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bookjacketBig Pacific:
Passionate, Voracious, Mysterious, Violent
Rebecca Tansley

bookjacketThe Oceans:
A Deep History
Eelco J. Rohling


bookjacketChesapeake Invader:
Discovering America's Giant Meteorite Crater
C. Wylie Poag

bookjacketDeep Life:
The Hunt for the Hidden Biology of Earth, Mars, and Beyond
Tullis C. Onstott

bookjacketEcological Forecasting
Michael C. Dietze

bookjacketElectron Micrographs of Limestones and Their Nannofossils
Alfred G. Fischer, Susumu Honjo & Robert E. Garrison

bookjacketThe Eternal Darkness:
A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration
Robert D. Ballard

bookjacketThe Horned Dinosaurs:
A Natural History
Peter Dodson

bookjacketLife in Ancient Ice
Edited by John D. Castello & Scott O. Rogers

bookjacketLife's Engines:
How Microbes Made Earth Habitable
Paul G. Falkowski

bookjacketNatural Complexity:
A Modeling Handbook
Paul Charbonneau

bookjacketThe New Ecology:
Rethinking a Science for the Anthropocene
Oswald J. Schmitz

bookjacketPlows, Plagues, and Petroleum:
How Humans Took Control of Climate
William F. Ruddiman

bookjacketPredicting the Unpredictable:
The Tumultuous Science of Earthquake Prediction
Susan Elizabeth Hough

bookjacketRichter's Scale:
Measure of an Earthquake, Measure of a Man
Susan Elizabeth Hough

bookjacketWhere the River Flows:
Scientific Reflections on Earth's Waterways
Sean W. Fleming

bookjacketThe White Planet:
The Evolution and Future of Our Frozen World
Jean Jouzel, Claude Lorius & Dominique Raynaud

bookjacketWhy Stock Markets Crash:
Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems
Didier Sornette


bookjacketT. rex and the Crater of Doom
Walter Alvarez

bookjacketThe Anatomy of Mountain Ranges
Edited by Jean-Paul Schaer & John Rodgers

bookjacketBenjamin Silliman:
A Life in the Young Republic
Chandos Michael Brown

bookjacketBiology and the Mechanics of the Wave-Swept Environment
Mark Denny

bookjacketCatastrophes and Earth History:
The New Uniformitarianism
Edited by William A. Berggren & John A. Van Couvering

bookjacketChallenger at Sea:
A Ship That Revolutionized Earth Science
Kenneth Jinghwa Hsü

bookjacketClimate and History:
Studies in Interdisciplinary History
Edited by Robert I. Rotberg & Theodore K. Rabb

bookjacketClimate Shock:
The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet
Gernot Wagner & Martin L. Weitzman

bookjacketControversy in Victorian Geology:
The Cambrian-Silurian Dispute
James A. Secord

bookjacketDesign with Climate:
Bioclimatic Approach to Architectural Regionalism
Victor Olgyay

bookjacketDoing Global Science:
A Guide to Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise
InterAcademy Partnership

bookjacketEnvironmental Systems:
Philosophy, Analysis and Control
Robert John Bennett & Richard J. Chorley

bookjacketEocene-Oligocene Climatic and Biotic Evolution
Edited by Donald R. Prothero & William A. Berggren

bookjacketEvolution of the Igneous Rocks:
Fiftieth Anniversary Perspectives
Hatten Schuyler Yoder

bookjacketFault-related Rocks:
A Photographic Atlas
Edited by Arthur W. Snoke, Jan Tullis, & Victoria R. Todd

A Geologist's Memoir of the Kalahari
Christopher Scholz

bookjacketA Geological Miscellany
G. Y. Craig & E. J. Jones

bookjacketGeology of the Moon:
A Stratigraphic View
Thomas A. Mutch

bookjacketKinetic Theory in the Earth Sciences
Antonio C. Lasaga

bookjacketThe Long Thaw:
How Humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of Earth’s Climate
David Archer

bookjacketMathematical Methods for Geophysics and Space Physics
William I. Newman

bookjacketThe Ocean of Truth:
A Personal History of Global Tectonics
Henry William Menard

A Four Billion Year History
Donald E. Canfield

bookjacketPhanerozoic Diversity Patterns:
Profiles in Macroevolution
J. Valentine

bookjacketPhysics of Magmatic Processes
Robert Bero Hargraves

bookjacketThe Planet Remade:
How Geoengineering Could Change the World
Oliver Morton

bookjacketThe Politics of Earthquake Prediction
Richard S. Olson, Bruno Podesta, & Joanne M. Nigg

bookjacketPursuing Sustainability:
A Guide to the Science and Practice
Pamela Matson, William C. Clark & Krister Andersson

bookjacketThe Scientist’s Guide to Writing:
How to Write More Easily and Effectively throughout Your Scientific Career
Stephen B. Heard

bookjacketStress Regimes in the Lithosphere
Terry Engelder

The Eruption That Changed the World
Gillen D’Arcy Wood

bookjacketTheory of Ground Water Movement
Pelageia Iakovlevna Polubarinova-Koch

bookjacketViscosity of the Earth's Mantle
Lawrence M. Cathles


bookjacketClimate Shock:
The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet
Gernot Wagner & Martin L. Weitzman

How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago
Douglas H. Erwin

bookjacketAn Introduction to the Global Circulation of the Atmosphere
David Randall

bookjacketLife on a Young Planet:
The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth
Andrew H. Knoll

bookjacketThe Medea Hypothesis:
Is Life on Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive?
Peter Ward

bookjacketModern Observational Physical Oceanography:
Understanding the Global Ocean
Carl Wunsch

bookjacketThe Sun's Influence on Climate
Joanna D. Haigh & Peter Cargill

bookjacketThe Two-Mile Time Machine:
Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future
Richard B. Alley

bookjacketThe Worst of Times:
How Life on Earth Survived Eighty Million Years of Extinctions
Paul B. Wignall


bookjacketFrom Dust to Life:
The Origin and Evolution of Our Solar System
John Chambers & Jacqueline Mitton

bookjacketFrom Dust to Life:
The Origin and Evolution of Our Solar System
John Chambers & Jacqueline Mitton

bookjacketHow to Do Ecology:
A Concise Handbook
Richard Karban, Mikaela Huntzinger & Ian S. Pearse


bookjacketClimate and Ecosystems
David Schimel

bookjacketClimate Dynamics
Kerry H. Cook

bookjacketEcology of Climate Change:
The Importance of Biotic Interactions
Eric Post

bookjacketInvisible in the Storm:
The Role of Mathematics in Understanding Weather
Ian Roulstone & John Norbury

bookjacketOn Gaia:
A Critical Investigation of the Relationship between Life and Earth
Toby Tyrrell

Michael L. Bender

bookjacketPlanetary Climates
Andrew P. Ingersoll


bookjacketAtmosphere, Clouds, and Climate
David Randall

bookjacketClimate and the Oceans
Geoffrey K. Vallis

bookjacketThe Cryosphere
Shawn J. Marshall

bookjacketGlobal Environment:
Water, Air, and Geochemical Cycles
Elizabeth Kay Berner & Robert A. Berner

bookjacketHow to Build a Habitable Planet:
The Story of Earth from the Big Bang to Humankind
Charles H. Langmuir & Wally Broecker

bookjacketHow to Find a Habitable Planet
James Kasting

bookjacketSpatiotemporal Data Analysis
Gidon Eshel


bookjacketChemical Biomarkers in Aquatic Ecosystems
Thomas S. Bianchi & Elizabeth A. Canuel

bookjacketThe Global Carbon Cycle
David Archer

bookjacketMathematical Modeling of Earth's Dynamical Systems:
A Primer
Rudy Slingerland & Lee Kump

bookjacketThe Parting of the Sea:
How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus
Barbara J. Sivertsen


bookjacketEarthquake and Volcano Deformation
Paul Segall

bookjacketExoplanet Atmospheres:
Physical Processes
Sara Seager

bookjacketThe Great Ocean Conveyor:
Discovering the Trigger for Abrupt Climate Change
Wally Broecker

The Science of Predicting the Next Catastrophe
Florin Diacu

bookjacketOn Fact and Fraud:
Cautionary Tales from the Front Lines of Science
David Goodstein

bookjacketPhysics and Technology for Future Presidents:
An Introduction to the Essential Physics Every World Leader Needs to Know
Richard A. Muller

bookjacketTitan Unveiled:
Saturn's Mysterious Moon Explored
Ralph Lorenz & Jacqueline Mitton

A Biography
Alwyn Scarth


bookjacketThe Balance of Nature:
Ecology's Enduring Myth
John Kricher

bookjacketCritical Transitions in Nature and Society
Marten Scheffer

bookjacketGeochemical Kinetics
Youxue Zhang

bookjacketHubbert’s Peak:
The Impending World Oil Shortage
Kenneth S. Deffeyes

bookjacketJames Lovelock:
In Search of Gaia
John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin

bookjacketA Mechanistic Approach to Plankton Ecology
Thomas Kiørboe

bookjacketThe Princeton Companion to Mathematics
Edited by Timothy Gowers


Earthquakes, Archaeology, and the Wrath of God
Amos Nur

bookjacketArchaeological Oceanography
Edited by Robert D. Ballard

bookjacketThe Faith of Scientists:
In Their Own Words
Edited by Nancy K. Frankenberry

bookjacketThe Global Circulation of the Atmosphere
Edited by Tapio Schneider & Adam H. Sobel

bookjacketHow the Ocean Works:
An Introduction to Oceanography
Mark Denny


bookjacketAquatic Photosynthesis
Paul G. Falkowski & John A. Raven

bookjacketEarthquakes in Human History:
The Far-Reaching Effects of Seismic Disruptions
Jelle Zeilinga de Boer & Donald Theodore Sanders

bookjacketFossil Legends of the First Americans
Adrienne Mayor

bookjacketGeochemistry of Marine Sediments
David J. Burdige

bookjacketThe Grand Contraption:
The World as Myth, Number, and Chance
David Park

bookjacketMathematics in Nature:
Modeling Patterns in the Natural World
John A. Adam

bookjacketPriests and Programmers:
Technologies of Power in the Engineered Landscape of Bali
J. Stephen Lansing

bookjacketThe Seven Hills of Rome:
A Geological Tour of the Eternal City
Grant Heiken, Renato Funiciello, & Donatella de Rita

bookjacketWhy the Sky Is Blue:
Discovering the Color of Life
Gotz Hoeppe


bookjacketDevil in the Mountain:
A Search for the Origin of the Andes
Simon Lamb

bookjacketOcean Biogeochemical Dynamics
Jorge L. Sarmiento & Nicolas Gruber

bookjacketOur Affair with El Niño:
How We Transformed an Enchanting Peruvian Current into a Global Climate Hazard
S. George Philander


Linking Ecology, Economics, and Culture
Monique Borgerhoff Mulder & Peter Coppolillo

bookjacketFundamentals of Ocean Climate Models
Stephen Griffies

bookjacketVolcanoes in Human History:
The Far-Reaching Effects of Major Eruptions
Jelle Zeilinga de Boer & Donald Theodore Sanders


bookjacketThe Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to Slow Global Warming
David G. Victor

bookjacketEarthshaking Science:
What We Know (and Don't Know) about Earthquakes
Susan Elizabeth Hough

bookjacketNutrient Cycling and Limitation:
Hawai'i as a Model System
Peter M. Vitousek


bookjacketThe Dynamic Structure of the Deep Earth:
An Interdisciplinary Approach
Shun-ichiro Karato

bookjacketMind over Magma:
The Story of Igneous Petrology
Davis A. Young

bookjacketShoemaker by Levy:
The Man Who Made an Impact
David H. Levy

bookjacketThe Silver Lining:
The Benefits of Natural Disasters
Seth R. Reice


bookjacketThe Anatomy of Nature:
Geology and American Landscape Painting, 1825-1875
Rebecca Bedell

bookjacketThe Atmospheric Environment:
Effects of Human Activity
Michael B. McElroy

bookjacketMinerals of the World
Ole Johnsen


bookjacketA Compendium of Geochemistry:
From Solar Nebula to the Human Brain
Yuan-Hui Li

bookjacketCradle of Life:
The Discovery of Earth's Earliest Fossils
J. William Schopf

bookjacketOut of the Crater:
Chronicles of a Volcanologist
Richard V. Fisher

bookjacketTheory of Linear Poroelasticity with Applications to Geomechanics and Hydrogeology
Herbert F. Wang


bookjacketThe Ecology of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents
Cindy Lee Van Dover

bookjacketIntroduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
Daniel J. Jacob

bookjacketIs the Temperature Rising?:
The Uncertain Science of Global Warming
S. George Philander

bookjacketLife in the Balance:
Humanity and the Biodiversity Crisis
Niles Eldredge


bookjacketTheoretical Global Seismology
F. A. Dahlen & Jeroen Tromp

Crucibles of Change
Richard V. Fisher, Grant Heiken, & Jeffrey B. Hulen


blankjacketA Natural History of Shells
Geerat J. Vermeij


bookjacketA View of the Sea:
A Discussion between a Chief Engineer and an Oceanographer about the Machinery of the Ocean Circulation
Henry M. Stommel


bookjacketThe Chemical Evolution of the Atmosphere and Oceans
Heinrich D. Holland


blankjacketEarly Diagenesis:
A Theoretical Approach
Robert A. Berner

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