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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by title) in Translation/Transnation

Emily Apter, Series EditorTranslation/Transnation is devoted to developing approaches and topics that place renewed emphasis on the literary dimension of transnationalism. It investigates the politics of language, accent, and literacy; translation and the global marketplace; comparative literary movements and genres; the future status of national assignations in textual classification; the need for new paradigms of comparative literary history and historiography; and related themes.

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bookjacketAmbassadors of Culture:
The Transamerican Origins of Latino Writing.
K.S. Gruesz.

bookjacketArchives of Authority:
Empire, Culture, and the Cold War.
A. Rubin.

bookjacketDictionary of Untranslatables:
A Philosophical Lexicon.
B. Cassin, E. Apter, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Event of Postcolonial Shame.
T. Bewes.

bookjacketExperimental Nations:
Or, the Invention of the Maghreb.
R. Bensmaïa.

bookjacketGuru English:
South Asian Religion in a Cosmopolitan Language.
S. Aravamudan.

bookjacketHamlet's Arab Journey:
Shakespeare's Prince and Nasser's Ghost.
M. Litvin.

bookjacketIn Spite of Partition:
Jews, Arabs, and the Limits of Separatist Imagination.
G.Z. Hochberg.

bookjacketThe Literary Channel:
The Inter-National Invention of the Novel.
M. Cohen and C. Dever, eds.

bookjacketNation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation.
S. Bermann and M. Wood, eds.

bookjacketThe Novel and the Sea.
M. Cohen.

bookjacketPoetry of the Revolution:
Marx, Manifestos, and the Avant-Gardes.
M. Puchner.

bookjacketThe Portable Bunyan:
A Transnational History of The Pilgrim's Progress.
I. Hofmeyr.

bookjacketThe Princeton Sourcebook in Comparative Literature:
From the European Enlightenment to the Global Present.
D. Damrosch, N. Melas, et al., eds.

Politics, Humanity, and the Philology of Care.
J.T. Hamilton.

bookjacketThe Spread of Novels:
Translation and Prose Fiction in the Eighteenth Century.
M.H. McMurran.

bookjacketThe Translation Zone:
A New Comparative Literature.
E. Apter.

bookjacketUtopian Generations:
The Political Horizon of Twentieth-Century Literature.
N. Brown.

bookjacketWe, the People of Europe?
Reflections on Transnational Citizenship.
É. Balibar; J. Swenson, trans.

bookjacketWhat Is World Literature?
D. Damrosch.

bookjacketWriting Outside the Nation.
A. Seyhan.

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File created: 9/8/2014

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