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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SUBJECTS (by title) in American Literature

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bookjacketAn Accented Cinema:
Exilic and Diasporic Filmmaking
Hamid Naficy

bookjacketAcross an Inland Sea:
Writing in Place from Buffalo to Berlin
Nicholas Howe

bookjacketAesthetic Individualism and Practical Intellect:
American Allegory in Emerson, Thoreau, Adams, and James
Olaf Hansen

bookjacketThe Age of Anxiety:
A Baroque Eclogue
W. H. Auden

bookjacketThe Age of Auden:
Postwar Poetry and the American Scene
Aidan Wasley

bookjacketThe Age of the Bachelor:
Creating an American Subculture
Howard P. Chudacoff

bookjacketThe Age of the Crisis of Man:
Thought and Fiction in America, 1933–1973
Mark Greif

bookjacketAllen Tate:
Orphan of the South
Thomas A. Underwood

bookjacketAmbassadors of Culture:
The Transamerican Origins of Latino Writing
Kirsten Silva Gruesz

bookjacketAmerican Archives:
Gender, Race, and Class in Visual Culture
Shawn Michelle Smith

bookjacketAmerican Exceptionalism and Human Rights
Edited by Michael Ignatieff

bookjacketAmerican Hungers:
The Problem of Poverty in U.S. Literature, 1840-1945
Gavin Jones

bookjacketThe American Manufactory:
Art, Labor, and the World of Things in the Early Republic
Laura Rigal

bookjacketAmerican Moderns:
Bohemian New York and the Creation of a New Century
Christine Stansell

bookjacketThe American Musical and the Formation of National Identity
Raymond Knapp

bookjacketThe American Musical and the Performance of Personal Identity
Raymond Knapp

bookjacketAmerican Palestine:
Melville, Twain, and the Holy Land Mania
Hilton Obenzinger

bookjacketAmerican Pulp:
How Paperbacks Brought Modernism to Main Street
Paula Rabinowitz

bookjacketAmerica's Asia:
Racial Form and American Literature, 1893-1945
Colleen Lye

bookjacketThe Americas of Asian American Literature:
Gendered Fictions of Nation and Transnation
Rachel C. Lee

bookjacketAnatomy of Criticism:
Four Essays
Northrop Frye

bookjacketArtists in the Audience:
Cults, Camp, and American Film Criticism
Greg Taylor

bookjacketAuden's Apologies for Poetry
Lucy McDiarmid

bookjacketAuthority, Autonomy, and Representation in American Literature, 1776-1865
Mark R. Patterson

bookjacketAuthorship and Audience:
Literary Performance in the American Renaissance
Stephen Railton

Essays Theoretical and Critical
James Olney

bookjacketAvailable Light:
Anthropological Reflections on Philosophical Topics
Clifford Geertz

bookjacketBalzac, James, and the Realistic Novel
William W. Stowe

bookjacketBecoming a Woman of Letters:
Myths of Authorship and Facts of the Victorian Market
Linda H. Peterson

bookjacketBetrayal and Other Acts of Subversion:
Feminism, Sexual Politics, Asian American Women's Literature
Leslie Bow

bookjacketBetween Actor and Critic:
Selected Letters of Edwin Booth and William Winter
Edited by Daniel J. Watermeier

blankjacketBlack Riders:
The Visible Language of Modernism
Jerome J. McGann

bookjacketBlack, White, and in Color:
Television and Black Civil Rights
Sasha Torres

bookjacketBodies of Law
Alan Hyde

bookjacketThe Book of Jerry Falwell:
Fundamentalist Language and Politics
Susan Friend Harding

bookjacketBreaking the Sequence:
Women's Experimental Fiction
Edited by Ellen G. Friedman & Miriam Fuchs

bookjacketThe Burden of Time:
The Fugitives and Agrarians
John Lincoln Stewart

bookjacketCall It English:
The Languages of Jewish American Literature
Hana Wirth-Nesher

bookjacketCape Cod
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketCause for Alarm:
The Volunteer Fire Department in the Nineteenth-Century City
Amy S. Greenberg

bookjacketThe Changes of Cain:
Violence and the Lost Brother in Cain and Abel Literature
Ricardo J. Quinones

Film, Motherhood, Genre
Lucy Fischer

bookjacketCivil Defense Begins at Home:
Militarization Meets Everyday Life in the Fifties
Laura McEnaney

bookjacketClear and Simple as the Truth:
Writing Classic Prose
Francis-Noël Thomas & Mark Turner

blankjacketClose Up 1927-1933:
Cinema and Modernism
Edited by James Donald, Anne Friedberg, & Laura Marcus

bookjacketClosure in the Novel
Marianna Torgovnick

What It Was, Is, and Should Be
Andrew Delbanco

bookjacketThe Complete Works of W. H. Auden:
Prose: 1949-1955
W. H. Auden

bookjacketThe Complete Works of W. H. Auden:
Prose: 1939-1948
W. H. Auden

bookjacketThe Confidence Game in American Literature
Warwick Wadlington

bookjacketThe Correspondence of Henry D. Thoreau:
Volume 1: 1834 - 1848
Henry D. Thoreau

bookjacketCreate Dangerously:
The Immigrant Artist at Work
Edwidge Danticat

blankjacketCubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams
Bram Dijkstra

bookjacketA Cultural History of Causality:
Science, Murder Novels, and Systems of Thought
Stephen Kern

bookjacketCulture and Redemption:
Religion, the Secular, and American Literature
Tracy Fessenden

bookjacketCulture on the Margins:
The Black Spiritual and the Rise of American Cultural Interpretation
Jon Cruz

bookjacketCulture, 1922:
The Emergence of a Concept
Marc Manganaro

bookjacketDarwin Loves You:
Natural Selection and the Re-enchantment of the World
George Levine

bookjacketDavid Belasco:
Naturalism in the American Theatre
Lise-Lone Marker

bookjacketThe Days of Henry Thoreau:
A Biography
Walter Harding

bookjacketDebating War and Peace:
Media Coverage of U.S. Intervention in the Post-Vietnam Era
Jonathan Mermin

bookjacketDemocracy, Culture and the Voice of Poetry
Robert Pinsky

bookjacketDickinson and the Romantic Imagination
Joanne Feit Diehl

bookjacketDickinson's Misery:
A Theory of Lyric Reading
Virginia Jackson

bookjacketDisciplinarity at the Fin de Siècle
Edited by Amanda Anderson & Joseph Valente

blankjacketDoctors' Stories:
The Narrative Structure of Medical Knowledge
Kathryn Montgomery Hunter

bookjacketDreaming by the Book
Elaine Scarry

bookjacketEarly American Literature:
A Comparatist Approach
Alfred Owen Aldridge

bookjacketThe Echoing Green:
Romantic, Modernism, and the Phenomena of Transference in Poetry
Carlos Baker

bookjacketThe Echoing Wood of Theodore Roethke
Jenijoy Labelle

bookjacketEdmund Wilson:
Centennial Reflections
Edited by Lewis M. Dabney

A Play by Ezra Pound
Edited by R. Reid

bookjacketThe Elements of Library Research:
What Every Student Needs to Know
Mary W. George

The Roots of Prophecy
Evelyn Barish

bookjacketEmerson's Romantic Style
Julie K. Ellison

blankjacketEmpire for Liberty:
Melville and the Poetics of Individualism
Wai Chee Dimock

bookjacketErnest Hemingway:
A Comprehensive Bibliography
Audre Hanneman

Henry D. Thoreau

bookjacketExplanatory Models in Linguistics:
A Behavioral Perspective
Pere Julia

bookjacketF.B. Eyes:
How J. Edgar Hoover's Ghostreaders Framed African American Literature
William J. Maxwell

bookjacketFamily Secrets and the Psychoanalysis of Narrative
Esther Rashkin

bookjacketFascinating Rhythm:
Reading Jazz in American Writing
David Yaffe

bookjacketFateful Beauty:
Aesthetic Environments, Juvenile Development, and Literature, 1860-1960
Douglas Mao

bookjacketFelicia Hemans:
Selected Poems, Letters, Reception Materials
Edited by Susan J. Wolfson

bookjacketFenimore Cooper:
A Study of His Life and Imagination
Stephen Railton

bookjacketThe Fiction of Relationship
Arnold Weinstein

bookjacketFictions in Autobiography:
Studies in the Art of Self-Invention
Paul John Eakin

bookjacketFictions of Form in American Poetry
Stephen Cushman

bookjacketFields of Play in Modern Drama
Thomas R. Whitaker

bookjacketFigural Language in the Novel
Ramon Saldivar

bookjacketFlannery O'Connor and the Language of Apocalypse
Edward Kessler

bookjacketFor the Time Being:
A Christmas Oratorio
W. H. Auden

bookjacketThe Form of the Unfinished:
English Poetics from Spenser to Pound
Ballachandra Rajan

bookjacketFrom School to Salon:
Reading Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry
Mary Loeffelholz

bookjacketFrontier in American Literature
Edwin S. Fussell

bookjacketThe Genesis of Ezra Pound's CANTOS
Ronald L. Bush

bookjacketThe Global Remapping of American Literature
Paul Giles

bookjacketHarlem Crossroads:
Black Writers and the Photograph in the Twentieth Century
Sara Blair

bookjacketHart Crane and Allen Tate:
Janus-Faced Modernism
Langdon Hammer

bookjacketHawthorne and the Historical Romance of New England
Michael Davitt Bell

bookjacketHeart Beats:
Everyday Life and the Memorized Poem
Catherine Robson

The Writer As Artist
Carlos Baker

bookjacketHenry James Goes to Paris
Peter Brooks

bookjacketHeroic Commitment in Richardson, Eliot, and James
Patricia McKee

bookjacketThe Higher Law:
Thoreau on Civil Disobedience and Reform
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketHistoricism Once More:
Problems and Occasions for the American Scholar
Roy Harvey Pearce

bookjacketHollywood Fantasies of Miscegenation:
Spectacular Narratives of Gender and Race
Susan Courtney

bookjacketA House Divided:
The Antebellum Slavery Debates in America, 1776-1865
Edited by Mason I. Lowance Jr.

bookjacketThe Illustrated WALDEN with Photographs from the Gleason Collection
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketThe Imaginary Library:
An Essay on Literature and Society
Alvin B. Kernan

bookjacketThe Imaginative Argument:
A Practical Manifesto for Writers
Frank L. Cioffi

bookjacketImagined Histories:
American Historians Interpret the Past
Edited by Anthony Molho & Gordon S. Wood

bookjacketImagining Language in America:
From the Revolution to the Civil War
Michael P. Kramer

bookjacketThe Importance of Feeling English:
American Literature and the British Diaspora, 1750-1850
Leonard Tennenhouse

bookjacketThe Indignant Generation:
A Narrative History of African American Writers and Critics, 1934-1960
Lawrence P. Jackson

An Essay in the Philosophy of Literary Criticism
Peter D. Juhl

bookjacketInvisible Listeners:
Lyric Intimacy in Herbert, Whitman, and Ashbery
Helen Vendler

bookjacketIs Multiculturalism Bad for Women?
Susan Moller Okin

bookjacketJews and the American Soul:
Human Nature in the Twentieth Century
Andrew R. Heinze

bookjacketJoseph Brodsky and the Creation of Exile
David M. Bethea

bookjacketThe Lacanian Subject:
Between Language and Jouissance
Bruce Fink

bookjacketLast Looks, Last Books:
Stevens, Plath, Lowell, Bishop, Merrill
Helen Vendler

bookjacketThe Law Is a White Dog:
How Legal Rituals Make and Unmake Persons
Colin Dayan

bookjacketLincoln on Race and Slavery
Edited and introduced by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

bookjacketLiterary Criticisms of Law
Guyora Binder & Robert Weisberg

bookjacketThe Literary Impact of The Golden Bough
John B. Vickery

bookjacketLiterature and the Continuances of Virtue
Warner Berthoff

bookjacketThe Lives of the Novel:
A History
Thomas G. Pavel

bookjacketLocal Histories/Global Designs:
Coloniality, Subaltern Knowledges, and Border Thinking
Walter D. Mignolo

bookjacketLove and the Quest for Identity in the Fiction of Henry James
Philip Sicker

bookjacketLucifer in Harness:
American Meter, Metaphor, and Diction
Edwin S. Fussell

bookjacketLyric Poetry:
The Pain and the Pleasure of Words
Mutlu Konuk Blasing

bookjacketMagazines and the Making of America:
Modernization, Community, and Print Culture, 1741–1860
Heather A. Haveman

bookjacketThe Magician's Doubts:
Nabokov and the Risks of Fiction
Michael Wood

bookjacketThe Maine Woods
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketThe Man from Porlock:
Engagements, 1944-1981
Edited and translated by Theodore Russell Weiss & René Weiss

bookjacketMapping Literary Modernism
Ricardo J. Quinones

Feminism and the Cultural Geographies of Encounter
Susan Stanford Friedman

bookjacketThe Marginalization of Poetry:
Language Writing and Literary History
Bob Perelman

bookjacketMarianne Moore:
The Poet's Advance
Laurence Stapleton

bookjacketThe Masochistic Pleasures of Sentimental Literature
Marianne Noble

bookjacketThe Matrix of Modernism:
Pound, Eliot, and Early Twentieth-Century Thought
Sanford Schwartz

blankjacketMeaning and Context:
Quentin Skinner and His Critics
Edited by James Tully

bookjacketMeetings of the Mind
David Damrosch

bookjacketThe Methodists and Revolutionary America, 1760-1800:
The Shaping of an Evangelical Culture
Dee E. Andrews

bookjacketA Mirror in the Roadway:
Literature and the Real World
Morris Dickstein

bookjacketModern Shakespeare Offshoots
Ruby Cohn

bookjacketModernist Anthropology:
From Fieldwork to Text
Edited by Marc Manganaro

bookjacketMoral Imagination:
David Bromwich

bookjacketMovie-Struck Girls:
Women and Motion Picture Culture after the Nickelodeon
Shelley Stamp

bookjacketThe Musical as Drama
Scott McMillin

bookjacketNational Imaginaries, American Identities:
The Cultural Work of American Iconography
Edited by Larry J. Reynolds & Gordon Hutner

blankjacketNew Historical Literary Study:
Essays on Reproducing Texts, Representing History
Edited by Jeffrey N. Cox & Larry J. Reynolds

blankjacketThe New Historicism and Other Old-Fashioned Topics
Brook Thomas

bookjacketThe New Negro:
Readings on Race, Representation, and African American Culture, 1892-1938
Edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. & Gene Andrew Jarrett

bookjacketNew World Babel:
Languages and Nations in Early America
Edward G. Gray

bookjacketNew York Nocturne:
The City After Dark in Literature, Painting, and Photography, 1850-1950
William Chapman Sharpe

bookjacketNote Book
Jeff Nunokawa

bookjacketNotes of a Pianist
Louis Moreau Gottschalk

bookjacketNotes on Sontag
Phillip Lopate

bookjacketThe Novel and the Sea
Margaret Cohen

bookjacketThe Novel Art:
Elevations of American Fiction after Henry James
Mark McGurl

bookjacketThe Novel:
History, Geography, and Culture
Edited by Franco Moretti

bookjacketThe Novel:
Forms and Themes
Edited by Franco Moretti

bookjacketOn Beauty and Being Just
Elaine Scarry

bookjacketOn Bullshit
Harry G. Frankfurt

bookjacketOn Elizabeth Bishop
Colm Tóibín

bookjacketOn Not Being Able to Sleep:
Psychoanalysis and the Modern World
Jacqueline Rose

bookjacketOn Reading:
From Walden
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketOn Whitman
C. K. Williams

bookjacketOne Day in the Life of the English Language:
A Microcosmic Usage Handbook
Frank L. Cioffi

bookjacketPatronizing the Arts
Marjorie Garber

bookjacketPatterns for America:
Modernism and the Concept of Culture
Susan Hegeman

bookjacketPaul Elmer More
Arthur Hazard Dakin

bookjacketPaul Marchand, F.M.C.
Charles W. Chesnutt

bookjacketPhilip Roth's Rude Truth:
The Art of Immaturity
Ross Posnock

The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities
James Turner

A Critical History of a Mask
Robert F. Storey

bookjacketA Pinnacle of Feeling:
American Literature and Presidential Government
Sean McCann

bookjacketPlaying the Race Card:
Melodramas of Black and White from Uncle Tom to O. J. Simpson
Linda Williams

bookjacketPlays of Impasse:
Contemporary Drama Set in Confining Institutions
Charles Rosen

bookjacketPlot, Story, and the Novel:
From Dickens and Poe to the Modern Period
Robert L. Caserio

bookjacketThe Pocket Instructor: Literature:
101 Exercises for the College Classroom
Edited by Diana Fuss & William A. Gleason

bookjacketPoetics of Reading
Inge Crosman Wimmers

bookjacketPoetry at Stake:
Lyric Aesthetics and the Challenge of Technology
Carrie Noland

bookjacketPoetry, Word-Play, and Word-War in Wallace Stevens
Eleanor Cook

bookjacketPoets in the Public Sphere:
The Emancipatory Project of American Women's Poetry, 1800-1900
Paula Bernat Bennett

bookjacketPostmodern Belief:
American Literature and Religion since 1960
Amy Hungerford

Origins and Innovations of the Western Lyric Sequence
Roland Greene

bookjacketThe Power of Historical Knowledge:
Narrating the Past in Hawthorne, James, and Dreiser
Susan L. Mizruchi

bookjacketPracticing Romance:
Narrative Form and Cultural Engagement in Hawthorne's Fiction
Richard H. Millington

Art-World Change and American Culture from the Civil War to the Armory Show
J. M. Mancini

bookjacketThe Princeton Anthology of Writing:
Favorite Pieces by the Ferris/McGraw Writers at Princeton University
Edited by John McPhee & Carol Rigolot

bookjacketThe Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
Roland Greene, editor in chief; Stephen Cushman, general editor

bookjacketThe Princeton Handbook of Multicultural Poetries
Edited by T.V.F. Brogan

bookjacketThe Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms
Edited by Alex Preminger, O. B. Hardison Jr., & Frank J. Warnke

bookjacketThe Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms
Edited by Roland Greene & Stephen Cushman

bookjacketThe Princeton Handbook of World Poetries
Edited by Roland Greene & Stephen Cushman

bookjacketThe Princeton Reader:
Contemporary Essays by Writers and Journalists at Princeton University
Edited by John McPhee & Carol Rigolot

bookjacketThe Quarry
Charles W. Chesnutt

bookjacketThe Quotable Thoreau
Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer

bookjacketA Reader's Guide to Wallace Stevens
Eleanor Cook

bookjacketReading Rape:
The Rhetoric of Sexual Violence in American Literature and Culture, 1790-1990
Sabine Sielke

bookjacketReaping Something New:
African American Transformations of Victorian Literature
Daniel Hack

bookjacketRediscovering Hawthorne
Kenneth Dauber

bookjacketReframing Culture:
The Case of the Vitagraph Quality Films
William Uricchio & Roberta E. Pearson

bookjacketReligion and Cultural Studies
Edited by Susan L. Mizruchi

bookjacketRemembering Scottsboro:
The Legacy of an Infamous Trial
James A. Miller

bookjacketThe Rites of Identity:
The Religious Naturalism and Cultural Criticism of Kenneth Burke and Ralph Ellison
Beth Eddy

bookjacketRobert Lowell:
Life and Art
Steven Gould Axelrod

bookjacketRuthless Democracy:
A Multicultural Interpretation of the American Renaissance
Timothy B. Powell

bookjacketThe Science of Sacrifice:
American Literature and Modern Social Theory
Susan L. Mizruchi

bookjacketScience on Stage:
From Doctor Faustus to Copenhagen
Kirsten Shepherd-Barr

bookjacketThe Secular Mind
Robert Coles

bookjacketSentimental Bodies:
Sex, Gender, and Citizenship in the Early Republic
Bruce Burgett

bookjacketShades of the Planet:
American Literature as World Literature
Edited by Wai Chee Dimock & Lawrence Buell

bookjacketThe Shape of the Signifier:
1967 to the End of History
Walter Benn Michaels

bookjacketShifting the Blame:
Literature, Law, and the Theory of Accidents in Nineteenth-Century America
Nan Goodman

Film Tradition and Women's Cinema
Lucy Fischer

bookjacketThe Situation of Poetry:
Contemporary Poetry and Its Traditions
Robert Pinsky

bookjacketThe Skeptic Disposition:
Deconstruction, Ideology, and Other Matters
Eugene Goodheart

bookjacketThe Skeptic Disposition In Contemporary Criticism
Eugene Goodheart

bookjacketA Space on the Side of the Road:
Cultural Poetics in an "Other" America
Kathleen Stewart

Studies on Mesmerism and Literature
Maria Tatar

bookjacketSpiritual Interrogations:
Culture, Gender, and Community in Early African American Women's Writing
Katherine Clay Bassard

bookjacketStevens and Simile:
A Theory of Language
Jacqueline Vaught Brogan

bookjacketStevens and the Interpersonal
Mark Halliday

The Life of an Idea
Bill T. Jones

bookjacketThe Syntax of Class:
Writing Inequality in Nineteenth-Century America
Amy Schrager Lang

bookjacketThe Tale of the Tribe:
Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic
Michael André Bernstein

blankjacketThe Textual Condition
Jerome J. McGann

bookjacketThe Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton
Robert Knopf

bookjacketThe Theatrical Manager in Britain and America:
Player of a Perilous Game
Edited by Joseph W. Donohue Jr.

bookjacketThomas Hooker, 1586-1647
Frank Shuffelton

bookjacketThoreau and the American Indians
Robert F. Sayre

bookjacketA Thoreau Gazetteer
Robert F. Stowell

bookjacketThoreau's Fable of Inscribing
Frederick Garber

bookjacketThoreau's Reading:
A Study in Intellectual History with Bibliographical Catalogue
Robert Sattelmeyer

bookjacketThrough Other Continents:
American Literature across Deep Time
Wai Chee Dimock

bookjacketTime and the Novel:
The Genealogical Imperative
Patricia Drechsel Tobin

bookjacket"To Be an Author":
Letters of Charles W. Chesnutt, 1889-1905
Edited by Joseph R. McElrath Jr., & Robert C. Leitz, III

blankjacketTo Die For:
The Paradox of American Patriotism
Cecilia Elizabeth O'Leary

bookjacketTo the Other Shore:
The Russian Jewish Intellectuals Who Came to America
Steven Cassedy

bookjacketToward a New Historicism
Wesley Morris

bookjacketThe Transatlantic Indian, 1776-1930
Kate Flint

bookjacketThe Transparent Lyric:
Reading and Meaning in the Poetry of Stevens and Williams
David L. Walker

blankjacketTransparent Minds:
Narrative Modes for Presenting Consciousness in Fiction
Dorrit Claire Cohn

bookjacketThe Travels and Adventures of Serendipity:
A Study in Sociological Semantics and the Sociology of Science
Robert K. Merton & Elinor Barber

bookjacketTrying Leviathan:
The Nineteenth-Century New York Court Case That Put the Whale on Trial and Challenged the Order of Nature
D. Graham Burnett

bookjacketTwice upon a Time:
Women Writers and the History of the Fairy Tale
Elizabeth Wanning Harries

bookjacketThe Twilight of the Middle Class:
Post-World War II American Fiction and White-Collar Work
Andrew Hoberek

bookjacketUnderstanding Emerson:
"The American Scholar" and His Struggle for Self-Reliance
Kenneth S. Sacks

bookjacketAn Uneasy Solitude:
Individual and Society in the Work of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Maurice Gonnaud

bookjacketUpward Mobility and the Common Good:
Toward a Literary History of the Welfare State
Bruce Robbins

bookjacketThe Vehement Passions
Philip Fisher

bookjacketVerging on Extra-Vagance:
Anthropology, History, Religion, Literature, Arts . . . Showbiz
James A. Boon

bookjacketVictorian Sappho
Yopie Prins

bookjacketThe Visual Arts, Pictorialism, and the Novel:
James, Lawrence, and Woolf
Marianna Torgovnick

bookjacketVladimir Nabokov:
The Russian Years
Brian Boyd

bookjacketVladimir Nabokov:
The American Years
Brian Boyd

Henry D. Thoreau

bookjacketWalks in the World:
Representation and Experience in Modern American Poetry
Roger Gilbert

bookjacketWallace Stevens and the Actual World
Alan Filreis

bookjacketWallace Stevens:
A Celebration
Robert Buttel & Frank Doggett

bookjacketWallace Stevens:
Imagination and Faith
Adalaide Kirby Morris

bookjacketWalt Whitman Among the French:
Poet and Myth
Betsy Erkkila

bookjacketA Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketWhat's Happened to the Humanities?
Edited by Alvin B. Kernan

bookjacketWhite Diaspora:
The Suburb and the Twentieth-Century American Novel
Catherine Jurca

bookjacketWilliam Carlos Williams and the Ethics of Painting
Terence Diggory

bookjacketWilliam Faulkner:
An Economy of Complex Words
Richard Godden

bookjacketWitnesses to a Vanishing America:
The Nineteenth-Century Response
Lee Clark Mitchell

bookjacketWomen Writers and Poetic Identity:
Dorothy Wordsworth, Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson
Margaret Homans

bookjacketWorking-Class Hollywood:
Silent Film and the Shaping of Class in America
Steven J. Ross

bookjacketWorshipping Walt:
The Whitman Disciples
Michael Robertson

bookjacketWriting Outside the Nation
Azade Seyhan

bookjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Cape Cod
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Early Essays and Miscellanies.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 1: 1837-1844.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 2: 1842-1848.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 3: 1848-1851.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 4: 1851-1852.
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 5: 1852-1853.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 6: 1853
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 7: 1853-1854
Henry D. Thoreau

bookjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Journal, Volume 8: 1854.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
The Maine Woods.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Reform Papers.
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketThe Writings of Henry David Thoreau:
A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers.
Henry David Thoreau

bookjacketWritten on the Body:
The Tattoo in European and American History
Edited by Jane Caplan

bookjacketYeats and American Poetry:
The Tradition of the Self
Terence Diggory

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