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Warbler Guide (App)
Tom Stephenson & Scott Whittle

Book Description


"The app offers what Princeton calls 3D images. You place fingers on an image of the bird and rotate. You can see the bird from any angle--up, down, profile, three-quarter view, whatever meets your needs. It's sort of magical, simple and familiar if you are savvy about these devices, a frequent user, but certainly novel when it comes to birds. . . . The price is less than almost any ID book, and offers much more for your money. Purchase is made at the Apple Store. . . . This is an amazing collection of identification information for our warbler family. If anyone else wants to do this, to publish what they might consider an improvement, they will have to work very, very hard."--Jim Williams, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The layout and functionality on this app are beautifully simple and the content, particularly the range and quality of images, is of a standard rarely found in bird apps. The Warbler Guide is by far the best photographic 'guide' app I have seen."

"If you take an iPad, iPhone, or similar device with you when you go birding, you will want to check out The Warbler Guide App. With one click you can see all warbler species in the one quadrant of the U.S.--then switch from breeding plumage to basic plumage--from head shots to underside to a schematic drawing of the undertail of each bird."--Trumpeter

"After interviewing one of the authors of "The Warbler Guide" for this column last month, I bought their iPad app. Now after a friend says he just heard, say, a distant pine warbler, I find the bird on the app, look at the many photos and play the calls. Seeing and hearing a songbird again is a great way to reinforce the bird in your brain."--Jim Wright, Bergen Record

"Since warblers are one of the most confusing and difficult to identify birds, it makes sense to offer a guide on them, and Princeton University Press and One Hundred Robots have obliged with The Warbler Guide [app]. The app is based on the award-winning reference of the same title by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. . . . Combining the depth of the print guide and the technology of digital, Warbler will make a good companion for those hoping to identify those beautiful but difficult-to-identify warblers on a walk or hike, or during window bird-watching sessions."--School Library Journal

"The Warbler Guide App takes all the incredible detailed photos and computer rendered illustrations and puts them in your phone or tablet where you can explore to your heart's content. As great as [The Warbler Guide] was, it's the advantages of the app medium that could never have been realized in book form that are really what makes this app stand out."--The Drinking Bird blog

"I'm sure you've already heard about The Warbler Guide App and the rotating 3D warblers. It seems that app can generate more buzz than a Black-throated Warbler dancing to Kanye West's song Runaway. Seriously though, there is so much more to this app than 3D--and I'm not simply referring to its incredible content and innovative organization. In fact, I'll go out on a Blackburnian-sized twig and say that The Warbler Guide App is a proverbial game-changer and has the potential to reorganize birding field guides."--Diana Doyle, Birding Magazine

"You can select any bird, using their "quick finders" and play several songs and calls, while looking at the sonogram. From there, you can easily make comparisons with other species. It also has a fun 3D feature. You can select a model and rotate it until it matches the position of the bird you saw in a tree a few seconds ago. You can add a second model and rotate both for comparison."--Westmount Magazine

"The app is far more than a straight repackaging of the printed content. It does feature a huge amount of information from the book--all of the photos, the quick finders, the ID text, comparison species, ageing and sexing guides, and song info--but it adds imaginative and really useful functions that are only possible in a digital format. . . . We highly recommend the Warbler Guide app to anyone with an interest in seeing, hearing, and learning the 50-odd warbler species in North America."--All About Birding blog

"I was happy to find that the producers of The Warbler Guide had not failed to deliver. The Warbler Guide App is one of the most creative and exciting birding tools I have seen in a long time. . . . The story of The Warbler Guide [and the app] should be an example to other current and future field guides on how to modernize to fit a changing and increasingly technological world."--Aidan Place, ABA Young Birders blog

"This app is really quite complete. It provides all the information needed to identify even the most confusing fall birds or those birds that are difficult to get a good look at. It provides all their songs as well. If you are looking to learn your warblers, this app is just the thing you need. It is easy to use and having such a complete guide with so much information at your fingertips in the field is really amazing."--Karen Roy, KaHolly blog

"The layout and functionality on this app are beautifully simple, with the content, particularly the range and quality of images, of a standard rarely found in bird apps. The Warbler Guide is by far the best photographic guide app I have used. . . . [T]his app provides superb value for money and a depth of content unrivalled."--Alan Tilmouth, Birdwatch

"The Android version of The Warbler Guide is finally out. . . .This app is an easy-to-use, intuitive way to identify the warblers of the United States and Canada by photos and/or song. What makes this app unique are high-resolution, enlargeable, 3D images of the birds. These images can be rotated with a flick of your thumb, giving you views of each species from various angles--side, top, bottom, front, and back. Even your non-birding friends will be impressed!"--Dan Tallman, Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog

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File created: 9/19/2017

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