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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SUBJECTS (by title) in Political Philosophy

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Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media
Cass R. Sunstein

bookjacketAbortion and Moral Theory
L. W. Sumner

bookjacketThe Aesthetics of Gyorgy Lukacs
Bela Kiralyfalvi

bookjacketAfter Adam Smith:
A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy
Murray Milgate & Shannon C. Stimson

bookjacketAfter Liberalism:
Mass Democracy in the Managerial State
Paul Edward Gottfried

bookjacketAgainst Democracy
Jason Brennan

bookjacketAgainst Democracy
Jason Brennan

bookjacketAgainst the Current:
Essays in the History of Ideas
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketAlgernon Sidney and the Republican Heritage in England and America
Alan Craig Houston

bookjacketAlibis of Empire:
Henry Maine and the Ends of Liberal Imperialism
Karuna Mantena

bookjacketAlternative Conceptions of Civil Society
Edited by Simone Chambers & Will Kymlicka

bookjacketAmerica in Italy:
The United States in the Political Thought and Imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763–1865
Axel Körner

bookjacketAmerican Academic Culture in Transformation:
Fifty Years, Four Disciplines
Edited by Thomas Bender & Carl E. Schorske

bookjacketAmerican Covenant:
A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present
Philip Gorski

bookjacketAmerican Exceptionalism and Human Rights
Edited by Michael Ignatieff

bookjacketAmerican Prophets:
Seven Religious Radicals and Their Struggle for Social and Political Justice
Albert J. Raboteau

bookjacketThe American Revolution In the Law:
Anglo-American Jurisprudence before John Marshall
Shannon C. Stimson

blankjacketAnalyzing Marx:
Morality, Power and History
Richard W. Miller

bookjacketAristotle's Politics:
Writings from the Complete Works: Politics, Economics, Constitution of Athens

bookjacketAs If God Existed:
Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy
Maurizio Viroli

bookjacketAt the Heart of Freedom:
Feminism, Sex, and Equality
Drucilla Cornell

bookjacketAthenian Legacies:
Essays on the Politics of Going On Together
Josiah Ober

blankjacketThe Athenian Revolution:
Essays on Ancient Greek Democracy and Political Theory
Josiah Ober

bookjacketAttention Deficit Democracy:
The Paradox of Civic Engagement
Ben Berger

bookjacketBallots and Bullets:
The Elusive Democratic Peace
Joanne Gowa

blankjacketBeyond the Constitution
Hadley Arkes

bookjacketThe Birth of Politics:
Eight Greek and Roman Political Ideas and Why They Matter
Melissa Lane

bookjacketA Book Forged in Hell:
Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age
Steven Nadler

bookjacketBound by Recognition
Patchen Markell

bookjacketBoundaries and Justice:
Diverse Ethical Perspectives
Edited by David Miller & Sohail H. Hashmi

bookjacketBounding Power:
Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village
Daniel H. Deudney

bookjacketBreaking the Cycles of Hatred:
Memory, Law, and Repair
Martha Minow

bookjacketBrennan and Democracy
Frank I. Michelman

bookjacketBureaucrat and Intellectual in the Ottoman Empire:
The Historian Mustafa Ali (1541-1600)
Cornell H. Fleischer

bookjacketBy Nature Equal:
The Anatomy of a Western Insight
John E. Coons & Patrick M. Brennan

bookjacketThe Canon of American Legal Thought
Edited by David Kennedy & William W. Fisher III

bookjacketCapitalism, Democracy, and Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery
John Mueller

bookjacketThe Case for Big Government
Jeff Madrick

bookjacketCatholicism and Democracy:
An Essay in the History of Political Thought
Emile Perreau-Saussine

bookjacketThe Challenge of Global Capitalism:
The World Economy in the 21st Century
Robert Gilpin

bookjacketChanges of State:
Nature and the Limits of the City in Early Modern Natural Law
Annabel S. Brett

bookjacketCharles Taylor
Ruth Abbey

bookjacketThe China Model:
Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy
Daniel A. Bell

bookjacketThe China Model:
Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy
Daniel A. Bell

bookjacketChina's New Confucianism:
Politics and Everyday Life in a Changing Society
Daniel A. Bell

bookjacketChristian Political Ethics
Edited by John A. Coleman, S.J.

bookjacketThe Citizen and the Alien:
Dilemmas of Contemporary Membership
Linda Bosniak

bookjacketCity Making:
Building Communities without Building Walls
Gerald E. Frug

bookjacketThe City of Man
Pierre Manent

bookjacketCivil Passions:
Moral Sentiment and Democratic Deliberation
Sharon R. Krause

bookjacketCivil Society and Government
Edited by Nancy L. Rosenblum & Robert C. Post

bookjacketThe Claims of Culture:
Equality and Diversity in the Global Era
Seyla Benhabib

bookjacketThe Clash of Ideas in World Politics:
Transnational Networks, States, and Regime Change, 1510-2010
John M. Owen IV

bookjacketClassical Confucian Political Thought:
A New Interpretation
Loubna El Amine

blankjacketClassical Greek Oligarchy:
A Political History
Matthew Simonton

bookjacketThe Closed Commercial State:
Perpetual Peace and Commercial Society from Rousseau to Fichte
Isaac Nakhimovsky

bookjacketThe Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to Slow Global Warming
David G. Victor

bookjacketColor Conscious:
The Political Morality of Race
K. Anthony Appiah & Amy Gutmann

bookjacketConcepts and Categories:
Philosophical Essays
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketThe Concise Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History
Edited by Michael Kazin

bookjacketConfronting Political Islam:
Six Lessons from the West's Past
John M. Owen IV

bookjacketConfucian Perfectionism:
A Political Philosophy for Modern Times
Joseph Chan

bookjacketConfucian Political Ethics
Edited by Daniel A. Bell

blankjacketThe Conquest of Politics:
Liberal Philosophy in Democratic Times
Benjamin R. Barber

bookjacketThe Conscience of a Conservative
Barry M. Goldwater

An Anthology of Social and Political Thought from David Hume to the Present
Jerry Z. Muller

bookjacketThe Consolations of Writing:
Literary Strategies of Resistance from Boethius to Primo Levi
Rivkah Zim

bookjacketA Constitution of Many Minds:
Why the Founding Document Doesn't Mean What It Meant Before
Cass R. Sunstein

bookjacketConstitutional Patriotism
Jan-Werner Müller

bookjacketConstitutional Politics:
Essays on Constitution Making, Maintenance, and Change
Edited by Sotirios A. Barber & Robert P. George

Rebuilding a Strategy against Global Terror
Ian Shapiro

bookjacketContinuing the Revolution:
The Political Thought of Mao
John Bryan Starr

bookjacketCorrupting Youth:
Political Education, Democratic Culture, and Political Theory
J. Peter Euben

bookjacketThe Corruption Cure:
How Citizens and Leaders Can Combat Graft
Robert I. Rotberg

bookjacketA Cosmopolitanism of Nations:
Giuseppe Mazzini's Writings on Democracy, Nation Building, and International Relations
Giuseppe Mazzini

bookjacketCovenantal Rights:
A Study in Jewish Political Theory
David Novak

bookjacketCovenants without Swords:
Idealist Liberalism and the Spirit of Empire
Jeanne Morefield

blankjacketCritical Legal Studies:
A Liberal Critique
Andrew Altman

bookjacketThe Crooked Timber of Humanity:
Chapters in the History of Ideas
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketDeath by a Thousand Cuts:
The Fight over Taxing Inherited Wealth
Michael J. Graetz & Ian Shapiro

bookjacketDeath to Tyrants!:
Ancient Greek Democracy and the Struggle against Tyranny
David A. Teegarden

bookjacketDemanding Democracy:
American Radicals in Search of a New Politics
Marc Stears

bookjacketDemocracy and Knowledge:
Innovation and Learning in Classical Athens
Josiah Ober

bookjacketDemocracy and the Foreigner
Bonnie Honig

bookjacketDemocracy and the Welfare State
Edited by Amy Gutmann

bookjacketDemocracy and Tradition
Jeffrey Stout

bookjacketDemocracy and Vision:
Sheldon Wolin and the Vicissitudes of the Political
Edited by Aryeh Botwinick & William E. Connolly

bookjacketDemocracy Incorporated:
Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism
Sheldon S. Wolin

bookjacketDemocratic Authority:
A Philosophical Framework
David M. Estlund

bookjacketDemocratic Education
Amy Gutmann

bookjacketDemocratic Faith
Patrick Deneen

bookjacketThe Democratic Imagination in America:
Conversations with Our Past
Russell L. Hanson

bookjacketDemocratic Legitimacy:
Impartiality, Reflexivity, Proximity
Pierre Rosanvallon

bookjacketDemocratic Political Theory
James Roland Pennock

bookjacketDemocratic Reason:
Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many
Hélène Landemore

bookjacketDemocratic Rights:
The Substance of Self-Government
Corey Brettschneider

bookjacketA Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism
Edited by Silvio Pons & Robert Service

bookjacketDiplomacy of Conscience:
Amnesty International and Changing Human Rights Norms
Ann Marie Clark

bookjacketDissent, Injustice, and the Meanings of America
Steven H. Shiffrin

bookjacketA Documentary Study of Hendrik De Man, Socialist Critic of Marxism
Hendrik de Man

bookjacketDoes God Belong in Public Schools?
Kent Greenawalt

bookjacketEast Meets West:
Human Rights and Democracy in East Asia
Daniel A. Bell

What the Ancients Can Teach Us about Ethics, Virtue, and Sustainable Living
Melissa Lane

Critical Essays on Knowledge and Politics
Wendy Brown

bookjacketThe Education of Barack Obama:
From Reading Obama
James T. Kloppenberg

bookjacketEmergency Politics:
Paradox, Law, Democracy
Bonnie Honig

bookjacketEmpire and Revolution:
The Political Life of Edmund Burke
Richard Bourke

bookjacketThe Enchantment of Modern Life:
Attachments, Crossings, and Ethics
Jane Bennett

bookjacketThe End of the West:
The Once and Future Europe
David Marquand

bookjacketEnemy in the Mirror:
Islamic Fundamentalism and the Limits of Modern Rationalism: A Work of Comparative Political Theory
Roxanne L. Euben

bookjacketEnlightenment against Empire
Sankar Muthu

bookjacketEqual Recognition:
The Moral Foundations of Minority Rights
Alan Patten

blankjacketEquality and Preferential Treatment:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader
Edited by Marshall Cohen

bookjacketThe Essential Hirschman
Albert O. Hirschman

bookjacketEthics after Babel:
The Languages of Morals and Their Discontents
Jeffrey Stout

bookjacketEthics for Adversaries:
The Morality of Roles in Public and Professional Life
Arthur Isak Applbaum

bookjacketThe Ethics of Identity
Kwame Anthony Appiah

bookjacketThe Ethics of Voting
Jason Brennan

bookjacketThe Ethics of War and Peace:
Religious and Secular Perspectives
Edited by Terry Nardin

bookjacketEuripides and the Politics of Form
Victoria Wohl

bookjacketThe Europeanization of the World:
On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy
John M. Headley

bookjacketEvil in Modern Thought:
An Alternative History of Philosophy
Susan Neiman

bookjacketExile, Ostracism, and Democracy:
The Politics of Expulsion in Ancient Greece
Sara Forsdyke

bookjacketFaith in Schools?:
Autonomy, Citizenship, and Religious Education in the Liberal State
Ian MacMullen

bookjacketThe Fall and Rise of the Islamic State
Noah Feldman

bookjacketFamily Values:
The Ethics of Parent-Child Relationships
Harry Brighouse & Adam Swift

bookjacketThe Fascist Persuasion in Radical Politics
A. James Gregor

bookjacketFinding Oneself in the Other
G. A. Cohen

bookjacketFinding the Mean:
Theory and Practice in Aristotelian Political Philosophy
Stephen G. Salkever

bookjacketFirst Things:
An Inquiry into the First Principles of Morals and Justice
Hadley Arkes

bookjacketFraming Democracy:
A Behavioral Approach to Democratic Theory
Jamie Terence Kelly

bookjacketFrancois Hotman:
A Revolutionary's Ordeal
Donald R. Kelley

bookjacketFree Market Fairness
John Tomasi

bookjacketFree Time
Julie L. Rose

bookjacketFreedom and Its Betrayal:
Six Enemies of Human Liberty
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketFreedom of Association
Edited by Amy Gutmann

bookjacketFreedom's Orphans:
Contemporary Liberalism and the Fate of American Children
David L. Tubbs

bookjacketFrench Literary Fascism:
Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, and the Ideology of Culture
David Carroll

bookjacketFriedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of the Soul:
A Study of Heroic Individualism
Leslie Paul Thiele

bookjacketFugitive Democracy:
And Other Essays
Sheldon S. Wolin

bookjacketThe Furies:
Violence and Terror in the French and Russian Revolutions
Arno J. Mayer

bookjacketGender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory
Nancy J. Hirschmann

bookjacketThe General Will before Rousseau:
The Transformation of the Divine into the Civic
Patrick Riley

bookjacketGermaine de Staël:
A Political Portrait
Biancamaria Fontana

bookjacketThe Global Commonwealth of Citizens:
Toward Cosmopolitan Democracy
Daniele Archibugi

bookjacketThe Godfather Doctrine:
A Foreign Policy Parable
John C. Hulsman & A. Wess Mitchell

bookjacketGovernment Paternalism:
Nanny State or Helpful Friend?
Julian Le Grand & Bill New

bookjacketGreat Books, Bad Arguments:
Republic, Leviathan, and The Communist Manifesto
W. G. Runciman

blankjacketHealth, Luck, and Justice
Shlomi Segall

bookjacketThe Heart of Altruism:
Perceptions of a Common Humanity
Kristen Renwick Monroe

bookjacketThe Hedgehog and the Fox:
An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketHegel on Self-Consciousness:
Desire and Death in the Phenomenology of Spirit
Robert B. Pippin

bookjacketHegel's Political Philosophy:
Interpreting the Practice of Legal Punishment
Mark Tunick

bookjacketHegel's Retreat from Eleusis:
Studies in Political Thought
George Armstrong Kelly

bookjacketHeidegger’s Children:
Hannah Arendt, Karl Löwith, Hans Jonas, and Herbert Marcuse
Richard Wolin

blankjacketHeidegger's Philosophy of Being:
A Critical Interpretation
Herman Philipse

bookjacketHiding from Humanity:
Disgust, Shame, and the Law
Martha C. Nussbaum

bookjacketThe Higher Law:
Thoreau on Civil Disobedience and Reform
Henry David Thoreau

blankjacketHobbes and the Law of Nature
Perez Zagorin

blankjacketHobbesian Moral and Political Theory
Gregory S. Kavka

bookjacketHow Do You Know?:
The Economics of Ordinary Knowledge
Russell Hardin

bookjacketHow Propaganda Works
Jason Stanley

bookjacketHuman Rights as Politics and Idolatry
Michael Ignatieff

bookjacketHume's Politics:
Coordination and Crisis in the History of England
Andrew Sabl

bookjacketThe Idea of a European Superstate:
Public Justification and European Integration
Glyn Morgan

bookjacketThe Idea of Greater Britain:
Empire and the Future of World Order, 1860-1900
Duncan Bell

bookjacketIdeal Government and the Mixed Constitution in the Middle Ages
James M. Blythe

bookjacketIdeas and Mechanism:
Essays on Early Modern Philosophy
Margaret Dauler Wilson

bookjacketIdeas of Liberty in Early Modern Europe:
From Machiavelli to Milton
Hilary Gatti

bookjacketIdentity in Democracy
Amy Gutmann

bookjacketIdeology, Reason, and the Limitation of War:
Religious and Secular Concepts, 1200-1740
James Turner Johnson

bookjacketThe Imperative of Integration
Elizabeth Anderson

bookjacketIn Defense of a Political Court
Terri Jennings Peretti

bookjacketIn Our Name:
The Ethics of Democracy
Eric Beerbohm

bookjacketIn the Beginning Was the Deed:
Realism and Moralism in Political Argument
Bernard Williams

bookjacketIn the Shadow of Power:
States and Strategies in International Politics
Robert Powell

bookjacketIndeterminacy and Society
Russell Hardin

blankjacketInternational Ethics:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader
Lawrence A. Alexander

bookjacketInternational Society:
Diverse Ethical Perspectives
Edited by David R. Mapel & Terry Nardin

bookjacketInterpreting Political Responsibility:
Essays 1981-1989
John Dunn

bookjacketIntersecting Voices:
Dilemmas of Gender, Political Philosophy, and Policy
Iris Marion Young

bookjacketIs Democracy Possible Here?:
Principles for a New Political Debate
Ronald Dworkin

bookjacketIs Multiculturalism Bad for Women?
Susan Moller Okin

bookjacketIsaiah Berlin:
An Interpretation of His Thought
John Gray

bookjacketIslamic Political Ethics:
Civil Society, Pluralism, and Conflict
Edited by Sohail H. Hashmi

bookjacketIslamic Political Thought:
An Introduction
Edited by Gerhard Bowering

bookjacketIt Takes a Nation:
A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty
Rebecca M. Blank

bookjacketItalian Fascism and Developmental Dictatorship
A. James Gregor

bookjacketThe Jewish Social Contract:
An Essay in Political Theology
David Novak

bookjacketJohn Adams and the Fear of American Oligarchy
Luke Mayville

bookjacketJohn Stuart Mill and Representative Government
Dennis F. Thompson

bookjacketJohn Stuart Mill on Liberty and Control
Joseph Hamburger

bookjacketJourneys to the Other Shore:
Muslim and Western Travelers in Search of Knowledge
Roxanne L. Euben

bookjacketThe Judge as Political Theorist:
Contemporary Constitutional Review
David Robertson

bookjacketThe Judge in a Democracy
Aharon Barak

bookjacketJudicial Politics and Urban Revolt in Seventeenth-Century France:
The Parlement of Aix, 1629-1659
Sharon Kettering

bookjacketJust Married:
Same-Sex Couples, Monogamy, and the Future of Marriage
Stephen Macedo

bookjacketJust Silences:
The Limits and Possibilities of Modern Law
Marianne Constable

bookjacketJust War Tradition and the Restraint of War:
A Moral and Historical Inquiry
James Turner Johnson

bookjacketJustice and Reverse Discrimination
Alan H. Goldman

bookjacketJustice and the Politics of Difference
Iris Marion Young

bookjacketJustice Is Conflict
Stuart Hampshire

bookjacketKarl Marx
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketKarl Marx's Theory of History:
A Defence
G. A. Cohen

Politics of the Spirit
Peter Bien

Politics of the Spirit
Peter Bien

bookjacketLaw without Nations?:
Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign States
Jeremy A. Rabkin

bookjacketLaw, Politics, and Morality in Judaism
Edited and with a Preface by Michael Walzer

bookjacketLaw, Violence, and the Possibility of Justice
Edited by Austin Sarat

bookjacketLawyers and Fidelity to Law
W. Bradley Wendel

blankjacketLawyers and Justice:
An Ethical Study
David Luban

bookjacketThe Lesser Evil:
Political Ethics in an Age of Terror
Michael Ignatieff

bookjacketLiberal Languages:
Ideological Imaginations and Twentieth-Century Progressive Thought
Michael Freeden

bookjacketLiberal Leviathan:
The Origins, Crisis, and Transformation of the American World Order
G. John Ikenberry

bookjacketLiberal Loyalty:
Freedom, Obligation, and the State
Anna Stilz

blankjacketLiberal Nationalism
Yael Tamir

The Life of an Idea
Edmund Fawcett

The Life of an Idea
Edmund Fawcett

bookjacketLiberalism Beyond Justice:
Citizens, Society, and the Boundaries of Political Theory
John Tomasi

bookjacketLiberalism's Crooked Circle:
Letters to Adam Michnik
Ira Katznelson

bookjacketLiberating Judgment:
Fanatics, Skeptics, and John Locke's Politics of Probability
Douglas John Casson

bookjacketThe Liberty of Servants:
Berlusconi's Italy
Maurizio Viroli

bookjacketLiberty Worth the Name:
Locke on Free Agency
Gideon Yaffe

bookjacketThe Life of Roman Republicanism
Joy Connolly

bookjacketThe Lives of Animals
J. M. Coetzee

bookjacketLocke and the Legislative Point of View:
Toleration, Contested Principles, and the Law
Alex Tuckness

blankjacketThe Lockean Theory of Rights
A. John Simmons

bookjacketLove among the Ruins:
The Erotics of Democracy in Classical Athens
Victoria Wohl

blankjacketMachiavelli's Ethics
Erica Benner

bookjacketMachiavelli's God
Maurizio Viroli

bookjacketMade with Words:
Hobbes on Language, Mind, and Politics
Philip Pettit

bookjacketThe Making of British Socialism
Mark Bevir

bookjacketThe Making of Modern Liberalism
Alan Ryan

bookjacketMarx, Justice and History:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader
Edited by Marshall Cohen

bookjacketMarxism, Morality, and Social Justice
Rodney G. Peffer

bookjacketMarx's Inferno:
The Political Theory of Capital
William Clare Roberts

bookjacketMax Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology
Richard Swedberg

blankjacketMeaning and Context:
Quentin Skinner and His Critics
Edited by James Tully

bookjacketMembership and Morals:
The Personal Uses of Pluralism in America
Nancy L. Rosenblum

bookjacketMerleau-Ponty and the Foundation of Existential Politics
Kerry H. Whiteside

bookjacketMichael Oakeshott's Skepticism
Aryeh Botwinick

bookjacketMistaken Identity:
The Supreme Court and the Politics of Minority Representation
Keith J. Bybee

bookjacketModernity's Wager:
Authority, the Self, and Transcendence
Adam B. Seligman

A Life
Philippe Desan

bookjacketMontaigne and the Quality of Mercy:
Ethical and Political Themes in the Essais
David Quint

bookjacketMontaigne's Politics:
Authority and Governance in the Essais
Biancamaria Fontana

bookjacketMoral Clarity:
A Guide for Grown-Up Idealists
Susan Neiman

bookjacketMoral Differences:
Truth, Justice, and Conscience in a World of Conflict
Richard W. Miller

bookjacketMoral Foundations of Constitutional Thought:
Current Problems, Augustinian Prospects
Graham Walker

bookjacketMoral Principles and Political Obligations
A. John Simmons

bookjacketThe Moral Purpose of the State:
Culture, Social Identity, and Institutional Rationality in International Relations
Christian Reus-Smit

bookjacketMorality and American Foreign Policy:
The Role of Ethics in International Affairs
Robert W. McElroy

bookjacketMussolini's Intellectuals:
Fascist Social and Political Thought
A. James Gregor

bookjacketMust Global Politics Constrain Democracy?:
Great-Power Realism, Democratic Peace, and Democratic Internationalism
Alan Gilbert

bookjacketThe Myth of the Rational Voter:
Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies
Bryan Caplan

bookjacketNatural Rights and the New Republicanism
Michael P. Zuckert

bookjacketThe Necessary Nation
Gregory Jusdanis

bookjacketNew Order of the Ages:
Time, the Constitution, and the Making of Modern American Political Thought
Michael Lienesch

bookjacketThe Next Justice:
Repairing the Supreme Court Appointments Process
Christopher L. Eisgruber

bookjacketNiccolò Machiavelli:
An Intellectual Biography
Corrado Vivanti

bookjacketNietzsche’s Great Politics
Hugo Drochon

bookjacketNietzsche's Political Skepticism
Tamsin Shaw

bookjacketNo Man’s Land:
Jamaican Guestworkers in America and the Global History of Deportable Labor
Cindy Hahamovitch

bookjacketThe Nobel Factor:
The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn
Avner Offer & Gabriel Söderberg

bookjacketNot For Profit:
Why Democracy Needs the Humanities
Martha C. Nussbaum

bookjacketNothing Less than Victory:
Decisive Wars and the Lessons of History
John David Lewis

bookjacketOn Beauty and Being Just
Elaine Scarry

bookjacketOn Compromise and Rotten Compromises
Avishai Margalit

bookjacketOn Global Justice
Mathias Risse

bookjacketOn Inequality
Harry G. Frankfurt

bookjacketOn Nineteen Eighty-Four:
Orwell and Our Future
Edited by Abbott Gleason, Jack Goldsmith, & Martha C. Nussbaum

bookjacketOn Rumors:
How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, and What Can Be Done
Cass R. Sunstein

bookjacketOn Sacrifice
Moshe Halbertal

bookjacketOn Settling
Robert E. Goodin

bookjacketOn the Currency of Egalitarian Justice, and Other Essays in Political Philosophy
G. A. Cohen

bookjacketOn the Side of the Angels:
An Appreciation of Parties and Partisanship
Nancy L. Rosenblum

bookjacketOn War and Morality
Robert L. Holmes

bookjacketOne for All:
The Logic of Group Conflict
Russell Hardin

bookjacketThe Open Society and Its Enemies
Karl Popper

bookjacketOpinion and Reform in Hume's Political Philosophy
John B. Stewart

bookjacketOrder and Artifice in Hume's Political Philosophy
Frederick J. Whelan

bookjacketThe Origins of the Lloyd George Coalition:
The Politics of Social Imperialism, 1900-1918
Robert James Scally

bookjacketThe Other Mirror:
Grand Theory through the Lens of Latin America
Edited by Miguel Angel Centeno & Fernando López-Alves

bookjacketOur Lives Before the Law:
Constructing a Feminist Jurisprudence
Judith A. Baer

bookjacketOut of Eden:
Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil
Paul W. Kahn

bookjacketOutside Ethics
Raymond Geuss

bookjacketPassion and Paradox:
Intellectuals Confront the National Question
Joan Cocks

bookjacketA Passion for Democracy:
American Essays
Benjamin R. Barber

bookjacketPaternalistic Intervention:
The Moral Bounds on Benevolence
Donald Vandeveer

bookjacketThe Pathologies of Individual Freedom:
Hegel's Social Theory
Axel Honneth

bookjacketPerpetual Euphoria:
On the Duty to Be Happy
Pascal Bruckner

bookjacketPersonal Impressions
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketThe Philosopher in the City:
The Moral Dimensions of Urban Politics
Hadley Arkes

bookjacketPhilosophic Pride:
Stoicism and Political Thought from Lipsius to Rousseau
Christopher Brooke

bookjacketPhilosophy and Real Politics
Raymond Geuss

bookjacketPhilosophy as a Humanistic Discipline
Bernard Williams

bookjacketPlatonic Noise
J. Peter Euben

bookjacketPlato's Democratic Entanglements:
Athenian Politics and the Practice of Philosophy
S. Sara Monoson

bookjacketPoetry of the Revolution:
Marx, Manifestos, and the Avant-Gardes
Martin Puchner

bookjacketPoisoning the Minds of the Lower Orders
Don Herzog

bookjacketPolitical Dissent in Democratic Athens:
Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule
Josiah Ober

blankjacketPolitical Equality:
An Essay in Democratic Theory
Charles R. Beitz

bookjacketPolitical Hypocrisy:
The Mask of Power, from Hobbes to Orwell and Beyond
David Runciman

bookjacketPolitical Ideas in the Romantic Age:
Their Rise and Influence on Modern Thought
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketA Political Philosophy in Public Life:
Civic Republicanism in Zapatero's Spain
José Luis Martí & Philip Pettit

bookjacketThe Political Philosophy of Rousseau
Roger D. Masters

bookjacketPolitical Theory and International Relations
Charles R. Beitz

bookjacketPolitical Theory and Political Education
Edited by Melvin Richter

bookjacketPolitics and Culture in Renaissance Naples
Jerry H. Bentley

bookjacketPolitics and Excellence:
The Political Philosophy of Alfarabi
Miriam Galston

bookjacketPolitics and Remembrance:
Republican Themes in Machiavelli, Burke, and Tocqueville
Bruce James Smith

bookjacketPolitics and the Imagination
Raymond Geuss

bookjacketPolitics and Vision:
Continuity and Innovation in Western Political Thought
Sheldon S. Wolin

bookjacketThe Politics of Technological Change in Prussia:
Out of the Shadow of Antiquity, 1809-1848
Eric Dorn Brose

bookjacketPolitics Out of History
Wendy Brown

bookjacketPolitics, Philosophy, Terror:
Essays on the Thought of Hannah Arendt
Dana R. Villa

bookjacketPoor Richard's Principle:
Recovering the American Dream through the Moral Dimension of Work, Business, and Money
Robert Wuthnow

bookjacketPopper Selections
Karl R. Popper

bookjacketPostcommunism and the Theory of Democracy
Richard D. Anderson Jr., M. Steven Fish, Stephen E. Hanson, & Philip G. Roeder

bookjacketThe Posthuman Dada Guide:
tzara and lenin play chess
Andrei Codrescu

bookjacketThe Power of Ideas
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketThe Power of Separation:
American Constitutionalism and the Myth of the Legislative Veto
Jessica Korn

bookjacketPractices and Principles:
Approaches to Ethical and Legal Judgment
Mark Tunick

bookjacketThe Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History. (Two volume set)
Edited by Michael Kazin

bookjacketPrinceton Readings in Islamist Thought:
Texts and Contexts from al-Banna to Bin Laden
Edited and with an introduction by Roxanne L. Euben & Muhammad Qasim Zaman

bookjacketPrinceton Readings in Political Thought:
Essential Texts since Plato
Edited by Mitchell Cohen & Nicole Fermon

bookjacketThe Priority of Democracy:
Political Consequences of Pragmatism
Jack Knight & James Johnson

bookjacketThe Priority of Love:
Christian Charity and Social Justice
Timothy P. Jackson

bookjacketPrivate Government:
How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don't Talk about It)
Elizabeth Anderson

bookjacketThe Propriety of Liberty:
Persons, Passions, and Judgement in Modern Political Thought
Duncan Kelly

bookjacketPrudes, Perverts, and Tyrants:
Plato's Gorgias and the Politics of Shame
Christina H. Tarnopolsky

bookjacketPublic Freedom
Dana Villa

bookjacketPublic Goods, Private Goods
Raymond Geuss

bookjacketPublic Welfare, Science and Propaganda in 17th-Century France:
The Innovations of Theophraste Renaudot
Howard M. Solomon

bookjacketPurposive Interpretation in Law
Aharon Barak

bookjacketPutting Liberalism in Its Place
Paul W. Kahn

bookjacketThe Quotable Machiavelli
Edited by Maurizio Viroli

bookjacketRank and File:
Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers
Edited by Alice Lynd & Robert Staughton Lynd

bookjacketReading Obama:
Dreams, Hope, and the American Political Tradition
James T. Kloppenberg

bookjacketReading Obama:
Dreams, Hope, and the American Political Tradition
James T. Kloppenberg

bookjacketThe Real World of Democratic Theory
Ian Shapiro

bookjacketReason and Rationality
Jon Elster

A. J. Julius

bookjacketRedeeming The Prince:
The Meaning of Machiavelli's Masterpiece
Maurizio Viroli

bookjacketRegulating Aversion:
Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire
Wendy Brown

bookjacketRegulating Intimacy:
A New Legal Paradigm
Jean L. Cohen

bookjacketReordering the World:
Essays on Liberalism and Empire
Duncan Bell

bookjacketReproducing the State
Jacqueline Stevens

bookjacketRespect for Nature:
A Theory of Environmental Ethics
Paul W. Taylor

bookjacketRethinking Europe's Future
David P. Calleo

bookjacketThe Return of George Sutherland:
Restoring a Jurisprudence of Natural Rights
Hadley Arkes

bookjacketReturn of the "L" Word:
A Liberal Vision for the New Century
Douglas S. Massey

bookjacketReturn to Greatness:
How America Lost Its Sense of Purpose and What It Needs to Do to Recover It
Alan Wolfe

bookjacketA Revolution of the Mind:
Radical Enlightenment and the Intellectual Origins of Modern Democracy
Jonathan Israel

bookjacketRevolutionary Ideas:
An Intellectual History of the French Revolution from The Rights of Man to Robespierre
Jonathan Israel

bookjacketRevolutionary Personality:
Lenin, Trotsky, Gandhi
E. Victor Wolfenstein

bookjacketRevolutions in Sovereignty:
How Ideas Shaped Modern International Relations
Daniel Philpott

blankjacketThe Rhetoric of Leviathan:
Thomas Hobbes and the Politics of Cultural Transformation
David Johnston

blankjacketRights and Wrongs of Abortion:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader
Edited by Marshall Cohen

bookjacketRights, Justice, and the Bounds of Liberty:
Essays in Social Philosophy
Joel Feinberg

bookjacketRobert Nozick
A. R. Lacey

bookjacketThe Roots of Romanticism
Isaiah Berlin

bookjacketRousseau, the Age of Enlightenment, and Their Legacies
Robert Wokler

bookjacketRousseau's Republican Romance
Elizabeth Rose Wingrove

bookjacketRuling Passions:
Political Offices and Democratic Ethics
Andrew Sabl

bookjacketRussian Anarchists
Paul Avrich

An Eighteenth-Century Emblem in the French Revolution
Michael Sonenscher

bookjacketSchools of Thought:
Twenty-Five Years of Interpretive Social Science
Edited by Joan W. Scott & Debra Keates

bookjacketSecrets and Leaks:
The Dilemma of State Secrecy
Rahul Sagar

bookjacketSecrets and Leaks:
The Dilemma of State Secrecy
Rahul Sagar

Politics, Humanity, and the Philology of Care
John T. Hamilton

bookjacketThe Seduction of Culture in German History
Wolf Lepenies

bookjacketThe Seduction of Unreason:
The Intellectual Romance with Fascism from Nietzsche to Postmodernism
Richard Wolin

bookjacketThe Sense of the Past:
Essays in the History of Philosophy
Bernard Williams

bookjacketThe Shadow of Death:
Literature, Romanticism, and the Subject of Punishment
Mark Canuel

bookjacketThe Shape of the New:
Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World
Scott L. Montgomery & Daniel Chirot

bookjacketThe Shape of the New:
Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World
Scott L. Montgomery & Daniel Chirot

blankjacketSocrates and the State
Richard Kraut

bookjacketSocratic Citizenship
Dana Villa

Organized Hypocrisy
Stephen D. Krasner

bookjacketSpeaking of Equality:
An Analysis of the Rhetorical Force of `Equality' in Moral and Legal Discourse
P. Westen

bookjacketThe Spectrum of Political Engagement:
Mounier, Benda, Nizan, Brasillach, Sartre
David L. Schalk

bookjacketThe Spirit of Cities:
Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age
Daniel A. Bell & Avner de-Shalit

bookjacketThe Spirit of Cities:
Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age
Daniel A. Bell & Avner de-Shalit

bookjacketThe Spirit of Compromise:
Why Governing Demands It and Campaigning Undermines It
Amy Gutmann & Dennis Thompson

bookjacketThe Spirit of Compromise:
Why Governing Demands It and Campaigning Undermines It
Amy Gutmann & Dennis Thompson

bookjacketState and Commonwealth:
The Theory of the State in Early Modern England, 1549–1640
Noah Dauber

bookjacketThe State and Political Theory
Martin Carnoy

bookjacketThe State of Democratic Theory
Ian Shapiro

bookjacketThe State of Speech:
Rhetoric and Political Thought in Ancient Rome
Joy Connolly

bookjacketStates of Injury:
Power and Freedom in Late Modernity
Wendy Brown

bookjacketThe Strategic Constitution
Robert D. Cooter

bookjacketStrings Attached:
Untangling the Ethics of Incentives
Ruth W. Grant

bookjacketStructure of Marx's World-View
John McMurtry

bookjacketStuck in Neutral:
Business and the Politics of Human Capital Investment Policy
Cathie Jo Martin

bookjacketThe Subject of Liberty:
Toward a Feminist Theory of Freedom
Nancy J. Hirschmann

bookjacketTaking the Constitution Away from the Courts
Mark Tushnet

bookjacketTaming the Gods:
Religion and Democracy on Three Continents
Ian Buruma

bookjacketTeaching Plato in Palestine:
Philosophy in a Divided World
Carlos Fraenkel

bookjacketThe Theory of Social Choice
Peter C. Fishburn

bookjacketA Theory of the Trial
Robert P. Burns

bookjacketThinking about Leadership
Nannerl O. Keohane

bookjacketA Third Concept of Liberty:
Judgment and Freedom in Kant and Adam Smith
Samuel Fleischacker

An Introduction for the Common Reader
Perez Zagorin

bookjacketTocqueville between Two Worlds:
The Making of a Political and Theoretical Life
Sheldon S. Wolin

bookjacketTocqueville's Political Economy
Richard Swedberg

bookjacketTolerance among the Virtues
John R. Bowlin

bookjacketThe Tragedy of Political Theory:
The Road Not Taken
J. Peter Euben

bookjacketTreatise on Critical Reason
Hans Albert

bookjacketTrust and Violence:
An Essay on a Modern Relationship
Jan Philipp Reemtsma

bookjacketTruth v. Justice:
The Morality of Truth Commissions
Edited by Robert I. Rotberg & Dennis Thompson

bookjacketA Turn to Empire:
The Rise of Imperial Liberalism in Britain and France
Jennifer Pitts

bookjacketTwo Cheers for Anarchism:
Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play
James C. Scott

bookjacketThe Tyranny of Guilt:
An Essay on Western Masochism
Pascal Bruckner

bookjacketThe Tyranny of the Ideal:
Justice in a Diverse Society
Gerald Gaus

bookjacketUnfree Speech:
The Folly of Campaign Finance Reform
Bradley A. Smith

bookjacketUntying the Knot:
Marriage, the State, and the Case for Their Divorce
Tamara Metz

bookjacketVirtue and the Making of Modern Liberalism
Peter Berkowitz

bookjacketA Virtue for Courageous Minds:
Moderation in French Political Thought, 1748-1830
Aurelian Craiutu

bookjacketThe Virtues of Our Vices:
A Modest Defense of Gossip, Rudeness, and Other Bad Habits
Emrys Westacott

bookjacketVoice, Trust, and Memory:
Marginalized Groups and the Failings of Liberal Representation
Melissa S. Williams

bookjacketThe Wager of Lucien Goldmann:
Tragedy, Dialectics, and a Hidden God
Mitchell Cohen

blankjacketWar and Moral Responsibility:
A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader
Edited by Marshall Cohen

bookjacketWar in Social Thought:
Hobbes to the Present
Hans Joas & Wolfgang Knöbl

bookjacketA Way Out:
America's Ghettos and the Legacy of Racism
Owen Fiss

bookjacketThe Way We Argue Now:
A Study in the Cultures of Theory
Amanda Anderson

bookjacketWayward Contracts:
The Crisis of Political Obligation in England, 1640-1674
Victoria Kahn

bookjacketWe, the People of Europe?:
Reflections on Transnational Citizenship
Étienne Balibar

bookjacketWeimar Thought:
A Contested Legacy
Edited by Peter E. Gordon & John P. McCormick

bookjacketWhat Democracy Is For:
On Freedom and Moral Government
Stein Ringen

bookjacketWhat We Owe Iraq:
War and the Ethics of Nation Building
Noah Feldman

bookjacketWhen States Fail:
Causes and Consequences
Edited by Robert I. Rotberg

bookjacketWhen the State Speaks, What Should It Say?:
How Democracies Can Protect Expression and Promote Equality
Corey Brettschneider

bookjacketWhy Deliberative Democracy?
Amy Gutmann & Dennis Thompson

bookjacketWhy Not Socialism?
G. A. Cohen

bookjacketA World beyond Politics?:
A Defense of the Nation-State
Pierre Manent

bookjacketThe World of Prometheus:
The Politics of Punishing in Democratic Athens
Danielle S. Allen

bookjacketA World without Why
Raymond Geuss

bookjacketWorldly Philosopher:
The Odyssey of Albert O. Hirschman
Jeremy Adelman

bookjacketA Written Republic:
Cicero's Philosophical Politics
Yelena Baraz

bookjacketZombie Economics:
How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us
John Quiggin

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