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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SUBJECTS (by date) in Sociology

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bookjacketAmerican Religion:
Contemporary Trends
Mark Chaves

bookjacketBit by Bit:
Social Research in the Digital Age
Matthew J. Salganik

blankjacketCity of the Good:
Nature, Religion, and the Ancient Search for What Is Right
Michael Mayerfeld Bell

blankjacketThe Contentious Public Sphere:
Law, Media, and Authoritarian Rule in China
Ya-Wen Lei

bookjacketThe Diversity Bonus:
How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy
Scott E. Page

bookjacketThe Extreme Gone Mainstream:
Commercialization and Far Right Youth Culture in Germany
Cynthia Miller-Idriss

blankjacketImplausible Dream:
The World-Class University and Repurposing Higher Education
James H. Mittelman

bookjacketKeeping It Halal:
The Everyday Lives of Muslim American Teenage Boys
John O’Brien

bookjacketThe Language of Global Success:
How a Common Tongue Transforms Multinational Organizations
Tsedal Neeley

blankjacketThe Mystery of the Kibbutz:
How Egalitarian Principles Survived in a Capitalist World
Ran Abramitzky

blankjacketNation Building:
Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart
Andreas Wimmer

blankjacketThe Origins of Happiness:
The Science of Well-being over the Life Course
Andrew E. Clark, Sarah Flèche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee & George Ward

blankjacketThe Paradox of Vulnerability:
States, Nationalism, and the Financial Crisis
John L. Campbell & John A. Hall

bookjacketPathways to Reform:
Credits and Conflict at The City University of New York
Alexandra W. Logue

blankjacketSeeing the World:
How U.S. Universities Make Knowledge in a Global Era
Mitchell L. Stevens, Cynthia Miller-Idriss & Seteney Shami

bookjacketThe Struggle to Reform Our Colleges
Derek Bok

bookjacketUneasy Street:
The Anxieties of Affluence
Rachel Sherman

bookjacketWhat Makes a Terrorist:
Economics and the Roots of Terrorism
Alan B. Krueger


bookjacketAmerican Covenant:
A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present
Philip Gorski

bookjacketAmerican Misfits and the Making of Middle-Class Respectability
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketAspects of the Analysis of Family Structure
Ansley Johnson Coale, L. A. Fallers & Philip Burke King

bookjacketThe Battle for Yellowstone:
Morality and the Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict
Justin Farrell

bookjacketBetween Monopoly and Free Trade:
The English East India Company, 1600–1757
Emily Erikson

bookjacketBetween Slavery and Capitalism:
The Legacy of Emancipation in the American South
Martin Ruef

bookjacketThe Brooklyn Nobody Knows:
An Urban Walking Guide
William B. Helmreich

bookjacketCapitalist Control and Workers' Struggle in the Brazilian Auto Industry
John Humphrey

bookjacketConfronting Political Islam:
Six Lessons from the West's Past
John M. Owen IV

bookjacketThe Decline of Fertility in Europe
Ansley Johnson Coale

bookjacketDemocratic Socialism in Jamaica:
The Political Movement and Social Transformation in Dependent Capitalism
Evelyne Huber Stephens & John D. Stephens

bookjacketDisruptive Fixation:
School Reform and the Pitfalls of Techno-Idealism
Christo Sims

bookjacketFailing in the Field:
What We Can Learn When Field Research Goes Wrong
Dean Karlan & Jacob Appel

bookjacketFeeding Gotham:
The Political Economy and Geography of Food in New York, 1790–1860
Gergely Baics

bookjacketThe Financial Diaries:
How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty
Jonathan Morduch & Rachel Schneider

bookjacketA Fraught Embrace:
The Romance and Reality of AIDS Altruism in Africa
Ann Swidler & Susan Cotts Watkins

bookjacketFree Time
Julie L. Rose

bookjacketThe Genome Factor:
What the Social Genomics Revolution Reveals about Ourselves, Our History, and the Future
Dalton Conley & Jason Fletcher

bookjacketThe Geography of Nationalism in Russia and the USSR
Robert J. Kaiser

bookjacketGetting Respect:
Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel
Michèle Lamont, Graziella Moraes Silva, Jessica S. Welburn, Joshua Guetzkow, Nissim Mizrachi, Hanna Herzog & Elisa Reis

bookjacketGetting Tough:
Welfare and Imprisonment in 1970s America
Julilly Kohler-Hausmann

bookjacketThe Hero's Fight:
African Americans in West Baltimore and the Shadow of the State
Patricia Fernández-Kelly

bookjacketThe House of Government:
A Saga of the Russian Revolution
Yuri Slezkine

bookjacketI Hear My People Singing:
Voices of African American Princeton
Kathryn Watterson

bookjacketIndividuality and Entanglement:
The Moral and Material Bases of Social Life
Herbert Gintis

bookjacketThe Making of British Socialism
Mark Bevir

bookjacketMasters of Craft:
Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy
Richard E. Ocejo

bookjacketMoney Talks:
Explaining How Money Really Works
Edited by Nina Bandelj, Frederick F. Wherry & Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketMultimethod Research, Causal Mechanisms, and Case Studies:
An Integrated Approach
Gary Goertz

bookjacketOn the Move:
Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-U.S. Migration
Filiz Garip

bookjacketParadoxes of Liberal Democracy:
Islam, Western Europe, and the Danish Cartoon Crisis
Paul M. Sniderman, Michael Bang Petersen, Rune Slothuus & Rune Stubager

bookjacketThe Pharmaceutical Industry and Dependency in the Third World
Gary Gereffi

bookjacketPolitics against Markets:
The Social Democratic Road to Power
Gøsta Esping-Andersen

bookjacketThe Politics of Evangelical Identity:
Local Churches and Partisan Divides in the United States and Canada
Lydia Bean

bookjacketQuantitative Social Science:
An Introduction
Kosuke Imai

bookjacketRead My Lips:
Why Americans Are Proud to Pay Taxes
Vanessa S. Williamson

What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters
Christian Smith

bookjacketReproduction in the U.S., 1965
Norman B. Ryder & Charles F. Westoff

bookjacketRevelatory Events:
Three Case Studies of the Emergence of New Spiritual Paths
Ann Taves

bookjacketSelling Our Souls:
The Commodification of Hospital Care in the United States
Adam D. Reich

bookjacketThe Shape of the New:
Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World
Scott L. Montgomery & Daniel Chirot

bookjacketThe Social Meaning of Money:
Pin Money, Paychecks, Poor Relief, and Other Currencies
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketStates, Social Knowledge, and the Origins of Modern Social Policies
Edited by Dietrich Rueschemeyer & Theda Skocpol

bookjacketStrangers No More:
Immigration and the Challenges of Integration in North America and Western Europe
Richard Alba & Nancy Foner

bookjacketThe Sum of Small Things:
A Theory of the Aspirational Class
Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

bookjacketToo Hot to Handle:
A Global History of Sex Education
Jonathan Zimmerman

bookjacketTorture and the Twilight of Empire:
From Algiers to Baghdad
Marnia Lazreg

Gender and Race in an Age of Unsettled Identities
Rogers Brubaker

blankjacketUnder the Cover:
The Creation, Production, and Reception of a Novel
Clayton Childress

bookjacketUpscaling Downtown:
From Bowery Saloons to Cocktail Bars in New York City
Richard E. Ocejo

bookjacketWhite Backlash:
Immigration, Race, and American Politics
Marisa Abrajano & Zoltan L. Hajnal

bookjacketYoung Islam:
The New Politics of Religion in Morocco and the Arab World
Avi Max Spiegel


bookjacketAffordable Housing in New York:
The People, Places, and Policies That Transformed a City
Edited by Nicholas Dagen Bloom & Matthew Gordon Lasner

bookjacketAfter Civil Rights:
Racial Realism in the New American Workplace
John D. Skrentny

bookjacketAgrarian Radicalism in South India
Marshall M. Bouton

bookjacketAntonio Candido:
On Literature and Society
Translated, edited, and introduced by Howard S. Becker

bookjacketThe Art of Social Theory
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketAutocracy, Modernization, and Revolution in Russia and Iran
Tim McDaniel

bookjacketBecoming Black Political Subjects:
Movements and Ethno-Racial Rights in Colombia and Brazil
Tianna S. Paschel

bookjacketBeyond the Beat:
Musicians Building Community in Nashville
Daniel B. Cornfield

bookjacketBlack Power/White Control:
The Struggle of the Woodlawn Organization in Chicago
John Hall Fish

bookjacketBlacks and Social Change:
Impact of the Civil Rights Movement in Southern Communities
James W. Button

bookjacketBlue-Collar Stratification:
Autoworkers in Four Countries
William Humbert Form

bookjacketA Bridging of Faiths:
Religion and Politics in a New England City
N. J. Demerath III & Rhys H. Williams

bookjacketThe British Fertility Decline:
Demographic Transition in the Crucible of the Industrial Revolution
Michael S. Teitelbaum

The Prison State and the Lockdown of American Politics
Marie Gottschalk

bookjacketCause for Alarm:
The Volunteer Fire Department in the Nineteenth-Century City
Amy S. Greenberg

bookjacketA Century of Portuguese Fertility
Massimo Livi Bacci

bookjacketChild Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age
Jacqueline Bhabha

bookjacketClassifying by Race
Edited by Paul E. Peterson

bookjacketCollege Women and Fertility Values
Charles F. Westoff & Raymond H. Potvin

bookjacketConstructing Brotherhood:
Class, Gender, and Fraternalism
Mary Ann Clawson

bookjacketContested Tastes:
Foie Gras and the Politics of Food
Michaela DeSoucey

bookjacketThe Contraceptive Revolution
Charles F. Westoff & Norman B. Ryder

bookjacketCorporate Power and Urban Crisis in Detroit
Lynda Ann Ewen

bookjacketA Corporate Solution to Global Poverty:
How Multinationals Can Help the Poor and Invigorate Their Own Legitimacy
George Lodge & Craig Wilson

bookjacketThe Culture of Print:
Power and the Uses of Print in Early Modern Europe
Andrew F.G. Bourke & Roger Chartier

bookjacketCultures Merging:
A Historical and Economic Critique of Culture
Eric L. Jones

bookjacketDeath and Afterlife in Modern France
Thomas A. Kselman

bookjacketThe Decline of Belgian Fertility, 1800-1970
Ron J. Lesthaeghe

bookjacketThe Decline of Fertility in Germany, 1871-1939
Arthur J. Knodel

Resistance and Readiness
Melvin Marvin Tumin

bookjacketEcological Communities:
Conceptual Issues and the Evidence
Edited by Donald R. Strong, Jr., Daniel Simberloff, Lawrence G. Abele, & Anne B. Thistle

bookjacketThe Economics of Labor Force Participation
William G. Bowen & T. Aldrich Finegan

bookjacketEducation and Equality in Japan
William K. Cummings

bookjacketEducation and Social Transition in the Third World
Martin Carnoy & Joel Samoff

bookjacketThe Elements of Social Theory
Barry Barnes

bookjacketEngineers of Jihad:
The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education
Diego Gambetta and Steffen Hertog

bookjacketEngineers of Jihad:
The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education
Diego Gambetta & Steffen Hertog

bookjacketThe Era of the Individual:
A Contribution to a History of Subjectivity
Alain Renaut

bookjacketEthnicity and Class Conflict in Rural Mexico
Frans J. Schryer

bookjacketEverything In Its Place:
Social Order and Land Use in America
Constance Perin

bookjacketFamily in Transition:
A Study of 300 Yugoslav Villages
Vera St. Erlich

bookjacketThe Female Population of France in the 19th Century:
A Reconstruction of 82 Departments
Etienne Van de Walle

bookjacketFertility and Scarcity in America
Peter H. Lindert

bookjacketFormation of a Provincial Nobility:
The Magistrates of the Parlement of Rouen, 1499-1610
Jonathan DeWald

bookjacketA Fragile Power:
Scientists and the State
Chandra Mukerji

bookjacketFreedom and Domination:
A Historical Critique of Civilization
Dankwart A. Rustow & Salvator Attanasio

bookjacketFrom Provinces into Nations:
Demographic Integration in Western Europe, 1870-1960
Susan Cotts Watkins

bookjacketFrom the Outside In:
World War II and the American State
Bartholomew H. Sparrow

bookjacketHamburgers in Paradise:
The Stories behind the Food We Eat
Louise O. Fresco

bookjacketThe Higher Learning, the Universities, and the Public
Carl Kaysen

bookjacketHistorical Studies of Changing Fertility
Charles Tilly

bookjacketA History of Italian Fertility During the Last Two Centuries
Massimo Livi Bacci

bookjacketHuman Fertility in Russia Since the Nineteenth Century
Ansley Johnson Coale, Barbara A. Anderson & Erna Härm

bookjacketIn Harm's Way:
The Dynamics of Urban Violence
Javier Auyero & María Fernanda Berti

bookjacketIn the Blood:
Understanding America’s Farm Families
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketInternal Migration During Modernization in Late Nineteenth-Century Russia
Barbara A. Anderson

bookjacketIn-Your-Face Politics:
The Consequences of Uncivil Media
Diana C. Mutz

bookjacketThe Japanese Overseas:
Can They Go Home Again?
Merry E. White

bookjacketJoy in Work, German Work:
The National Debate, 1800-1945
Joan Campbell

bookjacketLabor Visions and State Power:
The Origins of Business Unionism in the United States
Victoria C. Hattam

bookjacketLandlords and Capitalists:
The Dominant Class of Chile
Maurice Zeitlin & Richard Earl Ratcliff

bookjacketLandscapes of Despair:
From Deinstitutionalization to Homelessness
Michael J. Dear & Jennifer R. Wolch

bookjacketLearning by Example:
Imitation and Innovation at a Global Bank
David Strang

bookjacketLiving in the Children of God
David E. Van Zandt

bookjacketLiving Together Separately:
Arabs and Jews in Contemporary Jerusalem
Michael Romann & Alex Weingrod

bookjacketLooking Backward:
A Critical Appraisal of Communitarian Thought
Derek L. Phillips

bookjacketMadness in Civilization:
A Cultural History of Insanity, from the Bible to Freud, from the Madhouse to Modern Medicine
Andrew Scull

bookjacketMagazines and the Making of America:
Modernization, Community, and Print Culture, 1741–1860
Heather A. Haveman

bookjacketMaking a Good Life:
An Ethnography of Nature, Ethics, and Reproduction
Katharine Dow

bookjacketThe Management of Hate:
Nation, Affect, and the Governance of Right-Wing Extremism in Germany
Nitzan Shoshan

bookjacketMarriage and Fertility:
Studies in Interdisciplinary History
Edited by Theodore K. Rabb & Robert I. Rotberg

bookjacketA Mirror for Socialism
Gilbert Rozman

bookjacketModernization and the Japanese Factory
Robert Mortimer Marsh & Hiroshi Mannari

bookjacketThe Moral Background:
An Inquiry into the History of Business Ethics
Gabriel Abend

bookjacketMothers of Misery:
Child Abandonment in Russia
David L. Ransel

bookjacketNeighborhood Organization and Interest-Group Processes
David J. O'Brien

bookjacketThe Neolithic Transition and the Genetics of Populations in Europe
Albert J. Ammerman & Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

bookjacketNew Estimates of Fertility and Population in the United States
Ansley Johnson Coale & Melvin Zelnik

bookjacketNew Urban Immigrants:
The Korean Community in New York
Illsoo Kim

bookjacketNuclear Politics:
Energy and the State in the United States, Sweden, and France
James M. Jasper

bookjacketOn Settling
Robert E. Goodin

bookjacketOrderly Fashion:
A Sociology of Markets
Patrik Aspers

bookjacketOur Compelling Interests:
The Value of Diversity for Democracy and a Prosperous Society
Edited by Earl Lewis & Nancy Cantor

bookjacketPaying the Tab:
The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control
Philip J. Cook

bookjacketPeasants, Politics and Revolution:
Pressures Toward Political and Social Change in the Third World
Joel S. Migdal

How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs
Lauren A. Rivera

bookjacketThe Political Context of Sociology
Leon Bramson

bookjacketPolitical Turbulence:
How Social Media Shape Collective Action
Helen Margetts, Peter John, Scott Hale, & Taha Yasseri

bookjacketPolitics and Parentela in Paraiba:
A Case Study of Family-Based Oligarchy in Brazil
Linda Lewin

bookjacketPopulation and Revenue in the Towns of Palestine in the Sixteenth Century
Bernard Lewis & Amnon Cohen

bookjacketPost-Industrial Cities:
Politics and Planning in New York, Paris, and London
H. V. Savitch

bookjacketThe Poverty of Revolution:
The State and the Urban Poor in Mexico
Susan Eva Eckstein

bookjacketPoverty Traps
Edited by Samuel Bowles, Steven N. Durlauf, & Karla Hoff

bookjacketThe Process Matters:
Engaging and Equipping People for Success
Joel Brockner

bookjacketProspects for Faculty in the Arts and Sciences:
A Study of Factors Affecting Demand and Supply, 1987 to 2012
William G. Bowen & Julie Ann Sosa

Urban Apartheid in Morocco
Janet L. Abu-Lughod

A Short History
George M. Fredrickson

From the Crusades to the Twentieth Century
Francisco Bethencourt

bookjacketRenewing Cities
Ross J. Gittell

bookjacketReport of the Committee on the Future of the College
Marvin Bressler

bookjacketReversal of Development in Argentina:
Postwar Counterrevolutionary Policies and Their Structural Consequences
Carlos Horacio Waisman

bookjacketRevolution and Tradition in People's Poland:
Education and Socialization
Joseph R. Fiszman

bookjacketRevolution in the House:
Family, Class, and Inheritance in Southern France, 1775-1825
Margaret H. Darrow

bookjacketThe Revolution Within the Revolution:
Workers' Control in Rural Portugal
Nancy Bermeo

bookjacketThe Right Tools for the Job:
At Work in Twentieth-Century Life Sciences
Edited by Adele E. Clarke & Joan H. Fujimura

bookjacketRiot, Rebellion, and Revolution:
Rural Social Conflict in Mexico
Edited by Friedrich Katz

bookjacketThe Roots of Solidarity:
A Political Sociology of Poland's Working-Class Democratization
Roman Laba

bookjacketRough Country:
How Texas Became America’s Most Powerful Bible-Belt State
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketSea of Storms:
A History of Hurricanes in the Greater Caribbean from Columbus to Katrina
Stuart B. Schwartz

bookjacketSearch for the American Right Wing:
An Analysis of the Social Science Record, 1955-1987
William B. Hixson, Jr.

bookjacketSecuring the Right to Employment:
Social Welfare Policy and the Unemployed in the United States
Philip Harvey

bookjacketSocial Change and the Individual:
Japan Before and After Defeat in World War II
Kazuko Tsurumi

bookjacketThe Social Life of Money
Nigel Dodd

bookjacketSocial Meanings of Suicide
Jack D. Douglas

bookjacketA Social Strategy:
How We Profit from Social Media
Mikołaj Jan Piskorski

bookjacketThe State and Working Women:
A Comparative Study of Britain and Sweden
Mary Ruggie

bookjacketThe Status of Women in Preindustrial Societies
Martin King Whyte

bookjacketStrikes and Revolution in Russia, 1917
Diane P. Koenker & William G. Rosenberg

bookjacketStrong Medicine:
Creating Incentives for Pharmaceutical Research on Neglected Diseases
Michael Kremer & Rachel Glennerster

bookjacketSuburbs under Siege:
Race, Space, and Audacious Judges
Charles M. Haar

bookjacketThe Surrogate Proletariat:
Moslem Women and Revolutionary Strategies in Soviet Central Asia, 1919-1929
Gregory J. Massell

bookjacketTaming the River:
Negotiating the Academic, Financial, and Social Currents in Selective Colleges and Universities
Camille Z. Charles, Mary J. Fischer, Margarita A. Mooney & Douglas S. Massey

How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations Became Mainstream
Christopher Bail

bookjacketThere Goes the Gayborhood?
Amin Ghaziani

bookjacketThird Child:
A Study in the Prediction of Fertility
Charles F. Westoff & R. G. Potter

bookjacketTough Choices:
Structured Paternalism and the Landscape of Choice
Sigal R. Ben-Porath

A Personal History of School Reform since Sputnik
Chester E. Finn, Jr.

bookjacketTrusting Doctors:
The Decline of Moral Authority in American Medicine
Jonathan B. Imber

bookjacketUndermining Capitalism:
State Ownership and the Dialectic of Control in the British Coal Industry
Joel Krieger

bookjacketUnions in Politics:
Britain, Germany, and the United States in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Gary Wolfe Marks

bookjacketThe University in Transition
James Alfred Perkins

bookjacketAn Untouchable Community in South India:
Structure and Consensus
Michael Moffatt

bookjacketUrban Elites and Mass Transportation:
The Dialectics of Power
J. Allen Whitt

bookjacketUrban Networks in Ch'ing China and Tokugawa Japan
Gilbert Rozman

bookjacketUrban Networks in Russia, 1750-1800, and Pre-modern Periodization
Gilbert Rozman

bookjacketThe Uses of Talent
Dael Lee Wolfle

bookjacketThe Vanishing Irish:
Households, Migration, and the Rural Economy in Ireland, 1850-1914
Timothy W. Guinnane

bookjacketWelfare, Modernity, and the Weimar State
Young-Sun Hong

bookjacketWhat Older Americans Think:
Interest Groups and Aging Policy
Christine L. Day

bookjacketWhat's Happened to the Humanities?
Edited by Alvin B. Kernan

bookjacketWho Voted for Hitler?
Richard F. Hamilton

bookjacketWorking for the Railroad:
The Organization of Work in the Nineteenth Century
Walter Licht


bookjacketAmerican Zoo:
A Sociological Safari
David Grazian

bookjacketBanding Together:
How Communities Create Genres in Popular Music
Jennifer C. Lena

bookjacketBecoming Right:
How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives
Amy J. Binder & Kate Wood

bookjacketBig Gods:
How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict
Ara Norenzayan

bookjacketClimbing the Charts:
What Radio Airplay Tells Us about the Diffusion of Innovation
Gabriel Rossman

bookjacketCodes of Finance:
Engineering Derivatives in a Global Bank
Vincent Antonin Lépinay

bookjacketComing of Age in Second Life:
An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human
Tom Boellstorff

bookjacketCommunities of Violence:
Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages
David Nirenberg

bookjacketCreating the Market University:
How Academic Science Became an Economic Engine
Elizabeth Popp Berman

bookjacketCredit and Blame
Charles Tilly

bookjacketThe Global Commonwealth of Citizens:
Toward Cosmopolitan Democracy
Daniele Archibugi

bookjacketGovernment Paternalism:
Nanny State or Helpful Friend?
Julian Le Grand & Bill New

bookjacketThe Great Escape:
Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality
Angus Deaton

bookjacketThe Hero's Fight:
African Americans in West Baltimore and the Shadow of the State
Patricia Fernández-Kelly

bookjacketHigher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen

Your Country Needs Them
Philippe Legrain

bookjacketThe Importance of Being Civil:
The Struggle for Political Decency
John A. Hall

bookjacketImpossible Engineering:
Technology and Territoriality on the Canal du Midi
Chandra Mukerji

bookjacketInside the Castle:
Law and the Family in 20th Century America
Joanna L. Grossman & Lawrence M. Friedman

bookjacketJust Married:
Same-Sex Couples, Monogamy, and the Future of Marriage
Stephen Macedo

bookjacketLocus of Authority:
The Evolution of Faculty Roles in the Governance of Higher Education
William G. Bowen & Eugene M. Tobin

bookjacketMaking War at Fort Hood:
Life and Uncertainty in a Military Community
Kenneth T. MacLeish

bookjacketMarcel Mauss:
A Biography
Marcel Fournier

bookjacketMass Flourishing:
How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change
Edmund Phelps

bookjacketNations under God:
How Churches Use Moral Authority to Influence Policy
Anna Grzymała-Busse

bookjacketThe New York Nobody Knows:
Walking 6,000 Miles in the City
William B. Helmreich

bookjacketOne Hundred Semesters:
My Adventures as Student, Professor, and University President, and What I Learned along the Way
William M. Chace

bookjacketThe Org:
The Underlying Logic of the Office
Ray Fisman & Tim Sullivan

How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs
Lauren A. Rivera

bookjacketSelling Women Short:
Gender and Money on Wall Street
Louise Marie Roth

bookjacketThe Shape of the New:
Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World
Scott L. Montgomery & Daniel Chirot

bookjacketSmall-Town America:
Finding Community, Shaping the Future
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketThe Social Life of Money
Nigel Dodd

bookjacketThe Son Also Rises:
Surnames and the History of Social Mobility
Gregory Clark

bookjacketAn Uncertain Glory:
India and its Contradictions
Jean Drèze & Amartya Sen

bookjacketWhy Government Fails So Often:
And How It Can Do Better
Peter H. Schuck


bookjacketAddiction by Design:
Machine Gambling in Las Vegas
Natasha Dow Schüll

bookjacketAgainst Security:
How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways, and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger
Harvey Molotch

Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science
Joshua M. Epstein

bookjacketArt of the Deal:
Contemporary Art in a Global Financial Market
Noah Horowitz

bookjacketAtlas of Cities
Edited by Paul Knox

bookjacketThe Blame Game:
Spin, Bureaucracy, and Self-Preservation in Government
Christopher Hood

bookjacketThe Bounds of Reason:
Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences
Herbert Gintis

bookjacketCooking for Crowds
Merry White

bookjacketCreating a New Racial Order:
How Immigration, Multiracialism, Genomics, and the Young Can Remake Race in America
Jennifer L. Hochschild, Vesla M. Weaver & Traci R. Burch

bookjacketDead Ringers:
How Outsourcing Is Changing the Way Indians Understand Themselves
Shehzad Nadeem

bookjacketDisrupting Science:
Social Movements, American Scientists, and the Politics of the Military, 1945-1975
Kelly Moore

bookjacketThe Entrepreneurial Group:
Social Identities, Relations, and Collective Action
Martin Ruef

bookjacketGaming the World:
How Sports Are Reshaping Global Politics and Culture
Andrei S. Markovits & Lars Rensmann

bookjacketGetting Saved in America:
Taiwanese Immigration and Religious Experience
Carolyn Chen

bookjacketGuilty of Indigence:
The Urban Poor in China, 1900-1953
Janet Y. Chen

bookjacketHamas and Civil Society in Gaza:
Engaging the Islamist Social Sector
Sara Roy

bookjacketIn the Interest of Others:
Organizations and Social Activism
John S. Ahlquist & Margaret Levi

bookjacketThe Italian Renaissance:
Culture and Society in Italy
Peter Burke

bookjacketJane Austen, Game Theorist
Michael Suk-Young Chwe

bookjacketLittle Rock:
Race and Resistance at Central High School
Karen Anderson

bookjacketMaking Volunteers:
Civic Life after Welfare's End
Nina Eliasoph

bookjacketThe Medieval Prison:
A Social History
G. Geltner

bookjacketThe National Origins of Policy Ideas:
Knowledge Regimes in the United States, France, Germany, and Denmark
John L. Campbell & Ove K. Pedersen

blankjacketNo Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal:
Race and Class in Elite College Admission and Campus Life
Thomas J. Espenshade & Alexandria Walton Radford

bookjacketOn Hollywood:
The Place, The Industry
Allen J. Scott

bookjacketOn Rumors:
How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, and What Can Be Done
Cass R. Sunstein

bookjacketThe Origins of the Urban Crisis:
Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit
Thomas J. Sugrue

bookjacketThe Passions and the Interests:
Political Arguments for Capitalism before Its Triumph
Albert O. Hirschman

bookjacketPhilanthropy in America:
A History
Olivier Zunz

bookjacketProfane Culture
Paul E. Willis

bookjacketRed State Religion:
Faith and Politics in America's Heartland
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketReds, Whites, and Blues:
Social Movements, Folk Music, and Race in the United States
William G. Roy

bookjacketThe Secular City:
Secularization and Urbanization in Theological Perspective
Harvey Cox

bookjacketThe Silent Sex:
Gender, Deliberation, and Institutions
Christopher F. Karpowitz & Tali Mendelberg

bookjacketThe Spirit of Cities:
Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age
Daniel A. Bell & Avner de-Shalit

bookjacketStill a House Divided:
Race and Politics in Obama’s America
Desmond S. King & Rogers M. Smith

bookjacketUnderstanding Autism:
Parents, Doctors, and the History of a Disorder
Chloe Silverman

bookjacketVatican II:
A Sociological Analysis of Religious Change
Melissa J. Wilde

bookjacketThe War of the Sexes:
How Conflict and Cooperation Have Shaped Men and Women from Prehistory to the Present
Paul Seabright


bookjacketAmerican Religion:
Contemporary Trends
Mark Chaves

bookjacketBeauty Pays:
Why Attractive People Are More Successful
Daniel S. Hamermesh

bookjacketBlessed Are the Organized:
Grassroots Democracy in America
Jeffrey Stout

bookjacketClimbing Mount Laurel:
The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb
Douglas S. Massey, Len Albright, Rebecca Casciano, Elizabeth Derickson & David N. Kinsey

bookjacketCoding Freedom:
The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking
E. Gabriella Coleman

bookjacketCome Out Swinging:
The Changing World of Boxing in Gleason's Gym
Lucia Trimbur

bookjacketA Cooperative Species:
Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution
Samuel Bowles & Herbert Gintis

bookjacketEconomic Lives:
How Culture Shapes the Economy
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketThe Emergence of Organizations and Markets
John F. Padgett & Walter W. Powell

bookjacketEthnography and Virtual Worlds:
A Handbook of Method
Tom Boellstorff, Bonnie Nardi, Celia Pearce & T. L. Taylor

bookjacketExam Schools:
Inside America's Most Selective Public High Schools
Chester E. Finn, Jr. & Jessica A. Hockett

bookjacketExceptional People:
How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future
Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron & Meera Balarajan

bookjacketFinance and the Good Society
Robert J. Shiller

An Architect's Manifesto
Robert Geddes

bookjacketFrom Neighborhoods to Nations:
The Economics of Social Interactions
Yannis M. Ioannides

bookjacketHigher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen

bookjacketHuman Capitalism:
How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter--and More Unequal
Brink Lindsey

bookjacketThe Imperative of Integration
Elizabeth Anderson

bookjacketJane Austen, Game Theorist
Michael Suk-Young Chwe

bookjacketKeys to the City:
How Economics, Institutions, Social Interaction, and Politics Shape Development
Michael Storper

bookjacketThe Law Is a White Dog:
How Legal Rituals Make and Unmake Persons
Colin Dayan

bookjacketMafias on the Move:
How Organized Crime Conquers New Territories
Federico Varese

bookjacketA Mathematics Course for Political and Social Research
Will H. Moore & David A. Siegel

The New Brain Sciences and the Management of the Mind
Nikolas Rose & Joelle M. Abi-Rached

bookjacketOur Bodies, Whose Property?
Anne Phillips

The Making of an Adolescent Elite at St. Paul's School
Shamus Rahman Khan

bookjacketPublic Capital, Growth and Welfare:
Analytical Foundations for Public Policy
Pierre-Richard Agénor

bookjacketRational Ritual:
Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge
Michael Suk-Young Chwe

bookjacketRemaking the Heartland:
Middle America since the 1950s
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketShaping Jazz:
Cities, Labels, and the Global Emergence of an Art Form
Damon J. Phillips

bookjacketA Tale of Two Cultures:
Qualitative and Quantitative Research in the Social Sciences
Gary Goertz & James Mahoney

bookjacketWaiting for José:
The Minutemen’s Pursuit of America
Harel Shapira

bookjacketWaiting for José:
The Minutemen`s Pursuit of America
Harel Shapira

bookjacketWar in Social Thought:
Hobbes to the Present
Hans Joas & Wolfgang Knöbl

bookjacketWeimar Germany:
Promise and Tragedy
Eric D. Weitz

bookjacketWhy People Cooperate:
The Role of Social Motivations
Tom R. Tyler

bookjacketWhy Philanthropy Matters:
How the Wealthy Give, and What It Means for Our Economic Well-Being
Zoltan J. Acs

Reflections on an American Obsession
Francesco Duina

bookjacketThe Young Turks' Crime against Humanity:
The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire
Taner Akçam


bookjacketAgainst Security:
How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways, and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger
Harvey Molotch

bookjacketAlabama in Africa:
Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South
Andrew Zimmerman

bookjacketChasing Stars:
The Myth of Talent and the Portability of Performance
Boris Groysberg

A Short History
Robert L. Tignor

bookjacketThe Enculturated Gene:
Sickle Cell Health Politics and Biological Difference in West Africa
Duana Fullwiley

bookjacketEthics in an Age of Terror and Genocide:
Identity and Moral Choice
Kristen Renwick Monroe

bookjacketFinance and the Good Society
Robert J. Shiller

bookjacketThe Great Brain Race:
How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World
Ben Wildavsky

bookjacketGround Wars:
Personalized Communication in Political Campaigns
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

bookjacketIdentity and Religion in Palestine:
The Struggle between Islamism and Secularism in the Occupied Territories
Loren D. Lybarger

bookjacketIdentity Economics:
How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being
George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton

bookjacketIntroduction to Mathematical Sociology
Phillip Bonacich & Philip Lu

bookjacketNew Faces, New Voices:
The Hispanic Electorate in America
Marisa A. Abrajano & R. Michael Alvarez

bookjacketPhilanthropy in America:
A History
Olivier Zunz

bookjacketThe Politics of Happiness:
What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being
Derek Bok

bookjacketPrinceton Readings in Religion and Violence
Edited and with introductions by Mark Juergensmeyer & Margo Kitts

bookjacketThe Rebbe:
The Life and Afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Samuel Heilman & Menachem Friedman

bookjacketSocial Trends in American Life:
Findings from the General Social Survey since 1972
Edited by Peter V. Marsden

bookjacketThe Spirit of Cities:
Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age
Daniel A. Bell & Avner de-Shalit

bookjacketTalk at the Brink:
Deliberation and Decision during the Cuban Missile Crisis
David R. Gibson

bookjacketThree Worlds of Relief:
Race, Immigration, and the American Welfare State from the Progressive Era to the New Deal
Cybelle Fox

bookjacketTrust and Violence:
An Essay on a Modern Relationship
Jan Philipp Reemtsma

bookjacketWho Are the Criminals?:
The Politics of Crime Policy from the Age of Roosevelt to the Age of Reagan
John Hagan


bookjacketThe Age of Social Democracy:
Norway and Sweden in the Twentieth Century
Francis Sejersted

bookjacketBecause of Race:
How Americans Debate Harm and Opportunity in Our Schools
Mica Pollock

bookjacketA Behavioral Theory of Elections
Jonathan Bendor, Daniel Diermeier, David A. Siegel & Michael M. Ting

bookjacketCodes of the Underworld:
How Criminals Communicate
Diego Gambetta

bookjacketCold War Civil Rights:
Race and the Image of American Democracy
Mary L. Dudziak

bookjacketCrossing the Finish Line:
Completing College at America's Public Universities
William G. Bowen, Matthew M. Chingos & Michael S. McPherson

bookjacketCultivating Conscience:
How Good Laws Make Good People
Lynn Stout

The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age
Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

bookjacketDurkheim and the Birth of Economic Sociology
Philippe Steiner

bookjacketHow Many Languages Do We Need?:
The Economics of Linguistic Diversity
Victor Ginsburgh & Shlomo Weber

bookjacketThe Faces of Terrorism:
Social and Psychological Dimensions
Neil J. Smelser

bookjacketThe Five Habits of Highly Effective Honeybees (and What We Can Learn from Them):
From Honeybee Democracy
Thomas D. Seeley

bookjacketGames Prisoners Play:
The Tragicomic Worlds of Polish Prison
Marek M. Kaminski

bookjacketHamas and Civil Society in Gaza:
Engaging the Islamist Social Sector
Sara Roy

bookjacketHoneybee Democracy
Thomas D. Seeley

bookjacketThe Hoods:
Crime and Punishment in Belfast
Heather Hamill

bookjacket"If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die":
How Genocide Was Stopped in East Timor
Geoffrey Robinson

bookjacketInventing Equal Opportunity
Frank Dobbin

bookjacketLegal Accents, Legal Borrowing:
The International Problem-Solving Court Movement
James L. Nolan, Jr.

bookjacketThe Limits of Constitutional Democracy
Edited by Jeffrey K. Tulis & Stephen Macedo

bookjacketMarket Threads:
How Cotton Farmers and Traders Create a Global Commodity
Koray Çalişkan

bookjacketMax Weber in America
Lawrence A. Scaff

bookjacketThe Next Catastrophe:
Reducing Our Vulnerabilities to Natural, Industrial, and Terrorist Disasters
Charles Perrow

bookjacketPeasants under Siege:
The Collectivization of Romanian Agriculture, 1949-1962
Gail Kligman & Katherine Verdery

bookjacketPopulation-Based Survey Experiments
Diana C. Mutz

bookjacketPortfolios of the Poor:
How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day
Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford & Orlanda Ruthven

bookjacketQuestioning the Veil:
Open Letters to Muslim Women
Marnia Lazreg

bookjacketThe Real World of Democratic Theory
Ian Shapiro

bookjacketReligion and Democracy in the United States:
Danger or Opportunity?
Edited by Alan Wolfe & Ira Katznelson

bookjacketSara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus:
A Ghost Story and a Biography
Clifton Crais & Pamela Scully

bookjacketScripting Addiction:
The Politics of Therapeutic Talk and American Sobriety
E. Summerson Carr

bookjacketThe Sense of Dissonance:
Accounts of Worth in Economic Life
David Stark

bookjacketSocial and Economic Networks
Matthew O. Jackson

bookjacketSocial Structures
John Levi Martin

bookjacketThe Straight State:
Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America
Margot Canaday

Conditions of Historical Possibility
Edited by Michael D. Gordin, Helen Tilley & Gyan Prakash

bookjacketWhy Americans Don't Join the Party:
Race, Immigration, and the Failure (of Political Parties) to Engage the Electorate
Zoltan L. Hajnal & Taeku Lee


bookjacketAfter the Baby Boomers:
How Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings Are Shaping the Future of American Religion
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketThe Case for Big Government
Jeff Madrick

bookjacketThe Clash of Ideas in World Politics:
Transnational Networks, States, and Regime Change, 1510-2010
John M. Owen IV

bookjacketThe Company of Strangers:
A Natural History of Economic Life
Paul Seabright

bookjacketEconomic Gangsters:
Corruption, Violence, and the Poverty of Nations
Raymond Fisman & Edward Miguel

bookjacketEconomic Sociology:
A Systematic Inquiry
Alejandro Portes

bookjacketEconomists and Societies:
Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s
Marion Fourcade

blankjacketEducating Scholars:
Doctoral Education in the Humanities
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Harriet Zuckerman, Jeffrey A. Groen & Sharon M. Brucker

bookjacketFighting for Democracy:
Black Veterans and the Struggle Against White Supremacy in the Postwar South
Christopher S. Parker

bookjacketFraming Europe:
Attitudes to European Integration in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom
Juan Díez Medrano

bookjacketFree Trade Reimagined:
The World Division of Labor and the Method of Economics
Roberto Mangabeira Unger

bookjacketFrom Higher Aims to Hired Hands:
The Social Transformation of American Business Schools and the Unfulfilled Promise of Management as a Profession
Rakesh Khurana

bookjacketGreat Books, Bad Arguments:
Republic, Leviathan, and The Communist Manifesto
W. G. Runciman

bookjacketHidden in Plain Sight:
The Tragedy of Children's Rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel Tate
Barbara Bennett Woodhouse

bookjacketThe Household:
Informal Order around the Hearth
Robert C. Ellickson

bookjacketThe Litigation State:
Public Regulation and Private Lawsuits in the U.S.
Sean Farhang

bookjacketLuxury Fever:
Weighing the Cost of Excess
Robert H. Frank

bookjacketNot Even Past:
Barack Obama and the Burden of Race
Thomas J. Sugrue

bookjacketNot For Profit:
Why Democracy Needs the Humanities
Martha C. Nussbaum

bookjacketPop Finance:
Investment Clubs and the New Investor Populism
Brooke Harrington

bookjacketSchool Lunch Politics:
The Surprising History of America's Favorite Welfare Program
Susan Levine

Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays
Joel Waldfogel

bookjacketA Short History of Celebrity
Fred Inglis

bookjacketThe Soulful Science:
What Economists Really Do and Why It Matters
Diane Coyle

bookjacketUntying the Knot:
Marriage, the State, and the Case for Their Divorce
Tamara Metz

bookjacketUpward Mobility and the Common Good:
Toward a Literary History of the Welfare State
Bruce Robbins

bookjacketValuing the Unique:
The Economics of Singularities
Lucien Karpik

bookjacketWhat Price the Moral High Ground?:
How to Succeed without Selling Your Soul
Robert H. Frank

bookjacketWhen Brute Force Fails:
How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment
Mark A. R. Kleiman

bookjacketWho Cares?:
Public Ambivalence and Government Activism from the New Deal to the Second Gilded Age
Katherine S. Newman & Elisabeth S. Jacobs

bookjacketWhy Not Kill Them All?:
The Logic and Prevention of Mass Political Murder
Daniel Chirot & Clark McCauley

bookjacketWhy Not Socialism?
G. A. Cohen


bookjacketBarriers to Democracy:
The Other Side of Social Capital in Palestine and the Arab World
Amaney A. Jamal

bookjacketBipolar Expeditions:
Mania and Depression in American Culture
Emily Martin

bookjacketBoundaries of Contagion:
How Ethnic Politics Have Shaped Government Responses to AIDS
Evan S. Lieberman

bookjacketThe Bounds of Reason:
Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences
Herbert Gintis

bookjacketCharter Schools:
Hope or Hype?
Jack Buckley & Mark Schneider

bookjacketThe Citizen and the Alien:
Dilemmas of Contemporary Membership
Linda Bosniak

bookjacketCop in the Hood:
My Year Policing Baltimore's Eastern District
Peter Moskos

bookjacketThe Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right
Jon A. Shields

bookjacketDevelopment, Democracy, and Welfare States:
Latin America, East Asia, and Eastern Europe
Stephan Haggard & Robert R. Kaufman

The Missing Movement for Gun Control in America
Kristin A. Goss

bookjacketThe Empire of Trauma:
An Inquiry into the Condition of Victimhood
Didier Fassin & Richard Rechtman

bookjacketThe Fifth Freedom:
Jobs, Politics, and Civil Rights in the United States, 1941-1972
Anthony S. Chen

bookjacketFrom the Ground Up:
Translating Geography into Community through Neighbor Networks
Rick Grannis

bookjacketHeroes and Cowards:
The Social Face of War
Dora L. Costa & Matthew E. Kahn

bookjacketIn the Moment of Greatest Calamity:
Terrorism, Grief, and a Victim's Quest for Justice
Susan F. Hirsch

bookjacketThe Invisible Safety Net:
Protecting the Nation's Poor Children and Families
Janet M. Currie

bookjacketMaking Cities Work:
Prospects and Policies for Urban America
Edited by Robert P. Inman

bookjacketThe Making of an Economist, Redux
David Colander

bookjacketMarket Rebels:
How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations
Hayagreeva Rao

bookjacketMulticulturalism without Culture
Anne Phillips

bookjacketMuslim Lives in Eastern Europe:
Gender, Ethnicity, and the Transformation of Islam in Postsocialist Bulgaria
Kristen Ghodsee

bookjacketThe Myth of Digital Democracy
Matthew Hindman

bookjacketThe Nature of Demography
Hervé Le Bras

bookjacketPartisan Publics:
Communication and Contention across Brazilian Youth Activist Networks
Ann Mische

A Manifesto
Wolfgang Sofsky

blankjacketRacial Justice in the Age of Obama
Roy L. Brooks

bookjacketReason and Rationality
Jon Elster

bookjacketThe Right Talk:
How Conservatives Transformed the Great Society into the Economic Society
Mark A. Smith

bookjacketThe Rights of Spring:
A Memoir of Innocence Abroad
David Kennedy

bookjacketSchoolhouses, Courthouses, and Statehouses:
Solving the Funding-Achievement Puzzle in America's Public Schools
Eric A. Hanushek & Alfred A. Lindseth

bookjacketSecular Cycles
Peter Turchin & Sergey A. Nefedov

bookjacketSpying Blind:
The CIA, the FBI, and the Origins of 9/11
Amy B. Zegart

bookjacketThe Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical:
Scientific Management and the Rise of Modernist Architecture
Mauro F. Guillén

bookjacketTocqueville's Political Economy
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketTorture and Democracy
Darius Rejali

bookjacketUsable Theory:
Analytic Tools for Social and Political Research
Dietrich Rueschemeyer

A Micro-sociological Theory
Randall Collins

bookjacketThe Warhol Economy:
How Fashion, Art, and Music Drive New York City
Elizabeth Currid

bookjacketWhat Democracy Is For:
On Freedom and Moral Government
Stein Ringen

bookjacketWhat Makes a Terrorist:
Economics and the Roots of Terrorism
Alan B. Krueger

bookjacketWhen Experiments Travel:
Clinical Trials and the Global Search for Human Subjects
Adriana Petryna

bookjacketWhen Ways of Life Collide:
Multiculturalism and Its Discontents in the Netherlands
Paul M. Sniderman & Louk Hagendoorn

bookjacketWill to Live:
AIDS Therapies and the Politics of Survival
João Biehl


bookjacketAmerican Mythos:
Why Our Best Efforts to Be a Better Nation Fall Short
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketBlack and Blue:
African Americans, the Labor Movement, and the Decline of the Democratic Party
Paul Frymer

bookjacketBuilding a Global Bank:
The Transformation of Banco Santander
Mauro F. Guillén & Adrian Tschoegl

bookjacketCode Red:
An Economist Explains How to Revive the Healthcare System without Destroying It
David Dranove

bookjacketA Culture of Corruption:
Everyday Deception and Popular Discontent in Nigeria
Daniel Jordan Smith

bookjacketDemographic Forecasting
Federico Girosi & Gary King

bookjacketDo Economists Make Markets?:
On the Performativity of Economics
Edited by Donald MacKenzie, Fabian Muniesa & Lucia Siu

bookjacketEconomic Justice in an Unfair World:
Toward a Level Playing Field
Ethan B. Kapstein

bookjacketEvil Incarnate:
Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History
David Frankfurter

bookjacketThe Failed Welfare Revolution:
America's Struggle over Guaranteed Income Policy
Brian Steensland

bookjacketThe Flight from Reality in the Human Sciences
Ian Shapiro

bookjacketFrom Communists to Foreign Capitalists:
The Social Foundations of Foreign Direct Investment in Postsocialist Europe
Nina Bandelj

bookjacketHollywood Highbrow:
From Entertainment to Art
Shyon Baumann

bookjacketIdentity and Control:
How Social Formations Emerge
Harrison C. White

bookjacketInherited Wealth
Jens Beckert

bookjacketJust Silences:
The Limits and Possibilities of Modern Law
Marianne Constable

bookjacketKnocking on the Door:
The Federal Government's Attempt to Desegregate the Suburbs
Christopher Bonastia

bookjacketLaw as Culture:
An Invitation
Lawrence Rosen

bookjacketMarking Time:
On the Anthropology of the Contemporary
Paul Rabinow

bookjacketThe Modern Art of Dying:
A History of Euthanasia in the United States
Shai J. Lavi

bookjacketMoral Gray Zones:
Side Productions, Identity, and Regulation in an Aeronautic Plant
Michel Anteby

bookjacketThe Myth of the Rational Voter:
Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies
Bryan Caplan

bookjacketNationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town
Rogers Brubaker, Margit Feischmidt, Jon Fox & Liana Grancea

bookjacketOur Underachieving Colleges:
A Candid Look at How Much Students Learn and Why They Should Be Learning More
Derek Bok

bookjacketPeople of the Dream:
Multiracial Congregations in the United States
Michael O. Emerson

bookjacketPicture Perfect:
Life in the Age of the Photo Op
Kiku Adatto

bookjacketRegulating Aversion:
Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire
Wendy Brown

bookjacketSeven Rules for Social Research
Glenn Firebaugh

bookjacketSocial States:
China in International Institutions, 1980-2000
Alastair Iain Johnston

bookjacketStatus Signals:
A Sociological Study of Market Competition
Joel M. Podolny

bookjacketTerritory, Authority, Rights:
From Medieval to Global Assemblages
Saskia Sassen

bookjacketUnequal Chances:
Family Background and Economic Success
Edited by Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis, & Melissa Osborne Groves

bookjacketWeaving Self-Evidence:
A Sociology of Logic
Claude Rosental

bookjacketThe Welfare State Nobody Knows:
Debunking Myths about U.S. Social Policy
Christopher Howard

bookjacketWhat a Mighty Power We Can Be:
African American Fraternal Groups and the Struggle for Racial Equality
Theda Skocpol, Ariane Liazos, & Marshall Ganz

bookjacketWhen I'm Sixty-Four:
The Plot against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them
Teresa Ghilarducci

bookjacketWhen Movements Matter:
The Townsend Plan and the Rise of Social Security
Edwin Amenta

bookjacketWhy the French Don't Like Headscarves:
Islam, the State, and Public Space
John R. Bowen

bookjacketWhy We Vote:
How Schools and Communities Shape Our Civic Life
David E. Campbell

Charles Tilly


bookjacketAmerica and the Challenges of Religious Diversity
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketAnglican Communion in Crisis:
How Episcopal Dissidents and Their African Allies Are Reshaping Anglicanism
Miranda K. Hassett

bookjacketBorn and Made:
An Ethnography of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Sarah Franklin & Celia Roberts

bookjacketBuying Freedom:
The Ethics and Economics of Slave Redemption
Edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah & Martin Bunzl

bookjacketComplex Adaptive Systems:
An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life
John H. Miller & Scott E. Page

bookjacketDemanding Work:
The Paradox of Job Quality in the Affluent Economy
Francis Green

bookjacketDesigns on Nature:
Science and Democracy in Europe and the United States
Sheila Jasanoff

bookjacketDoes God Belong in Public Schools?
Kent Greenawalt

bookjacketThe Embedded Corporation:
Corporate Governance and Employment Relations in Japan and the United States
Sanford M. Jacoby

bookjacketThe Ethics of Identity
Kwame Anthony Appiah

bookjacketFinding the Words:
The Education of James O. Freedman
James O. Freedman

bookjacketFrom a Cause to a Style:
Modernist Architecture's Encounter with the American City
Nathan Glazer

bookjacketGenerative Social Science:
Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling
Joshua M. Epstein

bookjacketGlobal "Body Shopping":
An Indian Labor System in the Information Technology Industry
Xiang Biao

bookjacketInequality, Cooperation, and Environmental Sustainability
Edited by Jean-Marie Baland, Pranab Bardhan & Samuel Bowles

bookjacketInsult to Injury:
Rethinking our Responses to Intimate Abuse
Linda G. Mills

bookjacketJews and the American Soul:
Human Nature in the Twentieth Century
Andrew R. Heinze

bookjacketLogics of Organization Theory:
Audiences, Codes, and Ecologies
Michael T. Hannan, László Pólos & Glenn R. Carroll

bookjacketMercy on Trial:
What It Means to Stop an Execution
Austin Sarat

bookjacketThe Other Invisible Hand:
Delivering Public Services through Choice and Competition
Julian Le Grand

bookjacketA Place on the Team:
The Triumph and Tragedy of Title IX
Welch Suggs

bookjacketPolitical Power and Corporate Control:
The New Global Politics of Corporate Governance
Peter A. Gourevitch & James Shinn

bookjacketThe Politics of Life Itself:
Biomedicine, Power, and Subjectivity in the Twenty-First Century
Nikolas Rose

bookjacketPoverty and Discrimination
Kevin Lang

bookjacketPrinciples of Economic Sociology
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketThe Purchase of Intimacy
Viviana A. Zelizer

bookjacketRace in Another America:
The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil
Edward E. Telles

bookjacketRethinking Friendship:
Hidden Solidarities Today
Liz Spencer & Ray Pahl

bookjacketSex and Consequences:
Abortion, Public Policy, and the Economics of Fertility
Phillip B. Levine

bookjacketThe Social Construction of Free Trade:
The European Union, NAFTA, and Mercosur
Francesco Duina

bookjacketThe Society of Captives:
A Study of a Maximum Security Prison
Gresham M. Sykes

bookjacketTalking Prices:
Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art
Olav Velthuis

bookjacketTrue Faith and Allegiance:
Immigration and American Civic Nationalism
Noah Pickus

bookjacketWorlds Apart:
Measuring International and Global Inequality
Branko Milanovic


bookjacketAfter Brown:
The Rise and Retreat of School Desegregation
Charles T. Clotfelter

bookjacketAmerica's Crisis of Values:
Reality and Perception
Wayne E. Baker

bookjacketBeyond Individual Choice:
Teams and Frames in Game Theory
Michael Bacharach

Race Talk Dilemmas in an American School
Mica Pollock

bookjacketCulture and Demography in Organizations
J. Richard Harrison & Glenn R. Carroll

bookjacketDeath by a Thousand Cuts:
The Fight over Taxing Inherited Wealth
Michael J. Graetz & Ian Shapiro

bookjacketEmpowered Participation:
Reinventing Urban Democracy
Archon Fung

bookjacketExpert Political Judgment:
How Good Is It? How Can We Know?
Philip E. Tetlock

Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz: An Essay in Historical Interpretation
Jan T. Gross

bookjacketFor All These Rights:
Business, Labor, and the Shaping of America's Public-Private Welfare State
Jennifer Klein

bookjacketThe Geography of Ethnic Violence:
Identity, Interests, and the Indivisibility of Territory
Monica Duffy Toft

bookjacketGlobalization and Egalitarian Redistribution
Edited by Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles, & Michael Wallerstein

bookjacketGovernment Matters:
Welfare Reform in Wisconsin
Lawrence M. Mead

bookjacketGrowing Up Palestinian:
Israeli Occupation and the Intifada Generation
Laetitia Bucaille

bookjacketGurus, Hired Guns, and Warm Bodies:
Itinerant Experts in a Knowledge Economy
Stephen R. Barley & Gideon Kunda

bookjacketHiding from Humanity:
Disgust, Shame, and the Law
Martha C. Nussbaum

bookjacketIndeterminacy and Society
Russell Hardin

bookjacketThe Jewish Century
Yuri Slezkine

bookjacketA Larger Sense of Purpose:
Higher Education and Society
Harold T. Shapiro

bookjacketLocked in Place:
State-Building and Late Industrialization in India
Vivek Chibber

bookjacketThe Minds of Marginalized Black Men:
Making Sense of Mobility, Opportunity, and Future Life Chances
Alford A. Young Jr.

bookjacketMy Life Is a Weapon:
A Modern History of Suicide Bombing
Christoph Reuter

bookjacketOn Justification:
Economies of Worth
Luc Boltanski & Laurent Thévenot

bookjacketPolitics as Religion
Emilio Gentile

bookjacketRacial Culture:
A Critique
Richard T. Ford

bookjacketReligion and Family in a Changing Society
Penny Edgell

bookjacketSaving America?:
Faith-Based Services and the Future of Civil Society
Robert Wuthnow

Sexual and Social Politics in Victorian London
Seth Koven

bookjacketSocial Choice with Partial Knowledge of Treatment Response
Charles F. Manski

bookjacketSocial Science Concepts:
A User's Guide
Gary Goertz

bookjacketThe Source of the River:
The Social Origins of Freshmen at America's Selective Colleges and Universities
Douglas S. Massey, Camille Z. Charles, Garvey F. Lundy, & Mary J. Fischer

bookjacketThe State of Democratic Theory
Ian Shapiro

bookjacketThe Structure and Dynamics of Networks
Mark Newman, Albert-László Barabási, & Duncan J. Watts

bookjacketThe Travels and Adventures of Serendipity:
A Study in Sociological Semantics and the Sociology of Science
Robert K. Merton & Elinor Barber

bookjacketUnderstanding Institutional Diversity
Elinor Ostrom

bookjacketWorkable Sisterhood:
The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS
Michele Tracy Berger


Pursuing the Dream, Living the Reality
Suzanne Keller

bookjacketThe Dark Sides of Virtue:
Reassessing International Humanitarianism
David Kennedy

bookjacketDead on Arrival:
The Politics of Health Care in Twentieth-Century America
Colin Gordon

bookjacketDigital Formations:
IT and New Architectures in the Global Realm
Edited by Robert Latham & Saskia Sassen

bookjacketDropping Anchor, Setting Sail:
Geographies of Race in Black Liverpool
Jacqueline Nassy Brown

bookjacketThe Economic Sociology of Capitalism
Edited by Victor Nee & Richard Swedberg

bookjacketElusive Togetherness:
Church Groups Trying to Bridge America's Divisions
Paul Lichterman

bookjacketThe Handbook of Economic Sociology
Edited by Neil J. Smelser & Richard Swedberg

bookjacketIdentity in Democracy
Amy Gutmann

bookjacketInteraction Ritual Chains
Randall Collins

bookjacketMarkets from Networks:
Socioeconomic Models of Production
Harrison C. White

bookjacketA New World Order
Anne-Marie Slaughter

bookjacketOn Bullshit
Harry G. Frankfurt

bookjacketOrganizing America:
Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism
Charles Perrow

bookjacketThe Other Women's Movement:
Workplace Justice and Social Rights in Modern America
Dorothy Sue Cobble

bookjacketRace to the Finish:
Identity and Governance in an Age of Genomics
Jenny Reardon

bookjacketReclaiming the Game:
College Sports and Educational Values
William G. Bowen & Sarah A. Levin

bookjacketRemaking Muslim Politics:
Pluralism, Contestation, Democratization
Edited by Robert W. Hefner

bookjacketReturn of the "L" Word:
A Liberal Vision for the New Century
Douglas S. Massey

bookjacketReturn to Greatness:
How America Lost Its Sense of Purpose and What It Needs to Do to Recover It
Alan Wolfe

bookjacketSovereign Bodies:
Citizens, Migrants, and States in the Postcolonial World
Edited by Thomas Blom Hansen & Finn Stepputat


bookjacketBlack Pride and Black Prejudice
Paul M. Sniderman & Thomas Piazza

bookjacketCities in the International Marketplace:
The Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe
Hank V. Savitch & Paul Kantor

bookjacketContentious Curricula:
Afrocentrism and Creationism in American Public Schools
Amy J. Binder

bookjacketCreative Destruction:
How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures
Tyler Cowen

bookjacketThe Demography of Corporations and Industries
Glenn R. Carroll & Michael T. Hannan

bookjacketFor the Glory of God:
How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery
Rodney Stark

bookjacketHistorical Dynamics:
Why States Rise and Fall
Peter Turchin

bookjacketInstitutional Change and Globalization
John L. Campbell

bookjacketManaging Mexico:
Economists from Nationalism to Neoliberalism
Sarah Babb

bookjacketMuslim Politics
Dale F. Eickelman & James Piscatori

bookjacketThe Nation-State in Question
Edited by T. V. Paul, G. John Ikenberry, & John Hall

bookjacketThe New Economic Sociology:
A Reader
Edited by Frank Dobbin

bookjacketThe Ordinary Business of Life:
A History of Economics from the Ancient World to the Twenty-First Century
Roger E. Backhouse

bookjacketPolitics in Time:
History, Institutions, and Social Analysis
Paul Pierson

bookjacketThe Reemergence of Self-Employment:
A Comparative Study of Self-Employment Dynamics and Social Inequality
Edited by Richard Arum & Walter Müller

bookjacketSearching for a Corporate Savior:
The Irrational Quest for Charismatic CEOs
Rakesh Khurana

bookjacketSmall Worlds:
The Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness
Duncan J. Watts

bookjacketStand and Prosper:
Private Black Colleges and Their Students
Henry N. Drewry & Humphrey Doermann

bookjacketWhy Deliberative Democracy?
Amy Gutmann & Dennis Thompson

bookjacketWomen Don't Ask:
Negotiation and the Gender Divide
Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever


bookjacketArchitects of Annihilation:
Auschwitz and the Logic of Destruction
Götz Aly & Susanne Heim

bookjacketThe Architecture of Markets:
An Economic Sociology of Twenty-First-Century Capitalist Societies
Neil Fligstein

bookjacketBeyond the Market:
The Social Foundations of Economic Efficiency
Jens Beckert

bookjacketBreaking the Cycles of Hatred:
Memory, Law, and Repair
Martha Minow

bookjacketThe Economic Evolution of American Health Care:
From Marcus Welby to Managed Care
David Dranove

bookjacketEmblems of Pluralism:
Cultural Differences and the State
Carol Weisbrod

bookjacketKingdom of Children:
Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement
Mitchell L. Stevens

bookjacketLaw's Dream of a Common Knowledge
Mariana Valverde

bookjacketThe Limits of Convergence:
Globalization and Organizational Change in Argentina, South Korea, and Spain
Mauro F. Guillén

bookjacketThe Many and the One:
Religious and Secular Perspectives on Ethical Pluralism in the Modern World
Edited by Richard Madsen & Tracy B. Strong

bookjacketModernity's Wager:
Authority, the Self, and Transcendence
Adam B. Seligman

bookjacketThe Monochrome Society
Amitai Etzioni

bookjacketOne True God:
Historical Consequences of Monotheism
Rodney Stark

bookjacketThe Politics of Cultural Differences:
Social Change and Voter Mobilization Strategies in the Post-New Deal Period
David C. Leege, Kenneth D. Wald, Brian S. Krueger, & Paul D. Mueller

bookjacketPoverty Knowledge:
Social Science, Social Policy, and the Poor in Twentieth-Century U.S. History
Alice O'Connor

bookjacketReinventing Justice:
The American Drug Court Movement
James L. Nolan Jr.

bookjacketThe Rise of the Agricultural Welfare State:
Institutions and Interest Group Power in the United States, France, and Japan
Adam D. Sheingate

bookjacketRomantics at War:
Glory and Guilt in the Age of Terrorism
George P. Fletcher

bookjacketSchool Choice:
The Moral Debate
Edited by Alan Wolfe

bookjacketThe Twenty-First-Century Firm:
Changing Economic Organization in International Perspective
Edited by Paul DiMaggio

bookjacketA Way Out:
America's Ghettos and the Legacy of Racism
Owen Fiss


bookjacketThe Ambiguous Embrace:
Government and Faith-Based Schools and Social Agencies
Charles L. Glenn

bookjacketBlessed Events:
Religion and Home Birth in America
Pamela E. Klassen

bookjacketChoosing Schools:
Consumer Choice and the Quality of American Schools
Mark Schneider, Paul Teske, & Melissa Marschall

bookjacketThe Claims of Culture:
Equality and Diversity in the Global Era
Seyla Benhabib

bookjacketDivided We Stand:
American Workers and the Struggle for Black Equality
Bruce Nelson

bookjacketDocumenting Individual Identity:
The Development of State Practices in the Modern World
Edited by Jane Caplan & John Torpey

bookjacketDragon in a Three-Piece Suit:
The Emergence of Capitalism in China
Doug Guthrie

bookjacketThe Fate of Knowledge
Helen E. Longino

bookjacketFriendly Fire:
The Accidental Shootdown of U.S. Black Hawks over Northern Iraq
Scott A. Snook

bookjacketThe Global City:
New York, London, Tokyo
Saskia Sassen

bookjacketHappiness and Economics:
How the Economy and Institutions Affect Human Well-Being
Bruno S. Frey & Alois Stutzer

bookjacketIs America Breaking Apart?
John A. Hall & Charles Lindholm

bookjacketIslamic Political Ethics:
Civil Society, Pluralism, and Conflict
Edited by Sohail H. Hashmi

bookjacketMistaken Identity:
The Supreme Court and the Politics of Minority Representation
Keith J. Bybee

bookjacketNegotiating Identities:
States and Immigrants in France and Germany
Riva Kastoryano

bookjacketThe Outsider:
Prejudice and Politics in Italy
Paul M. Sniderman, Pierangelo Peri, Rui J. P. de Figueiredo Jr., & Thomas Piazza

bookjacketPassion and Paradox:
Intellectuals Confront the National Question
Joan Cocks

bookjacketReform in the Making:
The Implementation of Social Policy in Prison
Ann Chih Lin

bookjacketSchools of Thought:
Twenty-Five Years of Interpretive Social Science
Edited by Joan W. Scott & Debra Keates

bookjacketShifting Involvements:
Private Interest and Public Action
Albert O. Hirschman

bookjacketWhen the State Kills:
Capital Punishment and the American Condition
Austin Sarat


bookjacketAbraham on Trial:
The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth
Carol Delaney

bookjacketAfter Victory:
Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order after Major Wars
G. John Ikenberry

bookjacketBlack '47 and Beyond:
The Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory
Cormac Ó Gráda

bookjacketCharter Schools in Action:
Renewing Public Education
Chester E. Finn, Bruno V. Manno, & Gregg Vanourek

bookjacketCity Making:
Building Communities without Building Walls
Gerald E. Frug

bookjacketThe Color of School Reform:
Race, Politics, and the Challenge of Urban Education
Jeffrey R. Henig, Richard C. Hula, Marion Orr, & Desiree S. Pedescleaux

bookjacketDemocracy and Association
Mark E. Warren

bookjacketDemocracy in Suburbia
J. Eric Oliver

bookjacketDry Bones Rattling:
Community Building to Revitalize American Democracy
Mark R. Warren

bookjacketEnvironment, Scarcity, and Violence
Thomas F. Homer-Dixon

bookjacketGifted Tongues:
High School Debate and Adolescent Culture
Gary Alan Fine

bookjacketHeaven's Door:
Immigration Policy and the American Economy
George J. Borjas

bookjacketHome Team:
Professional Sports and the American Metropolis
Michael N. Danielson

bookjacketIndividual Strategy and Social Structure:
An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions
H. Peyton Young

bookjacketIntegral Europe:
Fast-Capitalism, Multiculturalism, Neofascism
Douglas R. Holmes

bookjacketA Logic of Expressive Choice
Alexander A. Schuessler

bookjacketManufacturing Ideology:
Scientific Management in Twentieth-Century Japan
William M. Tsutsui

bookjacketThe Market Approach to Education:
An Analysis of America's First Voucher Program
John F. Witte

The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland
Jan T. Gross

Soccer and American Exceptionalism
Andrei S. Markovits & Steven L. Hellerman

bookjacketThe Other Mirror:
Grand Theory through the Lens of Latin America
Edited by Miguel Angel Centeno & Fernando López-Alves

bookjacketPolitics Out of History
Wendy Brown

bookjacketThe Rise of Neoliberalism and Institutional Analysis
Edited by John L. Campbell & Ove K. Pedersen

bookjacketSecuring Prosperity:
The American Labor Market: How It Has Changed and What to Do about It
Paul Osterman

bookjacketSexual Identities, Queer Politics
Edited by Mark Blasius

bookjacketSocial Outsiders in Nazi Germany
Edited by Robert Gellately & Nathan Stoltzfus

bookjacketSpiritual Marketplace:
Baby Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion
Wade Clark Roof

bookjacketVampires, Dragons, and Egyptian Kings:
Youth Gangs in Postwar New York
Eric C. Schneider


bookjacketBearing Witness:
Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria
Wendy Griswold

bookjacketBold Relief:
Institutional Politics and the Origins of Modern American Social Policy
Edwin Amenta

bookjacketThe Coasts of Bohemia:
A Czech History
Derek Sayer

bookjacketCulture Moves:
Ideas, Activism, and Changing Values
Thomas R. Rochon

bookjacketEssays in Economic Sociology
Max Weber

bookjacketGrowth in a Traditional Society:
The French Countryside, 1450-1815
Philip T. Hoffman

bookjacketIn the Shadow of Illness:
Parents and Siblings of the Chronically Ill Child
Myra Bluebond-Langner

bookjacketMax Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketMembership and Morals:
The Personal Uses of Pluralism in America
Nancy L. Rosenblum

bookjacketMeritocracy and Economic Inequality
Edited by Kenneth Arrow, Samuel Bowles, & Steven Durlauf

bookjacketNormal Accidents:
Living with High Risk Technologies
Charles Perrow

bookjacketNurses in Nazi Germany:
Moral Choice in History
Bronwyn Rebekah McFarland-Icke

bookjacketOrigins of Democratic Culture:
Printing, Petitions, and the Public Sphere in Early-Modern England
David Zaret

bookjacketPlenty of Nothing:
The Downsizing of the American Dream and the Case for Structural Keynesianism
Thomas I. Palley

bookjacketThe Politics of Gender after Socialism:
A Comparative-Historical Essay
Susan Gal & Gail Kligman

bookjacketThe Problem of Trust
Adam B. Seligman

bookjacketRacial Situations:
Class Predicaments of Whiteness in Detroit
John Hartigan Jr.

bookjacketReproducing Gender:
Politics, Publics, and Everyday Life after Socialism
Edited by Susan Gal & Gail Kligman

bookjacketRethinking Working-Class History:
Bengal 1890-1940
Dipesh Chakrabarty

bookjacketShattering the Myth:
Islam beyond Violence
Bruce B. Lawrence

bookjacketStuck in Neutral:
Business and the Politics of Human Capital Investment Policy
Cathie Jo Martin

bookjacketTruth v. Justice:
The Morality of Truth Commissions
Edited by Robert I. Rotberg & Dennis Thompson

bookjacketUrban Recycling and the Search for Sustainable Community Development
Adam S. Weinberg, David N. Pellow, & Allan Schnaiberg


bookjacketAfter the Holocaust:
Rebuilding Jewish Lives in Postwar Germany
Michael Brenner

bookjacketBaseball on the Border:
A Tale of Two Laredos
Alan M. Klein

bookjacketBetween Class and Market:
Postwar Unionization in the Capitalist Democracies
Bruce Western

The Crisis of Communism and the End of East Germany
Charles S. Maier

bookjacketDiversity and Its Discontents:
Cultural Conflict and Common Ground in Contemporary American Society
Edited by Neil J. Smelser & Jeffrey C. Alexander

bookjacketEthnography through Thick and Thin
George E. Marcus

bookjacketThe Hidden Welfare State:
Tax Expenditures and Social Policy in the United States
Christopher Howard

bookjacketInsecure Prosperity:
Small-Town Jews in Industrial America, 1890-1940
Ewa Morawska

bookjacketIt Takes a Nation:
A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty
Rebecca M. Blank

bookjacketThe Order of Terror:
The Concentration Camp
Wolfgang Sofsky

bookjacketOrpheus and Power:
The Movimento Negro of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil 1945-1988
Michael George Hanchard

bookjacketPromise and Dilemma:
Perspectives on Racial Diversity and Higher Education
Edited by Eugene Y. Lowe Jr.

bookjacketRethinking Abortion:
Equal Choice, the Constitution, and Reproductive Politics
Mark A. Graber

bookjacketThe Road to Nowhere:
The Genesis of President Clinton's Plan for Health Security
Jacob S. Hacker

bookjacketThe Saffron Wave:
Democracy and Hindu Nationalism in Modern India
Thomas Blom Hansen

bookjacketThe Social and Religious Designs of J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos
Michael Marissen

bookjacketSocializing Capital:
The Rise of the Large Industrial Corporation in America
William G. Roy

bookjacketSystem Effects:
Complexity in Political and Social Life
Robert Jervis

bookjacketThorstein Veblen:
Theorist of the Leisure Class
John Patrick Diggins

bookjacketWork and Welfare
Robert M. Solow


blankjacketBasic Interests:
The Importance of Groups in Politics and in Political Science
Frank R. Baumgartner & Beth L. Leech

bookjacketColor Conscious:
The Political Morality of Race
K. Anthony Appiah & Amy Gutmann

bookjacketConsumer Rites:
The Buying and Selling of American Holidays
Leigh Eric Schmidt

bookjacketFreedom of Association
Edited by Amy Gutmann

bookjacketGender and American Social Science:
The Formative Years
Edited by Helene Silverberg

bookjacketThe Great Famine:
Northern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century
William Chester Jordan

bookjacketThe Harmony of Illusions:
Inventing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Allan Young

bookjacketThe Heart of Altruism:
Perceptions of a Common Humanity
Kristen Renwick Monroe

bookjacketImperiled Innocents:
Anthony Comstock and Family Reproduction in Victorian America
Nicola Beisel

bookjacketMolding Japanese Minds:
The State in Everyday Life
Sheldon Garon

bookjacketOne for All:
The Logic of Group Conflict
Russell Hardin

bookjacketOutside Lobbying:
Public Opinion and Interest Group Strategies
Ken Kollman

bookjacketPoor Richard's Principle:
Recovering the American Dream through the Moral Dimension of Work, Business, and Money
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketProducing Public Television, Producing Public Culture
Barry Dornfeld

bookjacketThe Science of Sacrifice:
American Literature and Modern Social Theory
Susan L. Mizruchi

bookjacketSettling Accounts:
Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist Europe
John Borneman

bookjacketThe Ultimate Resource 2
Julian L. Simon


bookjacketCharred Lullabies:
Chapters in an Anthropography of Violence
E. Valentine Daniel

The Politics of National Identity
Edited by John R. Gillis

bookjacketEssays on the Anthropology of Reason
Paul Rabinow

bookjacketImproving Poor People:
The Welfare State, the "Underclass," and Urban Schools as History
Michael B. Katz

bookjacketModernization and Postmodernization:
Cultural, Economic, and Political Change in 43 Societies
Ronald Inglehart

bookjacketA Picasso Anthology:
Documents, Criticism, Reminiscences
Edited by Marilyn McCully

bookjacketA Solution to the Ecological Inference Problem:
Reconstructing Individual Behavior from Aggregate Data
Gary King

blankjacketThe State against Society:
Political Crises and Their Aftermath in East Central Europe
Grzegorz Ekiert

bookjacketTrust in Numbers:
The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life
Theodore M. Porter

bookjacketWhy the Wealthy Give:
The Culture of Elite Philanthropy
Francie Ostrower


bookjacketAmerican Dreaming:
Immigrant Life on the Margins
Sarah J. Mahler

bookjacketChildren and the Politics of Culture
Edited by Sharon Stephens

bookjacketChildren of Choice:
Freedom and the New Reproductive Technologies
John A. Robertson

bookjacketFacing Up to the American Dream:
Race, Class, and the Soul of the Nation
Jennifer L. Hochschild

bookjacketFringe and Fortune:
The Role of Critics in High and Popular Art
Wesley Monroe Shrum Jr.

bookjacketIn an Age of Experts:
The Changing Roles of Professionals in Politics and Public Life
Steven Brint

bookjacketInequality by Design:
Cracking the Bell Curve Myth
Claude S. Fischer, Michael Hout, Martín Sánchez Jankowski, Samuel R. Lucas, Ann Swidler, & Kim Voss

bookjacketModern Tyrants:
The Power and Prevalence of Evil in Our Age
Daniel Chirot

bookjacketPhantoms of Remembrance:
Memory and Oblivion at the End of the First Millennium
Patrick J. Geary

blankjacketThe Psychiatric Persuasion:
Knowledge, Gender, and Power in Modern America
Elizabeth Lunbeck

bookjacketThe Rise of Christianity:
A Sociologist Reconsiders History
Rodney Stark

bookjacketSocial Policy in the United States:
Future Possibilities in Historical Perspective
Theda Skocpol

bookjacketA Space on the Side of the Road:
Cultural Poetics in an "Other" America
Kathleen Stewart

bookjacketWhat Was Socialism, and What Comes Next?
Katherine Verdery


bookjacketBefore the Melting Pot:
Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664-1730
Joyce D. Goodfriend

bookjacketBehind the Mule:
Race and Class in African-American Politics
Michael C. Dawson

bookjacketEmbedded Autonomy:
States and Industrial Transformation
Peter Evans

bookjacketExperts and Politicians:
Reform Challenges to Machine Politics in New York, Cleveland, and Chicago
Kenneth Finegold

bookjacketFamily Tightrope:
The Changing Lives of Vietnamese Americans
Nazli Kibria

blankjacketGame Theory for Political Scientists
James D. Morrow

bookjacketThe Idea of Civil Society
Adam B. Seligman

blankjacketThe Limits of Safety:
Organizations, Accidents, and Nuclear Weapons
Scott D. Sagan

blankjacketLiquid Life:
Abortion and Buddhism in Japan
William R. LaFleur

Charles Taylor

bookjacketA Phoenix in the Ashes:
The Rise and Fall of the Koch Coalition in New York City Politics
John Hull Mollenkopf

blankjacketPolitics in Black and White:
Race and Power in Los Angeles
Raphael J. Sonenshein

bookjacketRethinking School Choice:
Limits of the Market Metaphor
Jeffrey R. Henig


blankjacketBallots and Barricades:
Class Formation and Republican Politics in France, 1830-1871
Ronald Aminzade

blankjacketThe Bon Marché:
Bourgeois Culture and the Department Store, 1869-1920
Michael B. Miller

A Reader in Contemporary Social Theory
Edited by Nicholas B. Dirks, Geoff Eley, & Sherry B. Ortner

bookjacketCultures in Flux:
Lower-Class Values, Practices, and Resistance in Late Imperial Russia
Edited by Stephen P. Frank & Mark D. Steinberg

The Quest for Understanding
Walker Connor

bookjacketLittle Brazil:
An Ethnography of Brazilian Immigrants in New York City
Maxine L. Margolis

blankjacketMaking Democracy Work:
Civic Traditions in Modern Italy
Robert D. Putnam

bookjacketPricing the Priceless Child:
The Changing Social Value of Children
Viviana A. Zelizer

blankjacketQuiet Revolution in the South:
The Impact of the Voting Rights Act, 1965-1990
Edited by Chandler Davidson & Bernard Grofman

blankjacketRemaking America:
Public Memory, Commemoration, and Patriotism in the Twentieth Century
John Bodnar


bookjacketActs of Compassion:
Caring for Others and Helping Ourselves
Robert Wuthnow

blankjacketBehind the Intifada:
Labor and Women's Movements in the Occupied Territories
Joost R. Hiltermann

blankjacketPolitics and Jobs:
The Boundaries of Employment Policy in the United States
Margaret Weir

bookjacketTo Every Thing a Season:
Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia, 1909-1976
Bruce Kuklick

blankjacketThe "Underclass" Debate:
Views from History
Edited by Michael B. Katz

blankjacketUrban Rivalries in the French Revolution
Ted W. Margadant


bookjacketFamily Planning in Japanese Society:
Traditional Birth Control in a Modern Urban Culture
Samuel Coleman

blankjacketHow Old Are You?:
Age Consciousness in American Culture
Howard P. Chudacoff

blankjacketKnowledge and Power in Morocco:
The Education of a Twentieth-Century Notable
Dale F. Eickelman

bookjacketThe Making of Urban America:
A History of City Planning in the United States
John W. Reps

blankjacketOn Social Facts
Margaret Gilbert


blankjacketJoseph A. Schumpeter:
The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism
Richard Swedberg


blankjacketCultural Disenchantments:
Worker Peasantries in Northeast Italy
Douglas R. Holmes

blankjacketCulture Shift in Advanced Industrial Society
Ronald Inglehart

bookjacketEconomics and Sociology:
Redefining Their Boundaries: Conversations with Economists and Sociologists
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketThe Restructuring of American Religion:
Society and Faith since World War II
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketThe Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980
Edited by Steve Fraser & Gary Gerstle

blankjacketThe Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism
Gøsta Esping-Andersen

bookjacketThe World They Made Together:
Black and White Values in Eighteenth-Century Virginia
Mechal Sobel


bookjacketStrong Societies and Weak States:
State-Society Relations and State Capabilities in the Third World
Joel S. Migdal


blankjacketThe Other God that Failed:
Hans Freyer and the Deradicalization of German Conservatism
Jerry Z. Muller

blankjacketPlanning in the Public Domain:
From Knowledge to Action
John Friedmann


A Brazilian Coffee County, 1850-1900. The Roles of Planter and Slave in a Plantation Society
Stanley J. Stein


bookjacketThe Private Worlds of Dying Children
Myra Bluebond-Langner

blankjacketUrban Village:
Population, Community, and Family Structure in Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1683-1800
Stephanie Grauman Wolf


bookjacketDependent Development:
The Alliance of Multinational, State, and Local Capital in Brazil
Peter B. Evans

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