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The Diversity Bonus:
How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy
Scott E. Page
Edited with an introduction by Earl Lewis and Nancy Cantor. With commentary by Katherine Phillips.

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"It can be hard to persuade hiring managers and project and team leaders to move beyond the assumption that you get the best results by gathering a group of experts with similar skills and education. The Diversity Bonus is a scientific yet engaging look at why diverse teams always beat homogeneous teams comprised of the ‘best’ players."--Troy McIntosh, Senior Director, U.S. Cellular Corporation

"Scott Page challenges leaders and companies to follow the math--and do the right thing. Simply put, he shows that diverse perspectives are most valuable when addressing issues with both complexity and uncertainty. The goal is to create an inclusive culture and employee experiences that facilitate the ability to embrace and leverage each other’s talents and differences."--Brian J. Miller, Vice President of Learning, Development & Inclusion, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

"Combining rigorous economic theory with artful policy analysis, Scott Page explains why the goal of achieving greater diversity in business, government, and other organizations needs to be pursued with determination. Devoid of political cant and platitudes, this book is teeming with unexpected insights. A must-read for anyone who wishes to engage in intelligent discussion about diversity and inclusion today."--Glenn Loury, Brown University

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File created: 9/19/2017

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