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Primates of the World:
An Illustrated Guide
Jean-Jacques Petter & François Desbordes
Translated by Robert Martin

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"'The' reference everyone interested in primates should have by their bedside."--Sylvie Nandelec, Scoop on Primates

"This text offers readers brief yet substantial information on almost 300 species of primates. . . . Introductory material provides significant information that is relevant across the primate species, including material on the origins of various primates, predators, social habits, classifications, and more. . . . Appropriate for students or general readers interested in enhancing their knowledge of primates."--Booklist

"Beautiful. . . . Readers will be fascinated by what Petter describes as the 'dazzling diversity of primates,' and they'll be dazzled by the stunning illustrations. Highly recommended."--Cynthia Lee Knight, Library Journal

"[B]eautifully produced. . . . [I]t is the array of stunningly detailed watercolour illustrations by François Desbordes that makes the volume truly outstanding. . . . [A] joy to hold and leaf through, and will appeal to bibliophiles as well as primatophiles."--Ian Redmond, BBC Wildlife

"I wish I had this book available to me when I took a graduate course on primatology in the 1970s at the University of Richmond."--RK, Wildlife Activist

"This book is a combination of values. The first part is a readable text that can be enjoyed at leisure. The last half is a reference volume for the species most travellers are likely to encounter. The whole book gives a fascinating insight into this intriguing and intelligent group of mammals. It is good value for the price."--Emard Crescent, Canadian Field Naturalist

"This is not a volume one would reference for details of primate systematics or biogeography, but as a beautiful introduction to the diversity of color and form seen among living primates, it is a stunning success."--John G. Fleagle, Quarterly Review of Biology

"The design of the book is excellent, with color-coding employed nicely in the finely detailed range maps and in the classification section, and with the plates featuring high-quality reproductions on heavy paper. The plates are the real heart of the book and Francois Desbordes's wonderful watercolors will excite anybody interested in wildlife art."--Discovery

"[I]t would act as a good foundation for anyone hoping to study primates. It is also written lightly enough that it will not bamboozle the casual user. Therefore, it should find a home in libraries whose patrons are zoologists (primarily for the plates and population maps), but also in a public library for those members of the public wishing to expand their horizons."--Stuart Bentley, Reference Reviews

"Desbordes's illustrations are phenomenal. . . . It should be considered the most accessible guide to the world's primates. . . . Buy it--it's great!"--Darren Naish, Scientific American

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File created: 8/16/2017

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