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Thomas Pavel and Mark Lilla, Series Editors

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bookjacketArt of the Modern Age:
Philosophy of Art from Kant to Heidegger
Jean-Marie Schaeffer - Translated by: Steven Rendall

bookjacketThe City of Man
Pierre Manent - Translated by: Marc A. LePain - Foreword by: Jean Bethke Elshtain

bookjacketThe Disenchantment of the World:
A Political History of Religion
Marcel Gauchet - Translated by: Oscar Burge - Foreword by: Charles Taylor

bookjacketThe Empire of Fashion:
Dressing Modern Democracy
Gilles Lipovetsky - Translated by: Catherine Porter - Foreword by: Richard Sennett

bookjacketThe Era of the Individual:
A Contribution to a History of Subjectivity
Alain Renaut - Translated by: M. B. DeBevoise, Franklin Philip

bookjacketAn Intellectual History of Liberalism
Pierre Manent - Translated by: Rebecca Balinski - Foreword by: Jerrold E. Seigel

bookjacketLiterature, Theory, and Common Sense
Antoine Compagnon - Translated by: Carol Cosman

bookjacketThe Mind's Provisions:
A Critique of Cognitivism
Vincent Descombes

bookjacketMoral Disquiet and Human Life
Monique Canto-Sperber - Translated by: Silvia Pavel

bookjacketNew French Thought:
Political Philosophy
Edited by: Mark Lilla

bookjacketWittgenstein Reads Freud:
The Myth of the Unconscious
Jacques Bouveresse - Translated by: Carol Cosman - Foreword by: Vincent Descombes

bookjacketA World beyond Politics?:
A Defense of the Nation-State
Pierre Manent - Translated by: Marc A. LePain

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File created: 8/11/2017

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