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Hamburgers in Paradise:
The Stories behind the Food We Eat
Louise O. Fresco

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"An extraordinary, engaging, and culturally informed volume. Read it and be freed from the shackles of many mistaken ideas that obscure genuine solutions to the puzzle of feeding a growing world population in a sustainable and just fashion. Fresco invites us to leave our preconceived ideas at the threshold and become better stewards of mankind's future."--Harold T. Shapiro, Princeton University

"An insightful and incisive book that examines the facts and mythologies of food production, ancient and modern. Fresco moves seamlessly from early concepts of paradise to contemporary issues such as factory farming, GMOs, and organic agriculture. She concludes with a balanced and optimistic view of the future of sustainable farming."--Gordon Conway, Imperial College London

"In a mesmerizing tour de force by an author who has clearly established herself as the Renaissance Woman of Global Agriculture, Louise Fresco tracks the ten-thousand-year evolution of human agriculture in search of the paradise of abundance. Throughout this book, she weaves the extraordinary cultural intersection of art, poetry, and religion with science and technology, and confronts the dichotomy of a ‘hamburgerized' twenty-first-century world of overabundance and painful scarcity."--Kenneth M. Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation

"This erudite and wide-ranging book is the result of Fresco's four decades of work and reflection on how our food is produced and consumed. In contemporary literature about the future of the food chain, I have not come across a more convincing, irresistibly organized, and thorough overview of what we all need to digest. This book is a must-read."--Victor Halberstadt, Leiden University

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File created: 9/19/2017

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