1. Activating a Physics Cluster Account

For students who registered in advance for this course, a physics cluster account has been set up for you. You will need to sign the two forms provided by the department in order to proceed. Sign and return the forms to the instructor, who will then give you your user name and the default password.

If the machine you are at has the letters "NCD" on it (look at the lower right hand corner.)
To access your account you need to find the "Login Chooser" window. To find this window "click" the left mouse button on the small dot in the upper right hand corner of the large window labeled Terminal Host Chooser. The large window will shrink to a small icon at the bottom of the screen and a small window labeled Login Chooser will become visible. Now "select" ("click" the left mouse button on) a machine from the the small window titled "Login Chooser".

To use the terminal in the tutorial described below you will need to "select" either goophy or daphy. For today "select" whichever machine you are instructed to.

To login type your username and password in the appropriate spaces. (Use the return key to move to the next line.) Your password will not appear on the screen.

If the machine you are sitting at has the name guava or papaya on the screen.
To login type your username and password in the appropriate spaces. (Use the return key to move to the next line.) Your password will not appear on the screen.

When using windows, you should click in a window to make it active before you type in it.

2. Accessing Netscape (The World Wide Web)

Login to your physics cluster account as described above. Get into Netscape by typing the following command at the prompt in the window.
netscape &

It may take a few moments for Netscape to start. You move around on Netscape by "selecting" any specially colored text or box (usually blue or purple). You can exit Netscape by selecting File and then Exit from the Netscape menu. DON'T EXIT YET.

3. Using the Unix Tutorial

Another way to get around in Netscape is to type the address you wish to go to in the "Location:" box. Change the location box to:
and press return. This is a Unix tutorial that all users are strongly encouraged to take. To start the tutorial go to the bottom of the page, using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen, and "select" "Using frames and JavaScript ".

4. Setting Your Password:

"Select" on the link titled "Accessing Your Account" and then on the link "Changing Your Password" and follow the instructions for changing your password.

5. Activating a UCS Account:

Click on any link labeled "Contents". Look down the table of contents and "click" on Section 12 "E-Mail". Click on the link "obtained your ucs account" and follow the instructions. (Type the commands in the window you used to start Netscape.) If your ucs and physics cluster account names do not match, you can send e-mail to support@physics.orst.edu requesting that your physics cluster name be changed.

6. Getting Started in Maple:

To start xmaple type
xmaple &
or move your mouse to the background of the screen, click your center mouse button and hold it down while you move the mouse to maple and release your mouse button to "select". Ignore any error messages which may appear.

Near the top of the screen you will see a bar with the commands File, Edit, View, Options and, on the right side, Help If you hold down the left mouse button over them, you will see that each has a list of commands.

Hold your mouse over the word File, and select Open. A small window should appear. Near the top of the window, in a small box under the word Filter, is a description of the files being displayed. Change the filter to read
and "select" the button labeled Filter at the bottom of the window.

Under the Filter box is a box labeled Files. Find the file named first.ms. "Click" on this file and then on the Load button to load the file. (The small window should disappear.) Your file should be loaded. You will be going through this file for homework. Do not do it now.

Feel free to experiment with the menus, especially the help menu before exiting xmaple.

To exit xmaple, hold your left mouse button down over File and select Exit

7. Logging Off:

Exit by pressing your left mouse button while your mouse is positioned over the background, selecting End Session and using your mouse to "click" on yes if the system asks if you really want to end your session.