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bookjacketThe British Fertility Decline:
Demographic Transition in the Crucible of the Industrial Revolution
Michael S. Teitelbaum

bookjacketA Century of Portuguese Fertility
Massimo Livi Bacci

bookjacketCollege Women and Fertility Values
Charles F. Westoff, Raymond H. Potvin

bookjacketThe Contraceptive Revolution
Charles F. Westoff, Norman B. Ryder

bookjacketThe Decline of Belgian Fertility, 1800-1970
Ron J. Lesthaeghe

bookjacketThe Decline of Fertility in Europe
Ansley Johnson Coale - Edited by: Susan Cotts Watkins

bookjacketThe Decline of Fertility in Germany, 1871-1939
Arthur J. Knodel

bookjacketFamily Growth in Metropolitan America
Charles F. Westoff

bookjacketThe Female Population of France in the 19th Century:
A Reconstruction of 82 Departments
Etienne Van de Walle

bookjacketGrowth and Structure of Human Populations:
A Mathematical Investigation
Ansley Johnson Coale

bookjacketA History of Italian Fertility During the Last Two Centuries
Massimo Livi Bacci

bookjacketHuman Fertility in Russia Since the Nineteenth Century
Ansley Johnson Coale, Barbara A. Anderson, Erna Härm

bookjacketThe Later Years of Childbearing
Larry L. Bumpass, Charles F. Westoff

bookjacketNew Estimates of Fertility and Population in the United States
Ansley Johnson Coale, Melvin Zelnik

bookjacketReproduction in the U.S., 1965
Norman B. Ryder, Charles F. Westoff

bookjacketThird Child:
A Study in the Prediction of Fertility
Charles F. Westoff, R. G. Potter

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File created: 8/11/2017

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