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Harry G. Frankfurt, Series Editor

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bookjacketThe Apologetics of Evil:
The Case of Iago
Richard Raatzsch - Translated by: Ladislaus Lob

bookjacketA Defense of Hume on Miracles
Robert J. Fogelin

bookjacketFixing Frege
John P. Burgess

bookjacketHegel on Self-Consciousness:
Desire and Death in the Phenomenology of Spirit
Robert B. Pippin

bookjacketJustice Is Conflict
Stuart Hampshire

bookjacketKant and Skepticism
Michael N. Forster

bookjacketKierkegaard's Concept of Despair
Michael Theunissen - Translated by: Barbara Harshav, Helmut Illbruck

bookjacketLiberty Worth the Name:
Locke on Free Agency
Gideon Yaffe

bookjacketLocke on Personal Identity:
Consciousness and Concernment
Galen Strawson

bookjacketLocke on Personal Identity:
Consciousness and Concernment
Galen Strawson - Preface by: Galen Strawson

bookjacketMichael Oakeshott's Skepticism
Aryeh Botwinick

Simon Keller

bookjacketThe Pathologies of Individual Freedom:
Hegel's Social Theory
Axel Honneth - Translated by: Ladislaus Löb

bookjacketPhilosophical Myths of the Fall
Stephen Mulhall

bookjacketPhysicalism, or Something Near Enough
Jaegwon Kim

bookjacketPublic Goods, Private Goods
Raymond Geuss

bookjacketSelf-Deception Unmasked
Alfred R. Mele

bookjacketSocial Conventions:
From Language to Law
Andrei Marmor

bookjacketTaking Wittgenstein at His Word:
A Textual Study
Robert J. Fogelin

bookjacketThinking of Others:
On the Talent for Metaphor
Ted Cohen

bookjacketWelfare and Rational Care
Stephen Darwall

bookjacketWhen Is True Belief Knowledge?
Richard Foley

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File created: 8/11/2017

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