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Richard Crossley


Press Release [in pdf]

Innovative Cape May birder and photographer Richard Crossley captures every detail of Britain and Ireland's most common species in gorgeous, multi-layered plates. Authoritative and compelling text from Dominic Couzens, one of Britain's leading nature writers, round out the most beautiful and complete identification guide available for the British Isles.

The Crossley ID Guide Series arrived on the international birding scene in Spring 2011 with the publication of The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds, which was followed by The Crossley ID Guide: RaptorsSpring 2013. Reviewers in the United Kingdom called Richard's visionary approach to bird books, "innovative," "a real-life method to bird identification," and noted that the Eastern Birds guide is "the best photo guide ever produced." But alongside these kudos came the inevitable question--when will an edition for Britain and Ireland be available?

The wait is finally over. The Crossley ID Guide: Britain and Ireland will publish in November 2013. Fans of The Crossley ID Guide Series will be delighted to discover over 300 colorful scenes featuring the beauty of birds and the British and Irish countryside. Aimed at beginner and intermediate birders, yet suitable for all levels, this new volume is the most user-friendly guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland. Following The Crossley ID Guides' award-winning design, this book looks at all regularly occurring species in Britain and Ireland, and shows readers how to identify birds in their natural habitats using size, structure, shape, probability, and behavior-just like the experts do!


  • The most user-friendly guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland
  • A close look at more than 300+ regularly occurring species
  • Award-winning Crossley ID Guide design
  • Lifelike images of birds from near to far
  • A celebration of the British and Irish countryside
  • A teaching and field guide and essential reference
  • Concise and compelling text by Dominic Couzens and Richard Crossley

The raptors included here are magnificent, charismatic birds like the Red-tailed Hawk, the Bald Eagle, the Mississippi Kite, the Osprey, and the Turkey Vulture. With hawk migration well underway this spring, hawks can be found everywhere from rural landscapes to urban streetscapes and are a wonderful group of birds to discover and identify.

This magnificent book will find a spot in the backpack of every raptor and birding aficionado in North America and beyond, but it will be equally important to gardeners, nature-lovers, conservationists, adventure-seekers, and everyone else who is curious about the creatures with which we share this planet.

Earlier reviews for The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds

"[A] very impressive, attractive, thought-provoking book which has quickly established itself as a must-have for many birders. Is it the best photo guide ever produced?: almost certainly. And there is a companion volume on the Birds of Great Britain in the pipeline, something that will be eagerly anticipated by most birders."--Mike Pennington, British Birds

"[The Crossley ID Guide] is innovative, exciting even, in the way the reader can interact with what is in effect a real-life method to bird identification, reality birding, unlike the traditional pointed arrow, look-and-learn approach. . . . I have to say that each bird scene page contains a wealth of detailed visual information that made me look at not only the overall montage of birds, but also each of the subtly different individuals, and to even then search again through the page for more birds to look at. Just like a birding trip in fact."--Phil Slade, Another Bird Blog

"What do all fieldguides and ID handbooks have in common? Obviously the answer is the presentation of distinctive fieldmarks, unique ID features that separate difficult species. Wrong! Because The Crossley Guide breaks the mould. The author has used every birder's experience to present a unique aid to ID--a guide that sees what the birder does, obscure views, distant views, birds in trees, in flight, in the distance on a flat marsh. . . . Anyone who reads the text and looks at the composite pictures will gain something and most will get a great deal from this book."--Bo Beolens, Fat Birder

"The Crossley ID Guide is an interesting, multi-dimensional, unique take on a bird guide that delivers to a high standard for a specific target audience."--Alan Tilmouth

"It is unlike any [guide] you have seen before. It contains not single images but, for each species, large life-like scenes containing multiple images, some close but many distant, from a variety of angles, in flight and showing typical habitat and behaviour. This montage approach enables all aspects of a bird's size, shape and structure, plumage and behaviour to be displayed to best effect. . . . This book has undoubtedly revolutionised photo guides, representing a huge advance over anything seen previously. . . . For anyone living in or visiting eastern North America this is a 'must buy'."--Andy Stoddart, Birdwatch

The Crossley ID Guide Series has won the following awards

  • Winner of the 2011 PROSE Award for Excellence in Reference Works, Association of American Publishers
  • Richard Crossley: Winner of the 2012 ABA Robert Ridgway Award for Publications in Field Ornithology, American Birding Association
  • 2012 Bronze Medal Co-Winner, Independent Publisher Book Awards, Environment/Ecology/Nature Category

The Crossley ID Guide
Britain & Ireland
Richard Crossley & Dominic Couzens

Paper Flexibound | 2013 | $27.95 / £16.95
304 pp. | 6 x 9 | 300+ color plates. 250 maps.

  • North America Contact: US Publicity Dept.
  • Europe, Africa, & Middle East Contact: Caroline Priday

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