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John Dowling, Series Editor

Science Essentials is a new series that brings cutting-edge science to general readers, explaining the critical advances that are changing our world. In each volume, a prominent scientist--chosen by an advisory board of the National Academy of Sciences--conveys in a clear language the fundamental knowledge underlying an important and rapidly changing scientific field.

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bookjacketThe Cosmic Cocktail:
Three Parts Dark Matter
Katherine Freese

bookjacketThe Faces of Terrorism:
Social and Psychological Dimensions
Neil J. Smelser

bookjacketThe Great Brain Debate:
Nature or Nurture?
John E. Dowling

bookjacketHeart of Darkness:
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Invisible Universe
Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Simon Mitton

bookjacketHow to Find a Habitable Planet
James Kasting - Afterword by: James Kasting

bookjacketLife's Engines:
How Microbes Made Earth Habitable
Paul G. Falkowski

bookjacketThe Little Book of String Theory
Steven S. Gubser

bookjacketThe Medea Hypothesis:
Is Life on Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive?
Peter Ward

The Key to Consciousness
Richard F. Thompson, Stephen A. Madigan

bookjacketThe Mystery of the Missing Antimatter
Helen R. Quinn, Yossi Nir

bookjacketNature's Compass:
The Mystery of Animal Navigation
James L. Gould, Carol Grant Gould

A Four Billion Year History
Donald E. Canfield

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File created: 4/19/2017

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