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WebTerm Terminal Emulator and Telnet Client

Downloading Instructions

The WebTerm Java applet is a terminal emulator implemented in Java, which can be used to embed telnet sessions within Web browsers or other applications that use Java.


To use WebTerm, you need an HTTP server, serving a Java-enabled browser. To build WebTerm from source, you need a Java compiler such as javac from Sun Microsystem's Java Developers Kit.

WebTerm Version 2.0

WebTerm 2.0, currently under development, may be retrieved from the links below. Note that these are not supported Use at your own risk!

Binary Distribution

Source Distribution

Downloading WebWerm

WebTerm is available via anonymous ftp from; the binary (byte-compiled java) distribution is in the file /pub/nacse/webterm/WebTerm-bin-1.3.1.tar.Z. The source distribution is available in the file /pub/nacse/webterm/WebTerm-1.3.1.tar.Z.

Download the WebTerm binary distribution via your web browser.

Download the WebTerm source distribution via your web browser.

Note: WebTerm 1.3.1 is necessary to work with Netscape 3.0. If you already have the WebTerm 1.3 source distribution, you may wish to patch it with the file WebTerm-1.3-1.3.1.patch.Z.

Building WebTerm

After you've downloaded the WebTerm distribution, unpack it using the command
    zcat <filename> | tar -xvf -
If you have the binary (byte-compiled) distribution, this will create a number of *.class files, which are ready to run. If you've downloaded the source distribution, it will create a number of *.java files, which you must then compile using javac (from the Java Development Kit), using the command
This will create the *.class files.

Using Webterm

To use WebTerm, include a link to it in an html file:
    <applet code="WebTerm.class" width="100%" height="75%">
    <h2 align=center>Your Web browser does not support java!</h2>

For more details, see the WebTerm README file.

Let Us Know!

If you find WebTerm useful and/or wish to receive notification of future releases, please let us know! Use this form or send mail to

WebTerm was written by Dianne Hackborn and Melanie Johnson. The design and implementation of WebTerm are available for royalty-free adoption and use for non-commercial purposes, by any public or private organization. Copyright is retained by the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering and Oregon State University. Redistribution of any part of WebTerm or any derivative works must include this notice. Please address correspondence to

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