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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by title) in America in the World

Sven Beckert and Jeremi Suri, Series Editors

American history is no longer the history of the nation-state alone. Instead of segregating the history of North America from the rest of the world, some of the newest and most exciting writing integrates America in the world. This movement toward transnational perspectives is taking shape across time periods, methodological preferences, and fields of analysis. American historians will continue to examine the "exceptional" elements of the nation's history, and they will continue to produce local studies. Within the next decade, however, even the most locally centered and "exceptionalist" scholarship will be much more informed by attention to networks, identities, and processes that transcend the nation-state.

This series will bring together the work of a new generation of scholars writing the history of "global America." There is a palpable sense of excitement about such a new perspective. Indeed, the most forward-looking scholars have already begun to broaden the geographical and conceptual range of analysis for many diverse themes in American history--including such classic topics as the American Revolution, slavery, abolitionism, Reconstruction, labor activism, the destruction of Native American societies, Progressivism, the Civil Rights Movement, and Cold War politics.

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bookjacketThe Age of Garvey:
How a Jamaican Activist Created a Mass Movement and Changed Global Black Politics
Adam Ewing

bookjacketAgrarian Crossings:
Reformers and the Remaking of the US and Mexican Countryside
Tore C. Olsson

bookjacketAlabama in Africa:
Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South
Andrew Zimmerman

bookjacketAmerica in the World:
A History in Documents from the War with Spain to the War on Terror
Edited by: Jeffrey A. Engel, Mark Atwood Lawrence, Andrew Preston

bookjacketAmerican Empire:
A Global History
A. G. Hopkins

bookjacketThe Final Act:
The Helsinki Accords and the Transformation of the Cold War
Michael Cotey Morgan

bookjacketForeign Relations:
American Immigration in Global Perspective
Donna R. Gabaccia

bookjacketThe Great American Mission:
Modernization and the Construction of an American World Order
David Ekbladh

bookjacketLine in the Sand:
A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border
Rachel St. John

bookjacketThe New Deal:
A Global History
Kiran Klaus Patel

bookjacketThe 1970s:
A New Global History from Civil Rights to Economic Inequality
Thomas Borstelmann

bookjacketThe Other Alliance:
Student Protest in West Germany and the United States in the Global Sixties
Martin Klimke

bookjacketReforming the World:
The Creation of America's Moral Empire
Ian Tyrrell

bookjacketThe Transformation of the World:
A Global History of the Nineteenth Century
Jürgen Osterhammel - Translated by: Patrick Camiller

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File created: 8/11/2017

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