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bookjacketAn Accented Cinema:
Exilic and Diasporic Filmmaking
Hamid Naficy

blankjacketThe Address of the Eye:
A Phenomenology of Film Experience
Vivian Sobchack

blankjacketThe Art of Taking a Walk:
Flanerie, Literature, and Film in Weimar Culture
Anke Gleber

bookjacketArtists in the Audience:
Cults, Camp, and American Film Criticism
Greg Taylor

bookjacketBlack, White, and in Color:
Television and Black Civil Rights
Sasha Torres

Reinventing Women for Wartime British Cinema
Antonia Caroline Lant

bookjacketBody in Question:
Image and Illusion in Two Chinese Films by Director Jiang Wen
Jerome Silbergeld

bookjacketThe Body in the Mirror:
Shapes of History in Italian Cinema
Angela Dalle Vacche

blankjacketBreaking the Glass Armor
Kristin Thompson

bookjacketBritish Genres:
Cinema and Society, 1930-1960
Marcia Landy

bookjacketA Certain Tendency of the Hollywood Cinema, 1930-1980
Robert B. Ray

blankjacketChaplin and American Culture:
The Evolution of a Star Image
Charles J. Maland

blankjacketThe Cinema of Federico Fellini
Peter Bondanella

Film, Motherhood, Genre
Lucy Fischer

blankjacketClose Up 1927-1933:
Cinema and Modernism
Edited by James Donald, Anne Friedberg, & Laura Marcus

bookjacketThe Corporeal Image:
Film, Ethnography, and the Senses
David MacDougall

blankjacketCreating the Couple:
Love, Marriage, and Hollywood Performance
Virginia Wright Wexman

bookjacketDivine Decadence:
Fascism, Female Spectacle, and the Makings of Sally Bowles
Linda Mizejewski

bookjacketEmile Cohl, Caricature, and Film
Donald Crafton

bookjacketEntertaining America:
Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting
J. Hoberman & Jeffrey Shandler

bookjacketFascism in Film:
The Italian Commercial Cinema, 1931-1943
Marcia Landy

bookjacketFilm and the Dream Screen:
A Sleep and a Forgetting
Robert T. Eberwein

bookjacketFilm Essays and a Lecture
Sergei Eisenstein

blankjacketThe Films of Carlos Saura:
The Practice of Seeing
Marvin D'Lugo

bookjacketThe Films of Theo Angelopoulos:
A Cinema of Contemplation
Andrew Horton

Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, Network
Caroline Levine

blankjacketFrench Film Theory and Criticism:
A History/Anthology, 1907-1939. Volume 1: 1907-1929
Richard Abel

blankjacketFrench Film Theory and Criticism:
A History/Anthology, 1907-1939. Volume 2: 1929-1939
Richard Abel

bookjacketFrom Caligari to Hitler:
A Psychological History of the German Film
Siegfried Kracauer

bookjacketThe Gaze and the Labyrinth:
The Cinema of Liliana Cavani
Gaetana Marrone

bookjacketGendering War Talk
Edited by Miriam G. Cooke & Angela Woollacott

bookjacketHigh-Class Moving Pictures:
Lyman H. Howe and the Forgotten Era of Traveling Exhibition, 1880-1920
Charles Musser & Carol Nelson

bookjacketThe History of Italian Cinema:
A Guide to Italian Film from Its Origins to the Twenty-First Century
Gian Piero Brunetta

bookjacketThe Hitchcock Romance:
Love and Irony in Hitchcock's Films
Lesley Brill

bookjacketHollywood Fantasies of Miscegenation:
Spectacular Narratives of Gender and Race
Susan Courtney

bookjacketHollywood Highbrow:
From Entertainment to Art
Shyon Baumann

bookjacketIncorporating Images:
Film and the Rival Arts
Brigitte Peucker

blankjacketInterpreting Films:
Studies in the Historical Reception of American Cinema
Janet Staiger

blankjacketItalian Film in the Light of Neorealism
Millicent Marcus

bookjacketThe Japanese Film:
Art and Industry
Joseph L. Anderson & Donald Richie

bookjacketThe Japanese Theatre:
From Shamanistic Ritual to Contemporary Pluralism
Benito Ortolani

blankjacketJoyless Streets:
Women and Melodramatic Representation in Weimar Germany
Patrice Petro

A History of the Russian and Soviet Film, With a New Postscript and a Filmography Brought up to the Present
Jay Leyda

bookjacketLandscapes of Loss:
The National Past in Postwar French Cinema
Naomi Greene

bookjacketLiving Pictures, Missing Persons:
Mannequins, Museums, and Modernity
Mark B. Sandberg

Feminism and the Cultural Geographies of Encounter
Susan Stanford Friedman

bookjacketMen, Women, and Chain Saws:
Gender in the Modern Horror Film
Carol J. Clover

bookjacketMists of Regret:
Culture and Sensibility in Classic French Film
Dudley Andrew

bookjacketModernism, Media, and Propaganda:
British Narrative from 1900 to 1945
Mark Wollaeger

bookjacketMovie-Struck Girls:
Women and Motion Picture Culture after the Nickelodeon
Shelley Stamp

bookjacketMumbai Fables
Gyan Prakash

bookjacketNational Imaginaries, American Identities:
The Cultural Work of American Iconography
Edited by Larry J. Reynolds & Gordon Hutner

bookjacketNoir Urbanisms:
Dystopic Images of the Modern City
Edited by Gyan Prakash

bookjacketOn Hollywood:
The Place, The Industry
Allen J. Scott

blankjacketPassions and Deceptions:
The Early Films of Ernst Lubitsch
Sabine Hake

bookjacketPier Paolo Pasolini:
Cinema as Heresy
Naomi Greene

bookjacketPirandello's Love Letters to Marta Abba
Luigi Pirandello

bookjacketPlaying the Race Card:
Melodramas of Black and White from Uncle Tom to O. J. Simpson
Linda Williams

bookjacketPolitics of the Self:
Feminism and the Postmodern in West German Literature and Film
Richard W. McCormick

bookjacketProducing Public Television, Producing Public Culture
Barry Dornfeld

bookjacketReframing Culture:
The Case of the Vitagraph Quality Films
William Uricchio & Roberta E. Pearson

bookjacketRevisioning History:
Film and the Construction of a New Past
Edited by Robert A. Rosenstone

bookjacketRichard Wagner, Fritz Lang, and the Nibelungen:
The Dramaturgy of Disavowal
David J. Levin

bookjacketSarah Bernhardt:
The Art Within the Legend
Gerda Taranow

Derrida and Film Theory
Peter Brunette & David Wills

bookjacketShell Shock Cinema:
Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War
Anton Kaes

Film Tradition and Women's Cinema
Lucy Fischer

bookjacketSiegfried Kracauer:
An Introduction
Gertrud Koch

bookjacketThe Social Cinema of Jean Renoir
Christopher Faulkner

blankjacketStreetwalking on a Ruined Map:
Cultural Theory and the City Films of Elvira Notari
Giuliana Bruno

bookjacketThe Theater and Cinema of Buster Keaton
Robert Knopf

bookjacketTheory of Film:
The Redemption of Physical Reality
Siegfried Kracauer

bookjacketTheory of Film Practice
Noel Burch

blankjacketTo Free the Cinema:
Jonas Mekas and the New York Underground
Edited by David E. James

bookjacketTranscultural Cinema
David MacDougall

bookjacketVocal Apparitions:
The Attraction of Cinema to Opera
Michal Grover-Friedlander

bookjacketThe Warrior's Camera:
The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa
Stephen Prince

bookjacketWartime Kiss:
Visions of the Moment in the 1940s
Alexander Nemerov

bookjacketWords of Light:
Theses on the Photography of History
Eduardo Cadava

bookjacketWorking-Class Hollywood:
Silent Film and the Shaping of Class in America
Steven J. Ross

blankjacketThe Zero Hour:
Glasnost and Soviet Cinema in Transition
Andrew Horton & Michael Brashinsky

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