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Examples of recent publicity in Europe

Princeton University Press's UK-based Publicity Department supports the promotion of our books and authors in Europe, as well as in the Middle-East, South-Asia, and Africa.

Review copies

Princeton University Press is pleased to provide copies of our titles for legitimate reviewing purposes or in support of author interviews. To request a review copy of a PUP title, please email Caroline Priday at caroline_priday "at" or call her on +44 (0)1993 814503.

Review copies and ebooks

We can supply review copies as actual books or as ebooks. Our ebooks can be read online but are not downloadable to a portable ebook reader.

To get in touch with any of our authors

Please contact Caroline Priday at caroline_priday "at" or call her on +44 (0)1993 814503.

Sign up to receive new-book emails

To receive timely email announcements of new Princeton books in your areas of interest visit our New Book Notices By email.

Book covers or other illustrations

Please contact Caroline Priday at caroline_priday "at" if you require illustrations.

Inspection copies

For information on inspection/examination copies for college use, please visit: Books for Class Use.

Princeton University Press's UK publicity team works closely with their colleagues in the United States to ensure that the promotion of any PUP book is coordinated and global.

To contact the US Publicity Department, please email:

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