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Math Bytes:
Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing
Tim Chartier

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"The mathematical topics are interesting and informative; if you teach at the college level, you are likely to find some interesting fodder for your courses here. You also may, as I did, learn some new things yourself. . . . This book, which is filled with photos, drawings, and anecdotes, is a treasure trove of amusing mathematical vignettes. It makes for very pleasant summer reading."--Mark Hunacek, MAA Reviews

"The reader is constantly challenged to think about it or answer certain questions and to solve some problems (some solutions are provided at the end). Most of all, it's such a lovely little booklet that does not give you the time to get bored with. The average chapter length, including the many illustrations, is only 10 pages. Just enough to catch your interest and get bitten by the mathematics."--A. Bultheel, European Mathematical Society

"For readers who love math, computing and puzzles, Math Bytes will be a welcome gift."--George Erdosh, San Francisco Book Review

"[L]ively and entertaining book. . . . All of the applications are presented in an accessible and engaging way, enabling beginners and advanced readers alike to learn and explore at their own pace--a bit and a byte at a time."--Zentralblatt MATH

"A mathematical Pandora's box released is perhaps the best way to describe this book. It overflows with ideas, flitting from one fascinating topic to the next, often without an apparent connection. The range is impressive. . . . Everyone should find a 'math byte' of interest in this book, and perhaps end up finding other topics of interest as well."--Choice

"I definitely learnt a few new things and was entertained as I did so. Furthermore, anything that spreads the message that mathematics is both interesting and useful has to be a good thing, so I wish this book success."--Rob Ashmore, Mathematics Today

"A fun collection of mathematical applications that has something for everyone, even mathphobes."--Anne Quinn, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


"How can you tell, by just looking, that 178212 + 184112 = 192212 is not a true statement? When you search for something on the web, how does Google know how to respond with the most relevant hits first? Chartier tells you how in this book. Each new discussion illustrates the almost supernatural explanatory nature of mathematics, promising many hours of enjoyment."--Paul J. Nahin, author of Will You Be Alive 10 Years from Now?: And Numerous Other Curious Questions in Probability

"A magnificent and curious romp through a wonderful array of mathematical topics and applications: maze creation, Google's PageRank algorithm, doodling, the traveling salesman problem, math on The Simpsons, Fermat's Last Theorem, viral tweets, fractals, and so much more. Buy this book and feed your brain."--Clifford A. Pickover, author of The Math Book

"Math Bytes is a playful and inviting collection of interesting mathematical examples and applications, sometimes in surprising places. Many of these applications are unique or put a new spin on things. The link to computing helps make many of the topics tangible to a general audience."--Matt Lane, creator of the Math Goes Pop! Blog

"Readable and fun. There are few books like this one that engage with mathematics at this level of accessibility and tie into real-world contexts in a humorous yet rigorous way. Math Bytes reinforces the excitement of mathematics and its relevance to modern culture."--Peter McOwan, Queen Mary, University of London

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File created: 3/23/2017

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