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blankjacketAngular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics.
A.R. Edmonds.

bookjacketThe Aspiring Adept:
Robert Boyle and His Alchemical Quest.
L. Principe.

bookjacketCellular Responses to Stress.
C.P. Downes, C.R. Wolf, et al., eds.

bookjacketA Compendium of Geochemistry:
From Solar Nebula to the Human Brain.
Y. Li.

bookjacketCondensed Matter in a Nutshell.
G.D. Mahan.

bookjacketDesigning the Molecular World:
Chemistry at the Frontier.
P. Ball.

bookjacketEicosanoids in Invertebrate Signal Transduction Systems.
D.W. Stanley.

bookjacketEinstein's Other Theory:
The Planck-Bose-Einstein Theory of Heat Capacity.
D.W. Rogers.

bookjacketFluid Metals:
The Liquid-Vapor Transition of Metals.
F. Hensel and W.W. Warren, Jr.

bookjacketGeneral Theory of Relativity.
P.A.M. Dirac.

bookjacketGreen Plastics:
An Introduction to the New Science of Biodegradable Plastics.
E.S. Stevens.

bookjacketInsect Hormones.
H.F. Nijhout.

bookjacketThe Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.
R. Omnès.

bookjacketAn Interpretive Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.
P. Teller.

bookjacketIntroduction to Atmospheric Chemistry.
D. Jacob.

bookjacketAn Introduction to Materials Science.
W. González-Viñas and H.L. Mancini.

bookjacketThe Jahn-Teller Effect in C60 and Other Icosahedral Complexes.
C.C. Chancey and M.C.M. O'Brien.

bookjacketKinetic Theory in the Earth Sciences.
A.C. Lasaga.

bookjacketLaminar Flow Theory.
P.A. Lagerstrom.

bookjacketLiquid Crystals:
Nature's Delicate Phase of Matter (Second Edition).
P.J. Collings.

bookjacketMagnetic Ions in Crystals.
K.W. Stevens.

bookjacketMathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.
J. von Neumann.

bookjacketMetastable Liquids:
Concepts and Principles.
P.G. Debenedetti.

bookjacketThe New Science of Strong Materials or Why You Don't Fall through the Floor.
J. Gordon.

blankjacketPhysical Chemistry from Ostwald to Pauling:
The Making of a Science in America.
J.W. Servos.

bookjacketPhysics of Magmatic Processes.
R.B. Hargraves.

bookjacketPrinceton Guide to Advanced Physics.
A.C. Tribble.

bookjacketPrinceton Problems in Physics with Solutions.
N. Newbury and M. Newman.

bookjacketProbing the Atom:
Interactions of Coupled States, Fast Beams, and Loose Electrons.
M.P. Silverman.

The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.
R.P. Feynman.

blankjacketQED and the Men Who Made It:
Dyson, Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga.
S.S. Schweber.

bookjacketQuantum Mechanics.
P.J.E. Peebles.

bookjacketQuantum Theory and Measurement.
J.A. Wheeler and W.H. Zurek, eds.

bookjacketSelected Works of Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich, Volume I:
Chemical Physics and Hydrodynanics.
Y.B. Zeldovich; G.I. Barenblatt and R.Alievich Sunyaev, eds.

bookjacketSpin Glasses and Other Frustrated Systems.
D. Chowdhury.

bookjacketThe Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Gases, Volume I.
B. Simon.

H. Weyl.

bookjacketToo Hot to Handle:
The Race for Cold Fusion.
F. Close.

bookjacketVacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly, and 27 Other Saturday Science Projects.
N.A. Downie.

bookjacketWhat Science Is and How It Works.
G.N. Derry.

File created: 7/11/2014

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