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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SUBJECTS (by date) in Economics

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bookjacketBig Mind:
How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World
Geoff Mulgan

bookjacketCapitalism without Capital:
The Rise of the Intangible Economy
Jonathan Haskel & Stian Westlake

bookjacketThe Development Dilemma:
Security, Prosperity, and a Return to History
Robert H. Bates

bookjacketThe Diversity Bonus:
How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy
Scott E. Page

blankjacketFinancial Decisions and Markets:
A Course in Asset Pricing
John Y. Campbell

bookjacketHow Global Currencies Work:
Past, Present, and Future
Barry Eichengreen, Arnaud Mehl & Livia Chiţu

bookjacketThe Language of Global Success:
How a Common Tongue Transforms Multinational Organizations
Tsedal Neeley

bookjacketMeasuring Tomorrow:
Accounting for Well-Being, Resilience, and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century
Éloi Laurent

bookjacketThe Mexican Heartland:
How Communities Shaped Capitalism, a Nation, and World History, 1500-2000
John Tutino

blankjacketThe Moral Economists:
R. H. Tawney, Karl Polanyi, E. P. Thompson, and the Critique of Capitalism
Tim Rogan

blankjacketThe Mystery of the Kibbutz:
How Egalitarian Principles Survived in a Capitalist World
Ran Abramitzky

blankjacketThe Origins of Happiness:
The Science of Well-being over the Life Course
Andrew E. Clark, Sarah Flèche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee & George Ward

bookjacketThe Strength in Numbers:
The New Science of Team Science
Barry Bozeman & Jan Youtie

bookjacketTen Great Ideas about Chance
Persi Diaconis & Brian Skyrms

bookjacketUneasy Street:
The Anxieties of Affluence
Rachel Sherman

bookjacketUnhealthy Politics:
The Battle over Evidence-Based Medicine
Eric M. Patashnik, Alan S. Gerber & Conor M. Dowling

bookjacketWhat Makes a Terrorist:
Economics and the Roots of Terrorism
Alan B. Krueger


bookjacketAdaptive Markets:
Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought
Andrew W. Lo

bookjacketAuthority and Democracy:
A General Theory of Government and Management
Christopher McMahon

bookjacketBeating the Odds:
Jump-Starting Developing Countries
Justin Yifu Lin & Célestin Monga

bookjacketBetween Monopoly and Free Trade:
The English East India Company, 1600–1757
Emily Erikson

bookjacketBetween Slavery and Capitalism:
The Legacy of Emancipation in the American South
Martin Ruef

bookjacketCents and Sensibility:
What Economics Can Learn from the Humanities
Gary Saul Morson & Morton Schapiro

bookjacketCompetition in the Promised Land:
Black Migrants in Northern Cities and Labor Markets
Leah Platt Boustan

blankjacketContinuous-Time Models in Corporate Finance:
A User's Guide
Santiago Moreno-Bromberg & Jean-Charles Rochet

bookjacketThe Culture of Contentment
John Kenneth Galbraith

bookjacketA Culture of Growth:
The Origins of the Modern Economy
Joel Mokyr

bookjacketCurrency Politics:
The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy
Jeffry A. Frieden

bookjacketThe Curse of Cash
Kenneth S. Rogoff

bookjacketEconomic Aspects of Atomic Power
Sam H. Schurr & Jacob Marschak

bookjacketEconomics for the Common Good
Jean Tirole

bookjacketEconomics in Perspective:
A Critical History
John Kenneth Galbraith

bookjacketThe End of Theory:
Financial Crises, the Failure of Economics, and the Sweep of Human Interaction
Richard Bookstaber

bookjacketThe Euro and the Battle of Ideas
Markus K. Brunnermeier, Harold James & Jean-Pierre Landau

bookjacketEurope's Orphan:
The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt
Martin Sandbu

bookjacketFailing in the Field:
What We Can Learn When Field Research Goes Wrong
Dean Karlan & Jacob Appel

bookjacketFeeding Gotham:
The Political Economy and Geography of Food in New York, 1790–1860
Gergely Baics

bookjacketThe Financial Diaries:
How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty
Jonathan Morduch & Rachel Schneider

bookjacketThe First Serious Optimist:
A. C. Pigou and the Birth of Welfare Economics
Ian Kumekawa

An American History from Barnum to Madoff
Edward J. Balleisen

bookjacketGame of Loans:
The Rhetoric and Reality of Student Debt
Beth Akers & Matthew M. Chingos

bookjacketGetting Incentives Right:
Improving Torts, Contracts, and Restitution
Robert D. Cooter & Ariel Porat

bookjacketThe Globalization of Inequality
François Bourguignon

bookjacketThe Great Leveler:
Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century
Walter Scheidel

bookjacketThe Handbook of Experimental Economics
Edited by John H. Kagel & Alvin E. Roth

bookjacketHappiness for All?:
Unequal Hopes and Lives in Pursuit of the American Dream
Carol Graham

bookjacketIlliberal Reformers:
Race, Eugenics, and American Economics in the Progressive Era
Thomas C. Leonard

bookjacketIndividuality and Entanglement:
The Moral and Material Bases of Social Life
Herbert Gintis

bookjacketKindred Strangers:
The Uneasy Relationship between Politics and Business in America
David Vogel

bookjacketLending to the Borrower from Hell:
Debt, Taxes, and Default in the Age of Philip II
Mauricio Drelichman & Hans-Joachim Voth

bookjacketThe Making of British Socialism
Mark Bevir

bookjacketMatching with Transfers:
The Economics of Love and Marriage
Pierre-André Chiappori

Whence It Came, Where It Went
John Kenneth Galbraith

bookjacketMoney Talks:
Explaining How Money Really Works
Edited by Nina Bandelj, Frederick F. Wherry & Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketThe Mystery of the Invisible Hand:
A Henry Spearman Mystery
Marshall Jevons

bookjacketThe Nobel Factor:
The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn
Avner Offer & Gabriel Söderberg

bookjacketOpen Economy Macroeconomics
Martín Uribe & Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé

bookjacketOptimal Transport Methods in Economics
Alfred Galichon

bookjacketThe Pharmaceutical Industry and Dependency in the Third World
Gary Gereffi

bookjacketPolitical Economy for Public Policy
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

bookjacketThe Politics of Public Enterprise:
Oil and the French State
Harvey B. Feigenbaum

bookjacketQuantitative Social Science:
An Introduction
Kosuke Imai

bookjacketQuiet Revolution in Welfare Economics
Michael Albert & Robin Hahnel

bookjacketSaving Capitalism:
The Reconstruction Finance Corporation and the New Deal, 1933-1940
James Stuart Olson

bookjacketThe Social Meaning of Money:
Pin Money, Paychecks, Poor Relief, and Other Currencies
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketThe Sum of Small Things:
A Theory of the Aspirational Class
Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

bookjacketTechnology Differences over Space and Time
Francesco Caselli

bookjacketUnequal Democracy:
The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age
Larry M. Bartels

bookjacketWhy Did Europe Conquer the World?
Philip T. Hoffman

bookjacketWhy Stock Markets Crash:
Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems
Didier Sornette


bookjacketThe Academic Scribblers
William Breit & Roger L. Ransom

bookjacketAdam Smith:
His Life, Thought, and Legacy
Edited by Ryan Patrick Hanley

bookjacketAdvanced International Trade:
Theory and Evidence
Robert C. Feenstra

bookjacketAdvertising and a Democratic Press
C. Edwin Baker

bookjacketAfrican Businessmen and Development in Zambia
Andrew A. Beveridge & Anthony R. Oberschall

bookjacketAgriculture and Economic Growth:
Japan's Experience
Kazushi Ohkawa, Bruce F. Johnston & Hiromitsu Kaneda

bookjacketAmerican Big Business in Britain and Germany:
A Comparative History of Two "Special Relationships" in the 20th Century
Volker R. Berghahn

bookjacketThe American Economy:
Income, Wealth and Want
Stanley Lebergott

bookjacketAn American Philosophy of Social Security:
Evolution and Issues
James Douglas Brown

bookjacketAmerican Rubber Workers & Organized Labor, 1900-1941
Daniel Nelson

bookjacketAntitrust Economics on Trial:
A Dialogue on the New Laissez-Faire
Walter Adams & James W. Brock

bookjacketAn Appraisal of the 1950 Census Income Data:
Studies in Income and Wealth
Edited by Gerald Garvey

bookjacketApproaches to Greater Flexibility of Exchange Rates:
The Bürgenstock Papers
C. Fred Bergsten & George Nikolaus Halm

bookjacketAramco, the United States, and Saudi Arabia:
A Study of the Dynamics of Foreign Oil Policy, 1933-1950
Irvine H. Anderson Jr.

bookjacketAs Unions Mature:
An Analysis of the Evolution of American Unionism
Richard Allen Lester

bookjacketThe Balance of Payments in a Monetary Economy
John F. Kyle

bookjacketBalancing the Banks:
Global Lessons from the Financial Crisis
Mathias Dewatripont, Jean-Charles Rochet, & Jean Tirole

bookjacketBayesian Estimation of DSGE Models
Edward P. Herbst & Frank Schorfheide

bookjacketBeautiful Game Theory:
How Soccer Can Help Economics
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta

bookjacketBefore Command:
An Economic History of Russia from Emancipation to the First Five-Year
Paul R. Gregory

bookjacketBefore the Computer:
IBM, NCR, Burroughs, and Remington Rand and the Industry They Created, 1865-1956
James W. Cortada

bookjacketBetween Debt and the Devil:
Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance
Adair Turner

bookjacketBetween Debt and the Devil:
Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance
Adair Turner

bookjacketBeyond the Invisible Hand:
Groundwork for a New Economics
Kaushik Basu

bookjacketBlue Skies over Beijing:
Economic Growth and the Environment in China
Matthew E. Kahn & Siqi Zheng

bookjacketThe Box:
How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
Marc Levinson

bookjacketBrazil in Transition:
Beliefs, Leadership, and Institutional Change
Lee J. Alston, Marcus André Melo, Bernardo Mueller & Carlos Pereira

bookjacketBureaucracy, the Marshall Plan, and the National Interest
Hadley Arkes

bookjacketBusiness and Professional Income Under the Personal Income Tax
Charles Harry Kahn

bookjacketThe Business Cycle:
Growth and Crisis under Capitalism
Howard J. Sherman

bookjacketThe Butterfly Defect:
How Globalization Creates Systemic Risks, and What to Do about It
Ian Goldin & Mike Mariathasan

bookjacketBuying the Best:
Cost Escalation in Elite Higher Education
Charles T. Clotfelter

bookjacketThe Calculus of Selfishness
Karl Sigmund

bookjacketCapital and Collusion:
The Political Logic of Global Economic Development
Hilton L. Root

bookjacketCapital and Exploitation
John Weeks

A Short History
Jürgen Kocka

bookjacketCities of Commerce:
The Institutional Foundations of International Trade in the Low Countries, 1250-1650
Oscar Gelderblom

bookjacketClimate Shock:
The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet
Gernot Wagner & Martin L. Weitzman

bookjacketThe Collapse of State Socialism:
The Case of Poland
Bartolomiej Kaminski

bookjacketCompensation Mechanisms for Job Risks:
Wages, Workers' Compensation, and Product Liability
Michael J. Moore & W. Kip Viscusi

bookjacketCompetition and Stability in Banking:
The Role of Regulation and Competition Policy
Xavier Vives

bookjacketCompetition in a Dual Economy
Joseph Bowring

bookjacketComplexity and the Art of Public Policy:
Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom Up
David Colander & Roland Kupers

bookjacketConstitutional Environments and Economic Growth
Gerald W. Scully

bookjacketConsumer Expenditures:
New Measures and Old Motives
Stanley Lebergott

bookjacketCooperation and Governance in International Trade:
The Strategic Organizational Approach
Beth V. Yarbrough & Robert M. Yarbrough

bookjacketCooperative Microeconomics:
A Game-Theoretic Introduction
Hervé Moulin

bookjacketCore and Equilibria of a Large Economy. (PSME-5)
Werner Hildenbrand

bookjacketCorporate Growth and Diversification
Charles Harris Berry

bookjacketA Corporate Solution to Global Poverty:
How Multinationals Can Help the Poor and Invigorate Their Own Legitimacy
George Lodge & Craig Wilson

bookjacketCrafting a Class:
College Admissions and Financial Aid, 1955-1994
Elizabeth A. Duffy & Idana Goldberg

bookjacketCrisis amid Plenty:
The Politics of Soviet Energy under Brezhnev and Gorbachev
Thane Gustafson

bookjacketCrisis in the Philippines:
The Marcos Era and Beyond. Preface by David D. Newsom
Edited by John Bresnan

bookjacketCultures Merging:
A Historical and Economic Critique of Culture
Eric L. Jones

bookjacketCurrency Power:
Understanding Monetary Rivalry
Benjamin J. Cohen

bookjacketThe Curse of Cash:
How Large-Denomination Bills Aid Crime and Tax Evasion and Constrain Monetary Policy
Kenneth S. Rogoff

bookjacketDebt and Crisis in Latin America:
The Supply Side of the Story
Robert Devlin

bookjacketDecolonization in Britain and France:
The Domestic Consequences of International Relations
Miles Kahler

bookjacketDemand Functions and the Slutsky Matrix. (PSME-7)
Sydney N. Afriat

bookjacketDiscrimination in International Trade, The Policy Issues:
Gardner Patterson

bookjacketDiscrimination in Labor Markets
Orley Ashenfelter & Albert Rees

bookjacketThe Econometric Analysis of Recurrent Events in Macroeconomics and Finance
Don Harding & Adrian Pagan

bookjacketEconometrics and the Philosophy of Economics:
Theory-Data Confrontations in Economics
Bernt P. Stigum

bookjacketAn Economic Analysis of the Family
John F. Ermisch

bookjacketEconomic Forecasting
Graham Elliott & Allan Timmermann

bookjacketEconomic Justice in American Society
Robert E. Kuenne

bookjacketAn Economic Spurt that Failed:
Four Lectures in Austrian History
Alexander Gerschenkron

bookjacketEconomic Stabilization:
Objective, Rules, and Mechanisms
Walter P. Egle

bookjacketThe Economics of Labor Force Participation
William G. Bowen & T. Aldrich Finegan

bookjacketThe Economics of Uncertainty. (PSME-2)
Karl Hendrik Borch

bookjacketThe Economies of Central Asia
Richard Pomfret

bookjacketEducation and Equality in Japan
William K. Cummings

bookjacketEfficiency Wages:
Models of Unemployment, Layoffs, and Wage Dispersion
Andrew Weiss

bookjacketEnterprise Guidance in Eastern Europe:
A Comparison of Four Socialist Economies
David Granick

bookjacketEntrepreneurship in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union
Edited by Gregory Guroff & Fred V. Carstensen

bookjacketEssays on a Mature Economy:
Britain After 1840
Edited by Donald N. McCloskey

bookjacketEssays on the Intellectual History of Economics
Jacob Viner

bookjacketEurope’s Orphan:
The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt
Martin Sandbu

bookjacketThe European Administrative Elite
John Alexander Armstrong

bookjacketEuropean Peasants and Their Markets:
Essays in Agrarian Economic History
Edited by William N. Parker & Eric L. Jones

bookjacketEvaluating Public Programs:
The Impact of General Revenue Sharing on Municipal Government
Patrick D. Larkey

bookjacketEver the Teacher
William G. Bowen

bookjacketThe Evolution of the International Economic Order
William Arthur Lewis

bookjacketExperimental Capitalism:
The Nanoeconomics of American High-Tech Industries
Steven Klepper

bookjacketFaculty Retirement in the Arts and Sciences
Albert Rees & Sharon P. Smith

bookjacketFatal Years:
Child Mortality in Late Nineteenth-Century America
Samuel H. Preston & Michael R. Haines

bookjacketFaulty Foundations:
Soviet Economic Policies, 1928-1940
Holland Hunter & Janusz M. Szyrmer

bookjacketFemale Labor Supply:
Theory and Estimation
James P. Smith

bookjacketThe First Crash:
Lessons from the South Sea Bubble
Richard Dale

bookjacketThe Forces of Economic Growth:
A Time Series Perspective
Alfred Greiner, Willi Semmler, & Gang Gong

bookjacketForeign Direct Investment:
Analysis of Aggregate Flows
Assaf Razin & Efraim Sadka

bookjacketThe Foreign Powers in Latin America
Herbert Goldhamer

bookjacketFortune Tellers:
The Story of America’s First Economic Forecasters
Walter A. Friedman

bookjacketFreight Transportation in the Soviet Union
Ernest William Williams

bookjacketFrom New Deal Banking Reform to World War II Inflation
Milton Friedman & Anna Jacobson Schwartz

bookjacketGalbraith, Harrington, Heilbroner:
Economics and Dissent in an Age of Optimism
Loren J. Okroi

bookjacketGame Theory in Action:
An Introduction to Classical and Evolutionary Models
Stephen Schecter & Herbert Gintis

A Brief but Affectionate History
Diane Coyle

bookjacketThe Gene Hunters:
Biotechnology and the Scramble for Seeds
Calestous Juma

bookjacketGenes, Trade, and Regulation:
The Seeds of Conflict in Food Biotechnology
Thomas Bernauer

bookjacketGlobal Bargaining:
UNCTAD and the Quest for a New International Economic Order
Robert L. Rothstein

bookjacketGlobal Production:
Firms, Contracts, and Trade Structure
Pol Antràs

bookjacketThe Golden Age of the Quantity Theory
David E.W. Laidler

bookjacketThe Governmental Habit Redux:
Economic Controls from Colonial Times to the Present
Jonathan R.T. Hughes

bookjacketThe Habsburg Monarchy as a Customs Union:
Economic Development in Austria-Hungary in the Nineteenth Century
John Komlos

bookjacketHamburgers in Paradise:
The Stories behind the Food We Eat
Louise O. Fresco

bookjacketHistorical Studies of Changing Fertility
Charles Tilly

bookjacketA History of Marxian Economics:
Michael Charles Howard & John Edward King

bookjacketA History of Marxian Economics:
Michael Charles Howard & John Edward King

bookjacketHow the Internet Became Commercial:
Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of a New Network
Shane Greenstein

bookjacketIn Pursuit of the PhD
William G. Bowen & Neil L. Rudenstine

bookjacketIndustrial Concentration and Economic Power in Pakistan
Lawrence J. White

bookjacketIndustrialization Without National Patents:
The Netherlands, 1869-1912; Switzerland, 1850-1907
Eric Schiff

bookjacketThe Institutions of Economic Growth:
A Theory of Conflict Management in Developing Countries
John P. Powelson

bookjacketIron and Steel in the German Inflation, 1916-1923
Gerald D. Feldman

bookjacketIrrational Exuberance
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketJewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce:
A Socioeconomic History
Cormac Ó Gráda

bookjacketKnowledge: Its Creation, Distribution and Economic Significance:
Knowledge and Knowledge Production
Fritz Machlup

bookjacketKnowledge: Its Creation, Distribution and Economic Significance:
The Branches of Learning
Fritz Machlup

bookjacketKnowledge: Its Creation, Distribution and Economic Significance:
The Economics of Information and Human Capital
Fritz Machlup

bookjacketThe Labor Force in Economic Development:
A Comparison of International Census Data, 1946-1966
John Dana Durand

bookjacketLabor in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
Edited by Daniel S. Hamermesh

bookjacketLearning by Example:
Imitation and Innovation at a Global Bank
David Strang

bookjacketLevant Trade in the Middle Ages
Eliyahu Ashtor

bookjacketLong-Range Economic Projection:
Studies in Income and Wealth

bookjacketThe Making of the Ancient Greek Economy:
Institutions, Markets, and Growth in the City-States
Alain Bresson

bookjacketManaging Risk in Developing Countries:
National Demands and Multinational Response
Barbara C. Samuels

bookjacketManpower Planning in a Free Society
Richard Allen Lester

bookjacketManufacturing Miracles:
Paths of Industrialization in Latin America and East Asia
Edited by Gary Gereffi & Donald L. Wyman

bookjacketMarket Demand:
Theory and Empirical Evidence
Werner Hildenbrand

bookjacketThe Matrix of Policy in the Philippines
Harvey A. Averch, John E. Koehler & Frank H. Denton

bookjacketMeasures and Men
Witold Kula

bookjacketMeeting Needs
David Braybrooke

bookjacketMonetary Equilibrium and Economic Development
Xenophon Euthymiou Zolotas

bookjacketMoney and Capital Markets in Postbellum America
John A. James

bookjacketMoney Changes Everything:
How Finance Made Civilization Possible
William N. Goetzmann

bookjacketMoney Changes Everything:
How Finance Made Civilization Possible
William N. Goetzmann

bookjacketMonopolistic Competition and Effective Demand. (PSME-6)
Hukukane Nikaido

bookjacketThe Moral Background:
An Inquiry into the History of Business Ethics
Gabriel Abend

bookjacketMultinationalism, Japanese Style:
The Political Economy of Outward Dependency
Terutomo Ozawa

bookjacketMultinationals, the State and Control of the Nigerian Economy
Thomas J. Biersteker

bookjacketMyth and Measurement:
The New Economics of the Minimum Wage
David Card & Alan B. Krueger

bookjacketThe Nature of Socialist Economics:
Lessons from Eastern European Foreign Trade
Peter Murrell

bookjacketThe New Deal:
A Global History
Kiran Klaus Patel

bookjacketThe New Economics One Decade Older
James Tobin

bookjacketThe New Inflation:
The Collapse of Free Markets
W. David Slawson

bookjacketThe New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus:
Rereading the Principle of Population
Alison Bashford & Joyce E. Chaplin

bookjacketNonparametric Comparative Statics and Stability
Douglas Hale, George Lady, John Maybee, & James Quirk

bookjacketOrderly Fashion:
A Sociology of Markets
Patrik Aspers

bookjacketPaying the Tab:
The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control
Philip J. Cook

How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs
Lauren A. Rivera

bookjacketPerestroika in Perspective:
The Design and Dilemmas of Soviet Reform
Padma Desai

bookjacketPerspectives on Antitrust Policy
Edited by Almarin Phillips

bookjacketPeruvian Democracy under Economic Stress:
An Account ofthe Belaúnde Administration, 1963-1968
Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski-Godard

bookjacketPhishing for Phools:
The Economics of Manipulation and Deception
George A. Akerlof & Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketThe Polish Economy:
Crisis, Reform, and Transformation
Ben Slay

bookjacketPolitical Leadership and Collective Goods
Norman Frohlich & Joe A. Oppenheimer

bookjacketPolitics of Trade Negotiations Between Africa and the European Economic Community:
The Weak Confronts the Strong
I. William Zartman

bookjacketPopulation and Development in Poor Countries:
Selected Essays
Julian Lincoln Simon

bookjacketPostmodern Moments in Modern Economics
David F. Ruccio & Jack Amariglio

bookjacketPoverty Traps
Edited by Samuel Bowles, Steven N. Durlauf, & Karla Hoff

bookjacketThe Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve
Peter Conti-Brown

bookjacketThe Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve
Peter Conti-Brown

bookjacketPower in Numbers:
The Political Strategy of Protest and Rebellion
James DeNardo

bookjacketPower to the People:
Energy in Europe over the Last Five Centuries
Astrid Kander, Paolo Malanima, & Paul Warde

bookjacketPresidential Spending Power
Louis Fisher

bookjacketPrivatization and the Welfare State
Edited by Sheila B. Kamerman & Alfred J. Kahn

bookjacketThe Process Matters:
Engaging and Equipping People for Success
Joel Brockner

bookjacketProduction Theory and Indivisible Commodities. (PSME-3)
Charles Raphael Frank

bookjacketProspects for Faculty in the Arts and Sciences:
A Study of Factors Affecting Demand and Supply, 1987 to 2012
William G. Bowen & Julie Ann Sosa

bookjacketPublic Service Liberalism:
Telecommunications and Transitions in Public Policy
Alan Stone

bookjacketPursuing Happiness:
American Consumers in the Twentieth Century
Stanley Lebergott

bookjacketQuantal Response Equilibrium:
A Stochastic Theory of Games
Jacob K. Goeree, Charles A. Holt & Thomas R. Palfrey

bookjacketThe Red and the Green:
The Rise and Fall of Collectivized Agriculture in Marxist Regimes
Frederic L. Pryor

bookjacketThe Red Queen among Organizations:
How Competitiveness Evolves
William P. Barnett

bookjacketThe Regulation and Reform of the American Banking System, 1900-1929
Eugene Nelson White

bookjacketRenewing Cities
Ross J. Gittell

bookjacketRevolution in the House:
Family, Class, and Inheritance in Southern France, 1775-1825
Margaret H. Darrow

bookjacketRicardian Politics
Murray Milgate & Shannon C. Stimson

bookjacketThe Rise and Fall of American Growth:
The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War
Robert J. Gordon

bookjacketThe Rise and Fall of American Growth:
The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War
Robert J. Gordon

Lars Peter Hansen & Thomas J. Sargent

bookjacketRoyal Taxation in Fourteenth-Century France:
The Development of War Financing, 1322-1359
John Bell Henneman

bookjacketRules for the Global Economy
Horst Siebert

bookjacketSay's Law:
An Historical Analysis
Thomas Sowell

bookjacketSecuring the Right to Employment:
Social Welfare Policy and the Unemployed in the United States
Philip Harvey

bookjacketSecurity and Economy in the Third World
Nicole Ball

bookjacketThe Seven Years War and the Old Regime in France:
The Economic and Financial Toll
James C. Riley

bookjacketThe Social Life of Money
Nigel Dodd

bookjacketA Social Strategy:
How We Profit from Social Media
Mikołaj Jan Piskorski

bookjacketSovereignty and an Empty Purse:
Banks and Politics in the Civil War
Bray Hammond

bookjacketSpectral Analysis of Economic Time Series. (PSME-1)
Clive William John Granger & Michio Hatanaka

bookjacketStrong Medicine:
Creating Incentives for Pharmaceutical Research on Neglected Diseases
Michael Kremer & Rachel Glennerster

bookjacketStructural Change in a Developing Economy:
Colombia's Problems and Prospects
Richard R. Nelson, T. Paul Schultz & Robert L. Slighton

bookjacketStudies in the National Balance Sheet of the United States
Raymond William Goldsmith, Robert E. Lipsey & M. Mendelson

bookjacketStudies in the National Balance Sheet of the United States
Raymond William Goldsmith, Robert E. Lipsey & M. Mendelson

bookjacketSubject to Famine:
Food Crisis and Economic Change in Western India, 1860-1920
Michelle Burge McAlpin

bookjacketSuccess and Luck:
Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy
Robert H. Frank

bookjacketTaming the River:
Negotiating the Academic, Financial, and Social Currents in Selective Colleges and Universities
Camille Z. Charles, Mary J. Fischer, Margarita A. Mooney & Douglas S. Massey

bookjacketTextiles and Capitalism in Mexico:
An Economic History of the Obrajes, 1539-1840
Richard J. Salvucci

bookjacketTheory of Cost and Production Functions
Ronald William Shepherd

bookjacketThe Theory of Price Uncertainty, Production, and Profit
Clement Allan Tisdell

bookjacketTheory of Union Bargaining Goals
Wallace N. Atherton

bookjacketThorstein Veblen and His Critics, 1891-1963:
Conservative, Liberal, and Radical Perspectives
Rick Tilman

bookjacketThe Transformation of Mexican Agriculture:
International Structure and the Politics of Rural Change
S. Sanderson

bookjacketTransnational Corporations versus the State:
The Political Economy of the Mexican Auto Industry
Douglas C. Bennett & Kenneth E. Sharpe

bookjacketU.S. International Monetary Policy:
Markets, Power, and Ideas as Sources of Change
John S. Odell

bookjacketUndermining Capitalism:
State Ownership and the Dialectic of Control in the British Coal Industry
Joel Krieger

bookjacketUnderstanding Institutions:
The Science and Philosophy of Living Together
Francesco Guala

bookjacketUnequal Gains:
American Growth and Inequality since 1700
Peter H. Lindert & Jeffrey G. Williamson

bookjacketValues of Non-Atomic Games
Robert J. Aumann & Lloyd S. Shapley

bookjacketThe Vanishing Irish:
Households, Migration, and the Rural Economy in Ireland, 1850-1914
Timothy W. Guinnane

bookjacketWealth and Want
Stanley Lebergott

bookjacketWhat Drives Third World City Growth?
Allen C. Kelley & Nancy Burley

bookjacketWhen Insurers Go Bust:
An Economic Analysis of the Role and Design of Prudential Regulation
Guillaume Plantin & Jean-Charles Rochet

bookjacketWhy Australia Prospered:
The Shifting Sources of Economic Growth
Ian W. McLean

bookjacketWhy Minsky Matters:
An Introduction to the Work of a Maverick Economist
L. Randall Wray

bookjacketA World Ruled by Number:
William Stanley Jevons and the Rise of Mathematical Economics
Margaret Schabas

bookjacketThe World Trading System at Risk
Jagdish N. Bhagwati


bookjacketAmerican Insecurity:
Why Our Economic Fears Lead to Political Inaction
Adam Seth Levine

bookjacketBenford's Law:
Theory and Applications
Edited by Steven J. Miller

bookjacketThe Chosen Few:
How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492
Maristella Botticini & Zvi Eckstein

bookjacketClimate Change Justice
Eric A. Posner & David Weisbach

bookjacketClimate Shock:
The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet
Gernot Wagner & Martin L. Weitzman

bookjacketCodes of Finance:
Engineering Derivatives in a Global Bank
Vincent Antonin Lépinay

bookjacketCreating the Market University:
How Academic Science Became an Economic Engine
Elizabeth Popp Berman

bookjacketA Deadly Indifference:
A Henry Spearman Mystery
Marshall Jevons

bookjacketDevelopment Macroeconomics
Pierre-Richard Agénor & Peter J. Montiel

bookjacketThe Dollar Trap:
How the U.S. Dollar Tightened Its Grip on Global Finance
Eswar S. Prasad

bookjacketEating People Is Wrong, and Other Essays on Famine, Its Past, and Its Future
Cormac Ó Gráda

bookjacketThe Econometrics of Individual Risk:
Credit, Insurance, and Marketing
Christian Gourieroux & Joann Jasiak

bookjacketEfficiently Inefficient:
How Smart Money Invests and Market Prices Are Determined
Lasse Heje Pedersen

bookjacketThe Essential Hirschman
Albert O. Hirschman

bookjacketThe Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis
Ben S. Bernanke

bookjacketFinancial Crises, Liquidity, and the International Monetary System
Jean Tirole

bookjacketFinancial Crisis, Contagion, and Containment:
From Asia to Argentina
Padma Desai

bookjacketFragile by Design:
The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit
Charles W. Calomiris & Stephen H. Haber

bookjacketFree Trade under Fire
Douglas A. Irwin

bookjacketThe German Economy:
Beyond the Social Market
Horst Siebert

bookjacketThe Globalization of Inequality
François Bourguignon

bookjacketThe Great Escape:
Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality
Angus Deaton

bookjacketThe Great Rebalancing:
Trade, Conflict, and the Perilous Road Ahead for the World Economy
Michael Pettis

bookjacketHigher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen

Your Country Needs Them
Philippe Legrain

bookjacketIncome Distribution in Macroeconomic Models
Giuseppe Bertola, Reto Foellmi, & Josef Zweimüller

bookjacketInstitutions, Innovation, and Industrialization:
Essays in Economic History and Development
Edited by Avner Greif, Lynne Kiesling & John V. C. Nye

bookjacketLectures on Public Economics
Anthony B. Atkinson & Joseph E. Stiglitz

bookjacketThe Little Big Number:
How GDP Came to Rule the World and What to Do about It
Dirk Philipsen

bookjacketThe Locust and the Bee:
Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future
Geoff Mulgan

bookjacketMass Flourishing:
How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change
Edmund Phelps

bookjacketMastering ’Metrics:
The Path from Cause to Effect
Joshua D. Angrist & Jörn-Steffen Pischke

bookjacketMonetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle:
An Introduction to the New Keynesian Framework and Its Applications
Jordi Galí

bookjacketMurder at the Margin:
A Henry Spearman Mystery
Marshall Jevons

bookjacketThe Mushroom at the End of the World:
On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

bookjacketThe Org:
The Underlying Logic of the Office
Ray Fisman & Tim Sullivan

How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs
Lauren A. Rivera

bookjacketPlaying at Acquisitions:
Behavioral Option Games
Han Smit & Thras Moraitis

bookjacketPolitical Bubbles:
Financial Crises and the Failure of American Democracy
Nolan McCarty, Keith T. Poole & Howard Rosenthal

bookjacketThe Price of Rights:
Regulating International Labor Migration
Martin Ruhs

bookjacketThe Princeton Companion to Atlantic History
Edited by Joseph C. Miller

bookjacketQuantitative Risk Management:
Concepts, Techniques and Tools
Alexander J. McNeil, Rüdiger Frey & Paul Embrechts

bookjacketThe Quest for Prosperity:
How Developing Economies Can Take Off
Justin Yifu Lin

bookjacketSelling Women Short:
Gender and Money on Wall Street
Louise Marie Roth

bookjacketThe Silicon Jungle:
A Novel of Deception, Power, and Internet Intrigue
Shumeet Baluja

bookjacketThe Social Life of Money
Nigel Dodd

bookjacketThe Son Also Rises:
Surnames and the History of Social Mobility
Gregory Clark

bookjacketStates of Credit:
Size, Power, and the Development of European Polities
David Stasavage

bookjacketTaxation in Colonial America
Alvin Rabushka

bookjacketAn Uncertain Glory:
India and its Contradictions
Jean Drèze & Amartya Sen

bookjacketWorldly Philosopher:
The Odyssey of Albert O. Hirschman
Jeremy Adelman


bookjacketAffluence and Influence:
Economic Inequality and Political Power in America
Martin Gilens

Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science
Joshua M. Epstein

bookjacketArt of the Deal:
Contemporary Art in a Global Financial Market
Noah Horowitz

bookjacketThe Bankers' New Clothes:
What's Wrong with Banking and What to Do about It
Anat Admati & Martin Hellwig

bookjacketThe Battle of Bretton Woods:
John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order
Benn Steil

bookjacketBayesian Non- and Semi-parametric Methods and Applications
Peter E. Rossi

bookjacketThe Bounds of Reason:
Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences
Herbert Gintis

bookjacketDiaspora, Development, and Democracy:
The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India
Devesh Kapur

bookjacketThe Dollar Trap:
How the U.S. Dollar Tightened Its Grip on Global Finance
Eswar S. Prasad

bookjacketThe Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets
Tito Boeri & Jan van Ours

bookjacketThe Entrepreneurial Group:
Social Identities, Relations, and Collective Action
Martin Ruef

bookjacketFalling Behind?:
Boom, Bust, and the Global Race for Scientific Talent
Michael S. Teitelbaum

bookjacketFinding Equilibrium:
Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie and the Problem of Scientific Credit
Till Düppe & E. Roy Weintraub

A Brief but Affectionate History
Diane Coyle

bookjacketHeavenly Merchandize:
How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America
Mark Valeri

bookjacketHigh-Frequency Financial Econometrics
Yacine Aït-Sahalia & Jean Jacod

bookjacketHow Do You Know?:
The Economics of Ordinary Knowledge
Russell Hardin

bookjacketIn the Interest of Others:
Organizations and Social Activism
John S. Ahlquist & Margaret Levi

bookjacketThe Italian Renaissance:
Culture and Society in Italy
Peter Burke

bookjacketMasters of the Universe:
Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics
Daniel Stedman Jones

bookjacketThe Measure of Civilization:
How Social Development Decides the Fate of Nations
Ian Morris

bookjacketThe National Origins of Policy Ideas:
Knowledge Regimes in the United States, France, Germany, and Denmark
John L. Campbell & Ove K. Pedersen

bookjacketThe Oil Curse:
How Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations
Michael L. Ross

bookjacketOn Hollywood:
The Place, The Industry
Allen J. Scott

bookjacketThe Passions and the Interests:
Political Arguments for Capitalism before Its Triumph
Albert O. Hirschman

bookjacketThe Patron's Payoff:
Conspicuous Commissions in Italian Renaissance Art
Jonathan K. Nelson & Richard J. Zeckhauser

bookjacketRecursive Models of Dynamic Linear Economies
Lars Peter Hansen & Thomas J. Sargent

bookjacketRunning Randomized Evaluations:
A Practical Guide
Rachel Glennerster & Kudzai Takavarasha

bookjacketThe War of the Sexes:
How Conflict and Cooperation Have Shaped Men and Women from Prehistory to the Present
Paul Seabright

bookjacketWhy Gender Matters in Economics
Mukesh Eswaran


bookjacketAwakening Giants, Feet of Clay:
Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India
Pranab Bardhan

bookjacketBeauty Pays:
Why Attractive People Are More Successful
Daniel S. Hamermesh

bookjacketThe Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy
Edited by Eldar Shafir

bookjacketBlind Spots:
Why We Fail to Do What's Right and What to Do about It
Max H. Bazerman & Ann E. Tenbrunsel

bookjacketCompetition Policy and Price Fixing
Louis Kaplow

bookjacketA Cooperative Species:
Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution
Samuel Bowles & Herbert Gintis

bookjacketThe Darwin Economy:
Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good
Robert H. Frank

bookjacketDebtor Nation:
The History of America in Red Ink
Louis Hyman

bookjacketEconomic Lives:
How Culture Shapes the Economy
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketThe Economics of Enough:
How to Run the Economy as If the Future Matters
Diane Coyle

bookjacketThe Emergence of Organizations and Markets
John F. Padgett & Walter W. Powell

bookjacketThe Empire Trap:
The Rise and Fall of U.S. Intervention to Protect American Property Overseas, 1893-2013
Noel Maurer

bookjacketExceptional People:
How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future
Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron & Meera Balarajan

bookjacketFinance and the Good Society
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketFrom Neighborhoods to Nations:
The Economics of Social Interactions
Yannis M. Ioannides

bookjacketGame Theory:
An Introduction
Steven Tadelis

bookjacketThe Great Rebalancing:
Trade, Conflict, and the Perilous Road Ahead for the World Economy
Michael Pettis

bookjacketThe Handbook of Organizational Economics
Edited by Robert Gibbons & John Roberts

bookjacketHigher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen

bookjacketHuman Capitalism:
How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter--and More Unequal
Brink Lindsey

bookjacketKeys to the City:
How Economics, Institutions, Social Interaction, and Politics Shape Development
Michael Storper

bookjacketThe Leaderless Economy:
Why the World Economic System Fell Apart and How to Fix It
Peter Temin & David Vines

bookjacketLectures on Behavioral Macroeconomics
Paul De Grauwe

bookjacketThe Locust and the Bee:
Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future
Geoff Mulgan

bookjacketThe Long Divergence:
How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East
Timur Kuran

bookjacketMafias on the Move:
How Organized Crime Conquers New Territories
Federico Varese

bookjacketMasters of the Universe:
Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics
Daniel Stedman Jones

bookjacketMicroeconomic Foundations I:
Choice and Competitive Markets
David M. Kreps

bookjacketThe New Global Rulers:
The Privatization of Regulation in the World Economy
Tim Büthe & Walter Mattli

bookjacketPillars of Prosperity:
The Political Economics of Development Clusters
Timothy Besley & Torsten Persson

bookjacketPricing the Planet's Future:
The Economics of Discounting in an Uncertain World
Christian Gollier

bookjacketPublic Capital, Growth and Welfare:
Analytical Foundations for Public Policy
Pierre-Richard Agénor

bookjacketThe Quest for Prosperity:
How Developing Economies Can Take Off
Justin Yifu Lin

bookjacketRational Expectations and Inflation
Thomas J. Sargent

bookjacketRational Ritual:
Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge
Michael Suk-Young Chwe

bookjacketRemembering Inflation
Brigitte Granville

bookjacketRethinking Expectations:
The Way Forward for Macroeconomics
Edited by Roman Frydman & Edmund S. Phelps

bookjacketThe Roman Market Economy
Peter Temin

bookjacketShaping Jazz:
Cities, Labels, and the Global Emergence of an Art Form
Damon J. Phillips

bookjacketSolomon’s Knot:
How Law Can End the Poverty of Nations
Robert D. Cooter & Hans-Bernd Schäfer

bookjacketSovereign Wealth Funds:
Legitimacy, Governance, and Global Power
Gordon L. Clark, Adam D. Dixon & Ashby H. B. Monk

bookjacketThe Subprime Solution:
How Today’s Global Financial Crisis Happened, and What to Do about It
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketThinking about Leadership
Nannerl O. Keohane

bookjacketWhy Philanthropy Matters:
How the Wealthy Give, and What It Means for Our Economic Well-Being
Zoltan J. Acs

bookjacketYield Curve Modeling and Forecasting:
The Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Approach
Francis X. Diebold & Glenn D. Rudebusch


bookjacketAfter Adam Smith:
A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy
Murray Milgate & Shannon C. Stimson

bookjacketBoulevard of Broken Dreams:
Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed--and What to Do About It
Josh Lerner

bookjacketCapitalism and the Jews
Jerry Z. Muller

bookjacketChasing Stars:
The Myth of Talent and the Portability of Performance
Boris Groysberg

bookjacketCollaborative Governance:
Private Roles for Public Goals in Turbulent Times
John D. Donahue & Richard J. Zeckhauser

bookjacketCreating Wine:
The Emergence of a World Industry, 1840-1914
James Simpson

bookjacketDark Markets:
Asset Pricing and Information Transmission in Over-the-Counter Markets
Darrell Duffie

bookjacketDistant Tyranny:
Markets, Power, and Backwardness in Spain, 1650-1800
Regina Grafe

bookjacketThe Evolution of a Nation:
How Geography and Law Shaped the American States
Daniel Berkowitz & Karen B. Clay

bookjacketFinance and the Good Society
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketThe Great Brain Race:
How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World
Ben Wildavsky

bookjacketIdentity Economics:
How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being
George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton

bookjacketInformation Choice in Macroeconomics and Finance
Laura L. Veldkamp

bookjacketThe Invention of Enterprise:
Entrepreneurship from Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern Times
Edited by David S. Landes, Joel Mokyr & William J. Baumol

A History of the Legendary German Firm
Harold James

bookjacketLecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory:
The Economic Agent
Ariel Rubinstein

bookjacketMacroeconomic Theory:
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach
Michael Wickens

bookjacketThe New Gilded Age:
From Unequal Democracy
Larry M. Bartels

bookjacketPicturing the Uncertain World:
How to Understand, Communicate, and Control Uncertainty through Graphical Display
Howard Wainer

bookjacketThe Politics of Happiness:
What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being
Derek Bok

bookjacketPower over Peoples:
Technology, Environments, and Western Imperialism, 1400 to the Present
Daniel R. Headrick

bookjacketQuarter Notes and Bank Notes:
The Economics of Music Composition in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
F. M. Scherer

bookjacketThe Secrets of Pirate Management:
From The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates
Peter T. Leeson

bookjacketStructural Macroeconometrics
David N. DeJong & Chetan Dave

bookjacketZombie Economics:
How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us
John Quiggin


bookjacketBeyond Mechanical Markets:
Asset Price Swings, Risk, and the Role of the State
Roman Frydman & Michael D. Goldberg

bookjacketThe Big Ditch:
How America Took, Built, Ran, and Ultimately Gave Away the Panama Canal
Noel Maurer & Carlos Yu

bookjacketThe Blind Spot:
Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty
William Byers

bookjacketCodes of the Underworld:
How Criminals Communicate
Diego Gambetta

bookjacketCultivating Conscience:
How Good Laws Make Good People
Lynn Stout

bookjacketDiversity and Complexity
Scott E. Page

bookjacketDurkheim and the Birth of Economic Sociology
Philippe Steiner

bookjacketEconomics Evolving:
A History of Economic Thought
Agnar Sandmo

bookjacketHow Many Languages Do We Need?:
The Economics of Linguistic Diversity
Victor Ginsburgh & Shlomo Weber

bookjacketExchange-Rate Dynamics
Martin D. D. Evans

bookjacketFault Lines:
How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy
Raghuram G. Rajan

bookjacketGeneral Equilibrium Theory of Value
Yves Balasko

bookjacketGroup Problem Solving
Patrick R. Laughlin

bookjacketGuaranteed to Fail:
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance
Viral V. Acharya, Matthew Richardson, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh & Lawrence J. White

bookjacketThe Hesitant Hand:
Taming Self-Interest in the History of Economic Ideas
Steven G. Medema

bookjacketHow Big Banks Fail and What to Do about It
Darrell Duffie

bookjacketThe Invisible Hook:
The Hidden Economics of Pirates
Peter T. Leeson

bookjacketMarket Threads:
How Cotton Farmers and Traders Create a Global Commodity
Koray Çalişkan

bookjacketThe New Lombard Street:
How the Fed Became the Dealer of Last Resort
Perry Mehrling

bookjacketPeddling Protectionism:
Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression
Douglas A. Irwin

bookjacketPeddling Protectionism:
Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression
Douglas A. Irwin

bookjacketPlight of the Fortune Tellers:
Why We Need to Manage Financial Risk Differently
Riccardo Rebonato

bookjacketPortfolios of the Poor:
How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day
Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford & Orlanda Ruthven

bookjacketThe Poverty of Clio:
Resurrecting Economic History
Francesco Boldizzoni

bookjacketRational Decisions
Ken Binmore

bookjacketRunning the World's Markets:
The Governance of Financial Infrastructure
Ruben Lee

bookjacketThe Second Great Contraction:
From This Time Is Different
Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff

bookjacketThe Sense of Dissonance:
Accounts of Worth in Economic Life
David Stark

bookjacketSocial and Economic Networks
Matthew O. Jackson

bookjacketThe Theory of Taxation and Public Economics
Louis Kaplow

bookjacketThis Time Is Different:
Eight Centuries of Financial Folly
Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff

bookjacketThe Tyranny of Utility:
Behavioral Social Science and the Rise of Paternalism
Gilles Saint-Paul

bookjacketUnified Growth Theory
Oded Galor


bookjacketAnimal Spirits:
How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism
George A. Akerlof & Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketBanking on the Future:
The Fall and Rise of Central Banking
Howard Davies & David Green

bookjacketCapital Ideas:
The IMF and the Rise of Financial Liberalization
Jeffrey M. Chwieroth

bookjacketThe Case for Big Government
Jeff Madrick

bookjacketThe Company of Strangers:
A Natural History of Economic Life
Paul Seabright

bookjacketComplete and Incomplete Econometric Models
John Geweke

bookjacketEconomic Gangsters:
Corruption, Violence, and the Poverty of Nations
Raymond Fisman & Edward Miguel

bookjacketEconomic Sociology:
A Systematic Inquiry
Alejandro Portes

bookjacketEconomics for Lawyers
Richard A. Ippolito

bookjacketEconomists and Societies:
Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s
Marion Fourcade

bookjacketExperimental Economics:
Rethinking the Rules
Nicholas Bardsley, Robin Cubitt, Graham Loomes, Peter Moffatt, Chris Starmer & Robert Sugden

A Short History
Cormac Ó Gráda

bookjacketForward-Looking Decision Making:
Dynamic Programming Models Applied to Health, Risk, Employment, and Financial Stability
Robert E. Hall

bookjacketFree Trade Reimagined:
The World Division of Labor and the Method of Economics
Roberto Mangabeira Unger

bookjacketFrom Higher Aims to Hired Hands:
The Social Transformation of American Business Schools and the Unfulfilled Promise of Management as a Profession
Rakesh Khurana

bookjacketGood and Plenty:
The Creative Successes of American Arts Funding
Tyler Cowen

bookjacketHard Ball:
The Abuse of Power in Pro Team Sports
James Quirk & Rodney Fort

bookjacketHedge Funds:
An Analytic Perspective
Andrew W. Lo

bookjacketThe Household:
Informal Order around the Hearth
Robert C. Ellickson

bookjacketInformation and Learning in Markets:
The Impact of Market Microstructure
Xavier Vives

bookjacketInnovation, Intellectual Property, and Economic Growth
Christine Greenhalgh & Mark Rogers

bookjacketInternational Trade with Equilibrium Unemployment
Carl Davidson & Steven J. Matusz

bookjacketThe Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management:
Measurement and Theory Advancing Practice
Edited by Francis X. Diebold, Neil A. Doherty & Richard J. Herring

bookjacketLabor Markets and Business Cycles
Robert Shimer

bookjacketLuxury Fever:
Weighing the Cost of Excess
Robert H. Frank

bookjacketThe Microtheory of Innovative Entrepreneurship
William J. Baumol

bookjacketThe New Dynamic Public Finance
Narayana R. Kocherlakota

bookjacketPop Finance:
Investment Clubs and the New Investor Populism
Brooke Harrington

bookjacketPortfolio Risk Analysis
Gregory Connor, Lisa R. Goldberg & Robert A. Korajczyk

bookjacketThe Price of Everything:
A Parable of Possibility and Prosperity
Russell Roberts

bookjacketQuantitative Techniques for Competition and Antitrust Analysis
Peter Davis & Eliana Garcés

Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays
Joel Waldfogel

bookjacketSocrates in the Boardroom:
Why Research Universities Should Be Led by Top Scholars
Amanda H. Goodall

bookjacketThe Soulful Science:
What Economists Really Do and Why It Matters
Diane Coyle

bookjacketThe Squam Lake Report:
Fixing the Financial System
Kenneth R. French, Martin N. Baily, John Y. Campbell, John H. Cochrane, Douglas W. Diamond, Darrell Duffie, Anil K Kashyap, Frederic S. Mishkin, Raghuram G. Rajan, David S. Scharfstein, Robert J. Shiller, Hyun Song Shin, Matthew J. Slaughter, Jeremy C. St

bookjacketUnderstanding the Process of Economic Change
Douglass C. North

bookjacketUnsettled Account:
The Evolution of Banking in the Industrialized World since 1800
Richard S. Grossman

bookjacketValuing the Unique:
The Economics of Singularities
Lucien Karpik

bookjacketThe Venturesome Economy:
How Innovation Sustains Prosperity in a More Connected World
Amar Bhidé

bookjacketWhat Price the Moral High Ground?:
How to Succeed without Selling Your Soul
Robert H. Frank

bookjacketWhy Not Socialism?
G. A. Cohen

bookjacketWorking Together:
Collective Action, the Commons, and Multiple Methods in Practice
Amy R. Poteete, Marco A. Janssen & Elinor Ostrom


bookjacketAll Politics Is Global:
Explaining International Regulatory Regimes
Daniel W. Drezner

bookjacketAnalyzing the Global Political Economy
Andrew Walter & Gautam Sen

bookjacketAnimal Spirits:
How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism
George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketAnticipating Correlations:
A New Paradigm for Risk Management
Robert Engle

bookjacketAsset Pricing Theory
Costis Skiadas

bookjacketThe Bounds of Reason:
Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences
Herbert Gintis

An Introduction to the Economics of Networks
Sanjeev Goyal

bookjacketCorporate Governance Lessons from Transition Economy Reforms
Edited by Merritt B. Fox & Michael A. Heller

bookjacketDevelopment, Democracy, and Welfare States:
Latin America, East Asia, and Eastern Europe
Stephan Haggard & Robert R. Kaufman

bookjacketEconomic Geography:
The Integration of Regions and Nations
Pierre-Philippe Combes, Thierry Mayer & Jacques-François Thisse

bookjacketEconomic Modeling and Inference
Bent Jesper Christensen & Nicholas M. Kiefer

bookjacketThe Economics of Inaction:
Stochastic Control Models with Fixed Costs
Nancy L. Stokey

bookjacketA Farewell to Alms:
A Brief Economic History of the World
Gregory Clark

bookjacketFarm to Factory:
A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution
Robert C. Allen

bookjacketFeeding the World:
An Economic History of Agriculture, 1800-2000
Giovanni Federico

bookjacketFrom Economic Crisis to Reform:
IMF Programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe
Grigore Pop-Eleches

bookjacketGame Theory Evolving:
A Problem-Centered Introduction to Modeling Strategic Interaction
Herbert Gintis

A Short History
Jürgen Osterhammel & Niels P. Petersson

bookjacketGlobalizing Capital:
A History of the International Monetary System
Barry Eichengreen

bookjacketHeroes and Cowards:
The Social Face of War
Dora L. Costa & Matthew E. Kahn

bookjacketHubbert’s Peak:
The Impending World Oil Shortage
Kenneth S. Deffeyes

bookjacketHypocrisy Trap:
The World Bank and the Poverty of Reform
Catherine Weaver

bookjacketInternational Finance:
Theory into Practice
Piet Sercu

bookjacketAn Introduction to Mathematical Analysis for Economic Theory and Econometrics
Dean Corbae, Maxwell B. Stinchcombe & Juraj Zeman

bookjacketIntroduction to Modern Economic Growth
Daron Acemoglu

bookjacketThe Invisible Safety Net:
Protecting the Nation's Poor Children and Families
Janet M. Currie

bookjacketMaking Cities Work:
Prospects and Policies for Urban America
Edited by Robert P. Inman

bookjacketThe Making of an Economist, Redux
David Colander

bookjacketMarket Rebels:
How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations
Hayagreeva Rao

bookjacketMathematical Techniques in Finance:
Tools for Incomplete Markets
Ales Černý

bookjacketThe Message Matters:
The Economy and Presidential Campaigns
Lynn Vavreck

bookjacketMostly Harmless Econometrics:
An Empiricist's Companion
Joshua D. Angrist & Jörn-Steffen Pischke

bookjacketThe Nature of Demography
Hervé Le Bras

bookjacketOne Economics, Many Recipes:
Globalization, Institutions, and Economic Growth
Dani Rodrik

bookjacketPatent Failure:
How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk
James Bessen & Michael J. Meurer

bookjacketPlaybooks and Checkbooks:
An Introduction to the Economics of Modern Sports
Stefan Szymanski

bookjacketThe Politics of Global Regulation
Edited by Walter Mattli & Ngaire Woods

bookjacketPower and Plenty:
Trade, War, and the World Economy in the Second Millennium
Ronald Findlay & Kevin H. O'Rourke

bookjacketThe Princeton Companion to Mathematics
Edited by Timothy Gowers

bookjacketThe Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy. (Two volume set)
Edited by Kenneth A. Reinert & Ramkishen S. Rajan

bookjacketRobust Optimization
Aharon Ben-Tal, Laurent El Ghaoui & Arkadi Nemirovski

bookjacketSchoolhouses, Courthouses, and Statehouses:
Solving the Funding-Achievement Puzzle in America's Public Schools
Eric A. Hanushek & Alfred A. Lindseth

bookjacketSecular Cycles
Peter Turchin & Sergey A. Nefedov

bookjacketSolutions Manual for "Introduction to Modern Economic Growth"
Michael Peters & Alp Simsek

bookjacketSufficient Reason:
Volitional Pragmatism and the Meaning of Economic Institutions
Daniel W. Bromley

bookjacketTaming the Beloved Beast:
How Medical Technology Costs Are Destroying Our Health Care System
Daniel Callahan

bookjacketThe Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical:
Scientific Management and the Rise of Modernist Architecture
Mauro F. Guillén

bookjacketTocqueville's Political Economy
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketThe Warhol Economy:
How Fashion, Art, and Music Drive New York City
Elizabeth Currid

bookjacketWhat Makes a Terrorist:
Economics and the Roots of Terrorism
Alan B. Krueger


bookjacketAnalysis of Evolutionary Processes:
The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications
Fabio Dercole & Sergio Rinaldi

bookjacketAppeasing Bankers:
Financial Caution on the Road to War
Jonathan Kirshner

bookjacketAsset Price Dynamics, Volatility, and Prediction
Stephen J. Taylor

bookjacketCode Red:
An Economist Explains How to Revive the Healthcare System without Destroying It
David Dranove

bookjacketThe Difference:
How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies
Scott E. Page

bookjacketDo Economists Make Markets?:
On the Performativity of Economics
Edited by Donald MacKenzie, Fabian Muniesa & Lucia Siu

bookjacketEconomic Justice in an Unfair World:
Toward a Level Playing Field
Ethan B. Kapstein

bookjacketThe Economic Theory of Annuities
Eytan Sheshinski

bookjacketThe European Economy since 1945:
Coordinated Capitalism and Beyond
Barry Eichengreen

bookjacketThe Evolution of the Trade Regime:
Politics, Law, and Economics of the GATT and the WTO
John H. Barton, Judith L. Goldstein, Timothy E. Josling, & Richard H. Steinberg

bookjacketThe Failed Welfare Revolution:
America's Struggle over Guaranteed Income Policy
Brian Steensland

bookjacketFrom Communists to Foreign Capitalists:
The Social Foundations of Foreign Direct Investment in Postsocialist Europe
Nina Bandelj

bookjacketThe Great Contraction, 1929-1933
Milton Friedman & Anna Jacobson Schwartz

Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin
Lawrence Weinstein & John A. Adam

bookjacketImperfect Knowledge Economics:
Exchange Rates and Risk
Roman Frydman & Michael D. Goldberg

bookjacketInnovation and Inequality:
How Does Technical Progress Affect Workers?
Gilles Saint-Paul

bookjacketInternational Political Economy:
An Intellectual History
Benjamin J. Cohen

bookjacketInvestors and Markets:
Portfolio Choices, Asset Prices, and Investment Advice
William F. Sharpe

bookjacketMathematics and Democracy:
Designing Better Voting and Fair-Division Procedures
Steven J. Brams

bookjacketMoral Gray Zones:
Side Productions, Identity, and Regulation in an Aeronautic Plant
Michel Anteby

bookjacketMoral Markets:
The Critical Role of Values in the Economy
Edited by Paul J. Zak

bookjacketThe Myth of the Rational Voter:
Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies
Bryan Caplan

bookjacketNation-States and the Multinational Corporation:
A Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment
Nathan M. Jensen

bookjacketThe Next Great Globalization:
How Disadvantaged Nations Can Harness Their Financial Systems to Get Rich
Frederic S. Mishkin

bookjacketOld Masters and Young Geniuses:
The Two Life Cycles of Artistic Creativity
David W. Galenson

bookjacketOur Underachieving Colleges:
A Candid Look at How Much Students Learn and Why They Should Be Learning More
Derek Bok

bookjacketPrivatizing Pensions:
The Transnational Campaign for Social Security Reform
Mitchell A. Orenstein

blankjacketPunishing the Prince:
A Theory of Interstate Relations, Political Institutions, and Leader Change
Fiona McGillivray & Alastair Smith

bookjacketReputation and International Cooperation:
Sovereign Debt across Three Centuries
Michael Tomz

bookjacketReviving the Invisible Hand:
The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century
Deepak Lal

bookjacketThe Roman Predicament:
How the Rules of International Order Create the Politics of Empire
Harold James

bookjacketSeven Rules for Social Research
Glenn Firebaugh

bookjacketStatus Signals:
A Sociological Study of Market Competition
Joel M. Podolny

bookjacketThe Subprime Solution:
How Today's Global Financial Crisis Happened, and What to Do about It
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketTerritory, Authority, Rights:
From Medieval to Global Assemblages
Saskia Sassen

blankjacketTheory of the Consumption Function
Milton Friedman

bookjacketUnequal Chances:
Family Background and Economic Success
Edited by Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis, & Melissa Osborne Groves

bookjacketWhen I'm Sixty-Four:
The Plot against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them
Teresa Ghilarducci

bookjacketWhen Washington Shut Down Wall Street:
The Great Financial Crisis of 1914 and the Origins of America's Monetary Supremacy
William L. Silber

bookjacketWhy Are There So Many Banking Crises?:
The Politics and Policy of Bank Regulation
Jean-Charles Rochet


bookjacketAll Politics Is Global:
Explaining International Regulatory Regimes
Daniel W. Drezner

bookjacketBehavioral Economics and Its Applications
Edited by Peter Diamond & Hannu Vartiainen

bookjacketBuying Freedom:
The Ethics and Economics of Slave Redemption
Edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah & Martin Bunzl

bookjacketComplex Adaptive Systems:
An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life
John H. Miller & Scott E. Page

bookjacketContagious Capitalism:
Globalization and the Politics of Labor in China
Mary Elizabeth Gallagher

bookjacketDemanding Work:
The Paradox of Job Quality in the Affluent Economy
Francis Green

bookjacketEconometric Modeling:
A Likelihood Approach
David F. Hendry & Bent Nielsen

bookjacketThe Embedded Corporation:
Corporate Governance and Employment Relations in Japan and the United States
Sanford M. Jacoby

bookjacketEntrepreneurship, Innovation, and the Growth Mechanism of the Free-Enterprise Economies
Edited by Eytan Sheshinski, Robert J. Strom & William J. Baumol

bookjacketThe Essential John Nash
Edited by Harold W. Kuhn & Sylvia Nasar

bookjacketGenerative Social Science:
Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling
Joshua M. Epstein

bookjacketHow China Grows:
Investment, Finance, and Reform
James Riedel, Jing Jin & Jian Gao

bookjacketIn Gold We Trust:
Social Capital and Economic Change in the Italian Jewelry Towns
Dario Gaggio

bookjacketInequality, Cooperation, and Environmental Sustainability
Edited by Jean-Marie Baland, Pranab Bardhan & Samuel Bowles

bookjacketInnovation and Its Discontents:
How Our Broken Patent System is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What to Do About It
Adam B. Jaffe & Josh Lerner

bookjacketJapan's Financial Crisis:
Institutional Rigidity and Reluctant Change
Jennifer Amyx

bookjacketLawlessness and Economics:
Alternative Modes of Governance
Avinash K. Dixit

bookjacketLogics of Organization Theory:
Audiences, Codes, and Ecologies
Michael T. Hannan, László Pólos & Glenn R. Carroll

bookjacketLouis Bachelier's Theory of Speculation:
The Origins of Modern Finance
Translated and with an Introduction by Mark Davis & Alison Etheridge

bookjacketMethods for Applied Macroeconomic Research
Fabio Canova

An Economic History
Geerat J. Vermeij

bookjacketThe New Industrial State
John Kenneth Galbraith

bookjacketNonparametric Econometrics:
Theory and Practice
Qi Li & Jeffrey Scott Racine

bookjacketThe Other Invisible Hand:
Delivering Public Services through Choice and Competition
Julian Le Grand

bookjacketPolitical Power and Corporate Control:
The New Global Politics of Corporate Governance
Peter A. Gourevitch & James Shinn

bookjacketPoverty and Discrimination
Kevin Lang

bookjacketPrinciples of Economic Sociology
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketProducing Security:
Multinational Corporations, Globalization, and the Changing Calculus of Conflict
Stephen G. Brooks

bookjacketThe Purchase of Intimacy
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketQuantitative Management of Bond Portfolios
Lev Dynkin, Anthony Gould, Jay Hyman, Vadim Konstantinovsky & Bruce Phelps

bookjacketReal Analysis with Economic Applications
Efe A. Ok

bookjacketServices and Employment:
Explaining the U.S.-European Gap
Edited by Mary Gregory, Wiemer Salverda & Ronald Schettkat

bookjacketSex and Consequences:
Abortion, Public Policy, and the Economics of Fertility
Phillip B. Levine

bookjacketSnipers, Shills, and Sharks:
eBay and Human Behavior
Ken Steiglitz

bookjacketThe Social Construction of Free Trade:
The European Union, NAFTA, and Mercosur
Francesco Duina

bookjacketTalking Prices:
Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art
Olav Velthuis

bookjacketTheory of Games and Economic Behavior
John von Neumann & Oskar Morgenstern

bookjacketTrading Voices:
The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations
Sophie Meunier

bookjacketWar, Wine, and Taxes:
The Political Economy of Anglo-French Trade, 1689-1900
John V. C. Nye

bookjacketWorlds Apart:
Measuring International and Global Inequality
Branko Milanovic


bookjacketAll the News That’s Fit to Sell:
How the Market Transforms Information into News
James T. Hamilton

bookjacketBeyond Individual Choice:
Teams and Frames in Game Theory
Michael Bacharach

bookjacketThe Central Asian Economies Since Independence
Richard Pomfret

bookjacketComputational Economics
David A. Kendrick, P. Ruben Mercado, & Hans M. Amman

bookjacketCulture and Demography in Organizations
J. Richard Harrison & Glenn R. Carroll

bookjacketDeath by a Thousand Cuts:
The Fight over Taxing Inherited Wealth
Michael J. Graetz & Ian Shapiro

bookjacketEconomics and the Law:
From Posner to Postmodernism and Beyond
Nicholas Mercuro & Steven G. Medema

bookjacketEmpirical Dynamic Asset Pricing:
Model Specification and Econometric Assessment
Kenneth J. Singleton

bookjacketThe Exchange Rate in a Behavioral Finance Framework
Paul De Grauwe & Marianna Grimaldi

bookjacketA Free Nation Deep in Debt:
The Financial Roots of Democracy
James Macdonald

bookjacketThe Future of Money
Benjamin J. Cohen

bookjacketGlobalization and Egalitarian Redistribution
Edited by Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles, & Michael Wallerstein

bookjacketGurus, Hired Guns, and Warm Bodies:
Itinerant Experts in a Knowledge Economy
Stephen R. Barley & Gideon Kunda

bookjacketInformation Science
David G. Luenberger

bookjacketIslam and Mammon:
The Economic Predicaments of Islamism
Timur Kuran

bookjacketA Larger Sense of Purpose:
Higher Education and Society
Harold T. Shapiro

bookjacketLocked in Place:
State-Building and Late Industrialization in India
Vivek Chibber

Behavior, Institutions, and Evolution
Samuel Bowles

bookjacketMultinational Firms in the World Economy
Giorgio Barba Navaretti & Anthony J. Venables

bookjacketThe New Division of Labor:
How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market
Frank Levy & Richard J. Murnane

bookjacketOn Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations:
A Philosophical Companion
Samuel Fleischacker

Insights and Applications
Jan Brinkhuis & Vladimir Tikhomirov

bookjacketSocial Choice with Partial Knowledge of Treatment Response
Charles F. Manski

bookjacketThe Source of the River:
The Social Origins of Freshmen at America's Selective Colleges and Universities
Douglas S. Massey, Camille Z. Charles, Garvey F. Lundy, & Mary J. Fischer

bookjacketThe Theory of Corporate Finance
Jean Tirole

bookjacketUnderstanding Institutional Diversity
Elinor Ostrom

bookjacketW. Arthur Lewis and the Birth of Development Economics
Robert L. Tignor


bookjacketAdvances in Behavioral Finance
Edited by Richard H. Thaler

bookjacketAfter Hegemony:
Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy
Robert O. Keohane

bookjacketAsset Pricing
John H. Cochrane

bookjacketCompetitive Solutions:
The Strategist's Toolkit
R. Preston McAfee

bookjacketCorporate Profit and Nuclear Safety:
Strategy at Northeast Utilities in the 1990s
Paul W. MacAvoy & Jean W. Rosenthal

bookjacketEconomic and Financial Decisions under Risk
Louis Eeckhoudt, Christian Gollier, & Harris Schlesinger

bookjacketEconomic Geography and Public Policy
Richard Baldwin, Rikard Forslid, Philippe Martin, Gianmarco Ottaviano, & Frederic Robert-Nicoud

bookjacketThe Economic Sociology of Capitalism
Edited by Victor Nee & Richard Swedberg

bookjacketThe Gifts of Athena:
Historical Origins of the Knowledge Economy
Joel Mokyr

bookjacketThe Handbook of Economic Sociology
Edited by Neil J. Smelser & Richard Swedberg

bookjacketMarkets from Networks:
Socioeconomic Models of Production
Harrison C. White

bookjacketMonopsony in Motion:
Imperfect Competition in Labor Markets
Alan Manning

bookjacketNeoclassical Finance
Stephen A. Ross

bookjacketNew Wealth for Old Nations:
Scotland's Economic Prospects
Edited by Diane Coyle, Wendy Alexander, & Brian Ashcroft

bookjacketOrganizing America:
Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism
Charles Perrow

bookjacketThe Paradox of Asset Pricing
Peter Bossaerts

bookjacketReclaiming the Game:
College Sports and Educational Values
William G. Bowen & Sarah A. Levin

bookjacketReturn of the "L" Word:
A Liberal Vision for the New Century
Douglas S. Massey

bookjacketSaving Capitalism from the Capitalists:
Unleashing the Power of Financial Markets to Create Wealth and Spread Opportunity
Raghuram G. Rajan & Luigi Zingales

bookjacketTrade and the Environment:
Theory and Evidence
Brian R. Copeland & M. Scott Taylor

bookjacketUniversities in the Marketplace:
The Commercialization of Higher Education
Derek Bok

bookjacketWhat's the Good of Education?:
The Economics of Education in the UK
Stephen Machin & Anna Vignoles


bookjacketAdvances in Behavioral Economics
Edited by Colin F. Camerer, George Loewenstein, & Matthew Rabin

Theory and Practice
Paul Klemperer

bookjacketThe Big Problem of Small Change
Thomas J. Sargent & François R. Velde

bookjacketCities in the International Marketplace:
The Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe
Hank V. Savitch & Paul Kantor

bookjacketThe Classical Economists Revisited
D. P. O'Brien

bookjacketThe Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to Slow Global Warming
David G. Victor

bookjacketCreative Destruction:
How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures
Tyler Cowen

bookjacketCredit Risk Modeling:
Theory and Applications
David Lando

bookjacketDebt's Dominion:
A History of Bankruptcy Law in America
David A. Skeel Jr.

bookjacketThe Demography of Corporations and Industries
Glenn R. Carroll & Michael T. Hannan

bookjacketEssays on the Great Depression
Ben S. Bernanke

bookjacketFree Trade Today
Jagdish Bhagwati

bookjacketThe Free-Market Innovation Machine:
Analyzing the Growth Miracle of Capitalism
William J. Baumol

bookjacketFrom Subsistence to Exchange and Other Essays
Peter Bauer

bookjacketGovernance in a Global Economy:
Political Authority in Transition
Edited by Miles Kahler & David A. Lake

bookjacketGoverning the Market:
Economic Theory and the Role of Government in East Asian Industrialization
Robert Wade

bookjacketInstitutional Change and Globalization
John L. Campbell

bookjacketInterest and Prices:
Foundations of a Theory of Monetary Policy
Michael Woodford

bookjacketInterest Rate Models:
An Introduction
Andrew J. G. Cairns

bookjacketManaging Mexico:
Economists from Nationalism to Neoliberalism
Sarah Babb

bookjacketThe New Economic Sociology:
A Reader
Edited by Frank Dobbin

bookjacketThe New Financial Order:
Risk in the 21st Century
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketThe Ordinary Business of Life:
A History of Economics from the Ancient World to the Twenty-First Century
Roger E. Backhouse

bookjacketA Perilous Progress:
Economists and Public Purpose in Twentieth-Century America
Michael A. Bernstein

bookjacketThe Politics of Market Reform in Fragile Democracies:
Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela
Kurt Weyland

bookjacketPrivileging Industry:
The Comparative Politics of Trade and Industrial Policy
Fiona McGillivray

bookjacketThe Reemergence of Self-Employment:
A Comparative Study of Self-Employment Dynamics and Social Inequality
Edited by Richard Arum & Walter Müller

bookjacketSearching for a Corporate Savior:
The Irrational Quest for Charismatic CEOs
Rakesh Khurana

bookjacketSelf-Policing in Politics:
The Political Economy of Reputational Controls on Politicians
Glenn R. Parker

bookjacketSmall Worlds:
The Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness
Duncan J. Watts

bookjacketStrategic Investment:
Real Options and Games
Han T. J. Smit & Lenos Trigeorgis

bookjacketThe Strictures of Inheritance:
The Dutch Economy in the Nineteenth Century
Jan Luiten van Zanden & Arthur van Riel

bookjacketWomen Don't Ask:
Negotiation and the Gender Divide
Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever


bookjacketThe Architecture of Markets:
An Economic Sociology of Twenty-First-Century Capitalist Societies
Neil Fligstein

bookjacketBehavioral Game Theory:
Experiments in Strategic Interaction
Colin F. Camerer

bookjacketBeyond the Market:
The Social Foundations of Economic Efficiency
Jens Beckert

bookjacketCredit Risk:
Pricing, Measurement, and Management
Darrell Duffie & Kenneth J. Singleton

bookjacketDistant Proximities:
Dynamics beyond Globalization
James N. Rosenau

bookjacketThe Economic Evolution of American Health Care:
From Marcus Welby to Managed Care
David Dranove

bookjacketThe Economics of E-Commerce:
A Strategic Guide to Understanding and Designing the Online Marketplace
Nir Vulkan

bookjacketIn Search of Prosperity:
Analytic Narratives on Economic Growth
Edited and with an introduction by Dani Rodrik

A History
Roger C. Schonfeld

bookjacketKnowledge, Information, and Expectations in Modern Macroeconomics:
In Honor of Edmund S. Phelps
Edited by Philippe Aghion, Roman Frydman, Joseph Stiglitz, & Michael Woodford

bookjacketLectures on the Theory of Games (AM-37)
Harold W. Kuhn

bookjacketThe Limits of Convergence:
Globalization and Organizational Change in Argentina, South Korea, and Spain
Mauro F. Guillén

bookjacketModern Pricing of Interest-Rate Derivatives:
The LIBOR Market Model and Beyond
Riccardo Rebonato

bookjacketProperty Rights:
Cooperation, Conflict, and Law
Edited by Terry L. Anderson & Fred S. McChesney

bookjacketThe Rise of the Agricultural Welfare State:
Institutions and Interest Group Power in the United States, France, and Japan
Adam D. Sheingate

bookjacketThe Twenty-First-Century Firm:
Changing Economic Organization in International Perspective
Edited by Paul DiMaggio


bookjacketThe Challenge of Global Capitalism:
The World Economy in the 21st Century
Robert Gilpin

bookjacketCommon Value Auctions and the Winner's Curse
John H. Kagel & Dan Levin

bookjacketThe Conquest of American Inflation
Thomas J. Sargent

bookjacketDragon in a Three-Piece Suit:
The Emergence of Capitalism in China
Doug Guthrie

bookjacketDynamic Asset Pricing Theory
Darrell Duffie

bookjacketFinancial Econometrics:
Problems, Models, and Methods
Christian Gourieroux & Joann Jasiak

bookjacketFriendly Fire:
The Accidental Shootdown of U.S. Black Hawks over Northern Iraq
Scott A. Snook

bookjacketThe Game of Life:
College Sports and Educational Values
James L. Shulman & William G. Bowen

bookjacketThe Global City:
New York, London, Tokyo
Saskia Sassen

bookjacketThe Great Divergence:
China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy
Kenneth Pomeranz

bookjacketHappiness and Economics:
How the Economy and Institutions Affect Human Well-Being
Bruno S. Frey & Alois Stutzer

bookjacketInterest Groups and Trade Policy
Gene M. Grossman & Elhanan Helpman

bookjacketInternational Trade and Political Conflict:
Commerce, Coalitions, and Mobility
Michael J. Hiscox

bookjacketLending Credibility:
The International Monetary Fund and the Post-Communist Transition
Randall W. Stone

bookjacketThe Microeconomics of Public Policy Analysis
Lee S. Friedman

bookjacketA Non-Random Walk Down Wall Street
Andrew W. Lo & A. Craig MacKinlay

bookjacketPolitical Economy in Macroeconomics
Allan Drazen

bookjacketSatellites and Commissars:
Strategy and Conflict in the Politics of Soviet-Bloc Trade
Randall W. Stone

bookjacketShifting Involvements:
Private Interest and Public Action
Albert O. Hirschman

bookjacketThe Strategic Constitution
Robert D. Cooter

bookjacketTechnological Innovation and Economic Performance
Edited by Benn Steil, David G. Victor, & Richard R. Nelson

bookjacketTheoretical Foundations of Corporate Finance
João Amaro de Matos

bookjacketThe Theory of Incentives:
The Principal-Agent Model
Jean-Jacques Laffont & David Martimort

bookjacketTriumph of the Optimists:
101 Years of Global Investment Returns
Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh, & Mike Staunton


bookjacketBlack '47 and Beyond:
The Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory
Cormac Ó Gráda

bookjacketCapitalism, Democracy, and Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery
John Mueller

bookjacketChanneling Violence:
The Economic Market for Violent Television Programming
James T. Hamilton

bookjacketCharter Schools in Action:
Renewing Public Education
Chester E. Finn, Bruno V. Manno, & Gregg Vanourek

Fumio Hayashi

bookjacketFinancing the American Dream:
A Cultural History of Consumer Credit
Lendol Calder

bookjacketGlobal Political Economy:
Understanding the International Economic Order
Robert Gilpin

bookjacketHeaven's Door:
Immigration Policy and the American Economy
George J. Borjas

bookjacketA History of Economic Thought:
The LSE Lectures
Lionel Robbins

bookjacketHome Team:
Professional Sports and the American Metropolis
Michael N. Danielson

bookjacketIndividual Strategy and Social Structure:
An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions
H. Peyton Young

bookjacketInflation Targeting:
Lessons from the International Experience
Ben S. Bernanke, Thomas Laubach, Frederic S. Mishkin, & Adam S. Posen

bookjacketLaw's Order:
What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters
David D. Friedman

bookjacketLearning and Expectations in Macroeconomics
George W. Evans & Seppo Honkapohja

bookjacketA Logic of Expressive Choice
Alexander A. Schuessler

bookjacketThe Market Approach to Education:
An Analysis of America's First Voucher Program
John F. Witte

bookjacketThe Rise of Neoliberalism and Institutional Analysis
Edited by John L. Campbell & Ove K. Pedersen

bookjacketSecuring Prosperity:
The American Labor Market: How It Has Changed and What to Do about It
Paul Osterman

bookjacketUnpaid Professionals:
Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports
Andrew Zimbalist


bookjacketEndless Novelty:
Specialty Production and American Industrialization, 1865-1925
Philip Scranton

bookjacketEssays in Economic Sociology
Max Weber

bookjacketThe Globalization Syndrome:
Transformation and Resistance
James H. Mittelman

bookjacketGrowth in a Traditional Society:
The French Countryside, 1450-1815
Philip T. Hoffman

bookjacketIncentives and Institutions:
The Transition to a Market Economy in Russia
Serguey Braguinsky & Grigory Yavlinsky

bookjacketMax Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketMeritocracy and Economic Inequality
Edited by Kenneth Arrow, Samuel Bowles, & Steven Durlauf

bookjacketNormal Accidents:
Living with High Risk Technologies
Charles Perrow

bookjacketPlenty of Nothing:
The Downsizing of the American Dream and the Case for Structural Keynesianism
Thomas I. Palley

bookjacketThe Problem of Trust
Adam B. Seligman

bookjacketRethinking Working-Class History:
Bengal 1890-1940
Dipesh Chakrabarty

bookjacketSimple Games:
Desirability Relations, Trading, Pseudoweightings
Alan D. Taylor & William S. Zwicker

bookjacketStuck in Neutral:
Business and the Politics of Human Capital Investment Policy
Cathie Jo Martin


bookjacketAnalytic Narratives
Robert H. Bates, Avner Greif, Margaret Levi, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal

bookjacketBaseball on the Border:
A Tale of Two Laredos
Alan M. Klein

bookjacketBetween Class and Market:
Postwar Unionization in the Capitalist Democracies
Bruce Western

bookjacketBusiness Cycles:
Durations, Dynamics, and Forecasting
Francis X. Diebold & Glenn D. Rudebusch

bookjacketDiversity and Its Discontents:
Cultural Conflict and Common Ground in Contemporary American Society
Edited by Neil J. Smelser & Jeffrey C. Alexander

bookjacketThe Hidden Welfare State:
Tax Expenditures and Social Policy in the United States
Christopher Howard

bookjacketIn Search of the True West:
Culture, Economics, and Problems of Russian Development
Esther Kingston-Mann

blankjacketMoney on the Move:
The Revolution in International Finance since 1980
Robert Solomon

bookjacketThe Myth of the Global Corporation
Paul N. Doremus, William W. Keller, Louis W. Pauly, & Simon Reich

blankjacketOpen-Economy Politics:
The Political Economy of the World Coffee Trade
Robert H. Bates

bookjacketThe Road to Nowhere:
The Genesis of President Clinton's Plan for Health Security
Jacob S. Hacker

bookjacketSocializing Capital:
The Rise of the Large Industrial Corporation in America
William G. Roy

bookjacketThe Student Aid Game:
Meeting Need and Rewarding Talent in American Higher Education
Michael S. McPherson & Morton Owen Schapiro

bookjacketThorstein Veblen:
Theorist of the Leisure Class
John Patrick Diggins

bookjacketWork and Welfare
Robert M. Solow


bookjacketAgainst the Tide:
An Intellectual History of Free Trade
Douglas A. Irwin

bookjacketAmerican Academic Culture in Transformation:
Fifty Years, Four Disciplines
Edited by Thomas Bender & Carl E. Schorske

bookjacketBarriers and Bounds to Rationality:
Essays on Economic Complexity and Dynamics in Interactive Systems
Peter S. Albin

bookjacketThe Complexity of Cooperation:
Agent-Based Models of Competition and Collaboration
Robert Axelrod

bookjacketConsumer Rites:
The Buying and Selling of American Holidays
Leigh Eric Schmidt

bookjacketDevelopment Economics
Debraj Ray

bookjacketDoes Conquest Pay?:
The Exploitation of Occupied Industrial Societies
Peter Liberman

bookjacketGatekeepers of Growth:
The International Political Economy of Central Banking in Developing Countries
Sylvia Maxfield

bookjacketThe Handbook of Experimental Economics
Edited by John H. Kagel & Alvin E. Roth

bookjacketLinear Programming and Extensions
George B. Dantzig

bookjacketThe Origins of Liberty:
Political and Economic Liberalization in the Modern World
Edited by Paul W. Drake & Mathew D. McCubbins

bookjacketPoor Richard's Principle:
Recovering the American Dream through the Moral Dimension of Work, Business, and Money
Robert Wuthnow

The Best of The Journal of Portfolio Management
Edited by Peter L. Bernstein & Frank J. Fabozzi

bookjacketSupermodularity and Complementarity
Donald M. Topkis

bookjacketThe Ultimate Resource 2
Julian L. Simon

bookjacketWho Adjusts?:
Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policy during the Interwar Years
Beth A. Simmons


bookjacketAthenian Economy and Society:
A Banking Perspective
Edward E. Cohen

bookjacketClassics in Game Theory
Edited by Harold W. Kuhn

bookjacketCurrency and Coercion:
The Political Economy of International Monetary Power
Jonathan Kirshner

bookjacketThe Econometrics of Financial Markets
John Y. Campbell, Andrew W. Lo, & A. Craig MacKinlay

bookjacketAn Introduction to Econometric Theory:
Measure-Theoretic Probability and Statistics with Applications to Economics
A. Ronald Gallant

bookjacketModernization and Postmodernization:
Cultural, Economic, and Political Change in 43 Societies
Ronald Inglehart

bookjacketPay Dirt:
The Business of Professional Team Sports
James Quirk & Rodney D. Fort

bookjacketA Solution to the Ecological Inference Problem:
Reconstructing Individual Behavior from Aggregate Data
Gary King


bookjacketInequality by Design:
Cracking the Bell Curve Myth
Claude S. Fischer, Michael Hout, Martín Sánchez Jankowski, Samuel R. Lucas, Ann Swidler, & Kim Voss

bookjacketLabor Demand
Daniel S. Hamermesh

bookjacketThe Political Economy of Democratic Transitions
Stephan Haggard & Robert R. Kaufman

bookjacketStrong Managers, Weak Owners:
The Political Roots of American Corporate Finance
Mark J. Roe


bookjacketAdam Smith in His Time and Ours:
Designing the Decent Society
Jerry Z. Muller

bookjacketAllies, Adversaries, and International Trade
Joanne Gowa

bookjacketBehind the Mule:
Race and Class in African-American Politics
Michael C. Dawson

bookjacketEmbedded Autonomy:
States and Industrial Transformation
Peter Evans

In Theory and Practice
H. Peyton Young

bookjacketFrontiers of Business Cycle Research
Edited by Thomas F. Cooley

bookjacketPower, Trade, and War
Edward D. Mansfield

bookjacketSocialist Unemployment:
The Political Economy of Yugoslavia, 1945-1990
Susan L. Woodward

blankjacketStrategic Capitalism:
Private Business and Public Purpose in Japanese Industrial Finance
Kent E. Calder

bookjacketUnderstanding Interdependence:
The Macroeconomics of the Open Economy
Edited by Peter B. Kenen


blankjacketAdam Smith Goes to Moscow:
A Dialogue on Radical Reform
Walter Adams & James W. Brock

blankjacketCoercive Cooperation:
Explaining Multilateral Economic Sanctions
Lisa L. Martin

bookjacketDesigning Social Inquiry:
Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research
Gary King, Robert O. Keohane, & Sidney Verba

bookjacketInvestment under Uncertainty
Avinash K. Dixit & Robert S. Pindyck

bookjacketPricing the Priceless Child:
The Changing Social Value of Children
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketTime Series Analysis
James D. Hamilton

blankjacketThe Winner's Curse:
Paradoxes and Anomalies of Economic Life
Richard H. Thaler


blankjacketEconomic Discrimination and Political Exchange:
World Political Economy in the 1930s and 1980s
Kenneth A. Oye

bookjacketExperimental Economics
Douglas D. Davis & Charles A. Holt

bookjacketJoint Ventures in the People's Republic of China:
The Control of Foreign Direct Investment under Socialism
Margaret M. Pearson

blankjacketPolitics and Jobs:
The Boundaries of Employment Policy in the United States
Margaret Weir


bookjacketBanks and Politics in America from the Revolution to the Civil War
Bray Hammond

blankjacketCycles and Chaos in Economic Equilibrium
Jess Benhabib

bookjacketGame Theory for Applied Economists
Robert Gibbons

blankjacketThe Politics of Economic Adjustment:
International Constraints, Distributive Conflicts and the State
Stephan Haggard & Robert R. Kaufman

blankjacketThe Socialist System:
The Political Economy of Communism
János Kornai


blankjacketJoseph A. Schumpeter:
The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism
Richard Swedberg

blankjacketThe Political Economy of Participatory Economics
Michael Albert & Robin Hahnel


blankjacketCommerce and Coalitions:
How Trade Affects Domestic Political Alignments
Ronald Rogowski

bookjacketA Course in Microeconomic Theory
David M. Kreps

blankjacketEconomic Crisis and Policy Choice:
The Politics of Adjustment in Less Developed Countries
Joan M. Nelson

bookjacketEconomics and Sociology:
Redefining Their Boundaries: Conversations with Economists and Sociologists
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketResisting Protectionism:
Global Industries and the Politics of International Trade
Helen V. Milner

blankjacketThe Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism
Gøsta Esping-Andersen


blankjacketThe Political Power of Economic Ideas:
Keynesianism across Nations
Peter A. Hall


blankjacketPatterns of Development in Latin America:
Poverty, Repression, and Economic Strategy
John Sheahan


blankjacketEconomic History of Puerto Rico:
Institutional Change and Capitalist Development
James L. Dietz

bookjacketThe Political Economy of International Relations
Robert Gilpin


blankjacketEconomic Statecraft
David Allen Baldwin


blankjacketPolitical Control of the Economy
Edward R. Tufte


bookjacketDefending the National Interest:
Raw Materials Investments and U.S. Foreign Policy
Stephen D. Krasner

bookjacketDependent Development:
The Alliance of Multinational, State, and Local Capital in Brazil
Peter B. Evans


bookjacketA Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960
Milton Friedman & Anna Jacobson Schwartz

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