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BROWSE PRINCETON'S MATH SERIES - Princeton Series in Mathematical Finance

Editor: L.C.G. Rogers, Bath University

The Princeton Series in Mathematical Finance will publish the highest quality work in all aspects of mathematical and computational finance, aimed at academic mathematicians and quantitative researchers in the finance industry.

Mathematical finance is a broad term that covers a wide variety of sophisticated mathematical, computational and statistical models and methods for planning, predicting and analyzing financial systems, products and markets. With ever-increasing computing capabilities and the resulting financial benefits, research into mathematical finance will continue to grow apace. PUP has a strong publishing history in both Mathematics and Finance and the series is a logical step in our ongoing target of providing the highest quality material for readers from both backgrounds. Books will in most cases be authored monographs, although advanced texts and edited volumes may be included if appropriate.

About the Editor

Chris Rogers is an acknowledged and widely respected leader in the field. His two books on Diffusions, Markov Processes and Martingales (Wiley and Cambridge University Press) are standard references. He is Head of the Financial Studies Group at Bath University.

File created: 4/24/2014

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