Third Party uses of Ptplot

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UC Berkeley EECS 20N, Structure & interpretation of Signals & Systems
Ptolemy II - a Java-based component assembly framework with a graphical user interface called Vergil. These applets tend to be large, so they work best under a fast connection
Applet used to generate data for metallurgy.
Transmission Line Calculator
Differential Evolution (DE) for Continuous Function Optimization
Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory Weather Station Data (Click "Weather Sta. Data" to go to the graphs.)
JMM - Java Multi Meter
Steam Extractor tool (In German)
Digital Filter Design Software "Fiwiz"
Twin Paradox
Pollution Applet
Debrief - an Open Source application for analysis of Naval Exercises - Uses Ptplot for plotting relationships between vessels
CollabCAD is a Java 2 based distributed 2D&3D CAD/CAM and CAE software system
Filter Design and Visualization - It is in beta and designs n-order butterworth and chebyshev filters as well as resonators with user specified Q. The user may specify low pass, band pass or high pass realization. This applet may not work under Netscape 4.x, try Netscape 6.x instead.
The Schrodinger Shooter is a tool for finding energy levels for which there is a solution to the Schrodinger Equation in a given potential.
This applet is part of Quantum Science Across Disciplines (QSAD) at
The Nuclear and Atomic Database Systems or NADS website is used to display nuclear cross section and atomic data in a graphical and tabulated format.
Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center (SOPAC) uses Ptplot to display position time series of continuous GPS site data.
SOPAC sample link:

Other agencies that process and display GPS site time series also use the ptplot base classes:

USGS-Pasadena (click on Java Time Series)
GEONET (New Zealand)
Matrubhasha is a framework for TTS Modelling for Indian Languages. PtPlot is used for Intonation and Prosody Contour Modelling.
SIMPROCESS "is a hierarchical and integrated process simulation tool that combines Process Mapping, Discrete-Event Simulation, and Activity Based Costing (ABC) in a single easy to use tool.". SIMPROCESS uses Ptplot, see

Third party code influenced by Ptplot

Datascape - a linear data plotter binary for Windows

Sites where Ptplot is listed

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