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bookjacketAbraham on Trial:
The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth.
C. Delaney.

bookjacketAcademic Instincts.
M. Garber.

bookjacketActs of Compassion:
Caring for Others and Helping Ourselves.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketAfter Cloven Tongues of Fire:
Protestant Liberalism in Modern American History.
D.A. Hollinger.

bookjacketAfter the Baby Boomers:
How Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings Are Shaping the Future of American Religion.
R. Wuthnow.

The Heretic King.
D.B. Redford.

bookjacketAlone with the Alone:
Creative Imagination in the Sūfism of Ibn 'Arabī.
H. Corbin; R. Manheim, trans.

A Contemporary Translation.
A. Ali.

bookjacketAmerica and the Challenges of Religious Diversity.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketAmerican Christians and Islam:
Evangelical Culture and Muslims from the Colonial Period to the Age of Terrorism.
T.S. Kidd.

bookjacketAmerican Evangelicals in Egypt:
Missionary Encounters in an Age of Empire.
H.J. Sharkey.

bookjacketAmerican Mythos:
Why Our Best Efforts to Be a Better Nation Fall Short.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketAmerican Religion:
Contemporary Trends.
M. Chaves.

bookjacketAnatomy of Criticism:
Four Essays.
N. Frye.

bookjacketAncient Christian Magic:
Coptic Texts of Ritual Power.
M.W. Meyer and R. Smith.

bookjacketThe Ancient Near East:
An Anthology of Texts and Pictures.
J.B. Pritchard, ed.

bookjacketAncient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament with Supplement.
J.B. Pritchard, ed.

bookjacketAncient Religions, Modern Politics:
The Islamic Case in Comparative Perspective.
M. Cook.

bookjacketAnglican Communion in Crisis:
How Episcopal Dissidents and Their African Allies Are Reshaping Anglicanism.
M. Hassett.

bookjacketAnswer to Job:
(From Vol. 11 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung).
C.G. Jung; R.F.C. Hull, et al., trans.

blankjacketApparitions in Late Medieval and Renaissance Spain.
W.A. Christian, Jr.

bookjacketThe Archeology of the New Testament:
The Life of Jesus and the Beginning of the Early Church.
J. Finegan.

bookjacketAriadne's Clue:
A Guide to the Symbols of Humankind.
A. Stevens.

bookjacketThe Art of the Public Grovel:
Sexual Sin and Public Confession in America.
S.W. Bauer.

bookjacketThe Artless Jew:
Medieval and Modern Affirmations and Denials of the Visual.
K.P. Bland.

bookjacketThe Aryan Jesus:
Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany.
S. Heschel.

bookjacketAs If God Existed:
Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy.
M. Viroli.

blankjacketAtheism in France, 1650-1729:
Volume I: The Orthodox Sources of Disbelief.
A.C. Kors.

bookjacketAttack upon Christendom.
S. Kierkegaard; W. Lowrie, trans.

bookjacketAuden's Apologies for Poetry.
L. McDiarmid.

bookjacketAugustine's Confessions:
A Biography.
G. Wills.

bookjacketAuthorizing Marriage?
Canon, Tradition, and Critique in the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions.
M.D. Jordan, ed.

blankjacketThe Autobiography of a Seventeenth-Century Venetian Rabbi:
Leon Modena's Life of Judah.
L. Modena; M.R. Cohen, ed.

bookjacketAvicenna and the Visionary Recital:
(Mythos Series).
H. Corbin.

bookjacketBeauty and Holiness:
The Dialogue Between Aesthetics and Religion.
J.A. Martin.

bookjacketBecoming the Buddha:
The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand.
D.K. Swearer.

bookjacketBefore and After Muhammad:
The First Millennium Refocused.
G. Fowden.

blankjacketBeing German, Becoming Muslim:
Race, Religion, and Conversion in the New Europe.
E. Özyürek.

bookjacketBeing Muslim the Bosnian Way:
Identity and Community in a Central Bosnian Village.
T. Bringa.

bookjacketThe Best of All Possible Worlds:
A Story of Philosophers, God, and Evil in the Age of Reason.
S. Nadler.

bookjacketBetween Heaven and Earth:
The Religious Worlds People Make and the Scholars Who Study Them.
R.A. Orsi.

bookjacketBetween Muslim and Jew:
The Problem of Symbiosis under Early Islam.
S.M. Wasserstrom.

bookjacketThe Bhagavad Gita:
A Biography.
R.H. Davis.

bookjacketThe Bible in Arabic:
The Scriptures of the 'People of the Book' in the Language of Islam.
S.H. Griffith.

bookjacketBig Gods:
How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict.
A. Norenzayan.

bookjacketBlack Atlantic Religion:
Tradition, Transnationalism, and Matriarchy in the Afro-Brazilian Candomblé.
J. Matory.

bookjacketBlessed Are the Organized:
Grassroots Democracy in America.
J. Stout.

bookjacketBlessed Events:
Religion and Home Birth in America.
P.E. Klassen.

An Adventure in Collecting the Past.
W. McGuire.

bookjacketA Book Forged in Hell:
Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age.
S. Nadler.

bookjacketThe Book of Common Prayer:
A Biography.
A. Jacobs.

bookjacketThe Book of Genesis:
A Biography.
R. Hendel.

bookjacketThe Book of Jerry Falwell:
Fundamentalist Language and Politics.
S.F. Harding.

bookjacketThe Book of Job:
A Biography.
M. Larrimore.

bookjacketThe Book of Mormon:
A Biography.
P. Gutjahr.

bookjacketA Bridging of Faiths:
Religion and Politics in a New England City.
R.H. Williams and N.J. Demerath.

bookjacketBuddhism and the State in Sixteenth-Century Japan.
N. McMullin.

bookjacketBuddhism in China:
A Historical Survey.
K.K.S. Ch'en.

bookjacketBuddhism in Practice:
(Abridged Edition).
D.S. Lopez, Jr.

blankjacketBuddhism Transformed:
Religious Change in Sri Lanka.
R. Gombrich and G. Obeyesekere.

bookjacketBuddhist Goddesses of India.
M. Shaw.

bookjacketBuddhist Learning and Textual Practice in Eighteenth-Century Lankan Monastic Culture.
A.M. Blackburn.

bookjacketThe Burnt Book:
Reading the Talmud.
M. Ouaknin; L. Brown, trans.

bookjacketThe Camphor Flame:
Popular Hinduism and Society in India.
C.J. Fuller.

bookjacketCan Islam Be French?
Pluralism and Pragmatism in a Secularist State.
J.R. Bowen.

bookjacketCatholic Bishops in American Politics.
T.A. Byrnes.

bookjacketThe Catholic Church in World Politics.
E.O. Hanson.

bookjacketCatholicism and Democracy:
An Essay in the History of Political Thought.
E. Perreau-Saussine.

bookjacketThe Central Philosophy of Tibet:
A Study and Translation of Jey Tsong Khapa's Essence of True Eloquence.
R.A.F. Thurman.

blankjacketChan Insights and Oversights:
An Epistemological Critique of the Chan Tradition.
B. Faure.

bookjacketThe Children of Abraham:
Judaism, Christianity, Islam: A New Edition.
F.E. Peters.

bookjacketThe Children of Noah:
Jewish Seafaring in Ancient Times.
R. Patai.

bookjacketChristian Political Ethics.
J.A. Coleman, ed.

bookjacketThe Church and Politics in Chile:
Challenges to Modern Catholicism.
B.H. Smith.

bookjacketThe Church in the Shadow of the Mosque:
Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam.
S.H. Griffith.

bookjacketThe Church of Scientology:
A History of a New Religion.
H.B. Urban.

bookjacketThe City of Man.
P. Manent; M.A. LePain, trans.

bookjacketCivil Islam:
Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia.
R.W. Hefner.

bookjacketThe Clash of Gods:
A Reinterpretation of Early Christian Art.
T.F. Mathews.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 7:
Biographia Literaria. (Two volume set).
S.T. Coleridge.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 8:
Lectures 1818-1819: On the History of Philosophy.
S.T. Coleridge; J.R.D.J. Jackson, ed.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 12:
Marginalia: Part 5. Sherlock to Unidentified.
S.T. Coleridge; H.J. Jackson and G. Whalley, eds.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 15:
Opus Maximum.
S.T. Coleridge; T. McFarland, ed.

bookjacketThe Collected Works of Spinoza, Volume I.
B.D. Spinoza; E.M. Curley, ed. and trans.

bookjacketCommentary on Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript:
With a new introduction.
N. Thulstrup; R.J. Widenmann, trans.

bookjacketCommunities of Violence:
Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages.
D. Nirenberg.

bookjacketComplete Works of Aristotle, Volume 1:
The Revised Oxford Translation.
Aristotle; J. Barnes, et al., eds.

bookjacketComplete Works of Aristotle, Volume 2:
The Revised Oxford Translation.
Aristotle; J. Barnes, ed.

bookjacketComplex/Archetype/Symbol in the Psychology of C.G. Jung.
J. Jacobi; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketConcealment and Revelation:
Esotericism in Jewish Thought and its Philosophical Implications.
M. Halbertal; J. Feldman, et al., trans.

bookjacketConfessions of an Interest Group:
The Catholic Church and Political Parties in Europe.
C.M. Warner.

bookjacketConfronting Political Islam:
Six Lessons from the West’s Past.
J. Owen IV.

bookjacketConfucian Political Ethics.
D.A. Bell, ed.

bookjacketConfucianism as a World Religion:
Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities.
A. Sun.

blankjacketConquest of Violence:
The Gandhian Philosophy of Conflict. With a new epilogue by the author.
J.V. Bondurant.

bookjacketConsumer Rites:
The Buying and Selling of American Holidays.
L.E. Schmidt.

bookjacketThe Contemplative Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
M.R. Lichtmann.

bookjacketThe Corruption of Angels:
The Great Inquisition of 1245-1246.
M.G. Pegg.

blankjacketCosmic Understanding:
Philosophy and Science of the Universe.
M.K. Munitz.

bookjacketCovenantal Rights:
A Study in Jewish Political Theory.
D. Novak.

bookjacketCreating the Cult of St. Joseph:
Art and Gender in the Spanish Empire.
C. Villaseñor Black.

bookjacketCreation and the Persistence of Evil:
The Jewish Drama of Divine Omnipotence.
J.D. Levenson.

bookjacketCreative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi.
H. Corbin; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketCritique of Religion and Philosophy.
W. Kaufmann.

bookjacketCross and Scepter:
The Rise of the Scandinavian Kingdoms from the Vikings to the Reformation.
S. Bagge.

bookjacketCrosses on the Ballot:
Patterns of British Voter Alignment since 1885.
K.D. Wald.

bookjacketCrusade and Mission:
European Approaches Toward the Muslims.
B.Z. Kedar.

bookjacketThe Cult of the Virgin Mary:
Psychological Origins.
M.P. Carroll.

bookjacketCulture and Redemption:
Religion, the Secular, and American Literature.
T. Fessenden.

bookjacketThe Curse of Ham:
Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
D.M. Goldenberg.

bookjacketDance of Divine Love:
India's Classic Sacred Love Story: The Rasa Lila of Krishna.
G.M. Schweig.

bookjacketThe Dead Sea Scrolls:
A Biography.
J.J. Collins.

blankjacketThe Death Rituals of Rural Greece.
L.M. Danforth and A. Tsiaras.

bookjacketThe Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature.
J. Ortega y Gasset.

bookjacketDemocracy and Tradition.
J. Stout.

bookjacketDemocratic Faith.
P. Deneen.

bookjacketThe Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right.
J.A. Shields.

bookjacketThe Devil Wins:
A History of Lying from the Garden of Eden to the Enlightenment.
D. Denery II, II.

blankjacketThe Devil's Tabernacle:
The Pagan Oracles in Early Modern Thought.
A. Ossa-Richardson.

bookjacketDietrich Bonhoeffer's Letters and Papers from Prison:
A Biography.
M.E Marty.

Philosopher of the Human Studies.
R.A. Makkreel.

Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life.
C. Kerényi; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketDiplomatarium of the Crusader Kingdom of Valencia:
The Registered Charters of Its Conqueror, Jaume I, 1257-1276. III: Transition in Crusader Valencia: Years of Triumph, Years of War, 1264-1270.
R.I. Burns.

bookjacketDiplomatarium of the Crusader Kingdom of Valencia:
The Registered Charters of Its Conqueror, Jaume I, 1257-1276. IV: Unifying Crusader Valencia, The Central Years of Jaume the Conqueror.
R.I. Burns.

bookjacketDiscovering Religious History in the Modern Age.
H. Kippenberg.

bookjacketThe Disenchantment of the World:
A Political History of Religion.
M. Gauchet; O. Burge, trans.

bookjacketThe Divine Comedy, I. Inferno. Part 1:
Dante; C.S. Singleton, trans.

bookjacketThe Divine Comedy, I. Inferno. Part 2:
Dante; C.S. Singleton, trans.

bookjacketThe Divine Comedy, II. Purgatorio. Part 1:
Dante; C.S. Singleton, trans.

bookjacketThe Divine Comedy, II. Purgatorio. Part 2:
Dante; C.S. Singleton, trans.

bookjacketThe Divine Comedy, III. Paradiso. Part 1:
Dante; C.S. Singleton, trans.

bookjacketThe Divine Comedy, III. Paradiso. Part 2:
Dante; C.S. Singleton, trans.

bookjacketThe Doctrine of Election and the Emergence of Elizabethan Tragedy.
M.T. Rozett.

bookjacketDream Interpretation Ancient and Modern:
Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1941.
C.G. Jung; J. Peck, et al., eds.

(From Volumes 4, 8, 12, and 16 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung).
C.G. Jung; R.F.C. Hull, et al., trans.

bookjacketDreams in Late Antiquity:
Studies in the Imagination of a Culture.
P.C. Miller.

bookjacketEarly Christian Books in Egypt.
R.S. Bagnall.

blankjacketThe Early Greek Concept of the Soul.
J. Bremmer.

bookjacketThe Early Islamic Conquests.
F.M. Donner.

bookjacketEarly Modern Jewry:
A New Cultural History.
D.B. Ruderman.

bookjacketThe East Asian Region:
Confucian Heritage and Its Modern Adaptation.
G. Rozman, ed.

bookjacketEdge of Empires:
Pagans, Jews, and Christians at Roman Dura-Europos.
J.Y. Chi and S. Heath, eds.

blankjacketThe Egyptian Hermes:
A Historical Approach to the Late Pagan Mind.
G. Fowden.

bookjacketEinstein and Religion:
Physics and Theology.
M. Jammer.

bookjacketElaborations on Emptiness:
Uses of the Heart Sūtra.
D.S. Lopez, Jr.

Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter.
C. Kerényi; R. Manheim, trans.

bookjacketElusive Togetherness:
Church Groups Trying to Bridge America's Divisions.
P. Lichterman.

bookjacketThe Emancipation of Europe's Muslims:
The State's Role in Minority Integration.
J. Laurence.

blankjacketEmpire to Commonwealth:
Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity.
G. Fowden.

bookjacketAn Enchanted Modern:
Gender and Public Piety in Shi'i Lebanon.
L. Deeb.

bookjacketEncountering Mary:
From La Salette to Medjugorje.
S.L. Zimdars-Swartz.

bookjacketEncounters with Kierkegaard:
A Life as Seen by His Contemporaries.
S. Kierkegaard; B.H. Kirmmse, ed. and trans. V.R. Laursen, trans.

bookjacketThe Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 3:
Advaita Vedanta up to Samkara and His Pupils.
K.H. Potter, ed.

bookjacketThe Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 4:
Samkhya, A Dualist Tradition in Indian Philosophy.
G.J. Larson and R.S. Bhattacharya; K.H. Potter, ed.

bookjacketEnglish Zionists and British Jews:
The Communal Politics of Anglo-Jewry, 1896-1920.
S. Cohen.

bookjacketThe Enlightenment Bible:
Translation, Scholarship, Culture.
J. Sheehan.

bookjacketPapers from the Eranos Yearbooks.:
Eranos 1. Spirit and Nature.
J. Campbell, ed.

bookjacketPapers from the Eranos Yearbooks.:
Eranos 2. The Mysteries.
J. Campbell, ed.

bookjacketPapers from the Eranos Yearbooks.:
Eranos 6. The Mystic Vision.
J. Campbell, ed.

bookjacketErasmus and the Age of Reformation.
J. Huizinga.

bookjacketErasmus, Man of Letters:
The Construction of Charisma in Print.
L. Jardine.

bookjacketEros the Bittersweet:
An Essay.
A. Carson.

bookjacketEssays on a Science of Mythology:
The Myth of the Divine Child and the Mysteries of Eleusis.
C.G. Jung and C. Kerényi.

bookjacketThe Essential Kierkegaard.
S. Kierkegaard; H.V. Hong and E.H. Hong, eds.

bookjacketEthics after Babel:
The Languages of Morals and Their Discontents.
J. Stout.

bookjacketThe Ethics of War and Peace:
Religious and Secular Perspectives.
T. Nardin, ed.

bookjacketEurope and the Islamic World:
A History.
J. Tolan, H. Laurens, et al.

bookjacketEvil in Modern Thought:
An Alternative History of Philosophy.
S. Neiman.

bookjacketEvil Incarnate:
Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History.
D. Frankfurter.

blankjacketFacing Evil.
J. Kekes.

bookjacketFaith in the Fight:
Religion and the American Soldier in the Great War.
J.H. Ebel.

bookjacketThe Faith of a Physicist:
Reflections of a Bottom-Up Thinker.
J.C. Polkinghorne.

bookjacketThe Faith of Scientists:
In Their Own Words.
N.K. Frankenberry, ed.

bookjacketFaithful and Fearless:
Moving Feminist Protest inside the Church and Military.
M.F. Katzenstein.

bookjacketFear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death.
S. Kierkegaard; W. Lowrie, et al., trans.

bookjacketFearful Symmetry:
A Study of William Blake.
N. Frye.

bookjacketFirewalking and Religious Healing:
The Anastenaria of Greece and the American Firewalking Movement.
L.M. Danforth.

bookjacketThe First Modern Jew:
Spinoza and the History of an Image.
D. Schwartz.

bookjacketFirst Things:
An Inquiry into the First Principles of Morals and Justice.
H. Arkes.

bookjacketFits, Trances, and Visions:
Experiencing Religion and Explaining Experience from Wesley to James.
A. Taves.

bookjacketFlowing Traces:
Buddhism in the Literary and Visual Arts of Japan.
J.H. Sanford, W.R. LaFleur, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Flying Phoenix:
Aspects of Chinese Sectarianism in Taiwan.
D.K. Jordan and D.L. Overmyer.

bookjacketFlying Saucers:
A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky. (From Vols. 10 and 18, Collected Works).
C.G. Jung; R.F.C. Hull, trans.

bookjacketFor the Glory of God:
How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery.
R. Stark.

bookjacketThe Formation of Christendom.
J. Herrin.

bookjacketThe Founders on Religion:
A Book of Quotations.
J.H. Hutson, ed.

bookjacketThe Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America.
F. Lambert.

bookjacketFour Archetypes:
(From Vol. 9, Part 1 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung).
C.G. Jung; R.F.C. Hull, et al., trans.

bookjacketFreemasonry and American Culture, 1880-1930.
L. Dumenil.

bookjacketFrom Religion to Philosophy:
A Study in the Origins of Western Speculation.
F.M. Cornford.

bookjacketFrom Ritual to Romance.
J.L. Weston; R.A. Segal, ed.

bookjacketFrom Shakespeare to Existentialism:
Essays on Shakespeare and Goethe; Hegel and Kierkegaard; Nietzsche, Rilke and Freud; Jaspers, Heidegger, and Toynbee.
W. Kaufmann.

bookjacketGalileo and His Sources:
Heritage of the Collegio Romano in Galileo's Science.
W.A. Wallace.

bookjacketGender and Immortality:
Heroines in Ancient Greek Myth and Cult.
D. Lyons.

bookjacketThe General Will before Rousseau:
The Transformation of the Divine into the Civic.
P. Riley.

bookjacketGerman Nationalism and Religious Conflict:
Culture, Ideology, Politics, 1870-1914.
H. Smith.

bookjacketGetting Saved in America:
Taiwanese Immigration and Religious Experience.
C. Chen.

bookjacketThe Gnostic Jung:
Selections From The Writings of C.G. Jung and His Critics.
C.G. Jung; R.A. Segal, ed.

bookjacket(God) After Auschwitz:
Tradition and Change in Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought.
Z. Braiterman.

bookjacketGod and Race in American Politics:
A Short History.
M.A. Noll.

bookjacketGod Interrupted:
Heresy and the European Imagination between the World Wars.
B. Lazier.

bookjacketGod of Battles:
Holy Wars of Christianity and Islam.
P. Partner.

bookjacketGod's Long Summer:
Stories of Faith and Civil Rights.
C. Marsh.

bookjacketThe Golden Legend:
Readings on the Saints.
J. de Voragine; W.G. Ryan, et al., trans.

bookjacketThe Golden Legend:
Readings on the Saints, Volume I.
J. de Voragine; W.G. Ryan, trans.

bookjacketThe Golden Legend:
Readings on the Saints, Volume II.
J. de Voragine; W.G. Ryan, trans.

bookjacketThe Gothic Cathedral:
Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order. Expanded Edition.
O.G. Von Simson.

bookjacketGreek Mythology in Byzantine Art.
K. Weitzmann.

bookjacketGrowing Up Palestinian:
Israeli Occupation and the Intifada Generation.
L. Bucaille.

bookjacketGuru English:
South Asian Religion in a Cosmopolitan Language.
S. Aravamudan.

bookjacketHagiography and Modern Russian Literature.
M. Ziolkowski.

bookjacketThe Hajj:
The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places.
F.E. Peters.

Mystic and Martyr (Abridged edition).
L. Massignon; H. Mason, ed. and trans.

bookjacketHamlet in Purgatory (Expanded Edition).
S. Greenblatt.

bookjacketThe Handless Maiden:
Moriscos and the Politics of Religion in Early Modern Spain.
M.E. Perry.

bookjacketThe Hanged Man:
A Story of Miracle, Memory, and Colonialism in the Middle Ages.
R. Bartlett.

bookjacketHeavenly Merchandize:
How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America.
M. Valeri.

bookjacketHegel and the Spirit:
Philosophy as Pneumatology.
A.M. Olson.

bookjacketHeinrich Zimmer:
Coming into His Own.
M.H. Case, ed.

A Short History.
A.R. Norton.

blankjacketThe Hieroglyphics of Horapollo.
H. Niliacus; G. Boas, trans.

bookjacketHigh Gothic:
The Classic Cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, Amiens.
H. Jantzen; J. Palmes, trans.

blankjacketHindu Javanese:
Tengger Tradition and Islam.
R.W. Hefner.

bookjacketHindu Nationalism:
A Reader.
C. Jaffrelot, ed.

Past and Present.
A. Michaels; B. Harshav, trans.

bookjacketThe Historical Jesus in Context.
A. Levine, D. Allison, Jr., et al., eds.

bookjacketHistory of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 1:
The Period of the Philosophers (from the Beginnings to Circa 100 B.C.).
Y. Fung; D. Bodde, trans.

blankjacketHistory of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 2:
The Period of Classical Learning from the Second Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D.
Y. Fung; D. Bodde, trans.

bookjacketA History of Heaven:
The Singing Silence.
J.B. Russell.

bookjacketA History of Jewish-Muslim Relations:
From the Origins to the Present Day.
A. Meddeb and B. Stora, eds.

bookjacketA History of Palestine:
From the Ottoman Conquest to the Founding of the State of Israel.
G. Krämer; G. Harman and G. Krämer, trans.

blankjacketHobbesian Moral and Political Theory.
G.S. Kavka.

bookjacketThe Holy and the Daemonic from Sir Thomas Browne to William Blake.
R.D. Stock.

bookjacketHoly Tears:
Weeping in the Religious Imagination.
K.C. Patton and J.S. Hawley, eds.

bookjacketHow Judaism Became a Religion:
An Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought.
L. Batnitzky.

bookjacketHow the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West.
P. Zagorin.

bookjacketHsun Yueh and the Mind of Late Han China:
A Translation of the SHEN-CHIEN.
C. Ch'en.

blankjacketHumanists and Holy Writ:
New Testament Scholarship in the Renaissance.
J.H. Bentley.

bookjacketThe Humor of Kierkegaard:
An Anthology.
S. Kierkegaard; T. Oden, ed.

bookjacketHymns and Fragments.
F. Hölderlin; R. Sieburth, trans.

bookjacketI Am You:
The Hermeneutics of Empathy in Western Literature, Theology and Art.
K.F. Morrison.

bookjacketThe I Ching:
A Biography.
R. Smith.

bookjacketThe I Ching or Book of Changes.
H. Wilhelm, ed. C.F. Baynes, trans.

bookjacketThe Iconography of the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus:
Neofitus Iit Ad Deum.
E.S. Malbon.

bookjacketThe Icons of Their Bodies:
Saints and Their Images in Byzantium.
H. Maguire.

bookjacketIdentity and Religion in Palestine:
The Struggle between Islamism and Secularism in the Occupied Territories.
L. Lybarger.

bookjacketIdolatry and Its Enemies:
Colonial Andean Religion and Extirpation, 1640-1750.
K. Mills.

bookjacketIdolatry and Representation:
The Philosophy of Franz Rosenzweig Reconsidered.
L. Batnitzky.

bookjacketImage and Belief:
Studies in Celebration of the Eightieth Anniversary of the Index of Christian Art.
C. Hourihane, ed.

bookjacketImages and Symbols:
Studies in Religious Symbolism.
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Two Ages: The Age of Revolution and the Present Age A Literary Review.
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Without Authority.
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Sickness Unto Death: A Christian Psychological Exposition for Upbuilding and Awakening.
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Practice in Christianity.
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For Self-Examination / Judge For Yourself!.
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The Point of View.
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The Moment and Late Writings.
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The Book on Adler.
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Letters and Documents.
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Cumulative Index to Kierkegaard`s Writings.
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Religious Accommodation in Pluralist Democracies.
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Satan and the Combat Myth.
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Historical Consequences of Monotheism.
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A Social History of Sōtō Zen Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan.
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The Marranos: Split Identity and Emerging Modernity.
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Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil.
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Conversion, Modernity, and Belief.
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How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus.
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Women in Tantric Buddhism.
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Religion and Culture in Black Chicago, 1915-1952.
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Multiracial Congregations in the United States.
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Memory and Oblivion at the End of the First Millennium.
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Hindu Nationalism and Anti-Muslim Violence in India.
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Local Churches and Partisan Divides in the United States and Canada.
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The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject.
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Recovering the American Dream through the Moral Dimension of Work, Business, and Money.
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J.Ellen Harrison.

Archetypal Image of Human Existence.
C. Kerényi; R. Manheim, trans.

blankjacketProphecy and People in Renaissance Italy.
O. Niccoli; L.G. Cochrane, trans.

bookjacketProving Woman:
Female Spirituality and Inquisitional Culture in the Later Middle Ages.
D. Elliott.

bookjacketThe Psychology of Kundalini Yoga:
Notes of the Seminar Given in 1932.
C.G. Jung; S. Shamdasani, ed.

bookjacketPuritans in the New World:
A Critical Anthology.
D.D. Hall, ed.

bookjacketQuakers and Slavery:
A Divided Spirit.
J.R. Soderlund.

bookjacketThe Question of Zion.
J. Rose.

bookjacketQuestioning the Veil:
Open Letters to Muslim Women.
M. Lazreg.

bookjacketThe Quotable Kierkegaard.
S. Kierkegaard; G. Marino, et al., eds.

bookjacketThe Qur'ân's Self-Image:
Writing and Authority in Islam's Scripture.
D. Madigan.

bookjacketRadhasoami Reality:
The Logic of a Modern Faith.
M. Juergensmeyer.

bookjacketThe Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India, Volume I:
R.P. Goldman, ed. and trans.

bookjacketThe Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India, Volume IV:
R. Lefeber, trans.

blankjacketThe Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India, Volume V:
R.P. Goldman and S.S. Goldman, eds. and trans.

bookjacketThe Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India, Volume VI:
R.P. Goldman, S.S. Goldman, et al., eds. and trans.

bookjacketA Reader on Classical Islam.
F.E. Peters.

blankjacketThe Reader's Bible, A Narrative:
Selections from the King James Version.
R.M. Frye.

bookjacketReading Renunciation:
Asceticism and Scripture in Early Christianity.
E.A. Clark.

bookjacketThe Rebbe:
The Life and Afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
S. Heilman and M. Friedman.

bookjacketReckless Rites:
Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence.
E. Horowitz.

blankjacketA Record of Buddhist Monasteries in Lo-Yang.
H. Yang; Y. Wang, trans.

bookjacketRed State Religion:
Faith and Politics in America's Heartland.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketThe Red Thread:
Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality.
B. Faure.

bookjacketRedeeming Politics.
P.I. Kaufman.

bookjacketReforming the World:
The Creation of America's Moral Empire.
I. Tyrrell.

bookjacketRelics of the Buddha.
J.S. Strong.

bookjacketReligion after Religion:
Gershom Scholem, Mircea Eliade, and Henry Corbin at Eranos.
S.M. Wasserstrom.

bookjacketReligion and Cultural Studies.
S.L. Mizruchi, ed.

bookjacketReligion and Democracy in the United States:
Danger or Opportunity?.
A. Wolfe and I. Katznelson, eds.

bookjacketReligion and Family in a Changing Society.
P. Edgell.

bookjacketReligion and Politics in Latin America:
The Catholic Church in Venezuela & Colombia.
D.H. Levine.

bookjacketReligion and the Constitution:
Volume I: Free Exercise and Fairness.
K. Greenawalt.

bookjacketReligion and the Constitution:
Volume 2: Establishment and Fairness.
K. Greenawalt.

bookjacketReligion and the Rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans.
J.B. Bennett.

bookjacketReligion in American Politics:
A Short History.
F. Lambert.

bookjacketReligion in Essence and Manifestation.
G. Van der Leeuw; N. Smart and J.E. Turner, trans.

bookjacketReligion in Roman Egypt:
Assimilation and Resistance.
D. Frankfurter.

blankjacketReligion in the Andes:
Vision and Imagination in Early Colonial Peru.
S. MacCormack.

bookjacketReligion, Revolution, and Regional Culture in Eighteenth-Century France:
The Ecclesiastical Oath of 1791.
T. Tackett.

bookjacketReligions of Asia in Practice:
An Anthology.
D.S. Lopez, Jr., ed.

bookjacketReligions of China in Practice.
D.S. Lopez, Jr., ed.

bookjacketReligions of Japan in Practice.
G.J. Tanabe, Jr., ed.

bookjacketReligions of Korea in Practice.
R.E. Buswell, Jr., ed.

bookjacketReligions of Late Antiquity in Practice.
R. Valantasis, ed.

bookjacketReligions of the United States in Practice, Volume 1.
C. McDannell, ed.

bookjacketReligions of the United States in Practice, Volume 2.
C. McDannell, ed.

bookjacketReligions of Tibet in Practice:
(Abridged Edition).
D.S. Lopez, Jr., ed.

blankjacketReligious Aesthetics:
A Theological Study of Making and Meaning.
F.B. Brown.

blankjacketReligious Art from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century.
E. Mâle; H. Bober, ed.

bookjacketThe Religious Enlightenment:
Protestants, Jews, and Catholics from London to Vienna.
D. Sorkin.

bookjacketReligious Experience Reconsidered:
A Building-Block Approach to the Study of Religion and Other Special Things.
A. Taves.

bookjacketThe Religious Left and Church-State Relations.
S.H. Shiffrin.

blankjacketReligious Orthodoxy and Popular Faith in European Society.
E. Badone, ed.

bookjacketRemaking Muslim Politics:
Pluralism, Contestation, Democratization.
R.W. Hefner, ed.

blankjacketRenaissance Thought and the Arts:
Collected Essays.
P.O. Kristeller.

bookjacketThe Renewal of the Priesthood:
Modernity and Traditionalism in a South Indian Temple.
C.J. Fuller.

bookjacketRereading the Stone:
Desire and the Making of Fiction in Dream of the Red Chamber.
A.C. Yu.

bookjacketRespect for Nature:
A Theory of Environmental Ethics (25th Anniversary Edition).
P.W. Taylor.

bookjacketThe Restructuring of American Religion:
Society and Faith since World War II.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketRethinking "Gnosticism":
An Argument for Dismantling a Dubious Category.
M.A. Williams.

blankjacketThe Rhetoric of Immediacy:
A Cultural Critique of Chan/Zen Buddhism.
B. Faure.

bookjacketRight Thinking and Sacred Oratory in Counter-Reformation Rome.
F.J. McGinness.

blankjacketRights and Wrongs of Abortion:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader.
M. Cohen, ed.

bookjacketThe Rise of Christianity:
A Sociologist Reconsiders History.
R. Stark.

blankjacketThe Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe.
V.I. Flint.

bookjacketRites and Rank:
Hierarchy in Biblical Representations of Cult.
S.M. Olyan.

bookjacketThe Rites of Identity:
The Religious Naturalism and Cultural Criticism of Kenneth Burke and Ralph Ellison.
B. Eddy.

bookjacketRitual Kinship, Volume II:
Ideological and Structural Integration of the Compadrazgo System in Rural Tlaxcala.
H.G. Nutini.

blankjacketRitual Poetry and the Politics of Death in Early Japan.
G.L. Ebersole.

bookjacketThe Road to Xanadu:
A Study in the Ways of the Imagination.
J.L. Lowes.

Profile of a City, 312-1308.
R. Krautheimer.

bookjacketRough Country:
How Texas Became America’s Most Powerful Bible-Belt State.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketRussian Orthodoxy Resurgent:
Faith and Power in the New Russia.
J. Garrard and C. Garrard.

bookjacketSabbatai Sevi:
The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1676.
G.G. Scholem; R.J.Z. Werblowsky, trans.

bookjacketThe Sacred and the Secular University.
J.H. Roberts and J. Turner.

bookjacketSacred Rhetoric:
The Christian Grand Style in the English Renaissance.
D.K. Shuger.

bookjacketSaving America?
Faith-Based Services and the Future of Civil Society.
R. Wuthnow.

bookjacketSaving God:
Religion after Idolatry.
M. Johnston.

bookjacketThe Scandal of Kabbalah:
Leon Modena, Jewish Mysticism, Early Modern Venice.
Y. Dweck.

bookjacketScholastic Magic:
Ritual and Revelation in Early Jewish Mysticism.
M.D. Swartz.

bookjacketSchooling Islam:
The Culture and Politics of Modern Muslim Education.
R.W. Hefner and M.Q. Zaman, eds.

bookjacketThe Science of Sacrifice:
American Literature and Modern Social Theory.
S.L. Mizruchi.

bookjacketScripture, Canon and Commentary:
A Comparison of Confucian and Western Exegesis.
J.B. Henderson.

bookjacketThe Secular City:
Secularization and Urbanization in Theological Perspective.
H. Cox.

bookjacketThe Secular Mind.
R. Coles.

bookjacketThe Seducer's Diary.
S. Kierkegaard; H.V. Hong and E.H. Hong, eds. and trans.

blankjacketSelected Works of Miguel de Unamuno, Volume 4:
The Tragic Sense of Life in Men and Nations.
M.d. Unamuno; A. Kerrigan and M. Nozick, eds.

bookjacketSemitic Words in Egyptian Texts of the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period.
J.E. Hoch.

bookjacketThe Shadows and Lights of Waco:
Millennialism Today.
J.D. Faubion.

Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.
M. Eliade; W.R. Trask, trans.

bookjacketA Shared World:
Christians and Muslims in the Early Modern Mediterranean.
M. Greene.

bookjacketShattering the Myth:
Islam beyond Violence.
B. Lawrence.

blankjacketShinto and the State, 1868-1988.
H. Hardacre.

blankjacketA Short History of Medieval Philosophy.
J.R. Weinberg.

bookjacketA Short History of the Jews.
M. Brenner; J. Riemer, et al., trans.

bookjacketA Short Life of Kierkegaard.
W. Lowrie.

bookjacketSilence in the Land of Logos.
S. Montiglio.

bookjacketThe Silence of Heaven:
Agnon's Fear of God.
A. Oz.

The Early History of an Idea.
P. Fredriksen.

bookjacketSiva's Warriors:
The Basava Purana of Palkuriki Somanatha.
V.N. Rao and G.H. Roghair, trans.

bookjacketSøren Kierkegaard:
A Biography.
J. Garff; B.H. Kirmmse, trans.

bookjacketThe Soul of the World.
R. Scruton.

bookjacketSouled Out:
Reclaiming Faith and Politics after the Religious Right.
E.J. Dionne, Jr.

bookjacketA Source Book in Chinese Philosophy.
W. Chan, trans.

bookjacketA Source Book in Indian Philosophy.
S. Radhakrishnan and C.A. Moore.

bookjacketThe Sovereignty of Reason:
The Defense of Rationality in the Early English Enlightenment.
F.C. Beiser.

bookjacketA Spinoza Reader:
The Ethics and Other Works.
B.D. Spinoza; E.M. Curley, ed. and trans.

blankjacketSpiritual Body and Celestial Earth:
From Mazdean Iran to Shi'ite Iran.
H. Corbin; N. Pearson, trans.

bookjacketSpiritual Marketplace:
Baby Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion.
W.C. Roof.

bookjacketSpiritual Marriage:
Sexual Abstinence in Medieval Wedlock.
D. Elliot.

bookjacketThe Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe:
Religious Conflict, Dynastic Empires, and International Change.
D.H. Nexon.

bookjacketStudies on the Civilization of Islam.
H.A.R. Gibb.

Belief in the Age of Science.
R.L. Park.

bookjacketThe Supreme Court and Religion in American Life, Vol. 1:
The Odyssey of the Religion Clauses.
J. Hitchcock.

bookjacketThe Supreme Court and Religion in American Life, Vol. 2:
From "Higher Law" to "Sectarian Scruples".
J. Hitchcock.

bookjacketThe Survival of the Pagan Gods:
The Mythological Tradition and Its Place in Renaissance Humanism and Art.
J. Seznec; B.F. Sessions, trans.

bookjacketSurviving Death.
M. Johnston.

bookjacketSymbol and Truth in Blake's Myth.
L. Damrosch, Jr.

bookjacketThe Symbolic Quest:
Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology. (Expanded edition).
E.C. Whitmont.

An Acausal Connecting Principle. (From Vol. 8. of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung).
C.G. Jung; R.F.C. Hull, et al., trans.

bookjacketA Tale of Two Monasteries:
Westminster and Saint-Denis in the Thirteenth Century.
W.C. Jordan.

bookjacketTamil Temple Myths:
Sacrifice and Divine Marriage in the South Indian Saiva Tradition.
D.D. Shulman.

bookjacketTaming the Gods:
Religion and Democracy on Three Continents.
I. Buruma.

bookjacketTantra in Practice.
D.G. White, ed.

bookjacketThe Tao of Architecture.
A.I.T. Chang.

bookjacketTaoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China.
K. Dean.

bookjacketTeach Me Dreams:
The Search for Self in the Revolutionary Era.
M. Sobel.

bookjacketTeresa of Avila and the Rhetoric of Femininity.
A. Weber.

bookjacketThe Terror of History:
On the Uncertainties of Life in Western Civilization.
T.F. Ruiz.

bookjacketTheodicy in Islamic Thought:
The Dispute Over Al-Ghazali's Best of All Possible Worlds.
E.L. Ormsby.

bookjacketTheology and the Scientific Imagination from the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century.
A. Funkenstein.

bookjacketThomas Aquinas’s Summa theologiae:
A Biography.
B. McGinn.

bookjacketThree Critics of the Enlightenment:
Vico, Hamann, Herder.
I. Berlin; H. Hardy, et al., eds.

bookjacketThrough a Speculum That Shines:
Vision and Imagination in Medieval Jewish Mysticism.
E.R. Wolfson.

bookjacketThrough the Eye of a Needle:
Wealth, the Fall of Rome, and the Making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD.
P. Brown.

bookjacketThe Tibetan Book of the Dead:
A Biography.
D.S. Lopez, Jr.

bookjacketTime, History, and Literature:
Selected Essays of Erich Auerbach.
E. Auerbach; J. Porter, et al., eds.

bookjacketTodos Santos in Rural Tlaxcala:
A Syncretic, Expressive, and Symbolic Analysis of the Cult of the Dead.
H.G. Nutini.

bookjacketTrabelin' On:
The Slave Journey to an Afro-Baptist Faith. Abridged Paperback.
M. Sobel.

bookjacketTradition and the Formation of the Talmud.
M. Vidas.

bookjacketThe Transmission of Knowledge in Medieval Cairo:
A Social History of Islamic Education.
J.P. Berkey.

bookjacketTruth and Truthfulness:
An Essay in Genealogy.
B. Williams.

bookjacketThe Ulama in Contemporary Islam:
Custodians of Change.
M.Q. Zaman.

bookjacketUnceasing Strife, Unending Fear:
Jacques de Thérines and the Freedom of the Church in the Age of the Last Capetians.
W.C. Jordan.

bookjacketUndermined Establishment:
Church-State Relations in America, 1880-1920.
R.T. Handy.

bookjacketThe Undiscovered Self:
With Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams.
C.G. Jung; R.F.C. Hull, et al., trans.

bookjacketUnless You Believe, You Shall Not Understand:
Logic, University, and Society in Late Medieval Vienna.
M.H. Shank.

bookjacketValuing Life.
J. Kleinig.

bookjacketVatican II:
A Sociological Analysis of Religious Change.
M.J. Wilde.

bookjacketA Very Brief History of Eternity.
C. Eire.

bookjacketVirtue and Vice:
The Personifications in the Index of Christian Art.
C. Hourihane, ed.

blankjacketVisions of Power:
Imagining Medieval Japanese Buddhism.
B. Faure; P. Brooks, trans.

bookjacketThe Voice of the Poor in the Middle Ages:
An Anthology of Documents from the Cairo Geniza.
M.R. Cohen.

bookjacketThe Voice, the Word, the Books:
The Sacred Scripture of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
F.E. Peters.

blankjacketWar and Moral Responsibility:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader.
M. Cohen, ed.

bookjacketWater from the Rock:
Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age.
S.R. Frey.

bookjacketWeimar and the Vatican, 1919-1933:
German-Vatican Diplomatic Relations in the Interwar Years.
S.A. Stehlin.

bookjacketWere the Jews a Mediterranean Society?
Reciprocity and Solidarity in Ancient Judaism.
S. Schwartz.

bookjacketWhen They Severed Earth from Sky:
How the Human Mind Shapes Myth.
E. Barber and P.T. Barber.

bookjacketWhen Ways of Life Collide:
Multiculturalism and Its Discontents in the Netherlands.
P.M. Sniderman and L. Hagendoorn.

bookjacketWhy Can the Dead Do Such Great Things?
Saints and Worshippers from the Martyrs to the Reformation.
R. Bartlett.

bookjacketWhy Ethics?
Signs of Responsibilities.
R. Gibbs.

bookjacketWhy Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite:
Evolution and the Modular Mind.
R. Kurzban.

bookjacketWhy the French Don't Like Headscarves:
Islam, the State, and Public Space.
J.R. Bowen.

bookjacketWhy Tolerate Religion?
B. Leiter.

bookjacketWhy Tolerate Religion?
B. Leiter.

bookjacketWilliam of Auvergne and Robert Grosseteste:
New Ideas of Truth in Early Thirteenth Century.
S.P. Marrone.

bookjacketWomen at the Beginning:
Origin Myths from the Amazons to the Virgin Mary.
P.J. Geary.

bookjacketThe World They Made Together:
Black and White Values in Eighteenth-Century Virginia.
M. Sobel.

bookjacketThe Worlds of Alfonso the Learned and James the Conqueror:
Intellect and Force in the Middle Ages.
R.I. Burns.

bookjacketYoga in Practice.
D.G. White, ed.

bookjacketThe Yoga Sutra of Patanjali:
A Biography.
D.G. White.

bookjacketZen and Japanese Culture.
D.T. Suzuki.

blankjacketThe Zen Monastic Experience:
Buddhist Practice in Contemporary Korea.
R.E. Buswell, Jr.

bookjacketZhuangzi Speaks:
The Music of Nature.
C. Ts'ai; B. Bruya, trans.

bookjacketThe Zodiac of Paris:
How an Improbable Controversy over an Ancient Egyptian Artifact Provoked a Modern Debate between Religion and Science.
J.Z. Buchwald and D.G. Josefowicz.

File created: 7/11/2014

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