Getting started on the Unix Tutorial

1. Receiving a Physics Cluster Account

You will need to sign a form provided by the department in order to get an account. Sign and return the form to the office. Once your account has been created, your user name and a temporary password will be given to you. You can access the account by selecting a machine from the the small window titled "Login Chooser". To use the tutorial described below you will need to select either goophy or daphy.

2. Accessing Netscape (The World Wide Web)

Login to your physics cluster account as described above. Get into Netscape by typing netscape & at the prompt in the window. (It may take a few moments for Netscape to start.) You move around on Netscape by clicking the left mouse button on any specially colored text or box (usually blue or purple). Try clicking on the box labeled home.

3. Using the Unix Tutorial

Another way to get around in Netscape is to type the address you wish to go to in the "Location:" box. Change the location box to:
and press return. This is a Unix tutorial that all users are strongly encouraged to take. To start the tutorial go to the bottom of the page and "click" on "In a two windows. (Recommended)".

Select and read the section titled "How to Use this Tutorial".

4. Before Logging out the First Time:

"Click" on the link titled "Accessing Your Account" and then on the link "Changing Your Password" and follow the instructions for changing your password.

5. Exiting Netscape:

You can exit Netscape by selecting "File" and then "Exit" from the Netscape menu.

6. Logging Off:

Exit by pressing your left mouse button while your mouse is positioned over the background, selecting End Session and using your mouse to "click" on yes if the system asks if you really want to end your session.