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The Lives of the Novel:
A History
Thomas G. Pavel

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"Thomas G. Pavel unravels what a novel is in his thoroughly researched The Lives of the Novel: A History. This academic work is fascinating as it delves into the intricacies of the novel and its importance. . . . If you have ever wanted to know how the novel came to be what it is, Pavel is certainly an able guide."--Elizabeth Humphrey, San Francisco Book Review

"Pavel's stunning breadth of reading, combined with reasonable exposition, provides an ample window on one fascinating feature of the tangled bank origins and equally messy performance of the ever-evolving genre we call the novel."--William J. Scheick, English Literature in Transition

"[A]n immense journey of erudition that reads with the ease of fiction."--Nicolas Weill, Le Monde

"[An] eloquent and generous book."--Scott Black, Eighteenth Century Life


"The Lives of the Novel is an extraordinary accomplishment, one that few would have dared to attempt and fewer still have had the talent to pull off. At once a work of intellectual and literary history, literary theory, and moral philosophy, all delivered in an unstintingly limpid, flowing, impassioned prose, it constitutes a worthy successor to the efforts of Auerbach, Bakhtin, Lukács, and Watt. It may, indeed, prove a formidable rival to all four."--Joshua Landy, Stanford University

"Brilliant, provocative, and clearly and forcefully argued, this is an instant classic of literary criticism. Addressing nothing less than the history of the novel from its beginnings in ancient Greece to the second half of the twentieth century, Pavel analyzes more than a hundred works, presenting exciting new ways of understanding them and their place in the genre's development."--David Quint, Yale University

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File created: 9/19/2017

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