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Deep Life:
The Hunt for the Hidden Biology of Earth, Mars, and Beyond
Tullis C. Onstott

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"Deep Life is both gripping and powerful in its immediacy, so much so that no matter your background, if you have any concern for the future of this planet and its place in the universe, it is well worth spending some time considering the bearing that Onstott’s propositions and implications might have on your own future."--Lois C. Henderson,

"Onstott takes us on a journey to discover and understand the limits of life beneath the surface of our planet. . . . The author, a brilliant geomicrobiologist, shares his passion for this relatively new field of research. It is difficult to ignore the infectious enthusiasm that permeates the narrative."--Lisa Kaaki, Arab News


"Onstott is truly a bold front-runner in deep subsurface microbiology and a great role model for anyone in geology who aspires to become a successful geomicrobiologist. Reading this book makes me feel lucky to have witnessed some of these explorations firsthand. I am also amazed by their vivid descriptions, which sometimes read like science fiction."--Chuanlun Zhang, Tongji University

"The discovery of deep biosphere is a fascinating chapter in the history of astrobiology, and Onstott was at the bottom of it all--literally, when he and his team were searching for life in the deepest mines on Earth. This detailed and well-written book explains the importance of the subsurface biosphere and why those of us interested in the search for life on Mars are so interested in life deep underground."--Chris McKay, NASA Ames Research Center

"Deep Life is an engaging historical account of the discovery and exploration of Earth's newest known biome, the deep subsurface. Onstott vividly chronicles the emergence of this new field by transporting the reader to the drill rigs, mines, and laboratories where fundamental discoveries that have changed our understanding of the nature of life itself and its relationship to our planet--and possibly others--were made."--Duane Moser, Desert Research Institute

"Onstott takes readers on a journey of discovery, weaving his personal reflections on his exploits in the field with just the right amount of science. He shows how field science is challenging, exciting, and full of adventure."--Gordon Southam, University of Queensland

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File created: 9/19/2017

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