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bookjacketCoetzee, J.M.
The Lives of Animals.

bookjacketde Waal, F.; Macedo, S. and Ober, J., eds.
Primates and Philosophers:
How Morality Evolved.

bookjacketDoyle, M.; Macedo, S., ed.
Striking First:
Preemption and Prevention in International Conflict.

bookjacketGutmann, A., ed.
Freedom of Association.

bookjacketAppiah, K.A.; Gutmann, A., ed.
Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry.

bookjacketMacedo, S. and Tulis, J.K., eds.
The Limits of Constitutional Democracy.

bookjacketPinsky, R.
Democracy, Culture and the Voice of Poetry.

bookjacketRotberg, R.I. and Thompson, D., eds.
Truth v. Justice:
The Morality of Truth Commissions.

bookjacketScalia, A.; Gutmann, A., ed.
A Matter of Interpretation:
Federal Courts and the Law.

bookjacketSolow, R.M.; Gutmann, A., ed.
Work and Welfare.

bookjacketThompson, D. and Rotberg, R.I., eds.
Truth v. Justice:
The Morality of Truth Commissions.

bookjacketFisher, P.; Gutmann, A., ed.
Goodness and Advice.

bookjacketTulis, J.K. and Macedo, S., eds.
The Limits of Constitutional Democracy.

bookjacketWolf, S.
Meaning in Life and Why It Matters.

File created: 9/8/2014

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