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Mathematics for the Life Sciences
Erin N. Bodine, Suzanne Lenhart & Louis J. Gross

Book Description
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"This is a thorough, self-contained introductory textbook for training undergraduate students in basic mathematical and statistical methods that are important in biological sciences. Students are introduced to topics ranging from probability and statistics to matrix theory and calculus, with a brief introduction to modeling using difference and differential equations. Two unique features of this textbook are the inclusion of real-world biological data to motivate particular methods and the use of MATLAB for computational purposes."--Linda J. S. Allen, Texas Tech University

"This spectacular book develops the reader's ability to quantitatively analyze problems arising in biology, and illustrates the great utility of mathematical models and computing to provide answers to key questions. The biological examples and student projects are excellent."--Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State University

"This is a good introductory text for life sciences undergraduates who do not have a strong background in mathematics and need to familiarize themselves with core math concepts and their applications to biology. The problems and examples are well chosen, and the book is written in a style that is clear and makes it easy for students to use on their own."--Joceline Lega, University of Arizona

There are no other books quite like this one on the market. Other texts on the subject do not have nearly the amount of statistics and probability that this one has, nor do they do as much to help build practical MATLAB skills. The abundance of data-driven examples, exercises, and student projects also sets this book apart from its competitors."--Trachette L. Jackson, University of Michigan

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File created: 9/19/2017

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