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First Step:
An Elementary Reader for Modern Chinese
Chih-p'ing Chou, Jing Wang & Jun Lei

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"First Step is the most recent step in the wonderful Y. R. Chao tradition of teaching Chinese language to speakers of English. It begins with essential foundation work in pronunciation, then offers simple, natural, and witty dialogues, followed by tight, clear explanations of grammar, notes on culture, introductions to reading and writing--in both simplified and traditional characters--and a comprehensive set of exercises. It is everything one could want in a first-year textbook."--Perry Link, University of California, Riverside

"C. P. Chou and his colleagues have produced a much-needed textbook for all those who truly wish to learn Chinese well. First Step masterfully balances dialogues, texts, grammar, and exercises to help students achieve accuracy and fluency, as well as linguistic competence and cultural awareness. Its contents are intimately relevant to campus life and daily situations, and both the textbook and workbook supplements are easy to use and extremely helpful. Continuing the great tradition started by Y. R. Chao more than seventy years ago, First Step provides a clear path to building solid Chinese skills."--Lening Liu, Columbia University

"I am impressed by this textbook's practical approach, its contemporary and colloquial feel, the variety of exercises included, and the detailed grammatical explanations in each lesson. The authors use current vocabulary and grammatical structures throughout, and their experience shines through. This book is a great addition to the field."--Baozhang He, College of the Holy Cross

"Like all the other Chinese-language textbooks produced over the years by C. P. Chou and his capable colleagues and collaborators, this is a work of extremely high quality. No one in the field of Chinese pedagogy can rival Chou's skill, expertise, and experience. First Step is an outstanding, student-friendly primer of beginning Chinese."--James M. Hargett, University at Albany, State University of New York

"An excellent textbook for this level of Chinese instruction, First Step reveals the authors' experience, knowledge, and thoroughness in teaching this difficult language."--Qiusha Ma, Oberlin College

"The materials in this book are up-to-date, bold, and lively. Professors, teachers, and instructors will find First Step both useful and a source of inspiration."--Yin Chong (Zhuang Yan), Boston University

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File created: 4/18/2014

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