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The Age of Garvey:
How a Jamaican Activist Created a Mass Movement and Changed Global Black Politics
Adam Ewing

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"A groundbreaking historical narrative, The Age of Garvey sheds new light on the depth and breadth of Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association. Ewing's impressively researched and lucidly written account illuminates the sprawling political contours of a movement whose legacy still reverberates around the world."--Peniel E. Joseph, founding director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, Tufts University

"The Age of Garvey promises to become a landmark in scholarship on global black politics. While deepening our knowledge of Marcus Garvey, Ewing shifts our attention to the lives and struggles of the millions of black men and women inspired by Garveyism. A sweeping chronicle, The Age of Garvey reveals like never before one of the largest, most global, and most influential antiracist movements in history. This is transnational history at its best."--Nico Slate, Carnegie Mellon University

"The Age of Garvey moves beyond the familiar, tragicomic 'rise and fall of Marcus Garvey' motif to emphasize his success as the propagandist and organizer of the largest black-led movement in world history. Illustrating Garveyism's enduring power as a coherent yet malleable set of liberationist ideals, this is a work of stunning geographic, temporal, and conceptual range."--Robert Trent Vinson, author of The Americans Are Coming!

"This remarkable piece of research, thinking, and writing is one of the very best historical works I've read in a long time. With authority and sophistication, Ewing provides a foundation for a global history of Garveyism in the twentieth century and shows why it is one of the century's most important political phenomena. This book establishes Ewing as one of the rising stars of his generation."--Steven Hahn, author of A Nation under Our Feet

"Well written and persuasively argued, this ambitious and innovative history of Garveyism engages the various manifestations of the movement from New York to Nyasaland. The Age of Garvey is an important contribution to the fields of African studies, African American studies, African history, and black internationalism."--Claudrena Harold, author of The Rise and Fall of the Garvey Movement in the Urban South

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File created: 9/14/2017

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