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Encountering Jung presents selections from all the published works of C. G. Jung on subjects of continuing interest to contemporary readers, especially in the areas of psychology, spirituality, and personal growth. The texts have been chosen and presented by leading Jungian writers and analysts with the purpose of introducing Jung’s thought to a new generation of readers.

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bookjacketJung on Active Imagination
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Joan Chodorow

bookjacketJung on Alchemy
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Nathan Schwartz-Salant

bookjacketJung on Christianity
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Murray Stein

bookjacketJung on Death and Immortality
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Jenny Yates

bookjacketJung on Evil
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Murray Stein

bookjacketJung on Mythology
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Robert A. Segal

bookjacketJung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal
C. G. Jung - Edited by: Roderick Main

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File created: 8/11/2017

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