketNorton, B.G.
Why Preserve Natural Variety?

bookjacketPeffer, R.G.
Marxism, Morality, and Social Justice.

bookjacketRiley, P.
The General Will before Rousseau:
The Transformation of the Divine into the Civic.

bookjacketSalkever, S.G.
Finding the Mean:
Theory and Practice in Aristotelian Political Philosophy.

blankjacketSher, G.

blankjacketSimmons, A.J.
The Lockean Theory of Rights.

bookjacketSimmons, A.J.
On the Edge of Anarchy:
Locke, Consent, and the Limits of Society.

bookjacketSmith, B.J.
Politics and Remembrance:
Republican Themes in Machiavelli, Burke, and Tocqueville.

blankjacketTamir, Y.
Liberal Nationalism.

bookjacketTaylor, P.W.
Respect for Nature:
A Theory of Environmental Ethics (25th Anniversary Edition).

bookjacketThiele, L.P.
Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of the Soul:
A Study of Heroic Individualism.

bookjacketVandeveer, D.
Paternalistic Intervention:
The Moral Bounds on Benevolence.

bookjacketWertheimer, A.

bookjacketWesten, P.
Speaking of Equality:
An Analysis of the Rhetorical Force of `Equality' in Moral and Legal Discourse.

bookjacketWhiteside, K.H.
Merleau-Ponty and the Foundation of Existential Politics.

File created: 9/8/2014

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