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The Probability Lifesaver:
All the Tools You Need to Understand Chance
Steven J. Miller

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"The Probability Lifesaver motivates introductory probability theory with concrete applications in an approachable and engaging manner. From computing the probability of various poker hands to defining sigma-algebras, it strikes a balance between applied computation and mathematical theory that makes it easy to follow while still being mathematically satisfying."--David Burt, Williams College ‘17

"A balanced mix of theoretical and practical problem-solving approaches in probability--suited for personal study as well as textbook reading in and out of the classroom. After college, while working, I took a probability class remotely and with this book, I was able to follow easily despite being without a TA or easy access to the professor. From research examples to interview questions, it has saved my life more than once."--Dan Zhao, Williams College ‘ 14

"The Probability Lifesaver helped me build a foundation of probability theory and an appreciation for its nuances through engaging examples and easy-to-follow explanations. This well-written and extensive book will serve as your guide to probability and reward you for the time you give it."--Jaclyn Porfilio, Williams ’15

"I see a tremendous value in this fun, engaging, and informal book. It has a conversational tone, which invites students to engage the material and concepts. It is as if Miller is there, lecturing on the topics, helping students to think things through for themselves."--John Imbrie, University of Virginia

"The Probability Lifesaver contains a lot of explanations and examples and provides step-by-step instructions to how definitions and ideas are formulated. I appreciated that it tries to provide multiple solutions to each problem. Interesting, informative, approachable, and comprehensive, this book was easy to read and would make a good supplement for a first probability course at the undergraduate level."--Jingchen Hu, Vassar College

"Filled with many interesting and contemporary examples, The Probability Lifesaver would have undoubtedly helped me while I was taking statistics. Miller offers careful, detailed explanations in simple terms that are easy to understand."--James Coyle, former student at Rutgers University

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File created: 9/19/2017

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