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bookjacketAchilles' Choice:
Examples of Modern Tragedy
David Lenson

bookjacketThe Aesthetics of Gyorgy Lukacs
Bela Kiralyfalvi

bookjacketCervantes and Ariosto:
Renewing Fiction
Thomas R. Hart

bookjacketCervantes' Christian Romance:
A Study of Persiles y Sigismunda
Alban K. Forcione

bookjacketColeridge on the Language of Verse
Emerson R. Marks

bookjacketColeridge's Metaphors of Being
Edward Kessler

bookjacketThe Echoing Wood of Theodore Roethke
Jenijoy Labelle

bookjacketEzra Pound and the Troubadour Tradition
Stuart Y. McDougal

bookjacketThe Figure of Dante:
An Essay on The Vita Nuova
Jerome Mazzaro

bookjacketFigure of Faust in Valery and Goethe:
An Exegesis of Mon Faust
Kurt Weinberg

bookjacketFlannery O'Connor and the Language of Apocalypse
Edward Kessler

bookjacketThe German Bildungsroman from Wieland to Hesse
Martin Swales

bookjacketHofmannsthal's Novel Andreas:
Memory and Self
David H. Miles

bookjacketThe Imaginary Library:
An Essay on Literature and Society
Alvin B. Kernan

bookjacketKazantzakis and Linguistic Revolution in Greek Literature
Peter Bien

bookjacketOn Four Modern Humanists:
Hofmannsthal, Gundolph, Curtius, Kantorowicz
Arthur R Evans Jr.

bookjacketOn Gide's PROMETHEE:
Private Myth and Public Mystification
Kurt Weinberg

bookjacketOn the Art of Medieval Arabic Literature
Andras Hamori

bookjacketThe Poetic World of Boris Pasternak
Olga Raevsky Hughes

bookjacketThe Prison-House of Language:
A Critical Account of Structuralism and Russian Formalism
Fredric Jameson

bookjacketReading In Memoriam
Timothy Peltason

bookjacketRene Char:
The Myth and the Poem
James R. Lawler

bookjacketShakespearean Representation:
Mimesis and Modernity in Elizabethan Tragedy
Howard Felperin

bookjacketShakespeare's Revision of KING LEAR
Steven Urkowitz

bookjacketThe Situation of Poetry:
Contemporary Poetry and Its Traditions
Robert Pinsky

bookjacketSix French Poets of Our Time:
A Critical and Historical Study
Robert W. Greene

bookjacketThe Skeptic Disposition In Contemporary Criticism
Eugene Goodheart

bookjacketA Stage For Poets:
Studies in the Theatre of Hugo and Musset
Charles Affron

bookjacketThe Symbolic Imagination:
Coleridge and the Romantic Tradition
J. Robert Barth

bookjacketWallace Stevens and the Symbolist Imagination
Michel Benamou

bookjacketWallace Stevens:
Imagination and Faith
Adalaide Kirby Morris

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File created: 8/11/2017

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