Interactive Unix Tutorial

What is it?
An interactive tutorial designed for the novice Unix user. Provides step by step instructions on how to perform basic tasks while allowing the user to try them on the Webterm terminal emulator. As the sections are completed the user takes quizzes. Upon completing the basic sections the user creates own home page. It is expected that a typical user will take about two days to complete the basic sections of the tutorial.
Contains some information which is specific the Oregon State University (OSU) Physics Department. Includes references to Landau and Fink's online book "Coping with Unix", the Eidenburgh Unix guide "UNIXhelp for Users", the online programmer's guide "LAPACK: Linear Algebra PACKage" and the online scientist's guide "Visualization Of Scientific Data".
This tutorial is designed for a browser capable of handling "frames" and running "Java".
Who is it for?
New users on the OSU Physics Cluster and anyone else with a UNIX account who would like to learn UNIX over the World Wide Web.
Supported by:
A US National Science Foundation curriculum and laboratory development grant at OSU, a DOE/Nuclear Physics Division grant at OSU, student fees at OSU, and the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering (NACSE) (part of the NSF-funded Metacenter Regional Alliance).
Where do I find it?