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The Handbook of Experimental Economics, Volume 2
Edited by John H. Kagel & Alvin E. Roth

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"Kagel and Roth have done it again. While the first volume of the Handbook showed how experimental economics had reached its maturity as a scientific method, this second volume shows just how wide its reach has become, and how deep these tools can take our understanding of economic theory and human behavior. This book will change the way the world views economics."--James Andreoni, University of California, San Diego

"The contributors provide insights that will be invaluable to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. I know of no other book that covers the same breadth of material in the same way. People will use this as a reference book for many years to come."--Tim Salmon, Southern Methodist University

"A worthy successor to the first volume. This ambitious and well-written book will appeal to a broad economic audience."--Tom Wilkening, University of Melbourne

"I wish every economist and economics graduate student would read this book. Those who are considering running experiments should be forced to; this is a bible in how to run good experiments. Every chapter is amazingly comprehensive and has been written by a true expert in the field. But economists who would never dream about running an experiment can benefit from reading this just as much. The beauty of experiments is that they force theorists to think carefully about their theories."--Richard Thaler, Cornell University

"This Handbook surveys one of the most important developments in economics in the last decade, the flowering of experimental economics. Led by two of the leaders of current economic theory and experimental economics, an impressive group of researchers provides the reader with an excellent up-to-date overview of one of the most fascinating and promising areas of current economic research."--Ariel Rubinstein, Princeton University

"The Handbook is not only a contribution to experimental economics, it is a major contribution to social science. It successfully combines the rigor and clarity of economic analysis with a commitment to open-minded examination of data, and a refreshing willingness to question dogma. Every student of human choice and action will find this text useful."--Daniel Kahneman, The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

"Experimental economics comes of age with this volume. At last the dust begins to clear, and it becomes possible to confront theory with coherent and reliable laboratory data."--Ken Binmore, University College of London

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File created: 9/19/2017

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