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The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets:
Second Edition
Tito Boeri & Jan van Ours

Book Description
Chapter 1 [in PDF format] | Table of Contents [PDF only]


Praise for the first edition:"Understanding the role of labor market institutions is a difficult but central task. Good institutions can alleviate the adverse effects of the many imperfections that characterize labor markets. But, unfortunately, bad institutions can, and often do, make things worse. By relying on simple theory and an accumulating body of careful evidence, this book helps us think straight. An essential read for anybody interested in going beyond clichés, and understanding what institutions do and should do."--Olivier Blanchard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Praise for the first edition:"An invaluable survey of how policy affects the labor market, using the best of theory and empirical evidence."--Richard Layard, London School of Economics and Political Science

Praise for the first edition:"With a focus on state-of-the-art theoretical models and empirical evidence, Tito Boeri and Jan van Ours deftly explain how and when the invisible hand becomes all thumbs in the labor market. Their view of institutions as a response to imperfect markets, rather than a cause of them, is novel and overdue in labor economics textbooks."--Alan B. Krueger, Princeton University

Praise for the first edition:"By focusing on frontline policy debates, this book should hold the interest of students who often find traditional labor economics courses a bit dry."--Alan Manning, London School of Economics and Political Science

Praise for the first edition:"There is no real equivalent to this book. And, although it is an undergraduate-level textbook, it may also interest economists working at government institutions and international organizations who want an accessible review of the academic literature."--Fabien Postel-Vinay, University of Bristol

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File created: 4/22/2014

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