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Richard Crossley

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The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds Garners Advance Praise Multi-dimensional "21st-Century Reality Birding" Book Created from 10,000 Photos Nation-wide book tour schedule

(Princeton, NJ) Richard Crossley's new book, The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds, published by Princeton University Press, will arrive in bookstores later this month but it's already getting rave reviews: Audubon Magazine's Wayne Mones quips, "So what's so different about The Crossley ID Guide? Everything."

Acclaimed photographer and birder, Richard Crossley is extremely pleased by the initial response, "My vision was to take birding into the 21st century by creating a bird guide that shows birds the way they are seen in real life. Instead of offering up the usual single 'flat' bird picture, I've created engaging multi-dimensional scenes with every detail in focus to show a wide range of views of birds in action, in their proper habitats, near, far and everything between."

Until recently, Richard's revolutionary vision was ahead of the available technology. New photography and computer developments were instrumental in allowing him to produce 640 composite scenes of real life birds in many different situations created from over 10,000 of his own photographs that form the heart of The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds (March 9, 2011). The result is a stunning visual smorgasbord that invites readers to learn and engage with birds in a whole new way. These life-like, in-focus scenes show birds in their habitats, from near and far, and in all plumages and behaviors.

This is an interactive learning experience that will sharpen and test field identification skills for birders of all abilities, from novice to expert. UK Birder, Phil Slade writes at Another Bird Blog, "[The Crossley ID Guide] is innovative, exciting even, in the way the reader can interact with what is in effect a real-life method to bird identification, reality birding, unlike the traditional pointed arrow, look-and-learn approach."

Richard was raised in England where birding is an incredibly popular pursuit. He has been birding since age 7 and by age 21 he had hitchhiked more than 100,000 miles chasing birds across Europe.

He hopes his new bird guide will further engage the 42 million Americans who consider themselves birdwatchers and help new audiences, especially children, discover a passion for birding. Richard suggests, "Children are natural birders: they can easily learn the birding basics since it's based on the way kids and everyone else already see people. Size, shape, behavior, probability and color patterns come together to create one memorable image leading to that 'Aha' moment of matching what they see in the book with what they see in nature. Then, they're hooked."

He adds, "Birding is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to help kids and adults connect with and explore the natural world. The book provides a better tool for them to be successful when they get outside."

THE CROSSLEY ID GUIDE: Eastern Birds, the first in a revolutionary bird book series that will include future offerings for Western Birds and Britain and Ireland, will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and bookstores across the country starting February 9, 2011 and bears an official publication date of March 9, 2011. For more information visit: or visit


About the Author:

Richard Crossley is an internationally acclaimed birder and photographer who has been birding since age 7 and who, by age 21, had hitchhiked more than 100,000 miles chasing birds across his native Britain and Europe. His love of the outdoors and his interest in teaching, design, and technology have shaped his unique vision for the future of birding and bird books. He is excited by the prospect of using new technologies to bring "reality birding" to a wide audience through many different media. He is a spokesperson for Nikon Sports Optics and coauthor of The Shorebird Guide, and lives with his wife and two daughters in Cape May, New Jersey.

The Crossley ID Guide:
Eastern Birds
Richard Crossley

Cloth Flexibound | 2011 | $35.00 / £24.95
544 pp. | 7-1/2 x 10 | 10,000 color images.

  • North America Contact: US Publicity Dept.
  • Europe, Africa, & Middle East Contact: Caroline Priday

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