Java Registry Class

One problem we often run into is trying to send commands and data between two or more currently executing applets. While it is theoretically possible to do this in a single document by retrieving the document's list of applets through the java.applet.AppletContext.getApplets() method, there appears to be no easy way to get a handle on applets executing in different frames or windows.

The ClassRegistry was created to address this need. It works by defining a class with static methods for registering objects and sending messages to them. All objects using the same ClassRegistry class share this information, so that commands can be sent to objects existing in different applet contexts.

Using the Registry

We have available a simple demo showing the registry in action. To use in your own code, just retrieve the source code as a compressed or gziped file; this includes compiled binaries, the demo HTML files, and source code with comments explaining how to use the registry.

Dianne Kyra Hackborn <>

Last modified: Wed Jul 10 02:27:12 PDT 1996