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Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks
Jenny White
With a new afterword by the author

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"It's a reviewer's job both to critique the book at hand and to detail and summarize its most salient points. It's a tribute to Boston University anthropologist Jenny White's excellent Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks that it makes the latter extremely difficult to do, simply by doing justice to the enormous complexity of Turkish society."--William Armstrong, Hurriyet Daily News

"I would definitely recommend it to both Western scholars and Turks themselves. White's book is an extensive analysis of the Turkish nationality issue. In my opinion it is original that White also researched the female image of 'belonging to the Turkish nation', this is a view one seldom encounters. Inter alia therefore Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks is a valuable addition to other books already written on the subject of Turkish nationality."--Anouk Willemsen, International Review of Turkish Studies

"As a student of Turkiye for more than fifty years, I am hopeful the book will be translated into Turkish, and that every Turk on either side of the political, secular, and religious spectrum will read it, especially those in government institutions at all levels, the police institutions, the military, academics, and private sector actors. American academics, military, and political observers of Turkiye, and leaders of MENA countries should not only read it, but should also discuss it extensively. This book offers much-needed constructive insight for understanding the Turks' self-identity."--William A. Mitchell, Journal of Church and State

"It is so well written that researchers and college teachers should be able to use the 264-page publication to help their research assistants and students in a variety of ways."--Md.Mizanur Rahman, African and Asian Studies


"Few questions are more urgent, especially since the eruption of the Arab Spring, than whether there is a 'Turkish model' for combining Islam with democracy. White's book, the culmination of many years of research, provides a magisterial guide to the complex reality behind this question. The book is must reading for scholars, members of the policy community, and educated citizens concerned with the interplay of religion and politics in the contemporary world."--Peter L. Berger, Boston University

"White's book is a bold and flawless analysis of the new Turkey's collective unconscious. This exceptional work must be read not only by Western observers but also by the Turks themselves."--Moris Farhi, author of Young Turk

"Innovative and original, this is a very important and insightful analysis of contemporary Turkish discourses on what it means to be Turkish and a member of the Turkish nation. White makes the significant argument that the divide in Turkey is not between secularism and religion, but rather is a struggle over what is sacred to the nation and where the boundaries of national identity should be drawn."--Marc Baer, author of The Dönme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries, and Secular Turks

"Turkey is a country of contradictions, and very few authors have managed to paint so complex a picture of it as White. It is a nation where the secular elite has dogmatically made war on all things Islamic, yet this same elite embraces a Turkish nationalism rooted in the Islamic religion. This is a well-written, engaging, and smart book about contemporary Turkey, one that will be widely read and discussed."--Henri J. Barkey, Lehigh University

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File created: 9/19/2017

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