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bookjacketAbelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication and Modular Functions.
G. Shimura.

bookjacketAbraham Robinson:
The Creation of Nonstandard Analysis, A Personal and Mathematical Odyssey.
J.W. Dauben.

bookjacketAcross the Board:
The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems.
J.J. Watkins.

bookjacketThe Action Principle and Partial Differential Equations. (AM-146).
D. Christodoulou.

bookjacketAdaptive Control of Parabolic PDEs.
A. Smyshlyaev and M. Krstic.

blankjacketThe Admissible Dual of GL(N) via Compact Open Subgroups. (AM-129).
C. Bushnell and P.C. Kutzko.

bookjacketAdvances in Analysis:
The Legacy of Elias M. Stein.
C. Fefferman, A. Ionescu, et al.

bookjacketAdvances in Game Theory. (AM-52).
M. Dresher, L.S. Shapley, et al., eds.

bookjacketAdvances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-66).
L.V. Ahlfors and L. Bers.

Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science.
J.M. Epstein.

bookjacketAgent-Based and Individual-Based Modeling:
A Practical Introduction.
S.F. Railsback and V. Grimm.

bookjacketAlan Turing:
The Enigma The Centenary Edition.
A. Hodges.

bookjacketAlan Turing's Systems of Logic:
The Princeton Thesis.
A.W. Appel, ed.

bookjacketAlgebraic Curves over a Finite Field.
J.W.P. Hirschfeld, G. Korchmáros, et al.

bookjacketAlgebraic Geometry in Coding Theory and Cryptography.
H. Niederreiter and C. Xing.

bookjacketAlgebraic Structures of Symmetric Domains.
I. Satake.

bookjacketAlgebraic Theory of Numbers. (AM-1).
H. Weyl.

bookjacketAlgebraic Topology and Algebraic K-Theory:
Proceedings of a Symposium in Honor of John C. Moore. (AM-113).
W. Browder, ed.

bookjacketAlgorithms for Worst-Case Design and Applications to Risk Management.
B. Rustem and M. Howe.

bookjacketThe Ambient Metric (AM-178).
C. Fefferman and C.R. Graham.

bookjacketAnalysis of Evolutionary Processes:
The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications.
F. Dercole and S. Rinaldi.

bookjacketAnalysis of Heat Equations on Domains. (LMS-31).
E. Ouhabaz.

bookjacketAnalytic Pseudodifferential Operators for the Heisenberg Group and Local Solvability. (MN-37).
D. Geller.

bookjacketAnalytic Theory of Global Bifurcation.
B. Buffoni and J. Toland.

blankjacketAngular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics.
A.R. Edmonds.

bookjacketApproximating Perfection:
A Mathematician's Journey into the World of Mechanics.
L.P. Lebedev and M.J. Cloud.

bookjacketArc Pair Grammar.
D.E. Johnson and P.M. Postal.

bookjacketArithmetic Compactifications of PEL-Type Shimura Varieties.
K. Lan.

bookjacketArithmetic Moduli of Elliptic Curves. (AM-108).
N.M. Katz and B. Mazur.

bookjacketAstrophysics in a Nutshell.
D. Maoz.

blankjacketAutomata Studies. (AM-34).
C.E. Shannon and J. McCarthy, eds.

bookjacketAutomorphic Forms on Adele Groups. (AM-83).
S.S. Gelbart.

blankjacketAutomorphic Representation of Unitary Groups in Three Variables. (AM-123).
J.D. Rogawski.

bookjacketAuxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection.
S.L. Campbell and R. Nikoukhah.

bookjacketBarriers and Bounds to Rationality:
Essays on Economic Complexity and Dynamics in Interactive Systems.
P. Albin; D.K. Foley, ed.

bookjacketBase Change for GL(2). (AM-96).
R.P. Langlands.

bookjacketBaseball's All-Time Best Hitters:
How Statistics Can Level the Playing Field.
M.J. Schell.

bookjacketBaseball's All-Time Best Sluggers:
Adjusted Batting Performance from Strikeouts to Home Runs.
M.J. Schell.

bookjacketBeautiful Geometry.
E. Maor and E. Jost.

bookjacketBehavioral Game Theory:
Experiments in Strategic Interaction.
C.F. Camerer.

bookjacketBehind Deep Blue:
Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion.
F. Hsu.

bookjacketBeijing Lectures in Harmonic Analysis. (AM-112).
E.M. Stein, ed.

bookjacketBenjamin Franklin's Numbers:
An Unsung Mathematical Odyssey.
P.C. Pasles.

bookjacketThe Best Writing on Mathematics 2010.
M. Pitici, ed.

bookjacketThe Best Writing on Mathematics 2011.
M. Pitici, ed.

bookjacketThe Best Writing on Mathematics 2012.
M. Pitici, ed.

bookjacketThe Best Writing on Mathematics 2013.
M. Pitici, ed.

bookjacketThe Best Writing on Mathematics 2014.
M. Pitici, ed.

bookjacketA Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution.
S. Otto and T. Day.

blankjacketBiomolecular Feedback Systems.
D. Del Vecchio and R.M. Murray.

bookjacketThe Birth of Model Theory:
Löwenheim's Theorem in the Frame of the Theory of Relatives.
C. Badesa.

bookjacketThe Blind Spot:
Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty.
W. Byers.

bookjacketBlow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry (MN-45).
O. Druet, E. Hebey, et al.

bookjacketBraids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups. (AM-82).
J.S. Birman.

bookjacketC*-Algebra Extensions and K-Homology. (AM-95).
R.G. Douglas.

bookjacketThe Calculi of Lambda Conversion. (AM-6).
A. Church.

bookjacketThe Calculus Gallery:
Masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue.
W. Dunham.

bookjacketThe Calculus Lifesaver:
All the Tools You Need to Excel at Calculus.
A. Banner.

bookjacketThe Calculus of Friendship:
What a Teacher and a Student Learned about Life while Corresponding about Math.
S. Strogatz.

bookjacketThe Calculus of Selfishness.
K. Sigmund.

bookjacketCalculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory:
A Concise Introduction.
D. Liberzon.

bookjacketCalculus on Heisenberg Manifolds. (AM-119).
R. Beals and P.C. Greiner.

bookjacketCapture Dynamics and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics:
With Applications to the Construction of Low Energy Transfers.
E. Belbruno.

bookjacketCasson's Invariant for Oriented Homology Three-Spheres:
An Exposition. (MN-36).
S. Akbulut and J.D. McCarthy.

bookjacketCelestial Encounters:
The Origins of Chaos and Stability.
F. Diacu and P. Holmes.

bookjacketA Certain Ambiguity:
A Mathematical Novel.
G. Suri and H.S. Bal.

bookjacketChance and Chaos.
D. Ruelle.

bookjacketChance in Biology:
Using Probability to Explore Nature.
M. Denny and S. Gaines.

A.V. Holden, ed.

bookjacketChaotic Transitions in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems:
Applications of Melnikov Processes in Engineering, Physics, and Neuroscience.
E. Simiu.

bookjacketCharacteristic Classes. (AM-76).
J. Milnor and J.D. Stasheff.

bookjacketCharacters of Reductive Groups over a Finite Field. (AM-107).
G. Lusztig.

bookjacketChases and Escapes:
The Mathematics of Pursuit and Evasion.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketChases and Escapes:
The Mathematics of Pursuit and Evasion.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketChow Rings, Decomposition of the Diagonal, and the Topology of Families (AM-187).
C. Voisin.

bookjacketCircles Disturbed:
The Interplay of Mathematics and Narrative.
A. Doxiadis and B. Mazur, eds.

bookjacketClassical and Celestial Mechanics:
The Recife Lectures.
H. Cabral and F. Diacu, eds.

bookjacketClassical and Nonclassical Logics:
An Introduction to the Mathematics of Propositions.
E. Schechter.

bookjacketThe Classical and Quantum 6j-symbols. (MN-43).
J.S. Carter, D.E. Flath, et al.

bookjacketThe Classical Groups:
Their Invariants and Representations.
H. Weyl.

bookjacketClassical Mathematical Logic:
The Semantic Foundations of Logic.
R.L. Epstein.

bookjacketClassics in Game Theory.
H.W. Kuhn, ed.

bookjacketClassifying Spaces for Surgery and Corbordism of Manifolds. (AM-92).
I. Madsen and R.J. Milgram.

bookjacketClassifying Spaces of Degenerating Polarized Hodge Structures. (AM-169).
K. Kato and S. Usui.

bookjacketCohomological Induction and Unitary Representations (PMS-45).
A.W. Knapp and D.A. Vogan, Jr.

bookjacketCohomology of Quotients in Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry. (MN-31).
F.C. Kirwan.

bookjacketCohomology Operations:
Lectures by N.E. Steenrod. (AM-50).
D.B.A. Epstein.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 1:
The Early Years, 1879-1902.
A. Einstein; J. Stachel, D.C. Cassidy, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 1:
The Early Years, 1879-1902. (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; A. Beck, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 2:
The Swiss Years: Writings, 1900-1909.
A. Einstein; J. Stachel, D.C. Cassidy, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 2:
The Swiss Years: Writings, 1900-1909. (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; A. Beck, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 3:
The Swiss Years: Writings, 1909-1911.
A. Einstein; M.J. Klein, A.J. Kox, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 3:
The Swiss Years: Writings, 1909-1911. (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; A. Beck, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 4:
The Swiss Years: Writings, 1912-1914.
A. Einstein; M.J. Klein, A.J. Kox, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 4:
The Swiss Years: Writings, 1912-1914. (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; A. Beck, et al., trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 5:
The Swiss Years: Correspondence, 1902-1914.
A. Einstein; M.J. Klein, A.J. Kox, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 5:
The Swiss Years: Correspondence, 1902-1914. (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; A. Beck, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 6:
The Berlin Years: Writings, 1914-1917.
A. Einstein; A.J. Kox, M.J. Klein, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 6:
The Berlin Years: Writings, 1914-1917. (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; A. Engel, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 7:
The Berlin Years: Writings, 1918-1921.
A. Einstein; M. Janssen, R. Schulmann, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 7:
The Berlin Years: Writings, 1918-1921. (English translation of selected texts).
A. Einstein; A. Engel, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 8:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, 1914-1918.
A. Einstein; R. Schulmann, A.J. Kox, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 8:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, 1914-1918. (English supplement translation.).
A. Einstein; A. Hentschel, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 9:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, January 1919 - April 1920.
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, R. Schulmann, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 9:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, January 1919 - April 1920. (English translation of selected texts).
A. Einstein; A. Hentschel, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 10:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, May-December 1920, and Supplementary Correspondence, 1909-1920 (Documentary Edition).
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, T. Sauer, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 10:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, May-December 1920, and Supplementary Correspondence, 1909-1920. (English translation of selected texts).
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, T. Sauer, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 11:
Cumulative Index, Bibliography, List of Correspondence, Chronology, and Errata to Volumes 1-10.
A. Einstein; A.J. Kox, T. Sauer, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 12:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, January-December 1921 (Documentary Edition).
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, Z. Rosenkranz, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 12:
The Berlin Years: Correspondence, January-December 1921 (English translation supplement).
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, Z. Rosenkranz, et al., eds. A. Hentschel, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 13:
The Berlin Years: Writings & Correspondence, January 1922 - March 1923 (Documentary Edition).
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, J. Illy, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 13:
The Berlin Years: Writings & Correspondence, January 1922 - March 1923 (English Translation Supplement).
A. Einstein; D. Buchwald, J. Illy, et al., eds. A. Hentschel and O. Moses, trans.

bookjacketCollective Animal Behavior.
D.J. T. Sumpter.

bookjacketCombinatorial Group Theory and Topology. (AM-111).
S.M. Gersten and J.R. Stallings, eds.

blankjacketCombinatorics of Train Tracks. (AM-125).
R.C. Penner and J.L. Harer.

bookjacketCommensurabilities among Lattices in PU (1,n). (AM-132).
P. Deligne and G.D. Mostow.

bookjacketComplex Adaptive Systems:
An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life.
J. Miller and S.E. Page.

bookjacketComplex Analysis.
E.M. Stein and R. Shakarchi.

bookjacketComplex Dynamics and Renormalization (AM-135).
C.T. McMullen.

Women in Mathematics.
B.Anne Case and A.M. Leggett, eds.

bookjacketCompositional Methods in Homotopy Groups of Spheres. (AM-49).
H. Toda.

bookjacketComputational Aspects of Modular Forms and Galois Representations:
How One Can Compute in Polynomial Time the Value of Ramanujan's Tau at a Prime (AM-176).
B. Edixhoven and J. Couveignes, eds.

bookjacketComputational Economics.
D.A. Kendrick, P.R. Mercado, et al.

blankjacketThe Computer from Pascal to von Neumann.
H.H. Goldstine.

bookjacketComputer-Aided Verification of Coordinating Processes:
The Automata-Theoretic Approach.
R.P. Kurshan.

bookjacketComputers, Rigidity, and Moduli:
The Large-Scale Fractal Geometry of Riemannian Moduli Space.
S. Weinberger.

bookjacketConcepts of Mass in Contemporary Physics and Philosophy.
M. Jammer.

An Introduction to the Economics of Networks.
S. Goyal.

bookjacketConsistency of the Continuum Hypothesis. (AM-3).
K. Gödel.

bookjacketContinuous Geometry.
J. von Neumann.

bookjacketContinuous Model Theory. (AM-58).
C.C. Chang and H.J. Keisler.

bookjacketContributions to Fourier Analysis. (AM-25).
A. Zygmund and W. Transue.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Games, Volume I. (AM-24).
H.W. Kuhn and A.W. Tucker, eds.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Games, Volume II. (AM-28).
H.W. Kuhn and A.W. Tucker, eds.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Games, Volume III. (AM-39).
M. Dresher, A.W. Tucker, et al.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Games, Volume IV. (AM-40).
A.W. Tucker and R.D. Luce, eds.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, Volume I. (AM-20).
S. Lefschetz.

blankjacketContributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, Volume II. (AM-29).
S. Lefschetz.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, Volume III. (AM-36).
S. Lefschetz.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, Volume IV. (AM-41).
S. Lefschetz, ed.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, Volume V. (AM-45).
L. Cesari, J. LaSalle, et al., eds.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Partial Differential Equations. (AM-33).
L. Bers, S. Bochner, et al.

bookjacketContributions to the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-30).
L.V. Ahlfors, E. Calabi, et al., eds.

bookjacketControl Theoretic Splines:
Optimal Control, Statistics, and Path Planning.
M. Egerstedt and C. Martin.

bookjacketConvergence and Uniformity in Topology. (AM-2).
J.W. Tukey.

bookjacketConverging Realities:
Toward a Common Philosophy of Physics and Mathematics.
R. Omnès.

bookjacketConversations on Mind, Matter, and Mathematics.
J. Changeux and A. Connes; M.B. DeBevoise, ed. and trans.

bookjacketConvex Analysis.
R.T. Rockafellar.

bookjacketConvolution and Equidistribution:
Sato-Tate Theorems for Finite-Field Mellin Transforms (AM-180).
N.M. Katz.

bookjacketCosmology and Controversy:
The Historical Development of Two Theories of the Universe.
H. Kragh.

blankjacketCosmology in (2 + 1) -Dimensions, Cyclic Models, and Deformations of M2,1. (AM-121).
V. Guillemin.

bookjacketCount Like an Egyptian:
A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics.
D. Reimer.

bookjacketThe Crest of the Peacock:
Non-European Roots of Mathematics (Third Edition).
G.G. Joseph.

bookjacketThe Curious History of Relativity:
How Einstein's Theory of Gravity Was Lost and Found Again.
J. Eisenstaedt.

bookjacketCurvature and Betti Numbers. (AM-32).
S. Bochner and K. Yano.

bookjacketCycles, Transfers, and Motivic Homology Theories. (AM-143).
V. Voevodsky, A. Suslin, et al.

bookjacketThe Darwinian Heritage.
D. Kohn, ed.

bookjacketThe Decomposition of Global Conformal Invariants (AM-182).
S. Alexakis.

bookjacketDegenerate Diffusion Operators Arising in Population Biology (AM-185).
C.L. Epstein and R. Mazzeo.

bookjacketDegree of Approximation by Polynomials in the Complex Domain. (AM-9).
W.E. Sewell.

bookjacketDegrees of Unsolvability. (AM-55).
G.E. Sacks.

bookjacketDifferential Equations on Fractals:
A Tutorial.
R.S. Strichartz.

bookjacketDifferential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles.
S. Kobayashi.

blankjacketDifferential Systems and Isometric Embeddings.(AM-114).
P.A. Griffiths and G.R. Jensen.

bookjacketDiffusion, Quantum Theory, and Radically Elementary Mathematics. (MN-47).
W.G. Faris, ed.

bookjacketDigital Dice:
Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketDiscontinuous Groups and Riemann Surfaces:
Proceedings of the 1973 Conference at the University of Maryland. (AM-79).
L. Greenberg, ed.

bookjacketDiscrete and Computational Geometry.
S.L. Devadoss and J. O'Rourke.

bookjacketDiscrete Orthogonal Polynomials. (AM-164):
Asymptotics and Applications (AM-164).
J. Baik, T. Kriecherbauer, et al.

bookjacketDiscrete Series of GLn Over a Finite Field. (AM-81).
G. Lusztig.

bookjacketDistributed Control of Robotic Networks:
A Mathematical Approach to Motion Coordination Algorithms.
F. Bullo, J. Cortés, et al.

bookjacketD-Modules and Spherical Representations. (MN-39).
F.V. Bien.

bookjacketDr. Euler's Fabulous Formula:
Cures Many Mathematical Ills.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketDr. Euler's Fabulous Formula:
Cures Many Mathematical Ills.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketDuelling Idiots and Other Probability Puzzlers.
P.J. Nahin.

blankjacketDynamic Modeling in Behavioral Ecology.
M. Mangel and C.W. Clark.

bookjacketDynamic Models in Biology.
S.P. Ellner and J. Guckenheimer.

bookjacketDynamic Programming.
R.E. Bellman.

bookjacketDynamics in One Complex Variable. (AM-160):
Third Edition. (AM-160).
J. Milnor.

bookjackete: The Story of a Number.
E. Maor.

bookjacketEcological Models and Data in R.
B.M. Bolker.

bookjacketEconometric Modeling:
A Likelihood Approach.
D.F. Hendry and B. Nielsen.

F. Hayashi.

bookjacketEconomic Modeling and Inference.
B.J. Christensen and N.M. Kiefer.

bookjacketEight Preposterous Propositions:
From the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming.
R. Ehrlich.

bookjacketEinstein and Religion:
Physics and Theology.
M. Jammer.

bookjacketEinstein and the Quantum:
The Quest of the Valiant Swabian.
A. Stone.

bookjacketEinstein's Miraculous Year:
Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics.
A. Einstein; J. Stachel, ed.

bookjacketEinstein's Other Theory:
The Planck-Bose-Einstein Theory of Heat Capacity.
D.W. Rogers.

bookjacketElementary Differential Topology. (AM-54).
J.R. Munkres and J.R. Munkres and

blankjacketElliptic Curves. (MN-40).
A.W. Knapp.

bookjacketElliptic Partial Differential Equations and Quasiconformal Mappings in the Plane (PMS-48).
K. Astala, T. Iwaniec, et al.

bookjacketElliptic Tales:
Curves, Counting, and Number Theory.
A. Ash and R. Gross.

bookjacketEmpirical Dynamic Asset Pricing:
Model Specification and Econometric Assessment.
K.J. Singleton.

bookjacketEngineering Dynamics:
A Comprehensive Introduction.
N.J. Kasdin and D.A. Paley.

blankjacketThe Enjoyment of Math.
H. Rademacher and O. Toeplitz.

bookjacketEnlightening Symbols:
A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Its Hidden Powers.
J. Mazur.

bookjacketEntire Holomorphic Mappings in One and Several Complex Variables. (AM-85).
P.A. Griffiths.

A. Greven, G. Keller, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Equidistribution Theory of Holomorphic Curves. (AM-64).
H. Wu.

bookjacketThe Ergodic Theory of Lattice Subgroups (AM-172).
A. Gorodnik and A. Nevo.

bookjacketEssays on Fourier Analysis in Honor of Elias M. Stein (PMS-42).
C. Fefferman, R. Fefferman, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Essential John Nash.
J. Nash; H.W. Kuhn and S. Nasar, eds.

bookjacketEtale Cohomology (PMS-33).
J.S. Milne.

bookjacketEtale Homotopy of Simplicial Schemes. (AM-104).
E.M. Friedlander.

bookjacketEuler Systems. (AM-147).
K. Rubin.

bookjacketEuler's Gem:
The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology.
D.S. Richeson.

bookjacketEveryday Calculus:
Discovering the Hidden Math All around Us.
O.E. Fernandez.

bookjacketExistence Theorems in Partial Differential Equations. (AM-23).
D.L. Bernstein.

bookjacketExistence and Regularity of Minimal Surfaces on Riemannian Manifolds. (MN-27).
J.T. Pitts.

blankjacketExponential Sums and Differential Equations. (AM-124).
N.M. Katz.

blankjacketAn Extension of Casson's Invariant. (AM-126).
K. Walker.

bookjacketThe Faith of a Physicist:
Reflections of a Bottom-Up Thinker.
J.C. Polkinghorne.

bookjacketThe Faith of Scientists:
In Their Own Words.
N.K. Frankenberry, ed.

bookjacketFalling Behind?
Boom, Bust, and the Global Race for Scientific Talent.
M.S. Teitelbaum.

bookjacketFascinating Mathematical People:
Interviews and Memoirs.
D.J. Albers and G.L. Alexanderson, eds.

bookjacketThe Fascinating World of Graph Theory.
A. Benjamin, G. Chartrand, et al.

bookjacketFearless Symmetry:
Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers.
A. Ash and R. Gross.

bookjacketFeedback Systems:
An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers.
K.Johan Aström and R.M. Murray.

bookjacketField Effect in Semiconductor-Electrolyte Interfaces:
Application to Investigations of Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces.
P.P. Konorov, A.M. Yafyasov, et al.

bookjacketFinite Dimensional Vector Spaces. (AM-7).
P.R. Halmos.

bookjacketFinite Structures with Few Types. (AM-152).
G. Cherlin and E. Hrushovski.

bookjacketA First Course in Scientific Computing:
Symbolic, Graphic, and Numeric Modeling Using Maple, Java, Mathematica, and Fortran90.
R.H. Landau.

bookjacketFixing Frege.
J. Burgess.

A Romance of Many Dimensions.
E.A. Abbott.

The Movie Edition.
E.A. Abbott, T. Banchoff, et al.

The Movie.

bookjacketFlight Dynamics.
R. Stengel.

bookjacketFlows in Networks.
L.R. Ford, Jr. and D.R. Fulkerson.

bookjacketFlows on Homogeneous Spaces. (AM-53).
L. Auslander, F. Hahn, et al.

bookjacketFly Me to the Moon:
An Insider's Guide to the New Science of Space Travel.
E. Belbruno.

bookjacketForce and Geometry in Newton's Principia.
F. De Gandt; C. Wilson, trans.

bookjacketFoundational Essays on Topological Manifolds, Smoothings, and Triangulations. (AM-88).
R.C. Kirby and L.C. Siebenmann.

bookjacketFour Colors Suffice:
How the Map Problem Was Solved.
R. Wilson.

bookjacketFourier Analysis:
An Introduction.
E.M. Stein and R. Shakarchi.

bookjacketFourier Transforms. (AM-19).
S. Bochner and K. Chandrasekharan.

Endlessly Repeated Geometrical Figures.
H. Lauwerier; S. Gill-Hoffstadt, trans.

bookjacketFractals in the Natural Sciences.
M. Fleischmann, D.J. Tildesley, et al., eds.

bookjacketFréchet Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions and Porous Sets in Banach Spaces (AM-179).
J. Lindenstrauss, D. Preiss, et al.

blankjacketFrom Clocks to Chaos:
The Rhythms of Life.
L. Glass and M.C. Mackey.

bookjacketFrom the Calculus to Set Theory 1630-1910:
An Introductory History.
I. Grattan-Guinness, ed.

bookjacketFrontiers in Complex Dynamics:
In Celebration of John Milnor’s 80th Birthday.
A. Bonifant, M. Lyubich, et al.

bookjacketFunctional Analysis:
Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis.
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Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin.
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Where Engineering and Mathematics Meet.
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A New Aspect of Mathematical Method.
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Alan Turing, the Enigma.
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And Other Insights from the Border between Math and Computers.
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Surprising Solutions to Counterintuitive Conundrums.
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A Story of the Numbers You Can’t Count On.
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Vol. I, General Theory. (AM-73).
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How George Boole and Claude Shannon Created the Information Age.
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The Origins of Modern Finance.
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Challenging the Myths of Mathematical Life.
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New Materials for the 21st Century.
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The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks.
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The Scientific Contributions of H. A. Kramers.
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Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing.
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The 30 Greatest Problems of the Last 100 Years.
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Using Physical Reasoning to Solve Problems.
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A Primer.
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Tools for Incomplete Markets (Second Edition).
A. Cerný.

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O. Diekmann, H. Heesterbeek, et al.

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A Personal Tour Through the Essentials of Mathematics and Some of the Great Minds Behind Them.
D. Ruelle.

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Individual Fates and Global Impact.
R. Siegmund-Schultze.

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The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field.
J. Hadamard.

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S.L. Segal.

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Designing Better Voting and Fair-Division Procedures.
S.J. Brams.

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Induction and Analogy in Mathematics.
G. Polya.

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Patterns of Plausible Inference.
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An Exploration of Ideas Across Cultures.
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W. Appel.

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A Social History.
E. Robson.

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K. Plofker.

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Modeling Patterns in the Natural World.
J.A. Adam.

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A Sourcebook.
V.J. Katz, ed.

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The Early History of Trigonometry.
G. Van Brummelen.

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Portrait of a Problematic Vocation.
M. Harris.

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H.R. Thieme.

How Gamblers, Managers, and Sports Enthusiasts Use Mathematics in Baseball, Basketball, and Football.
W.L. Winston.

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Matrix Algebra and Its Applications in the Social Sciences.
I. Bradley and R.L. Meek.

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Theory, Facts, and Formulas (Second Edition).
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Modeling and Analysis of Synchronized Systems: A Course on Max-Plus Algebra and Its Applications.
B. Heidergott, G.J. Olsder, et al.

The Science of Predicting the Next Catastrophe.
F. Diacu.

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Selected Writings on Philosophy, Mathematics, and Physics.
H. Weyl; P. Pesic, ed.

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Tools and Techniques for Scientific Computing.
B. Klemens.

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An Introduction.
J. Clark.

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Control Augmentation for Actuator Saturation.
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The Princeton Conference in Honor of Gunning and Kohn. (AM-137).
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A Diophantine Perspective. (AM-159).
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And Other Intriguing Stories of Mathematical Physics.
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B. Street.

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Their Geometry and Arithmetic (AM-183).
M. Green, P.A. Griffiths, et al.

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Solving the Twelve Labors of Hercules.
M. Huber.

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E.E. Kramer.

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S. Hawking and R. Penrose.

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How Mathematical Rules Can Be Positively Bent.
A.A. Martínez.

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G.B. Folland and J.J. Kohn.

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An Anthology.
T. Tymoczko, ed.

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D.C. Ravenel.

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The Ingenious Ideas That Drive Today's Computers.
J. MacCormick.

bookjacketNine Crazy Ideas in Science:
A Few Might Even Be True.
R. Ehrlich.

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J.F. Conn.

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A Lyapunov-Based Approach.
W.M. Haddad and V. Chellaboina.

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A. Ruszczynski.

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W.M. Haddad, V. Chellaboina, et al.

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Mathematical Proof of Implausible Ideas.
J. Havil.

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A.W. Lo and A.C. MacKinlay.

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A. Robinson.

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H.B. Laufer.

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C.A. Bertulani.

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A Historical Approach.
J.J. Watkins.

Taming Unruly Computational Problems from Mathematical Physics to Science Fiction.
P.J. Nahin.

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The Vexing Mathematics of Democracy, from Plato to the Present.
G.G. Szpiro.

bookjacketNumerical Algorithms for Personalized Search in Self-organizing Information Networks.
S. Kamvar.

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L.R. Scott.

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Design, Analysis, and Computer Implementation of Algorithms.
A. Greenbaum and T. Chartier.

bookjacketNumerical Methods for Stochastic Computations:
A Spectral Method Approach.
D. Xiu.

bookjacketThe Odd Quantum.
S. Treiman.

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Cautionary Tales from the Front Lines of Science.
D. Goodstein.

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C.F. Miller, III.

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M. Green and P. Griffiths.

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B.R. Judd.

bookjacketOptimization: Insights and Applications.
J. Brinkhuis and V. Tikhomirov.

bookjacketOptimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds.
P. Absil, R. Mahony, et al.

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bookjacketOuter Billiards on Kites (AM-171).
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bookjacketPhilosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science.
H. Weyl.

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How to Understand, Communicate, and Control Uncertainty through Graphical Display.
H. Wainer.

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A Life in Exact Science.
C.C. Gillispie.

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M. Struwe.

bookjacketPlato's Ghost:
The Modernist Transformation of Mathematics.
J. Gray.

Puzzles, Patterns, Problems, and Packings.
S.W. Golomb.

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R. Bhatia.

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Engineers and the Making of the Twentieth Century.
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Essays in Honor of John W. Tukey.
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Friendly Programs, Software Engineering, and Other Noble Delusions.
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Proceedings of a Conference in Honor of William Browder. (AM-138).
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A Mathematical Mystery.
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A 4,000-Year History (PSL Edition).
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Dyson, Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga.
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Concepts, Techniques, and Tools.
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M. Henneaux and C. Teitelboim.

bookjacketQuantum Generations:
A History of Physics in the Twentieth Century.
H. Kragh.

bookjacketQuantum Mechanics and Its Emergent Macrophysics.
G. Sewell.

bookjacketQuantum Philosophy:
Understanding and Interpreting Contemporary Science.
R. Omnès; A. Sangalli, trans.

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A Primer with Applications to Orbits, Aerospace and Virtual Reality.
J.B. Kuipers.

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bookjacketRational Decisions.
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Measure Theory, Integration, and Hilbert Spaces.
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bookjacketReal Analysis with Economic Applications.
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Why Americans Vote the Way They Do (Expanded Edition).
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The New Era of Networked Science.
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bookjacketRenormalization and 3-Manifolds Which Fiber over the Circle (AM-142).
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bookjacketRepresentation Theory of Semisimple Groups:
An Overview Based on Examples (PMS-36).
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Proceedings of the 1978 Stony Brook Conference. (AM-97).
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bookjacketRigid Local Systems. (AM-139).
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bookjacketThe Rise of Statistical Thinking, 1820-1900.
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bookjacketRobust Optimization.
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bookjacketSacred Mathematics:
Japanese Temple Geometry.
F. Hidetoshi and T. Rothman.

bookjacketScattering in Quantum Field Theories:
The Axiomatic and Constructive Approaches.
D. Iagolnitzer.

bookjacketScattering Theory for Automorphic Functions. (AM-87).
P.D. Lax and R.S. Phillips.

bookjacketScience on Stage:
From Doctor Faustus to Copenhagen.
K. Shepherd-Barr.

bookjacketScientific Parallel Computing.
L.R. Scott, T. Clark, et al.

bookjacketThe Search for Mathematical Roots, 1870-1940:
Logics, Set Theories and the Foundations of Mathematics from Cantor through Russell to Gödel.
I. Grattan-Guinness.

bookjacketThe Seiberg-Witten Equations and Applications to the Topology of Smooth Four-Manifolds. (MN-44).
J.W. Morgan.

J.E. Jayne and C.A. Rogers.

A New Paradigm for Primal-Dual Interior-Point Algorithms.
J. Peng, C. Roos, et al.

bookjacketSelfsimilar Processes.
P. Embrechts.

bookjacketSemiclassical Soliton Ensembles for the Focusing Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation (AM-154).
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bookjacketSeminar on Differential Geometry. (AM-102).
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bookjacketSeminar on Micro-Local Analysis. (AM-93).
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bookjacketSeminar On Minimal Submanifolds. (AM-103).
E. Bombieri, ed.

bookjacketSeminar on Singularities of Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations. (AM-91).
L. Hörmander.

bookjacketSeminar on Transformation Groups. (AM-46).
A. Borel.

bookjacketShafarevich Maps and Automorphic Forms.
J. Kollár.

bookjacketShould We Risk It?
Exploring Environmental, Health, and Technological Problem Solving.
D.M. Kammen and D.M. Hassenzahl.

bookjacketThe Silicon Jungle:
A Novel of Deception, Power, and Internet Intrigue.
S. Baluja.

blankjacketSimple Algebras, Base Change, and the Advanced Theory of the Trace Formula. (AM-120).
J. Arthur and L. Clozel.

bookjacketSimple Games:
Desirability Relations, Trading, Pseudoweightings.
A.D. Taylor and W.S. Zwicker.

bookjacketSingular Integrals and Differentiability Properties of Functions (PMS-30).
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bookjacketSlicing Pizzas, Racing Turtles, and Further Adventures in Applied Mathematics.
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bookjacketSmall Unmanned Aircraft:
Theory and Practice.
R.W. Beard and T.W. McLain.

bookjacketSmall Worlds:
The Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness.
D.J. Watts.

bookjacketSmoothings of Piecewise Linear Manifolds. (AM-80).
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bookjacketSnipers, Shills, and Sharks:
eBay and Human Behavior.
K. Steiglitz.

bookjacketSocial and Economic Networks.
M.O. Jackson.

bookjacketA Solution to the Ecological Inference Problem:
Reconstructing Individual Behavior from Aggregate Data.
G. King.

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U. Zannier.

bookjacketA Source Book in Mathematics, 1200-1800.
D.J. Struik.

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The Behavior of Nonnormal Matrices and Operators.
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bookjacketStability and Control of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems:
A Vector Dissipative Systems Approach.
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An Introduction.
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With Special Emphasis on Celestial Mechanics (AM-77).
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blankjacketStatistics in Theory and Practice.
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bookjacketSteady Aircraft Flight and Performance.
N.H. McClamroch.

bookjacketThe Story of Mathematics.
R. Mankiewicz.

bookjacketStrange Curves, Counting Rabbits, & Other Mathematical Explorations.
K. Ball.

blankjacketStrategic Defense Initiative:
Survivability and Software.
Office of Techn. Assess.

bookjacketString Theory in a Nutshell.
E. Kiritsis.

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bookjacketThe Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings.
E. Blackwood.

bookjacketThe Structure of Spherical Buildings.
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bookjacketSuccess through Failure:
The Paradox of Design.
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bookjacketThe Supernova Story.
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L. Cesari.

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Introductory Computational Science.
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Volume 1. Papers Dedicated to C. T. C. Wall. (AM-145).
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Volume 2. Papers Dedicated to C.T.C. Wall. (AM-149).
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bookjacketSzegő's Theorem and Its Descendants:
Spectral Theory for L2 Perturbations of Orthogonal Polynomials.
B. Simon.

bookjacketTaming the Unknown:
A History of Algebra from Antiquity to the Early Twentieth Century.
V.J. Katz and K.H. Parshall.

bookjacketTemperley-Lieb Recoupling Theory and Invariants of 3-Manifolds (AM-134).
L.H. Kauffman and S. Lins.

Inventor of the Electrical Age.
W.Bernard Carlson.

blankjacketTheoretical Acoustics.
P.M. Morse and K.U. Ingard.

bookjacketTheories of Population Variation in Genes and Genomes.
F.B. Christiansen.

bookjacketTheory of CMOS Digital Circuits and Circuit Failures.
M. Shoji.

bookjacketA Theory of Cross-Spaces. (AM-26).
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bookjacketTheory of Formal Systems. (AM-47).
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bookjacketTheory of Games and Economic Behavior (60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition).
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bookjacketTheory of Lie Groups (PMS-8).
C. Chevalley.

A Dynamical Systems Approach.
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Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science.
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Volume 1.
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A Cultural History of the Infinite.
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J.J. Watkins.

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bookjacketTowing Icebergs, Falling Dominoes, and Other Adventures in Applied Mathematics.
R.B. Banks.

bookjacketTranscendental Numbers. (AM-16).
C.L. Siegel.

bookjacketTrapped in the Net:
The Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization.
G.I. Rochlin.

bookjacketThe Traveling Salesman Problem:
A Computational Study.
D. Applegate, R. Bixby, et al.

bookjacketTriangulated Categories. (AM-148).
A. Neeman.

bookjacketTrigonometric Delights.
E. Maor.

bookjacketTrust in Numbers:
The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life.
T.M. Porter.

bookjacketTwisted L-Functions and Monodromy. (AM-150).
N.M. Katz.

bookjacketThe Two-Valued Iterative Systems of Mathematical Logic. (AM-5).
E.L. Post.

bookjacketThe Ultimate Book of Saturday Science:
The Very Best Backyard Science Experiments You Can Do Yourself.
N.A. Downie.

bookjacketThe Ultimate Quotable Einstein.
A. Einstein; A. Calaprice, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Ultimate Quotable Einstein.
A. Einstein; A. Calaprice, et al., eds.

bookjacketUnderstanding Quantum Mechanics.
R. Omnès.

bookjacketUndiluted Hocus-Pocus:
The Autobiography of Martin Gardner.
M. Gardner, P. Diaconis, et al.

bookjacketUneducated Guesses:
Using Evidence to Uncover Misguided Education Policies.
H. Wainer.

bookjacketAn Essay Toward a Unified Theory of Special Functions. (AM-18).
C. Truesdell.

blankjacketUnitary Representations of Reductive Lie Groups. (AM-118).
D.A. Vogan, Jr.

bookjacketThe Universe in a Mirror:
The Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries Who Built It.
R. Zimmerman.

bookjacketThe Universe in Zero Words:
The Story of Mathematics as Told through Equations.
D. Mackenzie.

bookjacketUnsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory.
V.D. Blondel and A. Megretski, eds.

bookjacketVacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly, and 27 Other Saturday Science Projects.
N.A. Downie.

bookjacketValidated Numerics:
A Short Introduction to Rigorous Computations.
W. Tucker.

bookjacketA View of the Sea:
A Discussion between a Chief Engineer and an Oceanographer about the Machinery of the Ocean Circulation.
H.M. Stommel.

Mathematical Perspective and Fractal Geometry in Art.
M. Frantz and A. Crannell.

bookjacketWave Scattering by Time-Dependent Perturbations:
An Introduction.
G.F. Roach.

bookjacketA Wealth of Numbers:
An Anthology of 500 Years of Popular Mathematics Writing.
B. Wardhaugh, ed.

bookjacketWeyl Group Multiple Dirichlet Series:
Type A Combinatorial Theory (AM-175).
B. Brubaker, D. Bump, et al.

bookjacketWhat's Luck Got to Do with It?
The History, Mathematics, and Psychology of the Gambler's Illusion.
J. Mazur.

bookjacketWhen Computers Were Human.
D.A. Grier.

bookjacketWhen Least Is Best:
How Mathematicians Discovered Many Clever Ways to Make Things as Small (or as Large) as Possible.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketWho's #1?
The Science of Rating and Ranking.
A. Langville and C.D. Meyer.

bookjacketWhy Cats Land on Their Feet:
And 76 Other Physical Paradoxes and Puzzles.
M. Levi.

bookjacketWill You Be Alive 10 Years from Now?
And Numerous Other Curious Questions in Probability.
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketWind Wizard:
Alan G. Davenport and the Art of Wind Engineering.
S. Roberts.

bookjacketWizards, Aliens, and Starships:
Physics and Math in Fantasy and Science Fiction.
C.L. Adler.

bookjacketX and the City:
Modeling Aspects of Urban Life.
J.A. Adam.

bookjacketThe Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars:
An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions.
C.A. Pickover.

bookjacketZombies and Calculus.
C. Adams.

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