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Dreams of Other Worlds:
The Amazing Story of Unmanned Space Exploration
Chris Impey & Holly Henry

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"Packed with absorbing insights and written in an accessible voice, this volume translates scientific discoveries into simple, visual terms. . . . Diverse references--ranging from the caves at Lascaux and Pythagoras to Einstein, Carl Sagan, quantum mechanics, and, yes, even Virginia Woolf--enliven and enrich this engaging and beautifully crafted book."--Kristen Rabe, ForeWord Reviews

"The book helps provide a bigger picture of the significance of studying the universe with these robotic explorers, be they spacecraft that remain in Earth orbit or, like Voyager 1, head out into the cosmos."--Jeff Foust, Space Review

"[A] riveting read. . . . The book is well told, and interweaves its story with wonderful little nuggets."--Katia Moskvitch, BBC Sky at Night

"Dreams of Other Worlds is a substantial chronology of the exploration of the solar system objects that humans have wondered about ever since Galileo first pointed his telescope at Jupiter and peered through it. The undertaking spotlights all the struggles and setbacks that ultimately led to a complete mapping of the solar system."--D. Wayne Dworsky, San Francisco Book Review

"Noted astronomer Impey has teamed up with English professor Henry to write an interesting book about NASA's unmanned space explorations. . . . People with an interest in space exploration will want to read this fascinating work."--Choice

"The achievement of this book is to present robotic spaceflight in intimate relation to the cultural world we all inhabit. . . . Dreams of Other Worlds succeeds in connecting the cultural work of science to everyday dreams and stories."--De Witt Douglas Kilgore, Quest

"A fantastic journey throughout the world of space exploration over the last 40 years. Even though at a first glance the well over 400 pages seem overwhelming, within just a few hours you will find yourself desperate for more. . . . A smooth, skillfully written account of the beginning of the extraterrestrial history of humankind, a history that started just a few decades ago."--Read about Science


"When the history of the last fifty years can be viewed in a more balanced perspective, some of its most inspirational highlights will surely be the major space projects--often international in scope--that have voyaged to distant planets, extended our cosmic horizons, and deepened our understanding of Earth's place in the wider universe. This fascinating and finely written book chronicles the peak achievements in this grand exploratory endeavor, showing that credit is due to the cutting-edge technology as well as to visionary science."--Martin Rees, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, and Astronomer Royal

"Until we build the starship Enterprise, our efforts to boldly seek out new worlds will depend on mechanical surrogates. This book gives voice to their exploits--adventures not equaled since the great Age of Exploration four centuries ago. The flood of imagery sent back by these craft has revealed--for the first time--a universe of uncanny beauty, terrifying desolation, and inspiring promise. Surely, this is the most wondrous legacy of our generation."--Seth Shostak, SETI Institute

"Dreams of Other Worlds interweaves cutting-edge science, popular culture, and history, using each mission as a springboard to launch into what are sometimes quite unexpected directions. There is really nothing else quite like this book out there."--Michael A. Strauss, Princeton University

"In writing that is clear, engaging, and at times almost lyrical, Dreams of Other Worlds provides deep treatments of these important space missions and their cultural relevance. Scientifically attentive readers will gain a great deal from this book."--Stephen P. Maran, author of Astronomy for Dummies

"Dreams of Other Worlds traces the history of ideas about the cosmos from the Greeks to the latest space missions. Exciting to read and accessible to lay readers, this book offers inspiration and intriguing speculations in addition to facts."--Larry Esposito, author of Planetary Rings

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File created: 8/23/2017

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