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bookjacket"Keep the Damned Women Out":
The Struggle for Coeducation
Nancy Weiss Malkiel

bookjacketBuying the Best:
Cost Escalation in Elite Higher Education
Charles T. Clotfelter

What It Was, Is, and Should Be
Andrew Delbanco

bookjacketCrafting a Class:
College Admissions and Financial Aid, 1955-1994
Elizabeth A. Duffy & Idana Goldberg

bookjacketCrossing the Finish Line:
Completing College at America's Public Universities
William G. Bowen, Matthew M. Chingos & Michael S. McPherson

bookjacketEver the Leader:
Selected Writings, 1995-2016
William G. Bowen

bookjacketEver the Teacher
William G. Bowen

bookjacketThe Game of Life:
College Sports and Educational Values
James L. Shulman & William G. Bowen

bookjacketGame of Loans:
The Rhetoric and Reality of Student Debt
Beth Akers & Matthew M. Chingos

bookjacketThe Great Brain Race:
How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World
Ben Wildavsky

bookjacketHigher Education in America
Derek Bok

bookjacketHigher Education in America
Derek Bok

bookjacketHigher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen

bookjacketHigher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen

bookjacketThe History of American Higher Education:
Learning and Culture from the Founding to World War II
Roger L. Geiger

blankjacketImplausible Dream:
The World-Class University and Repurposing Higher Education
James H. Mittelman

bookjacketIn Pursuit of the PhD
William G. Bowen & Neil L. Rudenstine

bookjacketA Larger Sense of Purpose:
Higher Education and Society
Harold T. Shapiro

bookjacketLesson Plan:
An Agenda for Change in American Higher Education
William G. Bowen & Michael S. McPherson

bookjacketLessons Learned:
Reflections of a University President
William G. Bowen

bookjacketLocus of Authority:
The Evolution of Faculty Roles in the Governance of Higher Education
William G. Bowen & Eugene M. Tobin

bookjacketOne Hundred Semesters:
My Adventures as Student, Professor, and University President, and What I Learned along the Way
William M. Chace

bookjacketOur Underachieving Colleges:
A Candid Look at How Much Students Learn and Why They Should Be Learning More
Derek Bok

bookjacketPathways to Reform:
Credits and Conflict at The City University of New York
Alexandra W. Logue

The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities
James Turner

The Making of an Adolescent Elite at St. Paul's School
Shamus Rahman Khan

bookjacketPromise and Dilemma:
Perspectives on Racial Diversity and Higher Education
Edited by Eugene Y. Lowe Jr.

bookjacketProspects for Faculty in the Arts and Sciences:
A Study of Factors Affecting Demand and Supply, 1987 to 2012
William G. Bowen & Julie Ann Sosa

bookjacketReclaiming the Game:
College Sports and Educational Values
William G. Bowen & Sarah A. Levin

bookjacketThe Sacred and the Secular University
Jon H. Roberts & James Turner

blankjacketSeeing the World:
How U.S. Universities Make Knowledge in a Global Era
Mitchell L. Stevens, Cynthia Miller-Idriss & Seteney Shami

bookjacketThe Shape of the River:
Long-Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions
William G. Bowen & Derek Bok

bookjacketThe Source of the River:
The Social Origins of Freshmen at America's Selective Colleges and Universities
Douglas S. Massey, Camille Z. Charles, Garvey F. Lundy, & Mary J. Fischer

bookjacketThe Struggle to Reform Our Colleges
Derek Bok

bookjacketThe Student Aid Game:
Meeting Need and Rewarding Talent in American Higher Education
Michael S. McPherson & Morton Owen Schapiro

bookjacketTaming the River:
Negotiating the Academic, Financial, and Social Currents in Selective Colleges and Universities
Camille Z. Charles, Mary J. Fischer, Margarita A. Mooney & Douglas S. Massey

bookjacketUniversities and Their Leadership
Edited by William G. Bowen & Harold T. Shapiro

bookjacketUniversities in the Marketplace:
The Commercialization of Higher Education
Derek Bok

bookjacketUnlocking the Gates:
How and Why Leading Universities Are Opening Up Access to Their Courses
Taylor Walsh for Ithaka S+R

bookjacketWisdom’s Workshop:
The Rise of the Modern University
James Axtell

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