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The Suppliants.
Aeschylus; P. Burian, trans.

bookjacketAfter Every War:
Twentieth-Century Women Poets.
E. Boland, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Age of Anxiety:
A Baroque Eclogue.
W.H. Auden; A. Jacobs, ed.

bookjacketThe Age of Auden:
Postwar Poetry and the American Scene.
A. Wasley.

bookjacketAllen Tate:
Orphan of the South.
T.A. Underwood.

A. Smith.

D. Greger.

bookjacketAngina Days:
Selected Poems.
G. Eich; M. Hofmann, et al., trans.

bookjacketAn Apology for Loving the Old Hymns.
J. Smith.

bookjacketArion's Lyre:
Archaic Lyric into Hellenistic Poetry.
B. Acosta-Hughes.

bookjacketAt Lake Scugog:
T. Jollimore.

bookjacketThe Bard:
Robert Burns, A Biography.
R. Crawford.

bookjacketBeautiful Death:
Jewish Poetry and Martyrdom in Medieval France.
S.L. Einbinder.

blankjacketBefore Recollection.
A. Lauterbach.

bookjacketBeing Numerous:
Poetry and the Ground of Social Life.
O. Izenberg.

bookjacketThe Best Laid Schemes:
Selected Poetry and Prose of Robert Burns.
R. Burns; R. Crawford and C. MacLachlan, eds.

blankjacketBirds and Other Relations:
Selected Poetry of Dezsö Tandori.
D. Tandori; B. Berlind, trans.

bookjacketBirth of the Symbol:
Ancient Readers at the Limits of Their Texts.
P.T. Struck.

blankjacketBrocade River Poems:
Selected Works of the Tang Dynasty Courtesan.
X. Tao; J. Larsen, trans.

bookjacketC. P. Cavafy: Collected Poems:
Bilingual Edition.
C.P. Cavafy; G. Savidis, ed. E. Keeley and P. Sherrard, trans.

blankjacketC.P. Cavafy:
Collected Poems.
C.P. Cavafy; G. Savidis, ed. E. Keeley and P. Sherrard, trans.

A. Carelli.

bookjacketChapman's Homer:
The Iliad.
Homer; A. Nicoll, ed. G. Chapman, trans.

bookjacketChapman's Homeric Hymns and Other Homerica.
Homer; G. Chapman, trans.

bookjacketA Child Is Not a Knife:
Selected Poems of Göran Sonnevi.
G. Sonnevi; R. Lesser, ed. and trans.

bookjacketClassical Chinese (Supplement 2):
Readings in Poetry and Prose.
N. Yuan, H. Tang, et al.

bookjacketThe Collected Lyric Poems of Luís de Camões.
L. Camões; L. White, trans.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 16:
Poetical Works: Part 1. Poems (Reading Text) (Two volume set).
S.T. Coleridge; J.C.C. Mays, ed.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 16:
Poetical Works: Part 2. Poems (Variorum Text) (Two volume set).
S.T. Coleridge; J.C.C. Mays, ed.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 16:
Poetical Works: Part 3. Plays (Two volume set).
S.T. Coleridge; J.C.C. Mays and J. Crick, eds.

bookjacketThe Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius.
Propertius; V. Katz, trans.

bookjacketThe Complete Odes and Satires of Horace.
Horace; S. Alexander, ed. and trans.

bookjacketComplete Poems and Selected Letters of Michelangelo.
Michelangelo; C. Gilbert, trans.

bookjacketThe Complete Works of W. H. Auden:
Prose, Volume IV, 1956-1962.
W.H. Auden; E. Mendelson, ed.

bookjacketThe Contemplative Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
M.R. Lichtmann.

blankjacketCubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams.
B. Dijkstra.

bookjacketDance of Divine Love:
India's Classic Sacred Love Story: The Rasa Lila of Krishna.
G.M. Schweig.

bookjacketThe Dawn is Always New:
Selected Poetry of Rocco Scotellaro.
R. Scotellaro; R. Feldman, ed. B. Swann, trans.

bookjacketDemocracy, Culture and the Voice of Poetry.
R. Pinsky.

bookjacketDickinson's Misery:
A Theory of Lyric Reading.
V. Jackson.

bookjacketThe Didactic Muse:
Scenes of Instruction in Contemporary American Poetry.
W. Spiegelman.

bookjacketThe Difficult Days.
R. Sosa; J. Lindsey, trans.

bookjacketThe Dream of the Poem:
Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492.
P. Cole, trans.

bookjacketA Drink at the Mirage.
M.J. Rosen.

bookjacketEconomy of the Unlost:
(Reading Simonides of Keos with Paul Celan).
A. Carson.

bookjacketEnough to Say It's Far:
Selected Poems of Pak Chaesam.
C. Pak; D.R. McCann and J. Shin, trans.

J. Graham.

bookjacketThe Eternal City:
K. Graber.

bookjacketAn Explanation of America.
R. Pinsky.

bookjacketFelicia Hemans:
Selected Poems, Letters, Reception Materials.
S.J. Wolfson, ed.

bookjacketFor the Time Being:
A Christmas Oratorio.
W.H. Auden; A. Jacobs, et al., eds.

blankjacketThe Fourth Dimension.
Y. Ritsos; P. Green and B. Bardsley, trans.

bookjacketThe Fourth Pig.
N. Mitchison.

bookjacketFree Verse:
An Essay on Prosody.
C.O. Hartman.

bookjacketFrom School to Salon:
Reading Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry.
M. Loeffelholz.

bookjacketThe Genesis of Ezra Pound's CANTOS.
R.L. Bush.

bookjacketGeorge Seferis: Collected Poems.
G. Seferis; E. Keeley and P. Sherrard, eds.

bookjacketGeorge Seferis:
Collected Poems, 1924-1955. Bilingual Edition.
G. Seferis; E. Keeley, ed. P. Sherrard, trans.

bookjacketA Glossary of Chickens:
G.J. Whitehead.

blankjacketGrace Period.
G. Miranda.

bookjacketThe Greener Meadow:
Selected Poems.
L. Erba; P. Robinson, et al., trans.

bookjacketHeart Beats:
Everyday Life and the Memorized Poem.
C. Robson.

bookjacketA History of Heaven:
The Singing Silence.
J.B. Russell.

bookjacketHorace, The Odes:
New Translations by Contemporary Poets.
Horace; J.D. McClatchy, ed.

Poems, 1889.
M. Maeterlinck; R. Howard, trans.

bookjacketHybrids of Plants and of Ghosts.
J. Graham.

bookjacketHymns and Fragments.
F. Hölderlin; R. Sieburth, trans.

bookjacketIn Hora Mortis / Under the Iron of the Moon:
T. Bernhard; J. Reidel, trans.

bookjacketInside Paradise Lost:
Reading the Designs of Milton’s Epic.
D. Quint.

bookjacketInvisible Listeners:
Lyric Intimacy in Herbert, Whitman, and Ashbery.
H. Vendler.

Poems, 1922-1928 (Expanded Paperback Edition).
W.H. Auden; K. Bucknell, ed.

bookjacketKnowing the East.
P. Claudel; J.R. Lawler, trans.

bookjacketLandscape with Rowers:
Poetry from the Netherlands.
J.M. Coetzee, ed.

bookjacketLast Looks, Last Books:
Stevens, Plath, Lowell, Bishop, Merrill.
H. Vendler.

bookjacketThe Late Poems of Meng Chiao.
M. Chiao; D. Hinton, trans.

bookjacketThe Late Wisconsin Spring.
J. Koethe.

bookjacketLectures on Shakespeare.
W.H. Auden; A.C. Kirsch, ed.

Selected Poems.
G. Leopardi; E. Grennan, trans.

bookjacketThe Little Treasury of One Hundred People, One Poem Each.
F.n. Sadaie; T. Galt, trans.

bookjacketLove Lessons:
Selected Poems of Alda Merini.
A. Merini; S. Stewart, trans.

bookjacketLyric Poetry:
The Pain and the Pleasure of Words.
M. Blasing.

bookjacketThe Man I Pretend to Be:
The Colloquies and Selected Poems of Guido Gozzano.
G. Gozzano; M. Palma, trans.

bookjacketThe Marginalization of Poetry:
Language Writing and Literary History.
B. Perelman.

bookjacketMovable Islands:
Poems by Debora Greger.
D. Greger.

bookjacketMusic of a Distant Drum:
Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems.
B. Lewis, trans.

bookjacketMy Name on the Wind:
Selected Poems of Diego Valeri.
M. Palma, trans.

bookjacketNew Impressions of Africa.
R. Roussel; M. Ford, trans.

bookjacketThe New World.
F.W. Turner.

bookjacketThe Night.
J. Saenz; F. Gander, trans.

bookjacketNight Journey.
M. Negroni; A. Twitty, trans.

bookjacketNothing is Lost:
Selected Poems.
E. Kocbek; M. Scammell and V. Taufer, trans.

bookjacketOn Whitman.
C.K. Williams.

bookjacketThe 1002nd Night.
D. Greger.

bookjacketOranges and Snow:
Selected Poems of Milan Djordjević.
M. Djordjević; C. Simic, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Origins of Criticism:
Literary Culture and Poetic Theory in Classical Greece.
A. Ford.

bookjacketPass It On.
R. Hadas.

bookjacketPlaying Gods:
Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Politics of Fiction.
A. Feldherr.

A. Feinman.

bookjacketPoems Under Saturn:
Poèmes saturniens.
P. Verlaine; K. Kirchwey, trans.

bookjacketThe Poetess Counts to 100 and Bows Out:
Selected Poems by Ana Enriqueta Terán.
A.E. Terán; M. Smith, trans.

bookjacketPoetic and Legal Fiction in the Aristotelian Tradition.
K. Eden.

bookjacketPoetic Interplay:
Catullus and Horace.
M.C.J. Putnam.

bookjacketPoetics before Plato:
Interpretation and Authority in Early Greek Theories of Poetry.
G.M. Ledbetter.

bookjacketThe Poetics of Eros in Ancient Greece.
C. Calame; J. Lloyd, trans.

bookjacketThe Poetry Lesson.
A. Codrescu.

bookjacketPoets in the Public Sphere:
The Emancipatory Project of American Women's Poetry, 1800-1900.
P.B. Bennett.

bookjacketPound's Cavalcanti:
An Edition of the Translation, Notes, and Essays.
D. Anderson.

bookjacketThe Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics:
Fourth Edition.
S. Cushman, et al., eds.

Erotic Epigrams of The Greek Anthology.
D. Hine, trans.

bookjacketA Reader's Guide to Wallace Stevens.
E. Cook.

bookjacketThe Rise and Fall of Meter:
Poetry and English National Culture, 1860--1930.
M. Martin.

bookjacketRiver Writing:
An Eno Journal.
J. Applewhite.

bookjacketSadness and Happiness:
Poems by Robert Pinsky.
R. Pinsky.

bookjacketThe Sea and the Mirror:
A Commentary on Shakespeare's The Tempest.
W.H. Auden; A.C. Kirsch, ed.

bookjacketSelected Later Poems of Marie Luise Kaschnitz.
M.L. Kaschnitz; L. Mueller, trans.

bookjacketSelected Poems:
Odes and Fragments.
Sophocles; R. Gibbons, trans.

bookjacketSelected Poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol.
S. Ibn Gabirol; P. Cole, trans.

bookjacketSongs of Something Else:
Selected Poems of Gunnar Ekelof.
J. Larson and L. Nathan, trans.

bookjacketSound, Sense, and Rhythm:
Listening to Greek and Latin Poetry.
M.W. Edwards.

bookjacketSounds, Feelings, Thoughts:
Seventy Poems by Wislawa Szymborska.
W. Szymborska; M.J. Krynski and R.A. Maguire, eds. and trans.

bookjacketSubjecting Verses:
Latin Love Elegy and the Emergence of the Real.
P.A. Miller.

bookjacketThe Survivors and Other Poems.
T. Rozewicz; R.A. Maguire and M.J. Krynski, eds.

bookjacketThe Tale of the Tribe:
Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic.
M.A. Bernstein.

bookjacketThe Three Genres and the Interpretation of Lyric.
W.E. Rogers.

bookjacketThe Tradition.
A.F. Moritz.

bookjacketThe True Subject:
Selected Poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
F.A. Faiz; N. Lazard, trans.

bookjacketThe Two Yvonnes:
J. Greenbaum.

bookjacketThe View from the Tower:
Origins of an Antimodernist Image.
T. Ziolkowski.

bookjacketVirgil's Gaze:
Nation and Poetry in the Aeneid.
J. Reed.

bookjacketVisiting Rites.
P. Janowitz.

blankjacketVoices of Modern Greece:
Selected Poems by C.P. Cavafy, Angelos Sikelianos, George Seferis, Odysseus Elytis, Nikos Gatsos.
E. Keeley and P. Sherrard, eds. and trans.

bookjacketW. H. Auden:
A Commentary.
J. Fuller.

bookjacketWall to Wall Speaks.
D. Mus.

bookjacketThe Way Down.
J. Burt.

bookjacketWhat W. H. Auden Can Do for You.
A. McCall Smith.

bookjacketWhatever Gets You through the Night:
A Story of Sheherezade and the Arabian Entertainments.
A. Codrescu and A. Codrescu and

bookjacketWhen a Gesture Was Expected:
A Selection of Examples from Archaic and Classical Greek Literature.
A.L. Boegehold.

bookjacketThe Whole Difference:
Selected Writings of Hugo von Hofmannsthal.
H.V. Hofmannsthal; J.D. McClatchy, ed.

bookjacketA Woman Under the Surface:
Poems and Prose Poems.
A. Ostriker.

blankjacketThe Works of John Chalkhill.
J. Chalkhill; C. Ryskamp and S.D. Westrem, eds.

bookjacketWorshipping Walt:
The Whitman Disciples.
M. Robertson.

blankjacketYannis Ritsos:
Repetitions, Testimonies, Parentheses.
Y. Ritsos; E. Keeley, et al., trans.

bookjacketYellow Stars and Ice.
S. Stewart.

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