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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SUBJECTS (by title) in Gender Studies

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bookjacket"Keep the Damned Women Out":
The Struggle for Coeducation
Nancy Weiss Malkiel

bookjacketAbortion before Birth Control:
The Politics of Reproduction in Postwar Japan
Tiana Norgren

bookjacketAbraham on Trial:
The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth
Carol Delaney

bookjacketAfter Every War:
Twentieth-Century Women Poets
Eavan Boland

bookjacketThe Afterlife of Property:
Domestic Security and the Victorian Novel
Jeff Nunokawa

Violence and the Remaking of a Self
Susan J. Brison

bookjacketThe Age of the Bachelor:
Creating an American Subculture
Howard P. Chudacoff

bookjacketAllegories of Love:
Cervantes's Persiles and Sigismunda
Diana de Armas Wilson

bookjacketThe Amazons:
Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World
Adrienne Mayor

bookjacketAmerican Archives:
Gender, Race, and Class in Visual Culture
Shawn Michelle Smith

bookjacketAmerican Moderns:
Bohemian New York and the Creation of a New Century
Christine Stansell

bookjacketThe Americas of Asian American Literature:
Gendered Fictions of Nation and Transnation
Rachel C. Lee

bookjacketAmor and Psyche:
The Psychic Development of the Feminine: A Commentary on the Tale by Apuleius. (Mythos Series)
Erich Neumann

bookjacketArtemisia Gentileschi:
The Image of the Female Hero in Italian Baroque Art
Mary D. Garrard

bookjacketAspects of the Feminine:
(From Volumes 6, 7, 9i, 9ii, 10, 17, Collected Works)
C. G. Jung

bookjacketAt Home in the World:
Women Writers and Public Life, from Austen to the Present
Maria DiBattista & Deborah Epstein Nord

bookjacketAt the Heart of Freedom:
Feminism, Sex, and Equality
Drucilla Cornell

bookjacketBecoming a Woman of Letters:
Myths of Authorship and Facts of the Victorian Market
Linda H. Peterson

bookjacketBecoming Modern:
Young Women and the Reconstruction of Womanhood in the 1920s
Birgitte Søland

bookjacketBefore Sexuality:
The Construction of Erotic Experience in the Ancient Greek World
Edited by Froma I. Zeitlin, John J. Winkler & David M. Halperin

blankjacketBehind the Intifada:
Labor and Women's Movements in the Occupied Territories
Joost R. Hiltermann

bookjacketBetrayal and Other Acts of Subversion:
Feminism, Sexual Politics, Asian American Women's Literature
Leslie Bow

bookjacketBetween Women:
Friendship, Desire, and Marriage in Victorian England
Sharon Marcus

bookjacketBlessed Events:
Religion and Home Birth in America
Pamela E. Klassen

bookjacketBlood Ties and Fictive Ties:
Adoption and Family Life in Early Modern France
Kristin Elizabeth Gager

bookjacketBodies of Law
Alan Hyde

bookjacketBreaking the Sequence:
Women's Experimental Fiction
Edited by Ellen G. Friedman & Miriam Fuchs

bookjacketThe Changing Role of Women in Bengal, 1849-1905
Meredith Borthwick

bookjacketChildren in Moral Danger and the Problem of Government in Third Republic France
Sylvia Schafer

bookjacketThe Chinatown Trunk Mystery:
Murder, Miscegenation, and Other Dangerous Encounters in Turn-of-the-Century New York City
Mary Ting Yi Lui

Film, Motherhood, Genre
Lucy Fischer

bookjacketCivilizing Women:
British Crusades in Colonial Sudan
Janice Boddy

bookjacketThe Claims of Culture:
Equality and Diversity in the Global Era
Seyla Benhabib

bookjacketA Class by Herself:
Protective Laws for Women Workers, 1890s–1990s
Nancy Woloch

bookjacketClose Readers:
Humanism and Sodomy in Early Modern England
Alan Stewart

blankjacketComing of Age in Medieval Egypt:
Female Adolescence, Jewish Law, and Ordinary Culture
Eve Krakowski

bookjacketConstructing Brotherhood:
Class, Gender, and Fraternalism
Mary Ann Clawson

blankjacketCreating the Couple:
Love, Marriage, and Hollywood Performance
Virginia Wright Wexman

bookjacketCreating the Cult of St. Joseph:
Art and Gender in the Spanish Empire
Charlene Villaseñor Black

A Reader in Contemporary Social Theory
Edited by Nicholas B. Dirks, Geoff Eley, & Sherry B. Ortner

bookjacketDangerous Sex, Invisible Labor:
Sex Work and the Law in India
Prabha Kotiswaran

bookjacketDesire in the Renaissance:
Psychoanalysis and Literature
Edited by Valeria Finucci & Regina Schwartz

bookjacketDivine Decadence:
Fascism, Female Spectacle, and the Makings of Sally Bowles
Linda Mizejewski

bookjacketThe Domestication of Desire:
Women, Wealth, and Modernity in Java
Suzanne April Brenner

The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siècle Germany
Kevin McAleer

Critical Essays on Knowledge and Politics
Wendy Brown

blankjacketEnchanted Maidens:
Gender Relations in Spanish Folktales of Courtship and Marriage
James M. Taggart

bookjacketAn Enchanted Modern:
Gender and Public Piety in Shi'i Lebanon
Lara Deeb

blankjacketEngendering Democracy in Brazil:
Women's Movements in Transition Politics
Sonia E. Alvarez

bookjacketThe Experiences of Tiresias:
The Feminine and the Greek Man
Nicole Loraux

blankjacketFactory Girls:
Women in the Thread Mills of Meiji Japan
E. Patricia Tsurumi

bookjacketFaithful and Fearless:
Moving Feminist Protest inside the Church and Military
Mary Fainsod Katzenstein

bookjacketFamily Planning in Japanese Society:
Traditional Birth Control in a Modern Urban Culture
Samuel Coleman

bookjacketFamily Tightrope:
The Changing Lives of Vietnamese Americans
Nazli Kibria

bookjacketFashioning the Bourgeoisie:
A History of Clothing in the Nineteenth Century
Philippe Perrot

blankjacketThe Fear of the Feminine:
And Other Essays on Feminine Psychology
Erich Neumann

bookjacketFelicia Hemans:
Selected Poems, Letters, Reception Materials
Edited by Susan J. Wolfson

bookjacketFemale Labor Supply:
Theory and Estimation
James P. Smith

blankjacketFeminism, Marriage, and the Law in Victorian England, 1850-1895
Mary Lyndon Shanley

bookjacketFeminists, Islam, and Nation:
Gender and the Making of Modern Egypt
Margot Badran

bookjacketFreud, Race, and Gender
Sander L. Gilman

bookjacketFrom Duty to Desire:
Remaking Families in a Spanish Village
Jane Fishburne Collier

bookjacketFrom India to the Planet Mars:
A Case of Multiple Personality with Imaginary Languages
Théodore Flournoy

bookjacketThe Gardens of Adonis:
Spices in Greek Mythology
Marcel Detienne

bookjacketThe Gay Archipelago:
Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia
Tom Boellstorff

bookjacketGays and the Military:
Joseph Steffan versus the United States
Edited by Marc Wolinsky & Kenneth Sherrill

bookjacketGender and American Social Science:
The Formative Years
Edited by Helene Silverberg

blankjacketGender and Disorder in Early Modern Seville
Mary Elizabeth Perry

bookjacketGender and Immortality:
Heroines in Ancient Greek Myth and Cult
Deborah Lyons

bookjacketGender and Romance in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Susan Crane

bookjacketGender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory
Nancy J. Hirschmann

bookjacketGendering War Talk
Edited by Miriam G. Cooke & Angela Woollacott

bookjacketGeorge Eliot and Herbert Spencer:
Feminism, Evolutionism, and the Reconstruction of Gender
Nancy L. Paxton

bookjacketThe Great Mother:
An Analysis of the Archetype
Erich Neumann

bookjacketHe Runs, She Runs:
Why Gender Stereotypes Do Not Harm Women Candidates
Deborah Jordan Brooks

bookjacketHollywood Fantasies of Miscegenation:
Spectacular Narratives of Gender and Race
Susan Courtney

blankjacketThe Homeric Hymn to Demeter:
Translation, Commentary, and Interpretive Essays
Edited by Helene P. Foley

bookjacketHysteria Complicated by Ecstasy:
The Case of Nanette Leroux
Jan Goldstein

bookjacketAlan Turing: The Enigma:
The Book That Inspired the Film The Imitation Game
Andrew Hodges

bookjacketImperiled Innocents:
Anthony Comstock and Family Reproduction in Victorian America
Nicola Beisel

blankjacketIn a Different Place:
Pilgrimage, Gender, and Politics at a Greek Island Shrine
Jill Dubisch

bookjacketIn Search of Self in India and Japan:
Toward a Cross-Cultural Psychology
Alan Roland

blankjacketIn the Realm of the Diamond Queen:
Marginality in an Out-of-the-Way Place
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

bookjacketIn the Shadow of Revolution:
Life Stories of Russian Women from 1917 to the Second World War
Edited by Sheila Fitzpatrick & Yuri Slezkine

bookjacketIncorporating Images:
Film and the Rival Arts
Brigitte Peucker

bookjacketInside the Castle:
Law and the Family in 20th Century America
Joanna L. Grossman & Lawrence M. Friedman

bookjacketInsult to Injury:
Rethinking our Responses to Intimate Abuse
Linda G. Mills

bookjacketIntersecting Voices:
Dilemmas of Gender, Political Philosophy, and Policy
Iris Marion Young

bookjacketIntimacy and Exclusion:
Religious Politics in Pre-Revolutionary Baden
Dagmar Herzog

bookjacketIs Multiculturalism Bad for Women?
Susan Moller Okin

bookjacketIslam and Gender:
The Religious Debate in Contemporary Iran
Ziba Mir-Hosseini

blankjacketJoyless Streets:
Women and Melodramatic Representation in Weimar Germany
Patrice Petro

bookjacketJust Married:
Same-Sex Couples, Monogamy, and the Future of Marriage
Stephen Macedo

bookjacketJustice and the Politics of Difference
Iris Marion Young

bookjacketThe Knotted Subject:
Hysteria and Its Discontents
Elisabeth Bronfen

bookjacketLadies of the Leisure Class:
The Bourgeoises of Northern France in the 19th Century
Bonnie G. Smith

bookjacketLadies’ Greek
Yopie Prins

bookjacketA Literature of Their Own:
British Women Novelists from Bronte to Lessing
Elaine Showalter

bookjacketThe Locrian Maidens:
Love and Death in Greek Italy
James M. Redfield

Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany
Maria Tatar

bookjacketMad Loves:
Women and Music in Offenbach’s Les Contes d'Hoffmann
Heather Hadlock

bookjacketMaking Christians:
Clement of Alexandria and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy
Denise Kimber Buell

bookjacketMaking Men:
Sophists and Self-Presentation in Ancient Rome
Maud W. Gleason

bookjacketThe Making of the Magdalen:
Preaching and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages
Katherine Ludwig Jansen

bookjacketMaking the Body Beautiful:
A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery
Sander L. Gilman

Feminism and the Cultural Geographies of Encounter
Susan Stanford Friedman

bookjacketMarianne Moore:
The Poet's Advance
Laurence Stapleton

bookjacketMarriage and Fertility:
Studies in Interdisciplinary History
Edited by Theodore K. Rabb & Robert I. Rotberg

bookjacketThe Masochistic Pleasures of Sentimental Literature
Marianne Noble

bookjacketThe Match Girl and the Heiress
Seth Koven

Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy, and Art
Edited by James J. Clauss & Sarah Iles Johnston

bookjacketMen in Wonderland:
The Lost Girlhood of the Victorian Gentleman
Catherine Robson

bookjacketMen Who Migrate, Women Who Wait:
Population and History in a Portuguese Parish
Caroline B. Brettell

bookjacketMen, Women, and Chain Saws:
Gender in the Modern Horror Film
Carol J. Clover

blankjacketA Mexican Elite Family, 1820-1980:
Kinship, Class Culture
Larissa Adler Lomnitz & Marisol Pérez-Lizaur

bookjacketMobilizing Women for War:
German and American Propaganda, 1939-1945
Leila J. Rupp

bookjacketMoon, Sun and Witches:
Gender Ideologies and Class in Inca and Colonial Peru
Irene Marsha Silverblatt

bookjacketMothers and Children:
Jewish Family Life in Medieval Europe
Elisheva Baumgarten

bookjacketMothers of Conservatism:
Women and the Postwar Right
Michelle M. Nickerson

bookjacketMothers of Misery:
Child Abandonment in Russia
David L. Ransel

bookjacketMovable Islands:
Poems by Debora Greger
Debora Greger

bookjacketMovie-Struck Girls:
Women and Motion Picture Culture after the Nickelodeon
Shelley Stamp

bookjacketMulticulturalism without Culture
Anne Phillips

bookjacketMuslim Lives in Eastern Europe:
Gender, Ethnicity, and the Transformation of Islam in Postsocialist Bulgaria
Kristen Ghodsee

blankjacketMyth, Religion, and Mother Right:
Selected Writings of Johann Jakob Bachofen
Johann Jakob Bachofen

bookjacketThe New Arab Man:
Emergent Masculinities, Technologies, and Islam in the Middle East
Marcia C. Inhorn

bookjacketObligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith:
Religious Accommodation in Pluralist Democracies
Edited by Nancy L. Rosenblum

bookjacketOdd Couples:
Extraordinary Differences between the Sexes in the Animal Kingdom
Daphne J. Fairbairn

bookjacketThe Other Enlightenment:
How French Women Became Modern
Carla Hesse

bookjacketThe Other Hogarth:
Aesthetics of Difference
Edited by Bernadette Fort & Angela Rosenthal

bookjacketOther Women:
The Writing of Class, Race, and Gender, 1832-1898
Anita Levy

bookjacketThe Other Women's Movement:
Workplace Justice and Social Rights in Modern America
Dorothy Sue Cobble

bookjacketOur Bodies, Whose Property?
Anne Phillips

bookjacketOur Lives Before the Law:
Constructing a Feminist Jurisprudence
Judith A. Baer

bookjacketOutsiders Together:
Virginia and Leonard Woolf
Natania Rosenfeld

bookjacketPassionate Enlightenment:
Women in Tantric Buddhism
Miranda Shaw

bookjacketPenelope's Renown:
Meaning and Indeterminacy in the Odyssey
Marylin A. Katz

bookjacketPerformance and Gender in Ancient Greece:
Nondramatic Poetry in Its Setting
Eva Stehle

bookjacketPhilanthropy and Police:
London Charity in the Eighteenth Century
Donna T. Andrew

bookjacketPhilosophy in a Feminist Voice:
Critiques and Reconstructions
Janet A. Kourany

bookjacketPhyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism:
A Woman's Crusade
Donald T. Critchlow

bookjacketA Place on the Team:
The Triumph and Tragedy of Title IX
Welch Suggs

bookjacketThe Poetics of Eros in Ancient Greece
Claude Calame

blankjacketThe Poetics of Manhood:
Contest and Identity in a Cretan Mountain Village
Michael Herzfeld

bookjacketPoets in the Public Sphere:
The Emancipatory Project of American Women's Poetry, 1800-1900
Paula Bernat Bennett

bookjacketThe Politics of Gender after Socialism:
A Comparative-Historical Essay
Susan Gal & Gail Kligman

bookjacketPolitics of Piety:
The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject
Saba Mahmood

bookjacketPolitics of the Self:
Feminism and the Postmodern in West German Literature and Film
Richard W. McCormick

bookjacketThe Politics of the Veil
Joan Wallach Scott

bookjacketThe Politics of Women's Rights:
Parties, Positions, and Change
Christina Wolbrecht

bookjacketThe Politics of Women's Work:
The Paris Garment Trades, 1750-1915
Judith G. Coffin

bookjacketPolitics Out of History
Wendy Brown

bookjacketPortrait of a Priestess:
Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece
Joan Breton Connelly

bookjacketThe Power of Denial:
Buddhism, Purity, and Gender
Bernard Faure

bookjacketPrivate Life in New Kingdom Egypt
Lynn Meskell

bookjacketProphetic Sons and Daughters:
Female Preaching and Popular Religion in Industrial England
Deborah M. Valenze

bookjacketProving Woman:
Female Spirituality and Inquisitional Culture in the Later Middle Ages
Dyan Elliott

blankjacketThe Psychiatric Persuasion:
Knowledge, Gender, and Power in Modern America
Elizabeth Lunbeck

blankjacketPublic Man, Private Woman:
Women in Social and Political Thought
Jean Bethke Elshtain

bookjacketThe Qualities of a Citizen:
Women, Immigration, and Citizenship, 1870-1965
Martha Gardner

blankjacketReading Asian American Literature:
From Necessity to Extravagance
Sau-ling Cynthia Wong

bookjacketReading Rape:
The Rhetoric of Sexual Violence in American Literature and Culture, 1790-1990
Sabine Sielke

bookjacketReconceiving Infertility:
Biblical Perspectives on Procreation and Childlessness
Candida R. Moss & Joel S. Baden

bookjacketRedeeming Eve:
Women Writers of the English Renaissance
Elaine V. Beilin

bookjacketRegulating Intimacy:
A New Legal Paradigm
Jean L. Cohen

bookjacketRelentless Reformer:
Josephine Roche and Progressivism in Twentieth-Century America
Robyn Muncy

bookjacketReluctant Feminists in German Social Democracy, 1885-1917
Jean H. Quataert

bookjacketRemaking Women:
Feminism and Modernity in the Middle East
Edited by Lila Abu-Lughod

bookjacketReproducing Gender:
Politics, Publics, and Everyday Life after Socialism
Edited by Susan Gal & Gail Kligman

bookjacketReproducing the State
Jacqueline Stevens

bookjacketRethinking Abortion:
Equal Choice, the Constitution, and Reproductive Politics
Mark A. Graber

bookjacketRethinking Sexuality:
Foucault and Classical Antiquity
Edited by David H. J. Larmour, Paul Allen Miller, & Charles Platter

bookjacketRevenge of the Domestic:
Women, the Family, and Communism in the German Democratic Republic
Donna Harsch

bookjacketRighteous Transgressions:
Women's Activism on the Israeli and Palestinian Religious Right
Lihi Ben Shitrit

bookjacketRising Star:
Dandyism, Gender, and Performance in the Fin de Siècle
Rhonda K. Garelick

bookjacketRites and Rank:
Hierarchy in Biblical Representations of Cult
Saul M. Olyan

bookjacketRoman Sexualities
Edited by Judith P. Hallett & Marilyn B. Skinner

bookjacketRousseau's Republican Romance
Elizabeth Rose Wingrove

bookjacketSara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus:
A Ghost Story and a Biography
Clifton Crais & Pamela Scully

The Sexual Politics of the British Constitution
Anna Clark

bookjacketSchooling German Girls and Women
James C. Albisetti

bookjacketScience as Social Knowledge:
Values and Objectivity in Scientific Inquiry
Helen E. Longino

bookjacketThe Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left
Landon R. Y. Storrs

bookjacketSeeing with Their Hearts:
Chicago Women and the Vision of the Good City, 1871-1933
Maureen A. Flanagan

bookjacketSelected Later Poems of Marie Luise Kaschnitz
Marie Luise Kaschnitz

bookjacketSelling Women Short:
Gender and Money on Wall Street
Louise Marie Roth

bookjacketThe Sentimental Education of the Novel
Margaret Cohen

bookjacketSex after Fascism:
Memory and Morality in Twentieth-Century Germany
Dagmar Herzog

bookjacketSex and Secularism
Joan Wallach Scott

bookjacketSex and Suffrage in Britain, 1860-1914
Susan Kingsley Kent

bookjacketSexing the World:
Grammatical Gender and Biological Sex in Ancient Rome
Anthony Corbeill

bookjacketSexual Identities, Queer Politics
Edited by Mark Blasius

bookjacketSexual Selection
Malte Andersson

bookjacketSexual Symmetry:
Love in the Ancient Novel and Related Genres
David Konstan

bookjacketShattering Silence:
Women, Nationalism, and Political Subjectivity in Northern Ireland
Begoña Aretxaga

bookjacketShattering the Myth:
Islam beyond Violence
Bruce B. Lawrence

bookjacketShopping for Pleasure:
Women in the Making of London's West End
Erika Diane Rappaport

Film Tradition and Women's Cinema
Lucy Fischer

bookjacketThe Silent Sex:
Gender, Deliberation, and Institutions
Christopher F. Karpowitz & Tali Mendelberg

bookjacketSiren Songs:
Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Opera
Edited by Mary Ann Smart

Sexual and Social Politics in Victorian London
Seth Koven

bookjacketSoft Force:
Women in Egypt's Islamic Awakening
Ellen Anne McLarney

bookjacketSpiritual Marriage:
Sexual Abstinence in Medieval Wedlock
Dyan Elliott

bookjacketSplit Decisions:
How and Why to Take a Break from Feminism
Janet Halley

bookjacketSpoken Like a Woman:
Speech and Gender in Athenian Drama
Laura McClure

bookjacketThe State and Working Women:
A Comparative Study of Britain and Sweden
Mary Ruggie

bookjacketStates of Injury:
Power and Freedom in Late Modernity
Wendy Brown

bookjacketThe Status of Women in Preindustrial Societies
Martin King Whyte

bookjacketThe Straight State:
Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America
Margot Canaday

blankjacketStreetwalking on a Ruined Map:
Cultural Theory and the City Films of Elvira Notari
Giuliana Bruno

bookjacketThe Subject of Liberty:
Toward a Feminist Theory of Freedom
Nancy J. Hirschmann

bookjacketTeresa of Avila and the Rhetoric of Femininity
Alison Weber

bookjacketThere Goes the Gayborhood?
Amin Ghaziani

Gender and Race in an Age of Unsettled Identities
Rogers Brubaker

bookjacketTranslate this Darkness:
The Life of Christiana Morgan, the Veiled Woman in Jung's Circle
Claire Douglas

bookjacketTwice upon a Time:
Women Writers and the History of the Fairy Tale
Elizabeth Wanning Harries

bookjacketUnrivalled Influence:
Women and Empire in Byzantium
Judith Herrin

bookjacketVampires, Dragons, and Egyptian Kings:
Youth Gangs in Postwar New York
Eric C. Schneider

bookjacketVictorian Sappho
Yopie Prins

bookjacketVirtue and Beauty:
Leonardo's Ginevra de' Benci and Renaissance Portraits of Women
Edited and with an introduction by David Alan Brown

Notes of the Seminar Given in 1930-1934 by C. G. Jung
Edited by Claire Douglas

bookjacketThe Way We Argue Now:
A Study in the Cultures of Theory
Amanda Anderson

bookjacketWhy Gender Matters in Economics
Mukesh Eswaran

bookjacketWhy Sex Matters:
A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior
Bobbi S. Low

bookjacketA Woman Under the Surface:
Poems and Prose Poems
Alicia Ostriker

bookjacketWomen at the Beginning:
Origin Myths from the Amazons to the Virgin Mary
Patrick J. Geary

bookjacketWomen Don't Ask:
Negotiation and the Gender Divide
Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever

bookjacketWomen in Purple:
Rulers of Medieval Byzantium
Judith Herrin

bookjacketWomen in the Middle East:
Past and Present
Nikki R. Keddie

bookjacketWomen in Western Political Thought
Susan Moller Okin

bookjacketWomen Writers and Poetic Identity:
Dorothy Wordsworth, Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson
Margaret Homans

blankjacketThe Women's Liberation Movement in Russia:
Feminism, Nihilsm, and Bolshevism, 1860-1930
Richard Stites

bookjacketWorkable Sisterhood:
The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS
Michele Tracy Berger

bookjacketWorlds of Women:
The Making of an International Women's Movement
Leila J. Rupp

bookjacketWritten on the Body:
The Tattoo in European and American History
Edited by Jane Caplan

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