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From the publication of Albert Einstein's The Meaning of Relativity in 1922, Princeton University Press has been committed to bringing the writings of leading scientists to a broad professional and general audience. The Princeton Science Library makes such works available in inexpensive, paperback editions for a new generation of scientists and teachers, students and lay readers.

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bookjacketAdaptation and Natural Selection:
A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought.
G.C. Williams.

bookjacketThe Aim and Structure of Physical Theory.
P.M.M. Duhem; P.P. Wiener, trans.

bookjacketThe Causes of Evolution.
J.B. Haldane.

bookjacketCelestial Encounters:
The Origins of Chaos and Stability.
F. Diacu and P. Holmes.

bookjacketChance and Chaos.
D. Ruelle.

Why the World Isn't Grey.
H. Rossotti.

bookjacketDesigning the Molecular World:
Chemistry at the Frontier.
P. Ball.

bookjackete: The Story of a Number.
E. Maor.

bookjacketEncounters with Einstein:
And Other Essays on People, Places, and Particles.
W. Heisenberg.

blankjacketThe Enjoyment of Math.
H. Rademacher and O. Toeplitz.

bookjacketThe Evolution of Culture in Animals.
J.T. Bonner.

bookjacketThe Extravagant Universe:
Exploding Stars, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Cosmos.
R.P. Kirshner.

bookjacketEye and Brain:
The Psychology of Seeing (Fifth edition).
R.L. Gregory.

bookjacketFearful Symmetry:
The Search for Beauty in Modern Physics.
A. Zee.

A Romance of Many Dimensions.
E.A. Abbott.

bookjacketFour Colors Suffice:
How the Map Problem Was Solved.
R. Wilson.

Endlessly Repeated Geometrical Figures.
H. Lauwerier; S. Gill-Hoffstadt, trans.

Exploring Euler's Constant.
J. Havil.

bookjacketThe Garden in the Machine:
The Emerging Science of Artificial Life.
C. Emmeche; S. Sampson, trans.

J. Napier; R.H. Tuttle, ed.

bookjacketHow the Leopard Changed Its Spots:
The Evolution of Complexity.
B. Goodwin.

bookjacketHow to Solve It:
A New Aspect of Mathematical Method.
G. Polya.

bookjacketAn Imaginary Tale:
The Story of i [the square root of minus one] (Princeton Library Science Edition).
P.J. Nahin.

bookjacketInfinity and the Mind:
The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite.
R. Rucker.

bookjacketLaws of the Game:
How the Principles of Nature Govern Chance.
M. Eigen and R. Winkler; R.B. Kimber and R. Kimber, trans.

bookjacketLife on a Young Planet:
The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth.
A.H. Knoll.

blankjacketThe Logic of Life:
A History of Heredity.
F. Jacob; B.E. Spillmann, trans.

bookjacketThe Mathematician's Mind:
The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field.
J. Hadamard.

bookjacketThe Meaning of Relativity:
Including the Relativistic Theory of the Non-Symmetric Field (Fifth Edition).
A. Einstein.

blankjacketThe Miner's Canary:
Unraveling the Mysteries of Extinction.
N. Eldredge.

blankjacketA Natural History of Shells.
G.J. Vermeij.

bookjacketThe Nature of Space and Time.
S. Hawking and R. Penrose.

bookjacketNeuronal Man:
The Biology of Mind.
J. Changeux; L. Garey, trans.

bookjacketThe New Science of Strong Materials or Why You Don't Fall through the Floor.
J. Gordon.

bookjacketPlows, Plagues, and Petroleum:
How Humans Took Control of Climate.
W.F. Ruddiman.

Puzzles, Patterns, Problems, and Packings.
S.W. Golomb.

bookjacketPrimates and Philosophers:
How Morality Evolved.
F. de Waal; S. Macedo and J. Ober, eds.

bookjacketThe Pythagorean Theorem:
A 4,000-Year History (PSL Edition).
E. Maor.

The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.
R.P. Feynman.

bookjacketThe Quantum World.
J.C. Polkinghorne.

bookjacketThe Supernova Story.
L. Marschall.

H. Weyl.

bookjacketT. rex and the Crater of Doom.
W. Alvarez.

bookjacketTrigonometric Delights.
E. Maor.

bookjacketThe Two-Mile Time Machine:
Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future.
R.B. Alley.

bookjacketWhy Big Fierce Animals Are Rare:
An Ecologist's Perspective.
P.A. Colinvaux.

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