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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SUBJECT CATEGORY (by title) in Asian and Asian American Studies

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bookjacketAbortion before Birth Control:
The Politics of Reproduction in Postwar Japan.
T. Norgren.

bookjacketAdvanced Reader of Modern Chinese (Two-Volume Set):
China's Own Critics: Volume I: Text and Volume II: Vocabulary & Sentence Patterns.
C. Chou, D. Chao, et al.

bookjacketAlibis of Empire:
Henry Maine and the Ends of Liberal Imperialism.
K. Mantena.

bookjacketAll Things Considered.
C. Chou, Y. Xia, et al.

A Contemporary Translation.
A. Ali.

bookjacketAmerica's Asia:
Racial Form and American Literature, 1893-1945.
C. Lye.

bookjacketThe Americas of Asian American Literature:
Gendered Fictions of Nation and Transnation.
R.C. Lee.

bookjacketAncient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power.
Y. Xuetong; D.A. Bell, eds.

bookjacketAncient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power.
Y. Xuetong; D.A. Bell, eds.

bookjacketAncient Sichuan:
Treasures from a Lost Civilization.
R. Bagley, ed.

bookjacketAnything Goes:
An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese.
C. Chou, H. Wei, et al.

bookjacketApparitions of the Self:
The Secret Autobiographies of a Tibetan Visionary.
J. Gyatso.

bookjacketThe Arabic Book.
J. Pedersen; G. French, trans.

bookjacketArt and Archaeology of the Erligang Civilization.
K. Steinke and D.C. Y. Ching, eds.

blankjacketArt as History:
Calligraphy and Painting as One.
W.C. Fong.

Undefining Chinese Contemporary Art.
J. Silbergeld and D.C. Y. Ching, eds.

bookjacketThe Artistry of Aeschylus and Zeami:
A Comparative Study of Greek Tragedy and No.
M.J. Smethurst.

bookjacketAsian Religions in Practice:
An Introduction.
D.S. Lopez, Jr., ed.

bookjacketAwakening Giants, Feet of Clay:
Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India.
P. Bardhan.

bookjacketAwakening Giants, Feet of Clay:
Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India.
P. Bardhan.

bookjacketBearing Witness:
Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria.
W. Griswold.

bookjacketBecoming the Buddha:
The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand.
D.K. Swearer.

bookjacketBecoming Yellow:
A Short History of Racial Thinking.
M. Keevak.

bookjacketBetrayal and Other Acts of Subversion:
Feminism, Sexual Politics, Asian American Women's Literature.
L. Bow.

bookjacketBeyond Liberal Democracy:
Political Thinking for an East Asian Context.
D.A. Bell.

bookjacketThe Bhagavad Gita:
A Biography.
R.H. Davis.

bookjacketThe Black Hole of Empire:
History of a Global Practice of Power.
P. Chatterjee.

bookjacketBlindness and Autobiography:
Al-Ayyam of Taha Husayn.
F. Malti-Douglas.

bookjacketBodies of Memory:
Narratives of War in Postwar Japanese Culture, 1945-1970.
Y. Igarashi.

bookjacketBody in Question:
Image and Illusion in Two Chinese Films by Director Jiang Wen.
J. Silbergeld.

bookjacketBridges to Heaven:
Essays on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Wen C. Fong (Two-Volume Set).
J. Silbergeld, D.C. Y. Ching, et al., eds.

blankjacketBrocade River Poems:
Selected Works of the Tang Dynasty Courtesan.
X. Tao; J. Larsen, trans.

bookjacketBuddhism and the State in Sixteenth-Century Japan.
N. McMullin.

bookjacketBuddhism in China:
A Historical Survey.
K.K.S. Ch'en.

bookjacketBuddhism in Practice:
(Abridged Edition).
D.S. Lopez, Jr.

blankjacketBuddhism Transformed:
Religious Change in Sri Lanka.
R. Gombrich and G. Obeyesekere.

bookjacketBuddhist Goddesses of India.
M. Shaw.

bookjacketBuddhist Learning and Textual Practice in Eighteenth-Century Lankan Monastic Culture.
A.M. Blackburn.

bookjacketBurying Mao:
Chinese Politics in the Age of Deng Xiaoping.
R. Baum.

bookjacketCambodia, 1975-1978:
Rendezvous with Death.
K.D. Jackson, ed.

bookjacketThe Camphor Flame:
Popular Hinduism and Society in India.
C.J. Fuller.

bookjacketThe Central Philosophy of Tibet:
A Study and Translation of Jey Tsong Khapa's Essence of True Eloquence.
R.A.F. Thurman.

blankjacketChan Insights and Oversights:
An Epistemological Critique of the Chan Tradition.
B. Faure.

bookjacketCharred Lullabies:
Chapters in an Anthropography of Violence.
E.V. Daniel.

blankjacketThe Child and the State in India:
Child Labor and Education Policy in Comparative Perspective.
M. Weiner.

bookjacketChina and the Vocation of History in the Twentieth Century:
A Personal Memoir.
F.W. Mote.

bookjacketChina's New Confucianism:
Politics and Everyday Life in a Changing Society.
D.A. Bell.

bookjacketChina's Peril and Promise:
An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese, 2 Volumes.
C. Chou, X. Wang, et al.

bookjacketThe Chinatown Trunk Mystery:
Murder, Miscegenation, and Other Dangerous Encounters in Turn-of-the-Century New York City.
M.T. Y. Lui.

bookjacketChinese Narrative:
Critical and Theoretical Essays.
A.H. Plaks, ed.

bookjacketChinese Primer, Volumes 1-3 (Pinyin).
T. Ch'en, P. Link, et al.

bookjacketChinese Primer, Volumes 1-3 (GR).
T. Ch'en, P. Link, et al.

blankjacketChinese Primer : Character Text (Pinyin).
T. Ch'en, P. Link, et al.

bookjacketChinese Primer: Character Workbook (GR).
T. Ch'en, P. Link, et al.

bookjacketChinese Primer: Lessons (GR).
T. Ch'en, P. Link, et al.

bookjacketChinese Primer: Notes and Exercises (GR).
T. Ch'en, P. Link, et al.

bookjacketThe Chinese Reassessment of Socialism, 1976-1992.
Y. Sun.

bookjacketClassical Chinese:
A Basic Reader in Three Volumes.
N. Yuan, H. Tang, et al.

blankjacketClassical Chinese:
Introduction to Grammar.
N. Yuan, H. Tang, et al.

bookjacketClassical Chinese (Supplement 2):
Readings in Poetry and Prose.
N. Yuan, H. Tang, et al.

bookjacketClassical Chinese (Supplement 3):
Selections from Historical Texts.
N. Yuan, H. Tang, et al.

bookjacketClassical Chinese (Supplement 4):
Selections from Philosophical Texts.
N. Yuan, H. Tang, et al.

bookjacketClosing the Shop:
Information Cartels and Japan's Mass Media.
L.A. Freeman.

bookjacketColonialism and Its Forms of Knowledge:
The British in India.
B.S. Cohn.

bookjacketColonizing Hawai'I:
The Cultural Power of Law.
S.E. Merry.

bookjacketThe Color of Success:
Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority.
E.D. Wu.

bookjacketCommemorative Landscape Painting in China.
A. Clapp.

blankjacketComparative Poetics:
An Intercultural Essay on Theories of Literature.
E.R. Miner.

bookjacketA Confucian Constitutional Order:
How China's Ancient Past Can Shape Its Political Future.
J. Qing; D.A. Bell and R. Fan, eds. E. Ryden, trans.

bookjacketConfucian Perfectionism:
A Political Philosophy for Modern Times.
J. Chan.

bookjacketConfucian Political Ethics.
D.A. Bell, ed.

bookjacketConfucianism and Family Rituals in Imperial China:
A Social History of Writing about Rites.
P.B. Ebrey.

bookjacketConfucianism as a World Religion:
Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities.
A. Sun.

blankjacketConquest of Violence:
The Gandhian Philosophy of Conflict. With a new epilogue by the author.
J.V. Bondurant.

bookjacketContagious Capitalism:
Globalization and the Politics of Labor in China.
M.E. Gallagher.

bookjacketCreative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi.
H. Corbin; R. Manheim, trans.

blankjacketCries For Democracy:
Writings and Speeches from the Chinese Democracy Movement.
M. Han.

blankjacketCrisis and Compensation:
Public Policy and Political Stability in Japan.
K.E. Calder.

bookjacketCultural Realism:
Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Chinese History.
A.I. Johnston.

blankjacketThe Culture of the Meiji Period.
D. Irokawa; M.B. Jansen, ed.

bookjacketDance of Divine Love:
India's Classic Sacred Love Story: The Rasa Lila of Krishna.
G.M. Schweig.

bookjacketDangerous Sex, Invisible Labor:
Sex Work and the Law in India.
P. Kotiswaran.

bookjacketDead Ringers:
How Outsourcing Is Changing the Way Indians Understand Themselves.
S. Nadeem.

bookjacketDemocratizing the Enemy:
The Japanese American Internment.
B. Hayashi.

bookjacketDepression in Japan:
Psychiatric Cures for a Society in Distress.
J. Kitanaka.

bookjacketA Diary of Darkness:
The Wartime Diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi.
K. Kiyoshi; E. Soviak, ed. E. Soviak and K. Tamie, trans.

bookjacketDiaspora, Development, and Democracy:
The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India.
D. Kapur.

bookjacketDisarming Strangers:
Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea.
L.V. Sigal.

bookjacketThe Domestication of Desire:
Women, Wealth, and Modernity in Java.
S.A. Brenner.

bookjacketThe Door in the Sky:
Coomaraswamy on Myth and Meaning.
A.K. Coomaraswamy; R.P. Coomaraswamy, ed.

bookjacketDragon in a Three-Piece Suit:
The Emergence of Capitalism in China.
D. Guthrie.

blankjacketEarly Chinese Mysticism:
Philosophy and Soteriology in the Taoist Tradition.
L. Kohn.

bookjacketThe Early Islamic Conquests.
F.M. Donner.

bookjacketThe East Asian Region:
Confucian Heritage and Its Modern Adaptation.
G. Rozman, ed.

bookjacketEast Meets West:
Human Rights and Democracy in East Asia.
D.A. Bell.

bookjacketElaborations on Emptiness:
Uses of the Heart Sūtra.
D.S. Lopez, Jr.

bookjacketEmpires of the Silk Road:
A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present.
C.I. Beckwith.

bookjacketEnchantment and Disenchantment:
Love and Illusion in Chinese Literature.
W. Li.

bookjacketThe Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 3:
Advaita Vedanta up to Samkara and His Pupils.
K.H. Potter, ed.

bookjacketThe Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 4:
Samkhya, A Dualist Tradition in Indian Philosophy.
G.J. Larson and R.S. Bhattacharya; K.H. Potter, ed.

bookjacketEnough to Say It's Far:
Selected Poems of Pak Chaesam.
C. Pak; D.R. McCann and J. Shin, trans.

bookjacketThe Everlasting Empire:
The Political Culture of Ancient China and Its Imperial Legacy.
Y. Pines.

bookjacketFaces of the State:
Secularism and Public Life in Turkey.
Y. Navaro-Yashin.

blankjacketFactory Girls:
Women in the Thread Mills of Meiji Japan.
E.P. Tsurumi.

bookjacketThe Family Model in Chinese Art and Culture.
J. Silbergeld and D.C. Y. Ching, eds.

bookjacketFamily Planning in Japanese Society:
Traditional Birth Control in a Modern Urban Culture.
S. Coleman.

bookjacketFamily Tightrope:
The Changing Lives of Vietnamese Americans.
N. Kibria.

bookjacketFetish, Recognition, Revolution.
J.T. Siegel.

bookjacketFirst Step:
An Elementary Reader for Modern Chinese.
C. Chou, J. Wang, et al.

bookjacketFirst Step:
Workbook for Modern Chinese.
C. Chou, J. Wang, et al.

bookjacketFive Hundred Years of Chinese Poetry, 1150-1650:
The Chin, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties.
K. Yoshikawa and J.T. Wixted.

bookjacketFlowing Traces:
Buddhism in the Literary and Visual Arts of Japan.
J.H. Sanford, W.R. LaFleur, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Flying Phoenix:
Aspects of Chinese Sectarianism in Taiwan.
D.K. Jordan and D.L. Overmyer.

An Ethnography of Global Connection.
A.L. Tsing.

bookjacketCrossing the Sea:
Essays on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Yoshiaki Shimizu.
G.P.A. Levine, A.M. Watsky, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Funeral Casino:
Meditation, Massacre, and Exchange with the Dead in Thailand.
A. Klima.

bookjacketThe Gay Archipelago:
Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia.
T. Boellstorff.

bookjacketGetting Saved in America:
Taiwanese Immigration and Religious Experience.
C. Chen.

blankjacketThe Ghost Festival in Medieval China.
S.F. Teiser.

bookjacketGlobal "Body Shopping":
An Indian Labor System in the Information Technology Industry.
B. Xiang.

bookjacketThe Great Divergence:
China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy.
K. Pomeranz.

Political, Economic, and Philosophical Essays from Early China.
W.A. Rickett, ed. and trans.

bookjacketGuilty of Indigence:
The Urban Poor in China, 1900-1953.
J. Chen.

bookjacketGuru English:
South Asian Religion in a Cosmopolitan Language.
S. Aravamudan.

bookjacketHagiography and Modern Russian Literature.
M. Ziolkowski.

bookjacketHan Yu and the T'ang Search for Unity.
C. Hartman.

bookjacketThe Hare Krishnas in India.
C.R. Brooks.

bookjacketHedayat's Blind Owl as a Western Novel.
M. Beard.

blankjacketHigh Religion:
A Cultural and Political History of Sherpa Buddhism.
S.B. Ortner.

blankjacketHindu Javanese:
Tengger Tradition and Islam.
R.W. Hefner.

bookjacketHindu Nationalism:
A Reader.
C. Jaffrelot, ed.

bookjacketHindu Rulers, Muslim Subjects:
Islam, Rights, and the History of Kashmir.
M. Rai.

Past and Present.
A. Michaels; B. Harshav, trans.

Three Witnesses.
R.H. Minear, ed. and trans.

bookjacketHistory of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 1:
The Period of the Philosophers (from the Beginnings to Circa 100 B.C.).
Y. Fung; D. Bodde, trans.

blankjacketHistory of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 2:
The Period of Classical Learning from the Second Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D.
Y. Fung; D. Bodde, trans.

bookjacketA History of Japanese Literature, Volume 3:
The High Middle Ages.
J. Konishi; E.R. Miner, ed. A. Gatten and N. Teele, trans.

bookjacketHitomaro and the Birth of Japanese Lyricism.
I.H. Levy.

bookjacketHow China Grows:
Investment, Finance, and Reform.
J. Riedel, J. Jin, et al.

bookjacketHow to Read the Chinese Novel.
D.L. Rolston, ed.

bookjacketHsun Yueh and the Mind of Late Han China:
A Translation of the SHEN-CHIEN.
C. Ch'en.

bookjacketThe I Ching:
A Biography.
R. Smith.

bookjacket"If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die":
How Genocide Was Stopped in East Timor.
G. Robinson.

bookjacketImages and Symbols:
Studies in Religious Symbolism.
M. Eliade; P. Mairet, trans.

bookjacketImages of Human Nature:
A Sung Portrait.
D.J. Munro.

bookjacketThe Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Material Culture.
J. Kieschnick.

bookjacketImperial Encounters:
Religion and Modernity in India and Britain.
P. van der Veer.

blankjacketIn the Realm of the Diamond Queen:
Marginality in an Out-of-the-Way Place.
A.L. Tsing.

bookjacketIndia Abroad:
Diasporic Cultures of Postwar America and England.
S. Shukla.

bookjacketIntermediate Reader of Modern Chinese:
Volume I: Text, Volume II: Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns, Exercises.
C. Chou and D. Chao.

bookjacketIntermediate Reader of Modern Chinese.
C. Chang and O. Yen.

bookjacketInterpreting across Boundaries:
New Essays in Comparative Philosophy.
G.J. Larson and E. Deutsch, eds.

bookjacketIntroduction to Islamic Theology and Law.
I. Goldziher; A. Hamori and R. Hamori, trans.

bookjacketIsfahan Is Half the World:
Memories of a Persian Boyhood.
S.M.A. Jamalzadeh and W. Heston.

bookjacketIslam in South Asia in Practice.
B.D. Metcalf, ed.

bookjacketIslamic Modern:
Religious Courts and Cultural Politics in Malaysia.
M.G. Peletz.

bookjacketIslamic Revival in British India:
Deoband, 1860-1900.
B.D. Metcalf.

bookjacketThe Islamic Syncretistic Tradition in Bengal.
A. Roy.

bookjacketIslamism and Democracy in India:
The Transformation of Jamaat-e-Islami.
I. Ahmad.

bookjacketThe Iwakura Embassy, 1871-1873:
A True Account of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary's Journal of Observation Through the United States of America and Europe.
K. Kunitake; G. Healey and C. Tsuzuki, eds.

bookjacketJapan and Its World:
Two Centuries of Change.
M.B. Jansen.

bookjacketJapan Transformed:
Political Change and Economic Restructuring.
F. Rosenbluth and M.F. Thies.

blankjacketThe Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945.
R.H. Myers and M.R. Peattie, eds.

bookjacketThe Japanese Theatre:
From Shamanistic Ritual to Contemporary Pluralism.
B. Ortolani.

bookjacketThe Japanese Wartime Empire, 1931-1945.
P. Duus, R.H. Myers, et al., eds.

bookjacketJapan's Financial Crisis:
Institutional Rigidity and Reluctant Change.
J. Amyx.

bookjacketJapan's Modern Myths:
Ideology in the Late Meiji Period.
C. Gluck.

bookjacketJapan's Postwar Party Politics.
M. Kohno.

bookjacketJim and Jap Crow:
A Cultural History of 1940s Interracial America.
M. Briones.

bookjacketJoint Ventures in the People's Republic of China:
The Control of Foreign Direct Investment under Socialism.
M.M. Pearson.

bookjacketJung on Christianity.
C.G. Jung; M. Stein, ed.

bookjacketA Kaleidoscope of China:
An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese.
C. Chou, J. Wang, et al.

bookjacketThe King and the Clown in South Indian Myth and Poetry.
D.D. Shulman.

bookjacketThe King and the Corpse:
Tales of the Soul's Conquest of Evil.
H.R. Zimmer; J. Campbell, ed.

bookjacketKnowing the East.
P. Claudel; J.R. Lawler, trans.

bookjacketKorean Endgame:
A Strategy for Reunification and U.S. Disengagement.
S.S. Harrison.

bookjacketThe Korean War:
An International History.
W. Stueck.

bookjacketKrishna, The Butter Thief.
J.S. Hawley.

The K'ung Family Masters' Anthology.
Y. Ariel.

blankjacketKurozumikyo and the New Religions of Japan.
H. Hardacre.

A Chinese Perspective.
J.J.Y. Liu; R.J. Lynn, ed.

bookjacketThe Languages of China.
S.R. Ramsey.

bookjacketThe Late Poems of Meng Chiao.
M. Chiao; D. Hinton, trans.

bookjacketLectures on the I Ching:
Constancy and Change.
R. Wilhelm; I. Eber, trans.

bookjacketThe Legend of King Asoka:
A Study and Translation of the Asokavadana.
J.S. Strong.

bookjacketLife and Death on Mt. Everest:
Sherpas and Himalayan Mountaineering.
S.B. Ortner.

bookjacketThe Life of Isamu Noguchi:
Journey without Borders.
M. Duus; P. Duus, trans.

blankjacketLiquid Life:
Abortion and Buddhism in Japan.
W.R. LaFleur.

bookjacketLiterature and Society:
Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese.
C. Chou, Y. Wang, et al.

bookjacketThe Little Treasury of One Hundred People, One Poem Each.
F.n. Sadaie; T. Galt, trans.

bookjacketLives of Indian Images.
R.H. Davis.

bookjacketLocked in Place:
State-Building and Late Industrialization in India.
V. Chibber.

bookjacketLost Colony:
The Untold Story of China’s First Great Victory over the West.
T. Andrade.

bookjacketLost Enlightenment:
Central Asia's Golden Age from the Arab Conquest to Tamerlane.
S. Starr.

bookjacketThe Lucky Ones:
One Family and the Extraordinary Invention of Chinese America (Expanded Paperback Edition).
M.M. Ngai.

bookjacketThe Makings of Indonesian Islam:
Orientalism and the Narration of a Sufi Past.
M. Laffan.

bookjacketManufacturing Ideology:
Scientific Management in Twentieth-Century Japan.
W.M. Tsutsui.

bookjacketMedieval Persian Court Poetry.
J.S. Meisami.

bookjacketMelancholia of Freedom:
Social Life in an Indian Township in South Africa.
T.B. Hansen.

bookjacketMigrants and Militants:
Fun and Urban Violence in Pakistan.
O. Verkaaik.

bookjacketThe Modern Spirit of Asia:
The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India.
P. van der Veer.

bookjacketMolding Japanese Minds:
The State in Everyday Life.
S. Garon.

blankjacketThe Monkey as Mirror:
Symbolic Transformations in Japanese History and Ritual.
E. Ohnuki-Tierney.

bookjacketMountain of Fame:
Portraits in Chinese History.
J.E. Wills, Jr.

A Study of Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture.
E.D. Saunders.

bookjacketMumbai Fables.
G. Prakash.

bookjacketMusic of a Distant Drum:
Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems.
B. Lewis, trans.

bookjacketMuslim Preacher in the Modern World:
A Jordanian Case Study in Comparative Perspective.
R.T. Antoun.

blankjacketMuslims through Discourse:
Religion and Ritual in Gayo Society.
J.R. Bowen.

bookjacketThe Myth of the Eternal Return:
Cosmos and History.
M. Eliade; W.R. Trask, trans.

bookjacketThe Mythic Image.
J. Campbell.

bookjacketMyths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization.
H.R. Zimmer; J. Campbell, ed.

blankjacketThe Nation and Its Fragments:
Colonial and Postcolonial Histories.
P. Chatterjee.

bookjacketNation and Religion:
Perspectives on Europe and Asia.
P. van der Veer and H. Lehmann, eds.

The Theatre State in 19th Century Bali.
C. Geertz.

bookjacketNeither Monk nor Layman:
Clerical Marriage in Modern Japanese Buddhism.
R.M. Jaffe.

bookjacketA New China:
An Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese.
C. Chou, J. Chiang, et al.

bookjacketNew Times in Modern Japan.
S. Tanaka.

bookjacketNewspaper Readings:
The U.S.A. in The People's Daily.
C. Chou and X. Wang.

bookjacketNoh Drama and The Tale of the Genji:
The Art of Allusion in Fifteen Classical Plays.
J.E. Goff.

bookjacketNoir Urbanisms:
Dystopic Images of the Modern City.
G. Prakash, ed.

A Translation of the Ancient Japanese Ritual Prayers.
D.L. Philippi.

bookjacketObjects of Translation:
Material Culture and Medieval "Hindu-Muslim" Encounter.
F.B. Flood.

blankjacketOf Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan:
Buddhism and Its Persecution.
J.E. Ketelaar.

bookjacketOh, China!
An Elementary Reader of Modern Chinese for Advanced Beginners.
C. Chou, P. Link, et al.

bookjacketOKAGAMI, The Great Mirror:
Fujiwara Michinaga (966-1027) and His Times.
H.C. McCullough.

bookjacketOn the Art of the No Drama:
The Major Treatises of Zeami.
M. Yamazaki, ed. J.T. Rimer, trans.

bookjacketOnly Yesterday.
S.Y. Agnon; B. Harshav, trans.

blankjacketOrphan Warriors:
Three Manchu Generations and the End of the Qing World.
P.Kyle Crossley.

bookjacketThe Other Side of Zen:
A Social History of Sōtō Zen Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan.
D. Williams.

bookjacketOutside the Fold:
Conversion, Modernity, and Belief.
G. Viswanathan.

bookjacketOvercome by Modernity:
History, Culture, and Community in Interwar Japan.
H.D. Harootunian.

bookjacketPassionate Enlightenment:
Women in Tantric Buddhism.
M. Shaw.

bookjacketPerfect Order:
Recognizing Complexity in Bali.
J.S. Lansing.

bookjacketPhilosophies of India.
H.R. Zimmer; J. Campbell, ed.

bookjacketPhilosophy and Argumentation in Third-Century China:
The Essays of Hsi K'ang.
H. K'ang and R.G. Henricks.

bookjacketThe Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei:
Volume One: The Gathering.
D.T. Roy, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei:
Volume Two: The Rivals.
D.T. Roy, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei:
Volume Three: The Aphrodisiac.
D.T. Roy, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P’ing Mei:
Volume Five: The Dissolution.
D.T. Roy, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei:
Volume Four: The Climax.
D.T. Roy, ed. and trans.

bookjacketPoems to Siva:
The Hymns of the Tamil Saints.
I.V. Peterson.

bookjacketThe Poetry and Poetics of Nishiwaki Junzaburo:
Modernism in Translation.
H. Hirata.

bookjacketPogrom in Gujarat:
Hindu Nationalism and Anti-Muslim Violence in India.
P. Ghassem-Fachandi.

blankjacketPolicy Making in China.
K. Lieberthal and M. Oksenberg.

bookjacketThe Power of Denial:
Buddhism, Purity, and Gender.
B. Faure.

blankjacketThe Presence of Siva.
S. Kramrisch.

blankjacketPreserving the Dharma:
Hōzan Tankai and Japanese Buddhist Art of the Early Modern Era.
J. Rosenfield.

bookjacketPriests and Programmers:
Technologies of Power in the Engineered Landscape of Bali.
J.S. Lansing.

bookjacketA Princely Impostor?
The Strange and Universal History of the Kumar of Bhawal.
P. Chatterjee.

blankjacketThe Princeton Companion to Classical Japanese Literature.
E.R. Miner, R.E. Morrell, et al.

bookjacketThe Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism.
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India's Secularism in Comparative Constitutional Context.
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Biodiversity Conservation in an Indonesian Archipelago.
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French Intellectuals, the Cultural Revolution, and the Legacy of the 1960s.
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Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia.
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The Music of Nature.
C. Ts'ai; B. Bruya, trans.

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