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bookjacketAffluence and the French Worker in the Fourth Republic
Richard F. Hamilton

bookjacketChina, the United Nations and World Order
Samuel S. Kim

bookjacketThe Civic Culture:
Political Attitudes and Democracy in Five Nations
Gabriel Abraham Almond, Sidney Verba

bookjacketCommunism and Revolution:
The Strategic Uses of Political Violence
Edited by: Cyril E. Black

bookjacketConflict and Decision-Making in Soviet Russia:
A Case Study of Agricultural Policy, 1953-1963
Sidney I. Ploss

bookjacketDivision and Cohesion in Democracy:
A Study of Norway
Harry Eckstein

bookjacketForeign Policy and Interdependence in Gaullist France
Edward Morse

bookjacketFrance in the Age of the Scientific State
Robert Gilpin

bookjacketIndia's Green Revolution:
Economic Gains and Political Costs
Francine R. Frankel

bookjacketThe Intermediaries:
Third Parties in International Crises
Oran R. Young

bookjacketNational Leadership and Foreign Policy:
A Case Study in the Mobilization of Public Support
James N. Rosenau

bookjacketNeutralization and World Politics
Cyril E. Black, Richard A. Falk

bookjacketNonintervention and International Order
R. J. Vincent

bookjacketOn the Uses of Military Power in the Nuclear Age
Klaus Eugen Knorr

bookjacketPolitical Development in Pakistan
Karl Von Vorys

bookjacketThe Politics of the Developing Areas
Edited by: Gabriel Abraham Almond, James Smoot Coleman

bookjacketThe Politics of Tradition:
Continuity and Change in Northern Nigeria, 1946-1966
C. Sylvester Whitaker Jr.

bookjacketPower, Strategy and Security:
A World Politics Reader
Edited by: Klaus Eugen Knorr

bookjacketRevolutionary Personality:
Lenin, Trotsky, Gandhi
E. Victor Wolfenstein

bookjacketSecurity in Disarmament
Richard A. Falk, Richard J. Barnet

bookjacketThe Surrogate Proletariat:
Moslem Women and Revolutionary Strategies in Soviet Central Asia, 1919-1929
Gregory J. Massell

Party Transformation and Economic Development
Henry Bienen

bookjacketTheory and Reality in Public International Law
Charles De Visscher - Edited by: Percy Ellwood Corbett

bookjacketThe United Nations in International Politics
Leon Gordenker

bookjacketWorld Order and Local Disorder:
The United Nations and Internal Conflicts
Linda B. Miller

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File created: 8/11/2017

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